Friday, August 22, 2008

What Obama Is Doing Right

HONEST INJUN!!! Geronimo embraces new warfare technology of the time. Consider the consequences if Native Americans had guns and ammo as Europeans pursued "manifest destiny." The little device pictured here could be John McCain's undoing.

One on area, the claim of Barrack Obama is a 21st candidate is right on. Obama is a student of the information age and his opponent is absolutely clueless. When it comes to using information technology Obama's campaign is darn near state of the art where the McCain effort has only made it to the 1980's, the dawn of cable television and cable news. What it amounts to is the Obama forces are fighting with guns and bullets where McCain's tribe has only spears, bows and arrows in its weapons cache.

Look at the swelling of anticipation concerning the Obama vice presidential pick. How did he intend to announce it? Sign up! The Obama campaign will email or instant message (I.M to the hip) the faithful who will be his campaign partner at the same moment the news media gets the word. This accomplishes two things. First, it gives his supporters a sense of involvement. They're special. They'll be the first to know. Second, in exchange, the Obama campaign machine now has a huge contact list it can pummel with information, talking points, replies to McCain attacks instantly. While a person is driving around running errands or sitting at his desk or working the line on the job, the Obama gang is shooting out the latest and greatest on what they're doing, and what is more influential than word-of-mouth to get the message out. "Hey did you hear, McCain doesn't know how many houses he has?"

John McCain has given all indications he doesn't know a BlackBerry from a dingle berry. He's admitted he doesn't know much about using computers and has no use for email. His campaign has been pretty good at getting response ads on television rapidly, but that's so 1980's! Around 1995, the launch of Windows 95, could be seen as the historical turning point, by the end of the decade, most of the population was on-line, had cell phones, or both. Howard Dean was the first candidate to fully embrace the information age to power up his campaign using the power of the Internet to get his message out and to suck up the donations from the faithful. Meanwhile, in part as response to a workaround to the McCain/Feingold restrictions, non-affiliated support groups, the infamous 527 groups took hold where and others could do the Democratic party's dirty work posting vicious, darned near libelous attacks on Republican candidates or even Democrats who stray from the extreme leftist point-of-view. It didn't lead to Howard Dean being successful because Howard Dean is a world class asshole. (Another benefit of the information age, "RMF" can publish the exact truth as we just did on Howard Dean where the media and official campaigns have to tap-dance around with politically correct verbage!!!)

The technology was largely at hand four years ago. The Bush campaign had some ability using it whether old Dubya was sharp with those gadgets or not. Kerry showed little sophistication as well. However, those who were looking ahead to the future should have seen the obvious. Obama did. His competition so far has not. Just in the last four years, the handheld revolution has exploded where BlackBerry's provide a huge technology window from penthouses to hiking trails. Laptop computers are networked wirelessly. Even cheap cell phone service provides for text messaging. There is hardly a spot in the lower 48 states much less on the whole planet where even folks backpacking in the Rocky Mountains or sailing out in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay don't have access to information as it happens.

In the fast-paced lunge/response, response-to-response campaign information cycle, you snooze, you lose. A challenge not answered is a challenge lost.

Obama gets it. McCain does not. It is making a difference. Go to any active senior community and see how folks in their 80's are zipping all over cyberspace looking at pictures of their grandchildren, exploring hobbies, keeping informed, or learning what Medicare requirements are for an all-important piece of medical equipment they might need. It might not be McCain's calendar age that makes him too old, it might be his failure to keep up with the times.

The media hates John McCain. They want him to lose. The one way he can project over the media wall to the people is effective use of the new technologies, but you can't fight cannons with catapults. Geronimo, born and raised in Arizona territory, could well have been the most intense warrior as the Feds attempted to wipeout the last strong holds of Native American culture. The "Indian Chief" pictured with a rifle shows the irony of "too little, too late."
Got it John?

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