Friday, May 27, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 12 -- The Coca Cola 600 @ Charlotte...THE BIG ONE!!!

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide
Break on through to the other side
          -The Doors

‘Cuz when the sun goes down, we’ll be groovin’
When the sun goes down, be feelin’ alright
When the sun sinks down over the water
Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down, yeah!
       -Kenny Chesney

It starts in the daylight and ends in the dark going on for 600 miles longer than any other race on the NASCAR circuit, this is the Coca Cola 600 where the roar of 35 or more engines will rock and roar singing Sunday afternoon into Sunday night.

NASCAR’s unrefined rube, Brad Keselowski sits on the pole for the Coca Cola 600 perhaps seeming somehow fit for a Penske ride given team Penske’s Memorial Day weekend legacy albeit it aside from Kurt Busch’s win last year at a different race track with a different tradition with 16 wins at the old Brickyard. A.J. Allmendinger is knocking on the door again on the outside pole for Richard Petty. When this fellow starts finishing races, he’ll be a true contender. Carl Edwards has been released from Jack Roush’s dog house for busting up his car last Saturday night. The other inclusion at the top of the field that’s interesting is rookie Ricky Stenhouse Jr. starts 9th for the “legendary” Wood Brothers’ #21 Ford, in his first Sprint Cup race filling in for Trevor Bayne, the Daytona 500 winner, still on the mends from his infectious disease.

Here are the top starters for the Coke 600.

1- Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge
2- A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
3- Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
4- Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
5- Jeff Burton, #31, Chevrolet
6- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
7- David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
8- David Ragan, #6, Ford
9- Ricky Stenhouse Jr., #21, Ford
10- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
11- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
12- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
13- Mark Martin, #5, Chevrolet
14- Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
15- Greg Biffle, #16, Ford

Noteworthy drivers not starting well include Tony Stewart (#14, Chevrolet) looking to right his season starts 22nd. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88, Chevrolet) and defending race champ, Kurt Busch (#22, Dodge) start 25th and 26th while Kevin Harvick (#29, Chevrolet) starts a row back in 28th.

The story of the night could well be whose engines hold up. Ford has been doing extremely well this year, but the extra 100 miles transitioning from day to night will be another test. There are noteworthy drivers with significant experience among the top starters yet David Reutimann’s first win was the Coca Cola 600; likewise, both Jeff Gordon and Bobby Labonte both won their first races in the Charlotte classic.

Five cars go home, three of which have no business on the track in the first place. Andy Lally (#71, Ford) and Tony Raines (#37, Ford) were prepared to compete the 600 mile marathon. T.J. Bell (#50, Toyota), Scott Wimmer (#77, Dodge), and Scott Riggs (#81, Chevrolet have no business showing up at the track in the first place.

The field is infected with its usual scum, freeloading cheats who will walk off with a nice big check from the NASCAR welfare fund not staffed or equipped to run the race. We’ll see what Robby Gordon (#7 Dodge) does requiring a provisional to make the field. How sad it is to know that his team’s lineage goes back to the late Alan Kulwicki who won a championship on a limited budget in 1992.

32 – David Starr, #95, Ford
33 – Michael McDonald, #66, Toyota
34 – J.J. Yeley, #46, Chevrolet
36 – Joe Nemechek, #87, Toyota
38 – David Stremme, #30, Chevrolet
43 – Mike Skinner, #60, Toyota

IT was nauseating to hear announcer Mike Joy comment favorably on how Joe Nemechek’s efforts represent the “go and go homers.” Our message to Mr. Nemechek is if you’re too cheap to pay for a pit crew and buy enough tires, GO HOME!!! How can NASCAR promote itself as a top tier sport unless it sports a field of true competitors? This is supposed to be the zenith of motorsports competition yet perhaps 15% of the starting lineup will purposely drive off into the night after a few minutes of track time.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, the Indy 500 will have been completed. Missing from that field will be some well-financed, high profile rides that failed to qualify. It would be the equivalent of cars from Rausch, Hendricks, Gibbs, or Childress not making the field. THAT’S TOUGH PROFESSIONAL COMPETITION. Seven leeches sucking on the resources of the rest of the field is not professionalism – it’s garbage.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anti-Homosexuality Bigotry’s Last Stand in Tennessee

Just days after a Gallup poll revealed that 53% of Americans no longer oppose same sex marriages, Tennessee’s State Senate passed a measure that would make it illegal for public school teachers in the state to discuss homosexuality with elementary and middle school students contending such discussion is not age appropriate.

Here’s the latest as reported by the New York Daily News:

The tide has changed. During the 2000 Presidential election, the public learned that one of Vice President Richard and Lynn Cheney’s daughters was a Lesbian. The public had become used to major figures in entertainment being homosexual from tennis stars Billy Jean King, one of the first to openly reveal her orientation and Martina Navratilova likewise being lesbian. Figures like Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa Manchester, and Elton John maintained their popularity despite their orientation. Rational people quickly began to discard obscene notions that homosexuality is learned, is contagious, or the result of a bad upbringing. Churches too began to change their stance including a branch of the Episcopal Church which would ordain openly homosexual clergy.

In 2011, society has gotten to the point where just about all arguments against homosexuality now seem conspicuously bigoted and church doctrine that would turn against homosexuality seems antiquated and arbitrary.

One of the so-called Biblical guns in found in Corinthians.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

If this is the case against homosexuality, society appears far more tolerant toward some of the other “sinful” expressions noted. Other passages, some from the Old Testament are even more ambiguous.

Once the issue of sexual preference is reexamined by constitutional standards, discrimination against homosexuals cannot stand as it clearly by its very nature violates equal protection by law.

Prejudices die a long and painful death. Certainly a strong racist component and prejudice against certain nationalities became all too apparent in the Obama birth certificate issue. Can anyone imagine that if Barack Obama were white or his name was Jerry Rice or Bill Cosby, the shameful “birther” phenomenon would have emerged?

In 2012, it’s time to eliminate all legal barriers which allow discrimination on the basis of sexual preference. The Tennessee action seems like that of backwoods yokels and not rational thinkers in the 21st century.


NASCAR Hall-of-Fame: Round 2

Tonight NASCAR honors its second group of inductees into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.  This year's class consists of three championship patriarchs, the old soldier, and that other guy.

Lee Petty, of course, is father of Richard and Maurice Petty, three time champ and tied with Jimmie Johnson for 9th in victories at 54 wins. His son, Richard, of course is arguably the sports' greatest driver.

The next patriarch, Ned Jarrett, won two championships, 11th in wins with 50, tied with Junior Johnson. Ned retired at age 35 to become a successful track promoter at Hickory and a pioneer in NASCAR television broadcasting, His son, Dale, is also a NASCAR Sprint Cup champion.

Bobby Allison, 3rd in wins with 105 wins and also winner of three championships, was father of two racers, Davey and Clifford. What a sight for the ages beating his son in 1988 to win the Daytona 500.

How sad it is that now death in racing families extends even further in that Dale Earnhardt Jr. carries on losing his father to the 2001 Daytona 500. The Allision family suffered two losses, and while Davey Allison was not engaged in competition, he was taken by a helicopter accident at the Talladega Super Speedway. With the Petty's, now two members, Richard and Lee Petty have their legacy footnoted by the death of Adam Petty, killed in a misahp in Loudon, New Hampshire in 2000.

Bud Moore is the good solider turned crew chief and car owner who helped develop some of NASCAR's biggest stars including Buck Baker, Fireball Roberts, David Pearson, Cale Yarbourough, Bobby Isaac, Dale Earnhardt,  Darrell Waltrip, Donnie Allison, Geoff Bodine, and bobby Allison who won a Daytona 500 racing for Moore.

David Pearson is the "other guy," the fellow who was chaulking up huge victories held back only by racing concurrently with Richard Petty. Pearson remains the runaway second most winning drivers despite often not running full season schedules. He stands twenty wins ahead of Bobby Allison with Jeff Gordon needing twenty two more career wins to surpass him, a task once seen as given but suddenly seeming much more difficult today.

These five men represent NASCAR well and are most worthy of being part of the second class of Hall of Fame inductees.


Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Humor -- The Right Medicine for Insane Homophobia

Let's hear it for George Takai, an unapologetic openly gay actor to find just the right type of humor in reaction to Tennessee's bigotted proposed legislation.

Sometimes being different is a wonderful difference!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: All Star Race: Carl Edwards Flips Competition

When Dale Earnhardt won his one and only Daytona 500, after the race he commented about how he had to “run all the good out of it” before he could turn his car over to Daytona USA to be displayed for one year as the winning car. What was Carl Edwards thinking when he did his burnout routine after winning the 2011 Sprint Cup All-Star race?

Carl Edwards was truly the story of the night having a very dominant car, maybe not like Darrell Waltrip’s Junior Johnson car in the first All-Star event or Jeff Gordon’s infamous “Godzilla” but there was little doubt that the ducky #99 Roush-Fenway Ford was the car to beat in what was a surprisingly tame all-star race given all the buildup and quarrels in recent weeks. Kyle Busch finished second but really didn’t have the car to fully take on the #99.

The showdown race advanced David Ragan and Brad Keselowski to the All-Star field while Dale Earnhardt Jr. to no one’s surprise advanced with the most fan votes.

The finishing order was as follows:
1. Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
2. Kyle Busch, #18, Toyota
3. David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
4. Tony Stewart, #14, Chevrolet
5. Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
6. Matt Kenseth, #17, Ford
7. Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
8. David Ragan, #6, Ford
9. Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevrolet
10. Ryan Newman, #39,Chevrolet
11. Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
12. Juan Pablo Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
13. Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
14. Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
15. Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
16. Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
17. Jamie McMurray, #1, Chevrolet
18. Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge
19. Mark Martin, #5, Chevrolet
20. Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
21. Kasey Kahne, #4, Chevrolet

Mark Martin and Kasey Kahne wrecked while Regan Smith left the track with a malfunctioning fuel pump. Aside from those drivers, only Brad Keselowski did not finish on the lead lap, one lap behind the pace.

Edwards’ dominance was unquestionable leading the 2nd segment and finishing second to teammate, Greg Biffle in the first segment.

In the showdown qualifying heats, only Marcos Ambrose, A.J. Allmendinger, and Joey Logano showed much punch to advance aside from Ragan and Keselowski who succeeded.

Carl Edwards is off to Iowa for the John Deere 250 Nationwide series race. Having won $1.2 million dollars will buy him some good will but no doubt he’ll seek to avoid a swift kick in the butt courtesy of car owner, Jack Roush, who saw a fine winning race car have its front end and sheet metal mutilated by one of the poorest burnouts in NASCAR history.

Winning cures everything, and maybe “cousin” Carl needs to practice a little bit of that kind of medicine for the sake of his little embarrassment at the end of the Sprint Cup All-Star race. How ironic it is that the burnout not the race will be the water cooler chit chat on Monday for race fans!


Friday, May 20, 2011

North Carolina Bans Rare Burgers

Rare Delight: ILLEGAL in North Carolina

Isn't North Carolina supposed to be one of the sane states that folks migrate to from the North East to flee the "nanny" state?

In a move that makes New York Mayor Michael Blumberg's decision to yank salt shakers off restaurant tables, North Carolina requires all burgers must be cooked to a temprature of 150 degrees. And where's the crisis?  How often have there been eColi casualties in the Tar Heel state?

Does this mean the food Nazis will be patrolling the tailgators and infield barbequers at this week's racing action at Charlotte Motor Speedway?  From Brevard to Buxton, crispie burgers are the law of the land in North Carolina.

Naturally, no one wants a raw burger from McAwful's, Wendy's, or Burger King, but isn't one of the reasons to enjoy a burger at a fancier restaurant to have it cooked to order? What's the point in enjoying a fine 1/2 pound of ground sirloin if it's cooked to a crisp where its classic flavor is burnt right out of it along with all the nice shirt staining juices?

This kind of intrusion into private enterprise and responding to crybaby causes is no way to govern. PETA and all the other tear jerkers be damned!!!

I want a nice big juicy burger with cheddar, hold the catsup, steak fries please!!!

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Sprint Cup 2011: The All-Star Death Match -- Aside from Junior winning the fan vote, all bets are off.

Here's a little music to set the right mood!!!!

It might not be the Yellow Brick Road, but the SAFER barriers will be painted bright yellow, and no one should be surprised if some tin men and flying monkeys come out to play tomorrow night. Here comes the Sprint Cup All-Star race, and if any racing commentators including this writer thinks he or she can call the outcome – well, let’s just say some will be lucky guessers. Unless somebody shows up with a car like Jeff Gordon’s infamous “Godzilla” from years back, which is almost impossible with the COT templates, it’s every man for himself. Okay, Joe Nemehek, J.J. Yeley, David Stremme, Michael McDonald, and Mike Skinnier absolutely positively won’t make the transfer spot. Likewise, there are some rather questionable additional entries in the showdown. Oh, we have one more secret to reveal, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will win the transfer spot voted so by the fans.

With all the emphasis on “Boys have at it” and that Bruton Smith’s son, Marcus, President of Charlotte Motor Speedway guaranteed all fines will be paid, wouldn’t it be hilarious if the event turned out to be a nice clean relatively caution-fee events? You can bet the TV cameras will be all over Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick; likewise, how about Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman. Will there be drivers with their eyes set on Jimmie Johnson for his five championships.

So many races through the years have so many memories from Dale Earnhardt’s pass in the grass around Bill Elliot, Rusty Wallace and Darrell Waltrip getting up close and personal, or certainly the first night race where Davey Allison was battling Kyle Petty for the win and wrecked as he finished heading to a hospital instead of victory lane. Kurt Busch certainly put on an unstoppable show last year as did Kasey Kahne in his win. For years it stood as Michael Waltrip’s one shining moment when he had to race to make the chase winning his only victory for the Wood Brothers long before his Daytona 500 win.

This is a race for the big fat egos and the great big bucket of cash –points be damned. Nobody’s counting tomorrow night. If ever the notion that the fellow who finished second is just the first of a crowd of losers couldn’t be more obvious. Perhaps eyes should be on Regan Smith who earned his trip winning at Darlington two weeks ago. How sad it is that Trevor Bayne, the Daytona 500 boy wonder had his little medical calamity and cannot race. The famous “legendary” Wood Brothers car will not be in the field. Given their history including Michael Waltrip’s win, that’s a true shame. No stranger to victory lane but struggling this season, keep an eye on #14, Tony Stewart. Why does it seem like he’ll either blow up or win?

Added excitement comes from the race being held in Charlotte, the hub of the sport. Most of the team’s shops are a short commute to the Speedway. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is gleaming in downtown Charlotte. So many of the sports’ great drivers grew up in central North Carolina, this is NASCAR’s big coming out party.

Know that Sunday morning, folks will have lots to talk about from Saturday night’s race. Some say the world’s coming to an end tomorrow. For all but one driver it will feel like that when the checker flag is displayed and if there’s anything that could cause apocalyptic temper tremors, tomorrow’s race could be just the right event.

Here are the guys who made the show:

1 – David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
2 – Jamie McMurray, #1, Chevrolet
3 – Kasey Kahne, #4, Chevrolet
4 – Jimmie Johnson, #5, Chevrolet
5 – Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
6 – Tony Stewart, #14, Chevrolet
7 – Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
8 – Matt Kenseth, #17, Ford
9 – Kyle Busch, #18, Toyota
10 – Trevor Bayne, #21, Ford (WITHDRAWN – ILLNESS)
11 – Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
12 – Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
13 – Mark Martin, #25, Chevrolet
14 – Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevrolet
15 – Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
16 – Ryan Newman, #49, Chevrolet
17 – Juan Pablo Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
18 – Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
19 – Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
20 – TO BE DETERMINED: Fan Vote (Dale Earnhardt Jr.)
21—TRANSFER from Showdown
22—TRANSFER from Showdown

Best of the Rest:
1—Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge
2 – David Ragan, #6, Ford
3 – Marcos Ambrose, #9, Ford
4 – Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
5 – Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
6 – Jeff Burton, #31, Chevrolet
7 – A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
8 – Bobby Labonte, #47, Toyota
9 – Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
10 – Brian Vickers, #83, Toyota
11—Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet

Oh yeah, the Said-Head’s have their man in the field, watch the #32 Ford for ol’ Boris.

The Rules:

Showdown racers race two laps. The fastest lap determines position.

Sprint Cup All-Star racers must race three laps with a four tire pit stop. The overall time for all three laps determines starting position.

The race will consist of two segments of 20 laps each. After 20 laps, the caution flag waves and teams can elect to pit but lose position. In the 2nd 20 laps, only green flag laps count.

The two top finishers advance to the All-Star race. Fan favorite advances.

All-Star Race
Segment 1 consists of 50 laps with a mandatory pit stop at lap 25 where ALL teams must change four tires. The segment ends with a caution and optional pit stop.

Segment 2 runs 20 laps with caution displayed at end. Pit stop optional.

Segment 3 runs another 20 laps with a ten minute break at the end where teams can make normal adjustments. Cars for the final segment will line up based on the finishing order to Segment 3.

Segment 4: The field will take one lap behind the pace car and enter the pits for a four tire change. The order they leave pit road determines the order for the final ten lap shootout. Only green flag laps count.

Additional Notes:
The last seven races have had seven different winners. Mark Martin has appeared in 21 races, more than any other driver. Martin and Johnson are the only two, two time winners in the field, but Jeff Gordon leads active drivers with three wins (1995, 1997, and 201). Dale Earnhardt is the only other three time winner. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ryan Neman won in their rookie year. Jeff Gordon is the youngest driver to win while his teammate Mark Martin is the oldest.

Final Note:
Technology geeks and couch potatoes rejoice!!! The Charlotte Motor Speedway débuts the world’s largest high definition video display, 200 feet tall and a gadzillion feet wide parallel to the track’s back stretch on the turn four side of the track giving most fans the ultimate TV viewing experience in the universe. So are fans paying to see the race or watch TV? So fans find your racing buddy with the biggest HDTV with a good sound system, and rock out Saturday night.

As the great British philosopher, Sir Elton John once observed, “Saturday night’s alright for fighting.” Does anyone doubt such esteemed wisdom will be called into question at Charlotte Motor Speedway tomorrow night?


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Netanyahu's Washington Dilema

Can there be any question that Barack Obama has no interest in Israel’s well-being?

Barack Obama’s speech given Thursday May 19, 2011 marked a great departure from what has been American policy in support of Israel supporting defensible boundaries to where Obama insists that Israel abandon all land to revert to its boundaries before 1967 when Israel ceased land from surrounding Arab nations in response to their unprovoked attack on the democratic nation. Such concessions would mean abandoning east Jerusalem, site of some of the most sacred Christian and Jewish holy icons and would leave Israel’s Ben Gurion airport just eight miles from the Palestinian boundary putting the entire area in easy surface to air launcher range. The Golan Heights would also revert to Syria creating another strategic nightmare.

Obama’s intentions on the even of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit is not the first time Netanyahu has been given the cold shaft by the radical Obama regime. In March, 2010, Netanyahu was denied customary accommodation for a friendly foreign head of state instead of getting the red carpet treatment was shown the back door where no formal photo shoots or any of the other traditional rituals of respect were shown one of America’s closest and most proven allies, an island of sanity in the turmoil of Arab radicalism and anarchy. With not even the courtesy of a White House dinner, the message was clear that Israel as represented by Netanyahu was not worthy of the kind of respect American allies have a long tradition of expecting.

The timing of Obama’s slight leading to Netanyahu’s next visit couldn’t be more of a vicious slam. At a time when the U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals, eliminated Osama Bin Laden, a shared enemy to both states, when turmoil in adjoining Syria shows conclusively the brutal totalitarian nature of Israel’s neighboring enemy, what could be more disconcerting to America’s ally than Obama announcing to the world, a plan for rendering his country helpless. Were Israel to unilaterally concede territory once again would leave it with essentially no negotiation chips left to deal with its surrounding adversaries.

This event shows the true radical character of Obama’s world outlook. That Obama has failed to visit Israel certainly showed the aversion the American upstart President feels to the Jewish state. Consistent with leftist ideology and its sense that anything having roots in European colonialism is wicked, the extent to which Obama’s measured occasional utterances of support for Israel seem so shallow when his core instincts would support the country’s obliteration.

How American Jews will accept this stunning slam of their kinship for such shallow political motives remain to be seen. It stands to reason, Obama could be tossing aside potential political support for the most nebulous of political ideals and showing once again that no American ally is safe from harm with Obama in the White House.

Any person who supports Israel and western Democracy must be extremely troubled with the total naïveté and passivity Obama’s address shows in his approach to the current upheaval in Islamic nations. At a time when the U.S. could clearly be posturing from a position of strength, Obama instead has chosen to capitulate to showing America apologetic in stance incapable of exercising control and leadership.

Barack Obama once again fails to understand that capitulation is seen as weakness by the Islamic world and Israel will pay the horrible consequences as a result.

How any American ally can trust America when Israel has been so casually tossed aside and betrayed raises even tougher questions?

Every concerned American must show the administration its outrage at the radical, weak, and dangerous stance Obama has taken in the Middle East and Islamic world.

How can the Israeli people not feel betrayed and lied to?

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Preakness versus Orioles: ONE STUPID MESS!!!

How is it that the Orioles' game on Saturday scheduled to start at 4:00 pm on the same day the legendary Preakness Stakes are running at Pimlico?  Given the Orioles are playing the Washington Nationals, would it not make sense to swap series and have the game start in Washington at 7:00 pm so their would be no media conflict.

WBAL, normally the radio voice of the Preakness will be covering the Orioles. At very least, they should open up their sister station 98 Rock, which simulcasts the Ravens' games to broadcast the Preakness or take the Orioles for that date. The Orioles let WJZ-AM switch the Orioles to other CBS-FM stations when they had scheduling conflicts.

Resources needed for both, the light rail, the Owings Mills metro, not to mention police and emergency services workers will be spread awfully thin unless they're expecting the Orioles game to be a non-event with fans disguised as empty seats.


Post Dover SCAB REPORT: Start and Park grows to six entries, money wasted sky rockets.

Picture this, the PGA elected to cut out the preliminary rounds of a golf tournament and only Sunday mattered. They’d have a qualifying event, held on driving range where each player is given two shots. The player with the longest shot grabs the top seed in the tournament and works its way down to where the 40th golfer makes the field. Everybody else goes home. The Sunday tournament starts out much like current tournaments are, except seedings are determined by “qualifying.”

Some fellows might be great at qualifying, but not too good at anything else, but prize money would be awarded according to finish so the fellow finishing 40th still would take home $60,000. The regular tour golfer would carry 14 clubs and a caddy receiving a cut of the purse would carry the clubs and offer support for the professional golfer.

But wait, there’s a catch. There are some fellows who don’t want to pay a caddy or carry 14 clubs. They’re going to get paid based on where they finish at the end of the day regardless of how many holes they play. They’ve qualified for a certain starting position in the event. Therefore, some fellows show up with the best long distance driver money can buy a wood that could whack a ball way out in the field on the driving range. Then for the actual tournament play, the golfer shows up with just a two iron. He whacks the ball off the tee onto some spot not too deep on the fairway. Takes his second shot, and maybe a third, golfing very conservatively so as not to wind up in the rough where a different club would be needed. He finally gets the ball on the green, but at that point, he walks off and heads to the club house and watches the rest of the event on television.

About half a dozen of the fellows will try that just using a two iron and not stepping on to the green to putt and move on to the next hole. They’ll finish based on how many strokes they took to reach the green and then if there’s a tie that had the longest drive.

Any serious golfer would see such a notion of conducting a golf tournament like that ABSOLUTELY INSANE. That a golfer could show up, not hire a caddy, not have a full set of clubs, or not finish the whole race would be seen as pure madness.

So can anyone explain how NASCAR’s start and park makes any more sense?

It doesn’t it’s just as absurd, but Ralph Humphrey and Phil Parsons have their little sham sending out Mike Skinner and Michael McDowell, Joe Nemechek has his rinky-dink little thing going, as do a few more. The number was up to six at Dover with now one of NASCAR’s all-time twerps joining in, Robbie Gordon, acting as a car owner not playing himself sending Scott Wimmer out to run a few laps and suck in the cash.

The FedEx 400 at Dover has set a true mark of futility when six drivers quit the race, each one earning in excess of $77,438 for NOT racing.

DOVER SCUMBAG THEFT TOTAL: $464,053.00 (total amount ripped-off by unscrupulous “start and park” lackies.

The thieves are as follows:
Scott Wimmer……….$77,595
Joe Nemechek……….$77,485
J.J. Yeley…………….$77,325
Mike Skinner…..........$77,145
David Stremme……...$77,438
Michael McDonald….$77,438

The TOTAL for 2011 in money issued to teams not prepared to compete and fulfill their responsibility as professional race teams is now $3,451,847!!!

Is it any wonder the enthusiasm for NASCAR has slid the last few years? The is not exemplary of how a sport operating at the highest level of its kind operates. The more the apologists attempt to justify the practice, the more ridiculous it becomes.

NASCAR FANS, You must let the NASCAR brass know that YOU expect the best quality racing possible. The field must be required to compete or be reduced in number so there is no room for “start and park.”

Again we encourage our readers to let NASCAR know that "start and park" is unacceptable. They're ripping off fans and other teams no matter what garbage Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds or what NASCAR bigshot writes releases for them to read might tell you.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website, .


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lies and Sleaze -- The Norm for Democrat Ads

The left-wing activist group, The Agenda Project, has stooped to a new low in political advertising, scare tactics, and pure demagoguery reached a new low creating a television ad based on absolutely false assumptions in which “America the Beautiful” is played in the background while a faceless fellow supposedly Congressman Paul Ryan wheels grand mom down a path and pushes over off the cliff.

The suggestion that seniors face hardship from the elimination of Medicare is by no means supported by any major figure in the Republican Party, but questions become more urgent to be answered regarding the program’s future and how to best meet the needs of health care for senior citizens.

The ad under consideration is just one extreme example of an avalanche of vicious false attack ads playing to the most ignorant citizens’ worst fears. They are shameful and reveal just how opportunistic, sleazy, underhanded, and incapable of reasoned debate the proponents of the left have become.

Every American with respect for rational decision making and responsible governance must condemn these tactics and hold those who these ads support responsible. The Orwellian “Big Lie” has no place in our system.

We demand Erika Payne, the Agenda Project’s boss be held accountable for such vicious sleaze.


Obama Sells Out Israel

Middle East Madness

Barack Obama has not only abandoned one of the United States most sacred allies but is also pursuing an absolutely dangerous agenda in demanding that Israel should return to its 1967 borders.

How is it that Israel expanded beyond those 1967 boundaries? Because they were attacked by surrounding Arab nations. They were plunged into a war they did not provoke and in the process clobbered their opponents in defense of their homeland. That their victory provided the opportunity to acquire more land to make their population more secure with more defensible boundaries only seems just.

The key prize in this dispute is Jerusalem, the great holy city and capital of the Israeli state. East Jerusalem, which under Obama’s concocted notion would be surrendered to Palestine. Including in this section of the city are the most sacred sites to both Jewish and Christian worshippers. Though Israel is a Jewish State, they respect the rights of other religions. Turn it over to Palestine and see what respect is shown Christians and Jews who seek to find their spirituality in their most sacred space.

That Hamas and Hezbollah, both terrorist groups, are the two main political factions within Palestine drives home what fateful dilemmas the nation of Israel deals with every day. Surrounded by factions that have pledged to their destruction, one of the most civilized, highly educated societies attempts to continue a sustainable quality of life for its citizens.

If Obama’s radical plans were forced upon them, Israel could be doomed. There is no bargaining with terrorists. What good do concessions to those who are pledged to Israel’s destruction do for the nation’s survival?

Terrorism is a day-to-day fact of life in Israel. Israel has made many concessions to Palestine while they continue to be attacked from Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza. How can the President of the United States, in good conscience continue demand Israel surrender more?


Monday, May 16, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 11: Kenseth Wins, Jimmie Johnson wound up too "tired"

For those who’ve grown tired of Jimmie Johnson dominating Sprint Cup racing, the FedEx 400 from Dover, Delaware had to start off with very ominous signs. The five time champ started from the pole and looked hell-bent on dominating the field leading the most laps. Everything the 48 team did looked so calculated, so self-assured, so right on the money. Who’d ever guess that late in the race, a Chad Knaus decision to change four tires would put the #48 far enough back in the pack that there would be a real battle for the finish and #48 would not be involved. The race came down to Matt Kenseth holding off the ancient mariner, Mark Martin, for Kenseth’s second win of the season.

We can’t withhold our outrage that the number of freeloading scumbags is now up to six loathsome leeches on the field with Robbie Gordon’s #7 car officially joining the ranks of the lowlife losers off doing something else while Scott Wimmer parks his car. The sport now has a new scum bucket, the upstart Inception Motorsports entry, driven by David Stremme, they join the usual pack of self-pitying parasites that NASCAR is content to allow make a farce of representing the highest level of racing: Joe (time to go) Nemechek, J.J. Yeley, Mike Skinner, and Michael McDowell. We’ll provide the dollars and cents and our appeal to rattle NASCAR on the infectious scum in a later posting.

TOP 15 Finishes:
1- Matt Kenseth, (#17) Ford
2- Mark Martin, (#5) Chevrolet
3- Marcos Ambrose, (#9) Ford
4- Kyle Busch, (#18) Toyota
5- Brian Vickers, (#83) Toyota
6- Clint Bowyer, (#33) Chevrolet
7- Carl Edwards, (#99) Ford
8- Martin Truex Jr., (#56) Toyota
9- Jimmie Johnson, (#48) Chevrolet
10- Kevin Harvick, (#29) Chevrolet
11- Jeff Burton, (#31) Chevrolet
12- Dale Earnhardt Jr., (#88) Chevrolet
13- Brad Keselowski, (#2) Dodge
14- Kurt Busch, (#22) Dodge
15- David Reutimann, (#00) Toyota

TOP 15 Points Standings
1- Carl Edwards, 416 pts.
2- Jimmie Johnson, 392 pts. (-24)
3- Kyle Busch, 379 pts. (-37)
4- Dale Earnhardt Jr., 364 pts. (-42)
5- Kevin Harvick, 362 pts. (-54)
6- Matt Kenseth, (+4) 342 pts. (-74)
7- Ryan Newman (-1) 340 pts. (-76)
8- Clint Bowyer (+1) 336 pts. (-80)
9- Kurt Busch (-1) 336 pts. (-80)
10- Tony Stewart (-3) 328 pts. (-88)
11- Mark Martin (+3) 324 pts. (-92)
12- Greg Biffle, 311 pts. (-105)
13- Denny Hamlin (+3) 304 pts. (-112)
14- Jeff Gordon (+3) 299 pts. (-117)
15- Juan Montoya (-2) 296 pts. (-120)

The biggest loser on the day was A.J. Allmendinger whose 37th place finish, one ahead of the freeloader express, dropped out of the top 15 falling five positions to 16th. No other driver lost more than three positions. Other masters of misfortune were last week’s winner, Regan Smith who finished in 34th and Kasey Kahne whose season was starting to build momentum mired in 36th. More mistakes have been the order of the day in the #14 camp led by Tony Stewart who finished 29th.

Winners (Victories in 2011)
1- Kyle Busch (2)
2- Kevin Harvick (2)
3- Matt Kenseth (2)
4- Carl Edwards
5- Jimmie Johnson
6- Jeff Gordon
7- Regan Smith
8- Trevor Bayne

It’s on to Charlotte and a couple of weeks of home cooking for most of the field. Next Saturday night is the All-Star race preceded by a shootout to determine which cars advance into the elite field. It would be most ironic if the slugs show up and start and park under those circumstances.

Soon, the chase for the chase picture will start to clarify. The guys with two wins are in, so are Edwards and Johnson. The rest of the field is wide open.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 11 -- Dover, the Mid-Atlantic Monster

Qualifying for the FedEx 400 at Dover was rained out. Contrary to the misinformation on NASCAR.COM, the insulting product NASCAR has contracted with Turner to exhibit, drivers will line up by best practice speed among the top 35 cars in owner points. NASCAR.COM hasn’t assimilated the rule change – pretty pathetic for what’s supposed to be the sport’s official communications portal.

Weather is threatening in the mid-Atlantic region as the Nationwide race has contended with rain delays today. Tomorrow’s forecast indicates a 50% chance of thunderstorms with temperatures in the low 70’s. The probability eases up slightly later in the afternoon. The likelihood drivers will start on a green race track is high given there could easily be enough rain overnight to remove the rubber laid down during the Nationwide race.

Here are the top 15 starters:
1. Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
2. A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
4. Kasey Kahne, #4, Toyota
5. Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
6. Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
7. Kyle Busch, #18, Chevrolet
8. Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
9. Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge
10. Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevrolet
11. Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
12. Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
13. Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
14. David Ragan, #6, Ford
15. Brian Vickers, #83, Toyota

Perhaps the story of tomorrow’s race will be who will be ready for a brawl when the race is over. Dover is a track prone to make tempers boil, as was Darlington last week, and Richmond, the week before.

All eyes will be on Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick for their post race confrontation as if last week did anything to settle down Ryan Newman versus Juan Pablo Montoya.

With its high banks and concrete surface, Dover International Raceway is one of the most mean-spirited tracks on the circuit. There are no gentle nudges where cars are on the verge of chaos all race long where the slightest loss of handling results in a collision. That Jimmie Johnson sits on the pole should be an ominous sign for the rest of the field given he won three out of the last four Dover races. Kyle Busch won last spring’s race.

Hopefully, weather will be agreeable. The racing is always full of strange twist and turns which make one driver’s recent dominance seem so improbable. Fans can surely pray that there will not be a vicious accident the scale of what ended today’s Nationwide race where Carl Edwards and Joey Logano raced for the win, Logano lost handling whacked Clint Bowyer whose car flipped with significant wreckage up in the lead pack.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Post Darlington NASCAR Scumbag Report

The amount of purse money awarded by NASCAR in 2011 for shameless scumbags who show up and qualify for races with no intention to compete or finish races is now close to THREE MILLION DOLLARS  after just ten races. We did not include weekly scum chaser, J.J. Yeley since his ride was befallen by a little poetic justice. His engine exploded before he could hit the gargage.

$360,194....... for week ten.
$2,987,794.....year to date wasted.

Again we encourage our readers to let NASCAR know that "start and park" is unacceptable. They're ripping off fans and other teams no matter what garbage Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds or what NASCAR bigshot writes releases for them to read might tell you.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website, .


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 10: The Southern 500...The "Lady in Black" lived up to her reputation as "The Track too Tough to Tame!"

Last night’s Southern 500 proved why Darlington is worthy of all the talk of legends that surround the track. Drivers were racing at the very edge of their ability and what their cars were capable of doing. When they lost that edge, the consequences were dastardly. There were plenty of nasty duels and on track confrontations. Some fellows even got a little bent out of shape just like their cars. Does anybody think Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick are in any kiss and make up condition? What happened right after the race might have hell to pay on Tuesday when Harvick hopped out of his car and it drifted into the barrier at the entrance to pit road. Still, the real beauty was in the finish. Nobody fights harder and winds up second like Carl Edwards, so obviously he did not win, but that the #78 Furniture Row Chevrolet with Regan Smith driving for their first win was one of those happy stories of the little guy putting the mighty Roush, Hendricks, Gibbs, and Childress teams in the dust. Richard Childress must have embarked home to greater Charlotte with his head spinning. He supplied the car for Regan Smith who once raced for RCR. But to see what happened to his rides at the end of the race especially Clint Bowyer’s hard crash tearing up what had been one of the best cars on the track had to have him fit to fight with the Harvick/Busch conflict adding insult to injury.

Noteworthy accomplishments include Brad Keselowski finishing 3rd his first top five and top ten finish boosting him two positions in the point standings (26th). Equally noteworthy was Kasey Kahne, the record qualifier for the poll, who finished 4th, his second top 5 and fifth top 10 boosting him three spots in the standings (15th). The malaise infesting Stewart/Haas racing must be lifted some with Ryan Newman gaining two places in the standings solidifying his place in the top ten at #6. For his boss, Tony Stewart, his gain of three positions landed him just behind his teammate in 7th. Greg Biffle gained two spots to enter the top 12 closing in on the top 10. While still down and out from the big picture view, Martin Truex, Jr. gained two places in the standings for the 20th position while Jaime McMurray, whose 2011 season has been miserable, gained three positions to wind up in 21st.

The story of misery for Richard Childress Racing sounds like a true Darlington disaster. While his top ride, Kevin Harvick, did not lose a spot in the standings, his confrontation with Kyle Busch could have consequences especially the way his auto drifted away from him. Paul Menard, whose first year with Childress has looked so promising, fell three positions to 18th while Jeff Burton’s night was pure agony, falling four spots down to 24th. While Clint Bowyer’s fall in the standings was only two positions and he remains in the top 10 at 9th, his wreck, possibly the most damaging of the evening adds the final insult to injury.

Joey Logano was another master of disaster with a four position plunge dropping to 25th in the standings. Brian Vickers who appeared to be developing some momentum for his season fell three positions to #29.

Cheer up guys, next week is (gulp) The Monster Mile in Dover, Delaware. Does it not seem like the schedule maker had to be particularly sadistic putting Darlington and Dover back-to-back? Considering it was after a short track in Richmond, no matter what happens at the end of the month, having two weeks at home in Charlotte will seem like a blessing.

Our anger and frustration concerning the start and park baloney is growing from a scream to a deafening roar. Six cars including now Robby Gordon joining the ranks pulled off with Gordon completing 87 laps. T.J. Bell (whoever he is) completing 67. The remaining field of thieves completed 29 or less, but at least there was one small measure of justice which was world a good laugh or at least a malicious sneer, J.J. Yeley’s engine blew up before he could sneak off into the garage. We’re keeping an eye on Tony Raines in the #37 Ford. He only completed 172 laps and there was no indication of trouble. The greater the extent to which guys like Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds act as apologists for such a sham, the more fuel they pour on the fire. It makes one wonder if DW would have engaged in such a sham if it were commonly practiced toward the end of his career. We can look at the results and see that the argument that these fellows are good for the big teams because they can get some reimbursement for cars that aren’t good enough for the top teams but good enough to start and park simply doesn’t hold much weight when seeing that most of the cars that start and park would appear to come from, oops Michael Waltrip, brother of Darrell Waltrip chief mouth piece for the practice, broadcast partner and associate of Phil Parsons, the most flagrant parker in Sprint Cup. The J.J. Yeley driven, Dusty Whitney owned entry shows Ernie Elliot as an engine builder. The #30, David Stremme, Inception Motorsports shows power from Earnhardt/Childress on the famous Jayski chart. All other start and park teams spare Robby Gordon who probably should stick to one of the other kinds of racing he participates in, are Toyotas. Surely, Kevin Buckler and his driver, Andy Lally, a team with tight resources have to be furious not qualifying desperately trying to maintain sponsorship while a cast of crud makes the field and drives off.

This is not sports and the arguments in support reek of an entitlement welfare mentality that stink of bad politics but are obscene business and competitive sports moves.

Top 15 finishes:
1- Regan Smith (#78), Chevrolet
2- Carl Edwards (#99) Ford
3- Brad Keselowski (#2) Dodge
4- Kasey Kahne (#4) Toyota
5- Ryan Newman (#39) Chevrolet
6- Denny Hamlin (#11) Toyota
7- Tony Stewart (#14) Toyota
8- Greg Biffle (#16) Ford
9- Jaime McMurray (#1) Chevrolet
10- Martin Truex, Jr. (#56) Toyota
11- Kyle Busch (#18) Toyota
12- Jeff Gordon (#24) Chevrolet
13- Marcos Ambrose (#9) Ford
14- Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (#88) Chevrolet
15- Jimmie Johnson (#48) Chevrolet

Top 15: Points Standings
1- Carl Edwards, Ford
2- Jimmie Johnson, -23, Chevrolet
3- Kyle Busch, -39, Toyota
4- Dale Earnhardt, Jr., -47, Chevrolet
5- Kevin Harvick, -50, Chevrolet
6- Ryan Newman, -61, Chevrolet (+2)
7- Tony Stewart, -65, Chevrolet (+3)
8- Kurt Busch, -72, Dodge (-2)
9- Clint Bowyer, -81, Chevrolet (-2)
10- Matt Kenseth, -83, Ford (-1)
11- A.J. Allmendinger, -91, Ford
12- Greg Biffle, -92, Ford (+2)
13- Juan Montoya, -95, Chevrolet (-1)
14- Mark Martin, -97, Chevrolet (-1)
15- Kasey Kahne, -100, Toyota (+3)

Kyle Busch…2 (Bristol, Richmond) (Pts. #3)
Kevin Harvick…2 (Fontana, Martinsville) (Pts. #5)
Carl Edwards…1 (Las Vegas) (Pts. #1)
Jimmie Johnson…1 (Talladega) (Pts. #2)
Matt Kenseth…1 (Texas) (Pts. #10)
Jeff Gordon…1 (Phoenix) (Pts. #17)
Regan Smith…1 (Darlington) (Pts. #27)
Trevor Bayne…1 (Daytona) (Pts. [n/a])


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Micheal Waltrip Exec Defends Start and Park

Ty Norris is vice president and general manager of Michael Waltrip Racing. He wrote his defense of the START & PARK phenomenon from supposedly an insider's financial point of view. This article is from last year. The thesis is that with the cost of starting teams being so high, START & PARK provides a team owner the chance to build his opertion one brick at a time. Likewise, it provides a disposal means for the big shot teams who have cars and engines that don't test out to be good enough for completing an entire race. They can sell them to the bogus teams and make something.

Keeping in mind this is written by an MWR fellow and most of the START & PARK entries are Toyotas with Waltrip's crony, Phil Parsons, one of the major participants in the onerous practice perhaps this helps flush out their agenda.

The bottom line is NASCAR still struggles to be considered a major sport. Sports have rules and minimum requirements for competition. When slugs who don't bother to show up with the necessities to race and shut out possible sponsored entries, the whole process becomes a joke and NASCAR's integrity is at stake.

Others disagree, read this and see for yourself:

If the conclusions reached in this article are in fact NASCAR's reasons, the sport has to question its business model.


NASCAR's Reponse to Start and Park??

When NASCAR trots out its little giggle princess, Miss NASCAR, for a video segment on its website, the disasterous, titled NASCAR 101, one would think that the content of such a presentation must be the party line especially when she's interviewing former crew chief,current broadcaster for Fox, SpeedTV, and TNT.

Here's the presentation:

In this simple program much like a NASCAR version of SESAME STREET, McReynolds attempts to justify the practice saying none of these teams want to park their cars, but they just can't afford to run a real race. It's a success story that Landon Cassill was able to graduate to a more normal ride that doesn't park showing his talent as a qualifier. Furthermore, given that this practice has developed primarily since the economy took a dive a few years back, it's keeping crews and shops in operation avoiding layoffs. We're supposed to accept that in the context of sports?

Why don't we have football teams where teams don't wear pads and helmuts and just take a knee with each down then leave the field after going five minutes into the first quarter? What about small market baseball teams, why don't they only field one outfielder a couple infielders, play two innings and walk off the field?

In the absense of reasonable explanations, the NASCAR braintrust wants to make it seem so simple even a child can grasp the rightness of the practice. All they're doing is serving up stale baloney, and that's not very appetizing.


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 10, the Grand Old Southern Race

It is unbelievable the “start and park” scandal is permitted to continue. Its ugly presence is NASCAR couldn’t be more disturbing that what is unfolding in Darlington this weekend. The Nationwide Series had eleven cars refuse to engage in competition, ONE QUARTER OF THE FIELD SHOWED UP JUST TO COLLECT THEIR BOOTY WITH NO INTENTION TO COMPLETE THE RACE.

Meanwhile, on the Sprint Cup side, the usual gang of scabs are in town and with 46 entries, one car sponsored and prepared to compete in the whole race the #71 car driven by Andy Lally was sent packing while worthless place holders, Joe Nemechek, #87; Mike Skinner, #60, and Michael McDowell, #66 are in the starting lineup serving as a visible reminder that America’s premier motor sports organization tolerates a corrupt and insulting practice that simply defies any sense of sportsmanship. The recent developments seeing how widespread this robbery from track purses has grown to such large percentage of the Nationwide lineup and is tolerated in the sports top series taints the product of NASCAR, one which is having trouble selling tickets and is losing TV market share.

Regardless, competition remains strong at the top of the series with few repeat winners and all top teams enjoying some bragging rights thus far this season. Here are the top starters for the Darlington Derby. That Kasey Kahne and crew chief, Kenny Francis, blew away the field in pursuit of the poll position setting a track record makes one wonder what lies in store for them when they have the superior resources of Hendricks Motorsports next week. After quite a visible conflict with Juan Pablo Montoya, Ryan Newman starts 2nd. Denny Hamlin, in need of improved fortune this season starts third.

1- Kasey Kahne (#4) Toyota
2- Ryan Newman (#39) Chevrolet
3- Denny Hamlin (#11) Toyota
4- Carl Edwards (#99) Ford
5- Jeff Gordon (#24) Chevrolet
6- Marcos Ambrose (#9) Ford
7- A.J Allmendinger (#43) Ford
8- Brian Vickers (#83) Toyota
9- Tony Stewart (#14) Chevrolet
10- Brad Keselowski (#2) Dodge
11- David Ragan (#6) Ford
12- Jaime McMurray (#1) Chevrolet
13- Kevin Harvick (#29) Chevrolet
14- Kyle Busch (#18) Toyota
15- Bobby Labonte (#47) Toyota

Certainly, things must be looking brighter in the King’s dominion with his two drivers starting 6th and 7th. Allmendinger continues to grow as a driver showing his first victory could be not to far away.

Weather should pose no problem for the event, partly cloudy with temperatures around a cool 60 degrees.


Friday, May 6, 2011

CRY ME A RIVER: Doesn't it figure Michael Moore is upset about Bin Laden execution...

Boo-hoo, get out the water board and give Mikey Fatso a little reality therapy. He's got his feelings hurt that our SEALS "assassinated" Bin Laden. He contends we're "better" than that. Our guys should have arrested him, put him on trial, and we could show the world how wonderful our system of justice is by being so insidiously fair to the world's lowest form of scum.

There is a sick sentiment among some elements on the left that somehow even the worst people in the world deserve respect as fellow human beings, ant they act as though they are better people by avoiding showing contempt for the absolute worst scum of the early. We should show regard for a demented villain who uses a sick notion of God and his religion as the justification for killing as many apostates or infidels, male, female, young, old -- it doesn't matter -- no shame in killing children, to fatso liberal lunatic, we afford them all the rights we'd show our own citizens. What baloney!  Showing regard for figures like Bin Laden simply reveals a mind with too much real world experience so detached from reality so thoroughly lost in an intellectual fog reveals an impaired mental state where one's rational judgment is impared for the sake of their secular humanist ideology.

We feel no remorse for removing a dead branch from a tree. We don't feel sorry for the mass of tissue that will be discarded if we have a tumor or cist removed. We certainly have no qualms about exterminating insects who'd mess up an outdoor event like a picnic. Why should we not methodically remove a wicked human presence whose only reason for being is destroying us.

Let us celebrate Bin Laden's death knowing that with enough resolve and careful preparation, the most dreadful villains on this planet can be destroyed. Let us remain resolute that there is much work to be done. There are more merchants of death who must be removed. Let us dismiss the naive stupidity figures like Michael Moore represent subjecting them to the kind of ridicule and mocking their foolishness deserves. To take them seriously dilutes the seriousness of the fight that remains to defeat the forces of world wide Jihad.

Let's face it, if Michael Moore is unhappy something good must be going on that should make us happy!!!


One should also look at the contempt and lack of respect Mouthy Maniac Moore showed George W. Bush, a decent and thoughtful man regardless of where one stands politically. Moore's comments would suggest he has more contempt for the pillars of big business, the defenders of the Capitalist system, those who have acheived great success in our society. While Moore talks the leftist talk through and through, we can't help but notice the extent to which he has avoided paying union scale wages in his productions. Ooops.

Give Michael Moore credit, however, he makes a great poster child along with Nancy Pelosi and deposed congressman, Alan Grayson, for what Left Wing Loons are all about.

Mikey, you're so wrong and so out of touch. If we wanted to make a "gotcha" film about tree huggers and union thugs, you'd be so fun to slap around: "The Michael Moore Story: Fat, Lazy, and Stupid is No Way to Get Through Life, Son" (thanks to "Animal House"), curt and to the point, "Clueless.'


Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words, but Not Showing it Might Speak Volumes About Who We Are

America debates whether death photos of Bin Laden should be punished while Sarah Palin shoots of mouth causing severe collateral damage once again.

We applaud the Obama administration for taking the high road and not releasing photographs of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse with his brains blown out. No matter how the administration handles any aspect of the very necessary act of ridding the planet of one of history’s great villains, some will let hatred, ideology, politics and their own stupidity stand in the way of mature responsible judgment. There is little to be gained gloating over photos of the Bin Laden extermination. The vermin is gone, and we rejoice the world is ridded such scum. We don’t marvel over photos of flies we’ve swatted, why does Bin Laden deserve any more accommodation than an insect?

Naturally, one of America’s great high profile political voices with little more than insectile intellect, Sarah Palin would be quick to leap on the issue being quick to use Twitter for her mindless knee jerk rants on issues she is motivated to pop off on writing: Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it’s part of the mission.”

Sarah Palin has an uncanny knack for travelling the low road and rely on smirky, immature insults regardless of the situation at hand. The notion that Palin could ever take the high road seems about as probable as a school of fish holding a bicycle race.

Almost moments after the report of Bin Laden’s death, hate merchant – fear monger, Alex Jones, the infamous 9/11 “truther,” fanatic “birther,” a dope so ridiculous to even believe that fluoride used in drinking water is being used purposely by the Chinese for sinister intent, was quick to cast doubt whether the extermination had taken place. It would have been easy to write the script for what this scum-infested media fire-breather would opine on the subject based on his past rants and tirades. Can folks start to imagine how Donald Trump the alpha-demagogue bully will state his views on this historic event?

It’s not hard to imagine that Obama’s refusal to produce the pictures as supposed proof certain of Bin Laden’s death will not produce outcries similar to his reluctance to produce his birth certificate. The usual conservative talking heads all insist that the photos should be produced. Why should we show any sensitivity those in the Islamic world who hate us anyway and would want to destroy us regardless?

This citizen is satisfied that the Navy Seals carried out their mission and that they ridded the mortal world of a damnable villain. The counter logic of conspirators is the same old crap they always produce. Under any circumstances, there will be those who question the authenticity of whatever evidence we produce or the circumstance, time, date, place, and manner of destroying the wicked corruptor of Islam and genocidal madman.

We don’t reveal the pictures because we are decent people who don’t engage in vicarious visual necrophilic fantasies. That Sean Hannity would say something as sick as “We paid to have Bin Laden killed, we deserve to see the pictures.” Some suggest we need to see the pictures to bring closure. That we treat the vilest and filthy scum to have walked the earth with a sense of human decency reflects the very goodness we possess that Bin Laden was sworn to destroy.

This is no time to particularly praise Barack Obama. He did his job. If there is a sworn enemy of the United States who killed 3000 plus Americans on the loose, it is the President’s job to see that such a debase criminal is hunted down and destroyed. Finding Bin Laden was not an easy task and certainly if the circumstances were handled properly at Tora Bora in 2001, the deed would have been done sooner. It would be a lot easier for a President to screw up such an operation than to make it happen. The correct decision was to send a special ops force to do the job, the most difficult of all options, not wiping out the compound through bombing or a well-placed cruise missile.

Being honest means we recognize the President for fulfilling an essential part of his job description. There was nothing brilliant about his decision, nothing brave, just necessary. The Navy Seals, their sacrifice, the endurance, the practice, and hard work, deserve our most profound gratitude.

We also feel it necessary to take a powerful shot at those who are playing the self-righteous mumbo jumbo game with this event. Those who suggest that our celebrating the death of Bin Laden is unjustified or uncivilized simply don’t live in a real world where there is good and evil. Those who suggest the toss or taking of ANY human life is tragic simply don’t live on this mortal plain. Those who would argue we should have done more to capture Bin Laden – that if we could have captured him, we should have taken great effort to do so live in some Pollyanna world where they simply cannot come to terms with the pure evil of killing 3000 Americans. These people aren’t taking any philosophical high road nor do they possess higher moral standards than those of us who were cheering with excitement upon the hateful bastard’s death. They are naïve fools who could never run a nursery school much less set the moral tone for the most powerful nation on earth.

Bin Laden’s death is one step toward winning the war on Islamic terrorism. The best picture of all is one recognizing that the real living image of Osama Bin Laden will never be seen again. May the sharks and sea creatures feast on his corpse.

The world is a better place than it was on Saturday, no matter how boldly or minutely Bin Laden’s death changes things for the better.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Richmond Scab Report: Four Drivers Pocket Purse Money for Just Showing Up

The following drivers dishonored NASCAR and the integrity of competitive sports in Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race, qualifying for the race, and not engaging in competition pulling off the track after a brief leisurely spin around the track for a few laps. These drivers are shameless scabs working in association with owners ripping off the fans and their fellow drivers in pursuit of what could at best be seen as nebulous goals.

They are (predictably) the following drivers. To put this charade in context, these leeches occupied positions 40-43 in the race results. Jeff Gordon, who wrecked was in 39th. Driver, Landon Cassill in 38th, attempted to complete the race, 40 laps down, earned $66,500, only $300.00 more than a thief who did nothing.

Michael McDowell (#66)………$66,200.00
Mike Skinner (#60)…………….$66,050.00
Joe Nemechek (#87)……………$65,925.00
J.J. Yeley (#46)…………………$66,293.00
TOTAL RIPOFF……..………..$264.468.00

Start and park losers have walked off with $2,627,600.00 year-to-date.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website, .

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gross Outrageous Malicious LIES -- Why Hatred not Disagreement is Appropriate for Democratic Party Tactics

This is what the Democratic Party is posting on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website.  No Republican, not even Sarah Palin, is stupid enough to end Social Security. The Republicans are looking ahead to when the government won't be solvent enough to pay Social Security benefits and are discussing possible solutions. How dare they suggest the Republicans are attempting to end it. If they sit on their fat asses and do nothing or think they can leech enough money out of more financially successful citizens, they are horribly mistaken.

Don't look for logic or common sense from these common liars, traitors, and thiefs. Here's an assembly of radical criminals who propose to steal the hard earned money of those who earned it and support giving money to criminals whose presence in this country is against the law. Giving money to illegal aliens either directly in some forms or as perks is just one way the Democrats engage in defacto larceny. That they support the lawless hooliganism of the labor unions who routinely vandalize property, engage in extortion, cooercion, and other criminality further shows what their true character is.

Sadly, some dopes are stupid enough to believe the Democrats' assertions. We're so used to the making grandma eat dog food, pushing grandpa in the street in his wheelchair, poisoning babies, killing children, letting women die rather than get reasonable health care, and on and on are common claims of these fucking idiots.

They are no longer simply political adversaries, they are the enemy of our civilization and way of life. The must not simply be defeated, they must be humiliated and destroyed.

Lies which destroy the character and reputation of others will not be tolerated. Let's unite and bring the shame upon them they have earned. We have met our enemy and we accept the challenge that we must destroy them.