Monday, May 2, 2011

Gross Outrageous Malicious LIES -- Why Hatred not Disagreement is Appropriate for Democratic Party Tactics

This is what the Democratic Party is posting on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website.  No Republican, not even Sarah Palin, is stupid enough to end Social Security. The Republicans are looking ahead to when the government won't be solvent enough to pay Social Security benefits and are discussing possible solutions. How dare they suggest the Republicans are attempting to end it. If they sit on their fat asses and do nothing or think they can leech enough money out of more financially successful citizens, they are horribly mistaken.

Don't look for logic or common sense from these common liars, traitors, and thiefs. Here's an assembly of radical criminals who propose to steal the hard earned money of those who earned it and support giving money to criminals whose presence in this country is against the law. Giving money to illegal aliens either directly in some forms or as perks is just one way the Democrats engage in defacto larceny. That they support the lawless hooliganism of the labor unions who routinely vandalize property, engage in extortion, cooercion, and other criminality further shows what their true character is.

Sadly, some dopes are stupid enough to believe the Democrats' assertions. We're so used to the making grandma eat dog food, pushing grandpa in the street in his wheelchair, poisoning babies, killing children, letting women die rather than get reasonable health care, and on and on are common claims of these fucking idiots.

They are no longer simply political adversaries, they are the enemy of our civilization and way of life. The must not simply be defeated, they must be humiliated and destroyed.

Lies which destroy the character and reputation of others will not be tolerated. Let's unite and bring the shame upon them they have earned. We have met our enemy and we accept the challenge that we must destroy them.


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