Saturday, April 30, 2011

Donald Trump Umasked

Take it straight from this Associated Press account. If anyone needs a smoking gun to dump Trump, here it is....


If the American people needed more evidence what the true Donald Trump is all about, two recent events this week showed clearly that more than anything else, Donald Trump is a boorish, egotistical, foul-mouthed bully totally lacking any human compassion or intellectual gravity. Only the most irrational, hateful bigot as in Alex Jones could still attempt to keep the "birther" issue alive, but good old Donald is taking credit for solving it and is very proud of himself as he stated for doing so. Although he did say the issue needed further clarification. Now he's going after Obama's college record at Occidental and Columbia University. What's that supposed to prove when Obama's last gig, Harvard Law school, was certainly successful. Trump's strategy to this point is to absolutely bury his opponents with accusations and insults, massive highly personal, abusive ad-hominen attacks of sweeping generalizations. His platform is that he's smart and successful and knows a lot of people. Nothing rises above a temperamental knee-jerk reaction to very complex problems.

So welcome to Las Vegas where Trumpster-Dumspter owns a lot of property, a great environment for speaking to the faithful, Trump delivered a speech loaded with F-bombs which obliterate any sense of civility or adult maturity. Not citing any specific facts whatsoever, just shooting from the hip, Trump stated; "We build a school in Iraq, we build a road. They blow it up. We build another school, we build another road, they blow that up.....We can't even get a fucking school built in Brooklyn." Hey Donald, I'm a little person you'd call stupid and pound in the ground, but CITE THE FACTS ON BOTH ISSUES!!

On fuel costs he complains we have no leadership, but good old Donald has the answer a tough guy who will tell them, "You're not going to raise the fucking price." Corporate execs and OPEC respond to potty mouths? I DON'T THINK SO!!!  Donald Trump has never come to grips with the United States owes China 1.1 trillion dollars for our debt. He'll just makes some collection calls and get other countries to pay for what he thinks they owe us. For China's wheeling and dealing we've ecouraged through our behavior, "I'll slap a mother fucking 25% tax on your goods." Oh boy, hows that kind of talk as a prelude to World War III?

What's worse, Trump's sense that he's some kind of God or people who flock to him saying things like, "I like Donald, he's a straight shooter."

One thing's for sure, if Barack Obama weren't such a horrible President who has damaged so much could someone like Trump getting involved at this level be possible in the first place. Every American should be terrified of a Trump/Obama showdown. The end of our Republic could be near.


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