Monday, April 25, 2011

Huckabee Reveals Beck for Being the Dishonest Fear Monger He Is

We congratulate former Arkansas Governor/current Fox TV host, Mike Huckabee for shooting down Glenn Beck for his divisive slander, personal attacks, and shooting off his mouth with no regard for consequences.

As we have documented many times before and what would be obvious to any mature person with the slightest bit of psychological insight, Glenn Beck is a psychologically unstable madman who dabbles in political commentary as an outlet for his deep seated paranoia, delusional hallucinations, grandiose conspiracy theories, and mad ranting and tantrums. That he is also conspicuously engaged in self-serving corruption is also clearly obvious that his show is sponsored by gold vendors and his program constantly attempts to create tremendous fear in the stability of the US dollar while extolling the virtue of investing in gold.

Glenn Beck has no credentials to speak authoritatively on the issues he speaks as the ultimate expert on his program. He is nothing more than a washed up radio hack with deep seated personality defects intensified by years of drug and alcohol abuse who bounced around from radio station to radio station alienating his fellow broadcasters in the process. Finally, he hit pay dirt with the rise of conservative talk radio which has its own lunatic fringe of shock jocks, fear mongers who feed upon listeners’ fears and insecurities seeing all issues in extreme black and white terms with boogie men lurking behind every conceivable threat whether the threat is real, exaggerated, or contrived.

In Beck’s world all is reduced to a grandiose apocalyptic struggle between good and evil. Good is those who embrace his self-righteous religiosity who believe the world is on the brink and that only some kind of despotism based on extremist interpretations of what the “founders” ideals were but to say that Beck reports what the Constitution actually says or interprets it rationally is false. Further, the founders are presented as deities not historical political figures who are above debate. Conversely, all evil in the world is part of an integrated progressive plot which embraces big government Democratic Party ideology, the labor movement, socialism, communism, radical Islam, and anyone else to whom the label “progressive” can be affixed. Any sense of context, nuance, or shades of gray cannot exist – everything is right or wrong, progressive or justified, you’re with us or you’re an enemy.

Mike Huckabee on the other hand, might have some limitations that would make him an unworthy Presidential candidate grounded mainly in his literal evangelical belief in The Bible – that the world was literally created in six days and that evolution bears no validity is simply not intellectually defensible. That not withstanding, Mike Huckabee is thoughtful and fair to a fault. Mike Huckabee is absolutely conservative – morally, economically, and socially. However, he is also one who seeks consensus and exhibits a strong sense of pragmatism. In Huckabee’s world, people are seldom all good, or all bad. We look at their stance on issues and take it from there. Above all else, Mike Huckabee has a strong sense of decency and civility.

Let’s be real, unless a person is left of center, there’s not much to like about the Obama’s, but the responsible track is to take them on focused on the issues not shredding them on personal grounds. Calling them bogeymen and progressives doesn’t in and of itself make them wicked. Michelle Obama’s big crusade is fighting juvenile obesity. Many of her ideas have merit. There is no suggestion that there should be huge government programs, regulation, or spending initiatives to solve the problem, but the very thought that her suggestions are seeking to have people change their behavior and that parents re-evaluate certain decisions they make in supervising their children to extremists like Beck go far over the line. Public schools absolutely SHOULD teach children about nutrition. School lunches should provide a good balanced meal that kids will eat. Of course, there’s no denying that schools jump of the deep end eliminating ALL sweets and other foods that are not politically correct by the diet police. Yes, some schools are even going as far as to not allow parents to send lunches from home for their kids or they must comply with what the school judges acceptable is wrong. Some of the attacks on the fast food industry like outlawing toys and trinkets in “happy meals” are wrong. There is nothing wrong with Michelle Obama encouraging parents to be more conscientious feeding their children or that they should get more exercise and spend less time in sedentary pursuits playing electronic games and watching television.

Mike Huckabee thinks dealing with juvenile obesity is a good idea and praised Michelle Obama for raising awareness of the issue. Huckabee ought to know given his struggle and eventual success dealing with obesity. For all the issues on which Huckabee is a strict conservative that he endorsed in general terms just one thing from Obama Nation got him blasted by the frothing fruitcake who promptly kicked Huckabee off the good guys team and now he’s a fighter for (GULP) the progressives. Beck stated, (Huckabee) “is the perfect progressive candidate for the Republican Party.”

Time out: remember both Beck and Huckabee have programs on Fox News.

Mike Huckabee BLASTED Beck for his criticism indicating the “inept” talk show barker’s remarks “blew up in his face.” His response not only defends his concern for childhood obesity brilliantly, but he also clobbers Beck showing that he, Mike Huckabee, clearly understands Beck’s treachery.

Here’s Huckabee’s response.

Needless to say, Beck went ballistic that Huckabee would challenge him and cranked up his paranoia Wizard of Oz machine to further distort the issues, play the pity angle on how everybody’s picking on poor Glenn Beck, things are far worse than they seem, double-talk galore, and a lot of the usual Beck insults. However, Beck went on to attempt to prove Huckabee is a dangerous progressive through and through pointing out he raised taxes in Arkansas, true, but the governor or Arkansas is required to do so by law, a little inconvenience that Beck’s spin ignored. He also cited Huckabee’s huge spending increases – partially true BUT he was required to do so under court order. Name calling, ranting and raving, and half baked half truths – that’s Glenn beck.

Beck went further taking things out of context, a great technique he and other demagogues like Alex Jones use to smear their adversaries, blasting Huckabee on Beck’s website quoting Huckabee discussing raising taxes, one of the proposals being raising tobacco taxes – a quite acceptable tax increase to deal with a budget shortfall. Huckabee did what he had to do by law but also did much to straighten out economic issues in Arkansas and business flourished. There’s always a rest of the story every time the scary little man tries to quote someone else.

Mike Huckabee is a man of true faith and humanitarian intent. Glenn Beck’s religiosity is one more symptom of his overall sickness.

By the way, RMF proudly clobbered Beck’s feeble defense on his website.

THIS JUST IN: Glenn Beck accuses Donald Trump of being a conspiracy theorist. As the children say, “It takes one to know one.” Further, Trump, rightfully, asserted there is far too much attention being devoted to George Soros. For that, Beck accused Trump and Soros must be connected somehow. His evidence – oh this is awful, they both attended the same social function in New York.

Beck’s TV program will be gone soon, but in the meantime, he seems hell bent on setting his fear and paranoia machine to overload. We wish him all the worst where ever he winds up – hopefully on a long term confinement in a mental hospital.


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