Friday, April 1, 2011

"Al Qaeda is 100% Run by the Pentagon" - Alex Jones

As if the big scare on Japanese radiation is not enough, the great Texas hate monger is making more explicit some of his most outrageous bizarre propositions -- Al Qaeda is a tool of our Pentagon.  How FUCKING stupid does this sick, sick man think the American public is?  Once again, he appears on Russia's English language television channel to make his case.

Jeez, could it be the Alex Jones is a pawn of Vladmir Putin used to stir up domestic rancor and have the American public at each other's throats chasing down a bunch ob ridiculous claims and false conspiracy theories.

What's most disturbing is that altough only a handful of radio stations are sick enough to give the bigotted subversive demogogue a platform for his nonsense, he is creeping into the conservative movement via the internet largely supported by the radical fringe of Ron Paul supporters.

If this country were truly the police state he reports it to be, the only thing that would be saving him from the firing squad is that he must be seen as a useful idiot to further melt the national intellect.

If there is a more vile figure in American media including the worst of the left like Michael Moore, we're in real trouble.


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Truthnowsytemsburning said...

Alex spits hot fiyah truth and you can handle the heat " WORDS FIND MEANING IN WITCH ONES THAT ARE SPOKEN, NOT THE WAY THEY ARE SPOKEN".