Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Republicans want Harry Reid out as Senate Majority Leader and who can blame them. There’s no polite way to put it, Harry Reid is an asshole. Yes, we throw around nasty insults way too casually and too frequently these days, but each one defines a certain archetypal personality. Harry Reid is a world class asshole. Assholes make the worst kind of leaders. They’re petty, joyless, evoke no enthusiasm or passion. They’re whiny, inflexible, and totally lacking in whit or personality. They stick by their guns and deal with opposition and adversity in the smallest minded and begrudging way. Their very presence has a way of keeping everybody at each other’s throats. Those on his side are constantly on the defensive and often in emulating their boss try to out-asshole the big asshole. Hello Dick Durbin. He’s right up there on the asshole scale. Then there’s Chuckles Schumer who being an asshole is so second nature, he aspires to much worse labels of depravity – as in total ass, prick, shyster, pompous idiot….Chuckles is, well, think of being a kid spelling out words with Alphabits cereal or Alphabet soup, only instead of letters, you’re using whole words – those seven words George Carlin said could never be used on television.

Okay, so the Republicans want Harry Reid out. They missed their golden chance last November when Sarah Palin came to town in Nevada, trumped up a lot of support for a feeble like-minded windbag rather than any of several figures who could have whipped only Harry’s ass hemorrhoids and all graciously retiring him from brow-beating and demeaning the whole nation through his position on Capitol Hill. Now, 85 have signed a petition to have Harry Reid resign. They were particularly offended when Reid whined allowed how awful it would be that if the Republican budget cuts went through that would be the end of one of Reid’s pet projects, a nice big fat Federal grant to support “Cowboy Poetry.” Reid made it sound like the Republicans were criminalizing the corny custom. This is how assholes do things – lie and whine. In truth, they simply felt it wasn’t worth a financially strapped Federal government paying for. Well, yippee-tie-one-on!!!

If their dream came true, then what? Dick Durbin—how would he make things any better? Take all of Reid’s bad qualities and add pompous and self-righteous to the “n-th” degree. Then there’s old Chucky, yep, Chuckles Schumer – a vicious pit bull of an attack dog, a lying cut-throat, an Ivy League educated fool whose factual gaffes would suggest an IQ more in line with Sarah Palin’s than what’s expected in the rarified elite domain of Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Do the Republicans really want a good Democrat in charge – someone who’d make them look good and able to accomplish things? They really want someone who’s a pushover and there are very few of them in today’s Democratic Party. They’re so pumped up with their insane ideology, class warfare nonsense, and sense of entitlement – they’ll fight to the death with the notion that if they can save one lab rat from tooth decay, the whole fight was worthwhile.

The Republicans need to worry about themselves. They need to do the right things. They’ve got to get their message out and be ready to clobber the Democrats in the next election. Harry Reid is a fine useful idiot. How much mileage can be gained from having their top dog saying “no” to budget reform for the sake of “Cowboy Poetry?”

Harry Reid can make any reasonable man itch as if infected with a bad case of poison ivy, but they must treasure just what a uniquely qualified character Harry Reid truly is. Could the Democrats parade a more detestable, easy to despise person (oops – remember this is just the Senate – there’s Nancy Pelosi) Sorry, the guy is the poster child for Democratic Party obstructionism, small-minded thinking, and special interest support.

To the 85 signers of the petition, know a good thing when you have one. Harry Reid is in self-destruct mode. Let the old coot self-destruct on his own. His ass-holiness will take care of itself.


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