Monday, April 4, 2011

Geraldo -- Live from Libya

Oh boy! Who wouldn't have seen this coming. Geraldo Rivera has taken his roll as "senior war correspondent" to travel to Libya and imbed with the Libyan "who the heck are they, really?" rebels while under direct gun fire pressumably Momar Gadafhi's thugs. It might be hard to describe somebody dancing around dodging flying bullets as being over-dramatic -- let's just say it's "vintage Geraldo."  Nevertheless, through it all, he attempts to opine to the maximum extent possible editorializing far more than reporting. He's inviting his audience to ask questions through Fox News HQ via Twitter.

Somehow, it seemed like an act of Divine justice the last time he was reporting from the Gulf Coast during an approaching hurricane and getting clobbered by wave while yapping on camera. The romanticizing Latinos can do no wrong is, if nothing else, quite a showman (or showboat).


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