Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Takes Aim On New Orleans: Could Katrina Have Been Just The Dress Rehearsal?

Gustav approaching New Orleans. Images of Katrina which cannot be repeated


"Brownie, you've done a heck of a job!" With those words to FEMA honcho Michael Brown, the Bush administration began its downward spiral from which he's never required. The Federal response looked big, clumsy, and ineffective while pictures of constant suffering were streaming across televisions and computers nationwide. Further, why was the President playing golf in California when he should have been in the "war room" on Pennsylvania Avenue. Truth be told, the decisions that made the avoidable aspects of this tragedy rest much more on the shoulders of the pseudo-hip mayor, Nagin, who did not order evacuations as demonstrated by a parking lot of dozens of flooded school buses. Everything needed to initiate Federal assistance had to cross the desk of Governor Blanco who insisted on signing off on every minute detail causing long delays. The storm hit Monday. Not until the military got involved on Thursday was real progress taking shape.

Here comes Gustav. The key executives, Bush and Nagin are still in office. Blanco is gone replaced by Bobby Jindal. New bureaucrats are in place on the Federal level supposedly with real hands on experience.

It could work out that Katrina was but a dress rehearsal for what's zeroing in on Louisiana right now. It looks like the storm will either hit New Orleans or go a little to the west. If it goes just a little west that puts the most deadly part of the hurricane right over New Orleans.

The 9th Ward still stands largely empty from Katrina's wrath. Not much to evacuate there. The rest of the populated city is emptied out, gone, not about to repeat tragedy. Reports vary on how effectively the levees protecting the city have been restored. While the downtown business and entertainment districts are back to business as usual, New Orleans is still a devastated city on the mends. Some areas appear to be written off never to be restored.

Three years later, what lessons were learned from Katrina remains an open book. President Bush is where he needs to be -- at the White House. Ray Nagin is singing a very different tune -- all business, this time around. New players seem better prepared. Bobby Jindal has done everything possible to get out in front of the impending disaster in much the same way Jeb Bush handled approaching storms in Florida, taking charge and directing citizens exactly what they need to do. R. David Paulison certainly has the background to handle the job at FEMA far more impressive than Michael Brown's claim to fame before joining the Bush administration was acting as Judges and Stewards Commissioner for the International Arabian Horses Association. Brown was forced to resign after numerous challenges to his disciplinary decisions. From there, he entered the Bush administration as General Council to FEMA. How a person like this could ever have been appointed to the administration in the first place is a mystery. His bungling and stiffly bureaucratic handling of the Katrina aid efforts became the face of a system that wasn't working.

It appears better manpower is in place and those who remain know there will be zero tolerance for mistakes on their part. What can't be calculated is how vicious this storm will be. By Tuesday afternoon we'll know.

Held in the balance is the Republican Convention, after all the hoopla and specticle of the Demcratic Convention in Denver, perhaps a low key, all business affair respectfully scaled back for the sake of Gustav could be exactly what the Republicans need to put the right face on their run for the White House. Rest assured, every human tragedy will be laid right on the feet of the Republican Party with the classic Democrat, "They're killing babies! They're starving seniors!" rhetoric reverberating through out the media. No matter how well Bobby Jindal handles the situation as Governor of Louisiana, the Democrats won't miss an opportunity to attempt to tarnish his golden boy image. Naturally, any opportunity to lay the smack down on President Bush will allow their usual feeding frenzy and then by extention to John McCain...four mour years of Bush!! Watch what they do not what they say.

Friday, August 29, 2008

ABC Producer Arrested Grabbed By Throat in Denver

Gosh, weren't these kind of lobbyist people not supposed around the the Obama crowd.

ABC report: (Remember it was their guy who got roughed up.)

Denver Post: (Local Media report.)

Denver's CBS affliliate, Channel 4 weights in:

In their report they note: "ABC said Eslocker and a film crew were trying to photograph senators and donors for a story on the role of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors at the convention."

Shouldn't the public know who these big dollar financial backers are especially when Barack Obama has indicated he would not take a dime of lobbyists' money. When political organizations want to hide where their money is coming from, it's never good for the public.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

NASCAR: Going Back In Time: Where Things Stood Entering Labor Day 10 and 20 Years Ago

Summer's Last Hoo-Rah

Let's have a little fun, travel back in time and see where things stood at this point in the season in years past. Ten years ago, the tranformation to the modern age was underway as new tracks had been added with one race each at California, Las Vegas, and Texas. Also, the previous year, 1997 was the last year of the Winston Million, won by Jeff Gordon. Thus heading into Darlington for Labor Day weekend lacked the drama of the possibility of a Winston Million winner. The shape of the future was taking shape in 1998. First, Ford had discontinued the Thunderbird. The four door Taurus was mutated to fit a Winston Cup style template, but the "stock" aspect was becoming less and less a reality. Dates were now on the calendar for California, Las Vegas, and Texas. Fans were getting used to the new Coast to Coast style with North Wilkesboro sacrificed after the 1996 season.

Here's the Top 10 from Bristol, August, 1998

1. #6 Mark Martin, Ford, Valvoline
2. #99 Jeff Burton, Ford, Exide Batteries
3. #2 Rusty Wallace, Ford, Miller Lite
4. #88 Dale Jarrett, Ford, Quality Care / Ford Credit
5. #24 Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet DuPont
6. #3 Dale Earnhardt, Chevrolet, GM Goodwrench Service Plus
7. #31 Mike Skinner, Chevrolet, Lowe's
8. #12 Jeremy Mayfield, Ford, Mobil 1
9. #10 Ricky Rudd, Ford, Tide
10. #16 Kevin Lepage, Ford, Primestar

Standings after Bristol, 1998
(Rank, Driver, Points, Margin)

1. Jeff Gordon, 3417, Leader
2. Mark Martin, 3350, -67
3. Dale Jarrett, 3194, -223
4. Rusty Wallace, 3033, -384
5. Bobby Labonte, 2932, -485
6. Jeremy Mayfield, 2899, -518
7. Jeff Burton, 2778, -639
8. Dale Earnhardt, 2671, -746
9. Terry Labonte, 2606 -811
10. Ken Schrader, 2533, -884

Twenty years ago, a new era in NASCAR had become common place. Virtually all races were broadcast live on ESPN, TBS, or over the air, mostly on CBS. The smaller, mid-sized race cars had been on the track for a few years. The old guard of Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, and Cale Yarborough had been turned over to a new generation of stars. Darrell Waltrip was the big noise of the series with Dale Earnhardt sporting a new look to match his Intimidator attitude in his black #3. As triumphant as the 1988 season began with father Bobby Allison racing his son for the Daytona 500 victory, all would turn to sorrow when Bobby Allison wrecked at Pocono ending his career. However, 1988 was Bill Elliot's year. 1988 was the the first year of the restrictor plate more or less as it is used today at both Daytona and Talladega. 1988 would be the last year NASCAR would race in Southern California as the last Riverside race had already been run. That date would move up to Wine Country at Sears Point in the Napa/Sonoma region. Racing would resume in LA-LA land in 1997 with the opening of the Fontana Track.

Bristol madness prevailed in 1988 as 12 cars failed to compete our of a starting lineup of only 32 starters. Earnhardt and Elliott were the only drivers to finish all 500 laps.

Here's the Top 10 from Bristol, 1988

1. #3 Dale Earnhardt, Chevy, GM Goodwrench
2. #9 Bill Elliott, Ford, Coors
3. #5 Geoffrey Bodine, Chevy, Levi Garrett
4. #28 Davey Allison, Ford, Havoline
5. #7 Alan Kulwicki, Ford, Zerex
6. #33 Harry Gant, Chevy, Skoal Bandit
7. #17 Darrell Waltrip, Chevy, Tide
8. #43 Richard Petty, Pontiac, STP
9. #27 Rusty Wallace, Pontiac, Kodiak
10. #8 Bobby Hillin, Jr., Buick, Miller High Life

Standings after Bristol, 1988
(Rank, Driver, Points, Margin)

1. Bill Elliott, 3027, Leader
2. Rusty Wallace, 3011, -16
3. Dale Earnhardt, 2901,-126
4. Ken Schrader, 2702, -325
5. Terry Labonte, 2654, -373
6. Geoffrey Bodine. 2640, -387
7. Sterling Marlin, 2544, -483
8. Phil Parsons, 2511, -516
9. Darrell Waltrip, 2504, -523
10. Bobby Hillin, Jr., 2369, -658

Before the "Chase" format was adopted in began in 2004, Labor Day marked the beginning of the traditional stretch drive where it was pretty clear to all who the real championship contenders were and who were going to be singing, "until wait until next year." Drivers had much incentive to finish in the top ten, as the top ten drivers shared in additional championship money to be awarded at the annual NASCAR banquet at the Waldorf Astoria. Look at the points results given here for 1998 and 1988 and see how many drivers went into Darlington thinking they'd have a shot at the Cup trophy at year's end.


The fuzz brains in the League office have finally submitted to the use of Instant Replay only to determine whether a long fly-ball, deep-deep-deep, is or isn't a home run. All camera angles are assembled by the league office. The umpires leave the playing field. The crew chief makes the call. MEANWHILE, THE PARANOID POWERS THAT BE DO NOT ALLOW CONTROVERSIAL PLAYS TO BE SHOWN ON STADIUM VIDEO DISPLAYS. Fans in the stands don't see anthing of what's going on unless they can see it in a highlight package when they get home.

The Umpires in Baseball are perhaps no more incompetent than their peers in other sports, but they are the most arrogant and obtrusive. How often have we seen umpires bait players into arguments and look for conflicts? Nobody comes out to the park to watch umpires have it out with players. Umpires are at their best when they're invisible. If there is a tough call, they gather together and consult.

Likewise, as new technologies are introduced, they should be as unobtrusive as possible too. There surely are other plays that should be subject to Instant Replay like close plays at the plate and certain foul calls. It wouldn't be practical to subject every ball and strike call to replay, but umpires should be assessed on their accuracy. The camera shots and other readings that can help determine strike calls should be available to each team. Teams should be able to have some means of protest, granted such efforts wouldn't overturn games, to help improve the call of the game.

Like interleague play and wild cards, the use of instant replay looks like another good idea Baseball will screw up somehow. If it weren't such a great game....


Here's to tailgaiting, marching bands, and oh those cheerleaders!!!

May the beer be cold and the pom-pom girls hot.

Right-Minded Fellow is not going to be your expert source for the latest dirt on NCAA football. There are so many teams, so much going on, and with a staff of one, there's only so much the "Big Guy" here can keep track of. As such, we'll be looking at the college game for just the fun of it all. Since "Right Minded Fellow" is an electronic journal of the Mid-Atlantic area, we'll surely have more to say on ACC and maybe Big East teams. However, how can anyone ignore the powerhouse teams of the SEC or the great rivalries of the Big 10 (as in Ohio State - Michigan)? Sure there's lots going on out west as Pete Carroll continues to lead USC to heights unknown. They are the football team for the Hollywood scene as Los Angeles, the second largest market in the whole USA, couldn't hang on to its two NFL football teams that bolted for St. Louis and Oakland in the mid-90's.

So here are some random thoughts, things to watch, hip-hip-hooray!!!

Here's the A/P top 10: (The USA Poll isn't that different, and for the sake of Pre-Season discussion, what's the big deal? Wait until the computers start cranking to determine the championship bowl picks, then we go crazy)

(Links to ESPN team pages,
1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. USC
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida
6. Missouri
7. LSU
8. West Virginia
9. Clemson
10. Auburn

Georgia is getting most of the buzz for number one but they are a most vulnerable team playing in the deep SEC. They start on Saturday against Georgia Southern (ho-hum.) Things will be pretty quiet for them until their 3rd game against Steve Spurrier visiting the South Carolina Game Cocks. They travel cross country the following week to face #15 Arizona State and come home to play #18 Tennessee, a team that sure has the potential to mess up a lot of dreams. They get a little breather on 10/18 against SEC whipping post, Vanderbilt, then it's off to the bayou country to face #7 LSU, last year's champs and recent SEC powerhouse. November begins against #5 Florida as QB Tim Tebow aims to become a two time Heismann winner. Their next game puts them against Kentucky, then they finish their season at #10 Auburn, and finish in theier annual ritual against Georgia Tech. Though they face a couple twinkie teams, they also play six top twenty five teams, two of which, Florida and LSU have to be in the National Championship hunt.

Ohio State (#2 A/P, #3 USA Today) has come so close to being champs recently something that folks in Baltimore need to remember about Quarterback possibility Troy Smith, not only is the Big Ten a tough conference, but that bowl experience is superb preparation for the kind of presure NFL athletes face. Here's what's in store for the Big Ten's biggest threat. They host Youngstown State on 8/30 and then Ohio, the next week, ho-hum. Their big test is for week #3 against #3 USC. Their stock will raise tremendously should they journey to LA-LA land and bring home a win. It's back to easy living the next two weeks against Troy and Minnesota at home. They begin October travelling to #13, Wisconsin. For the balance of their schedule the only to 25 teams remaining are #22 Penn State on 10/25 then a trip to #20 Illinois. Their great annual rivalry against Michigan is at home this year on November 22. Most folks expect a much lesser Michigan team as first year coach, Rich Rodriguez attempts to start a new Michigan legacy. It's hard to imagine it will be by visiting Columbus and beating the Buckeyes.

USC is the #3 team in the AP Poll, 2nd in the USA Today Poll, is the dominant college football program of the new century. Pete Carroll and crew recruit one super stud after another providing a gravy train of recruits to the NFL draft. The mighty Trojans are in play for the National Championship every year. They travel across country to begin their season at Virginia (unranked ACC), then things get hotter facing the team just above or below them in the rankings as the Buckeyes from Ohio State visit tinsel town. Week three takes them up the coast to Oregon State where they should win easily before hosing nationally ranked conference rivals #21 Oregon State and #15 Arizona State. They stick with western foes, at Washington State and Arizona closing out October. November starts with home games against Washington and California. Their next game of interest is on 11/15 visiting Stanford. Their next to last game is a salute to football tradition hosting a rebuilding Notre Dame team. It wasn't that long ago that the world would stand still for Notre Dame and USC to play so late (November 29) on the schedule. USC finishes travelling across town to UCLA, a team under Rick Neuheisel who's promising great things for that other big state team in the land of LA-LA. It's doubtful UCLA will even get a small slice of one of the LA's in this battle. It's LA-LA-LA-LA-LA for USC off to a major bowl appearance possibly seeded #1.

Oklahoma runs cowboy country as #4 in both polls. The Big 12 powerhouse, Sooners, are the top gunslingers in a strengthening conference. This team noted for its tough offense with QB Sam Bradford and running back DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma will attempt to run up the score against its rivals as all reports on the Sooner defense rates them as all too average. Working to their advantage, they face all their nationally ranked rivals at home, 10/11, #11 Texas, 10/18 #14 Kansas, and 11/22 Texas A&M. A real nail-biter could be week 3 when they travel to the northwest to face Washington. As the presumptive favorite in the Big 12, many commentators are looking at Missouri (#6 A/P, #7 USA Today) to be the dominant team in the conference. They have no regular season matchups.

Florida rounds out the top five in both polls. With Tim Teboe looking to achieve superhuman feats before being a top draft pick for pro action next Spring, the Gators stand ready to take a chomp out of their opposition. Their season begins against Hawaii, the team with the funny dance that was presumed so underrated last year. They take on in-state ACC rival, Miami in their second contest, September 6. Miami still has a way to go on their road back to national dominance as they are not even selected as a top seed in the ACC much less deserving a top 25 ranking. The Gators travel to face the underdog Tennesee Volunteers (#18) for their third contest. On 10/11, a huge contest for both teams will see LSU (#7) come to the swamp to do battle. Their toughest game on paper would be their November 1st battle visiting the #1 Georgia Bulldogs. Their customary last game will be on the road to face the once mighty Florida State in what could be coach Bobby Bowden's last game.

Of the remaining top ten teams, the #6,7 spots flip flop depending on survey feature Missouri then LSU in the A/P or reversed for the USA Today poll. LSU should never be counted out of anything. They open on Saturday against upset crazed Appalachian State. They visit nationalaly ranked Auburn #10 on 9/20 and #5 Florida on 10/11. #1 Georgia visits on 10/25 and #24 Alabama shows up on 10/8. With a gentler schedule, they could be right there to rival the Bulldogs at the end. Missouri on the other hand is a team many deem full of surprises this year. They open hosting Big 10 across the big river rival, Illinois (#20). Their other nationally ranked opponents are #11 Texas (away on 10/18) then hosting #14 Kansas (some say underrated) to finish their season on 11/29.

The rest of the top ten doesn't have any team that screams "underdog" as West Viriginia, Clemson and Auburn close out the A/P Poll. West Viriginia, Clemson, and Texas fill those spots in the USA today. It's interesting to note Clemson is the ACC's top pick. Whatever happened to the great rivalries the ACC raid on the Big East was supposed to yield? Miami has come on hard times with Virginia Tech, Frank Beamer's excellent program, has proven the toast of the new arrivals. Virginia Tech checks in at #17 (#15 USA Today) as the next ACC ranked team. Should we note that a Big East team, West Viriginia, is one step ahead of the first ACC team in the rankings? Only one more ACC team makes the top 25, #23 in both polls, Wake Forest, yes Wake Forest!!! Imagine that, what the world perceives as that tiny team that could rise up and bite Duke and Carolina occasionally in basketball stands atop Miami, Florida State, Viriginia, Georgia Tech, Boston College, and Maryland just to name a few in the confusing east coast conference. Meanwhile, the Big East, the conference that the ACC supposedly scavenged like road kill positions West Virginia, South Florida, and Pittsburgh from an eight team conference.

Looking at the conference battles, using the A/P rankings, the SEC leads with six teams, three in the top ten; The Big 12 places five teams, two in the top 10; The Big Ten places four teams in the top 25. The PAC 10, ACC, and Big East have five top 25 teams. Given it has three teams in the top seven, the SEC clearly looks to be the dominant conference. That the ACC has as many teams in the top 25 as the PAC-10 is misleading as SEC is truly a Championship contender. Clemson at #9 would have its hands full against the second strongest PAC-10 team, Arizona State.

Sizing all this up, it would be hard to bet on Georgia. Their schedule is tough and everyone is gunning for them. Ohio State has been knocking on the door for three years now, could this be it? USC could easily grab the big honors in January. The sleeper in the Championship race could easily be Florida; however, LSU should not be counted out. Oklahoma and Missouri are the least likely of the big shots. Long shots, really long shots, as in wishful thinking run wild, Auburn and Texas. Stranger things have happened.

Featured Games Week One:

(Vegas line where available)

Thursday, 8/28

Northeastern at Ball State Kudos to Ball State. The former Assistant Secretary of Education for Post Secondary gave their commencement address in May. RMF is a big fan of hers. Smart school - picks someone who's truly brilliant not the usual left wingnuts, big stars, and folks trying to sell their latest book. Does that have anything to do with football, WHO CARES?

North Carolina State at South Carolina (-14 1/2): Would love to see NC State upset Spurier!

Oregon State (-3) at Stanford: Results will be big for each teams' hopes.

Saturday 8/30

Towson at Navy: RMF loves Navy, but will root for his Alma Mater.

Delaware at Maryland: Maryland will have its hands full to avoid the upset.

Alabama at Clemson (-5): #24 plays #9. Don't kid yourself, Clemson can be beaten.

Illinois at Missouri (-9): #20 visits #6 in a test to see how good both teams might be.

Appalachian State at LSU: Nah, it won't happen.

Hawaii at Florida (-35 YEOW!!): Jet lag alone should dome the upset. It's still fun to hope!!!

The Death Culture: Teenage Girls As Suicide Bombers - Only In The Islamic World

The face of evil? Meet Rania, a 15 year old Islamic girl, pictured here thanks to Fox News, who was captured earlier this week strapped with explosives ready to kill.
We Teach Our Children to Kill Themselves For the Glory of Allah
Today there's a far more compelling article on the wickedness that the Religion of Islam breeds far too often. While not an indictment on an incalculable number, the vast majority of practicing Moslems around the world, what is it about this peculiar "faith" that even generates the possibility that members of their society would kill themselves willingly saying prayers to their warped notion of God to slaughter as many innocent people as possible? We posted a picture of children with machine guns yesterday. Today, we present an article about a terrorist homicidal/suicide bomber captured before being able to fulfill her mission.

What can be said of a movement that would use fifteen year old girls in warfare? More so, here's the hard reality that there is an ideology that would willing send its children to kill themselves. In the west and most of the world, young ladies right at the onset of womanhood are our treasure. We worship them. We glofify them. They make our hearts flutter with adoration. We fight to protect them. Not that the West doesn't do some horrible things to our young ladies exploiting them for their sexuality and beauty. However, the worst thing in the West that would even start to enter the same moral territory as what Islam so willingly accepts would be teenage prostitution and the sex slave business which most countries vigorously prosecutes and condemns in the strongest terms.
The Said sisters were murdred by their father because they chose to look and act in an offensive manner to their father's Islamic honor. "Rania" is loaded up with explosives to kill herself while murdering others. Where's the value of life, the love a one's children, or anything that represents any kind of justifiable human conduct? For this, those responsible are to be damned. The world has no place for such pure, absolute wickedness.
One would hope to hear a major Islamic leader or an Arab head of state give a major address condemning those who would send children to their death in the name of Allah. This is sin in its purest form -- the planned destruction of a young impressionable life coupled with the bigger purpose to murder innocent civilians for the sake of some movement that supposedly Allah would approve of.

Male suicide bombers are promised a bevy of virgins for all eternity. What would the Islamic Extremists offer young ladies who kill themselves as their eternal reward? To be herded together with other young ladies as the brides (read this as "love slaves") for some prominent emir?

The following article is disturbing as it helps get inside the psyche of one who would offer herself up for death to kill others. It's as heartbreaking as it is disturbing.

As American citizens, we defend all people's right to practice the religion of their choice. As children of God who answer to higher principles, we are called to learn Islam and to speak out against the evil commited in its name. It's hard to reconcile how a polygamist warrior can be a man of peace like Jesus or Buddha.

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And Then There Were Two: Southern California Stop Marks Next to Last Chance for The Chase!!

NASCAR Tries to Make Everything "Ducky" as Sprint Cup Racers Compete Just Outside Disneyland Sunday Night

Race: Pepsi 500
Place: Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA
Date: Sunday, August 31, 2008
Time: 8:00 pm EDT
Television: EPSN

Sometimes NASCAR is just plain weird! How else can one explain the ruling on last week's confrontation between Carl Edwards (hooray!!!) and Kyle Busch (boo-boo-boo, hiss!!!). Per NASCAR regulation 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing; hitting another competitor's car after the race had concluded) direct from the 2008 NASCAR rule book, both fellahs are on probabation, it's like this:
[Deep inside the famous NASCAR "oval office"]

Bryan France: But JGR's already on probation.

Mike Helton: They are? Well, as of this moment, they're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!
***with all apologies to Animal House

What the heck does this accomplish? Think this through back to lap 470, it was pretty obvious to both drivers Carl Edwards had a little something extra after the last pitstop, maybe the M&M's boys didn't quite screw their nuts down tightly enough fully aware there's only so much they can do with the loose nut between the seat and the steering wheel. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch were racing tight when Edwards had the oportunity to give Busch a little nudge to the driver's side rear corner moving him out of the way but hardly destabilizing his ride. Edwards reviewed his decision making process after the race. How clear could he make his situation:
"It's one of those deals where I couldn't get by him, I couldn't get by him, and I just had to ask myself, 'Would he do that to me? And he has before, so that's the way it goes.''

That's racin'!!! Boys and girls. It's also Bristol, a hot Saturday night, 500 laps total. This is how short track racing goes -- same old track, different year, and might something like this come up at Richmond? You bet!!
Kyle Busch reacted like a jerk. Surprise, surprise, surprise. What he did was stupid and perhaps warranted a little slap on the wrist. NASCAR can't have guys hunting down competitors and whacking them after the race. What would be the point in having a 500 lap race if it's just going to end as a demolition derby when the laps have run down? The point is, how should Carl Edwards have reacted after a couple of provocations? It sure looked like "baby boy" was trying to block him in and then what? Edwards pushed the hot-headed twerp out of the way. What was he supposed to do?
The question is, how does this probation affect the way NASCAR will call the next six races. It's certainly realistic to expect Edwards and Busch could be in very racy situations in the weeks ahead. If there were another situation like lap 470, would NASCAR sanction Edwards if he pushed Busch out of the way? When you've got a helmet on and all those engines roaring, how could Mr. Edwards politely greet Mr. Busch and communicate, "Excuse me, sir, may I please pass you to your left?"
What escapes the NASCAR dogcatchers, what transpired at the end of the Sharpie 500 was one of the best scenes from all of this year's racing. This is the kind of stuff that has folks buzzing about the race all week long.

For the last decade at least, it looked like NASCAR was looking to NFL on how to conduct its PR campaign, but if they're going to have official "hissy-fits" over episodes like the "Bristol Bump," then maybe they're getting to be more like some polite English croquet club. What next, the concession stands will sell krimpets instead of funnel cakes? Give us a break!!!

It's California and Richmond, then the chase begins. The Fontana, California racetrack is a big spacious oval not too different in configuration than Michigan of two weeks ago. Starting at 5:00pm local LA-LA time, the track will be hot. The Weather Channel reports "Times of sun and clouds. Highs in the mid 80's and lows in the upper 50's, 10% chance of rain." With sunset at 7:15 PT, track condtions will change as the race progresses as about half the race will be run in darkness. Winning at California is more a matter of hitting the right set-up, having quick pit-stops, and having the right tire/fuel use strategy than it is banging it out with the boys.
In other news, the DOF, "driver of the future," was unveiled at Camp Gibbs. As expected, young, 18 year old phenom, Joey Legano will drive the #20 Home Depot Toyota. So far, Legano has looked impressive in his initial Nationwide races. He also presents himself as mature, professional, and quite personable to the media unlike his twerpie soon-to-be sidekick in the 18 car. Two time champion crew chief, Greg Zipadelli, will continue to command the pit crew.

Legano continued to make news as more announcements came on Wedensday, August 27, that Joey Legano would run five races for Hall of Fame Racing's #96 DLP HDTV Toyota in receiving its chasis, engine and manfucturer support from the Gibbs operation. This arrangement benefits both teams as it provides seat time for Legano preparing for his rookie season but also increases the quality of support Gibbs has available for HOF. Look for "Boy Wonder" (Jeff Gordon's too old for that nickname now) to compete with the seasoned professionals at Loudin, the Sylvania 300, then at Kansas, 9/28; Charlotte (Lowes Motor Speedway), 10/11; Martinsville, 10/18, and Texas, 11/2. Meanwhile, Ken Schrader will continue his substitute role for HOF, this weekend at California, the following week at Richmond, and then Dover on 9/21 and Talladega on 10/5. For now, Brad Coleman will act as the team's test driver. Co-team owner, Tom Garfinkel announced the teams moves as the single car team struggles to secure a top 35 spot in owner's points.

Here's the grim news. There are 44 entries for the Pepsi 500, 43 starting spots. Of nine teams locked out of the top 35 this week one team will venture all the way from North Carolina to Fontana, CA only to be promptly sent home. Here's the "Go or Go Home" gang.

36- #84x A.J. Allmendinger, Toyota, Red Bull
37- #00x Mike Skinner, Toyota, Affliction "Day of Reckoning"
38- #96x Ken Schrader Toyota DLP HDTV
39- #10 xPatrick Carpentier, Dodge, Valvoline
40- #45 xKyle Petty, Dodge, Wells Fargo
41- #78 xJoe Nemechek, Chevy, Furniture Row Racing
42- #21 xMarcos Ambrose, Ford, Little Debbie
43- #70 xTony Raines, Chevy, Haas Automation
44- #08 xJohnny Sauter, Dodge, FUBAR All Natural Drink

(Hey, to the losing team, when you're driving back home to Charlotte on I-40, there's a truck stop outside Amarillo....)
The Good Old Days!!! Once upon a time in the west. Pictures from Riverside and Ontario, a Winston Western 500 patch, youthful Terry Labonte proudly displaying his 1984 Winston Cup Championship Trophy!

California Here We Come: NASCAR's West Coast History Goes Way Back

Lots of fans aren’t too wild about the Sprint Cup’s two trips to the Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana, California. Images of Hollywood culture, the NASCAR politics of trying to race everywhere from coast to coast while raiding its traditional country in the Carolinas and robbing Darlington of its annual Labor Day classic, the traditional Southern 500 are all factors which give the good old fans the creeps. Then to see how poorly the California events are supported by the beautiful people who can’t even find an NFL Football team, really pushes a few good old fans’ buttons a little too far.

Truth be told, west coast racing is nothing new. Back in the 60’s, California was a cool scene for the car crowd, but NASCAR has a long history out west. Only in the 80’s and 90’s did California dates evaporate to where there was the sole event up in wine country, the Sears Point road race at Infineon Motor Speedway. The Riverside Speedway in the Los Angeles area hosted road races through 1988 until the property was sold to developers hastening the move to Sears Point. In fact, from 1981-1987, two races were held in hot rod country, all of those years except ’87 were the last races of the year (’87 was next to last before Atlanta). The second Riverside date gave way to Phoenix; however, during that stretch in the 1980’s, Dale Earnhardt celebrated two of his championships in California. Darrell Waltrip hoisted the trophy for all three of his, and Terry Labonte and Bobby Allison won their titles there as well. Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Terry Labonte, and Bill Elliot were all winners at Riverside. It was one of the season’s big events with Budweiser sponsorship.

Today’s fans are conditioned to think of the Daytona 500 as the start of the NASCAR season; however from 1970-1980, Riverside was where the flag dropped to start the season. Back in its day, the Riverside Track was one of the premier race tracks in the country. When race fans would recite the top racing venues in the country, Riverside would be mentioned along with Daytona, and Indianapolis. CART, IROC, IMSA, NHRA, and Formula One all came to the Los Angeles area in pursuit of California gold. Furthermore with NASCAR, for most of these seasons, not only did the season begin in California, it also ended there as 1974-1980, the season concluded at a track not far from the existing facility in Fontana, The Ontario Motor Speedway where Dale Earnhardt won his first championship with Benny Parsons winning the race for the last time the checkered flag would signal victory before less than 18,000 fans on November 15, 1980.

Prior to the “Modern Era” which began with the 1972 season shortening the season to 31 races from 48 but often more in previous years, California tracks were stops on the NASCAR circuit. Riverside was the mainstay, but in 1971, after starting at Riverside then coming cross country for racing in Daytona, they returned to California on February 28th to race the Ontario, California speedway which was supposed to be an architectural copy of the Brickyard. The further race historians go back in the 60’s, the more NASCAR was truly an east coast and southeast phenomenon, with 1963 being the year Riverside became a regular date each year on the circuit. The 1962 season was exclusively a Dixie affair with not a single race north of the Potomac. Yet in 1961, there were two May dates for NASCAR racing, Riverside and Los Angeles.

Lee Petty won a series race in Hanford, CA in 1960 while there was an April trip to Phoenix. Other west coast dates in the 1950’s included: Los Angeles, 1959; Sacramento, 1958 --They also raced in Toronto, Ontario that year, the boys also travelled to the California capital in ’57 as well. 1956 had three California dates. Would NASCAR love this today, in 1956 and 57, the fellows raced at Portland, Speedway. Yes, Portland, Oregon! In total, ten tracks in California hosted races in the 1950’s, some were dirt tracks. Some tracks even remain active today.

Think about the California scene, many of today’s race fans grandfathers and maybe even great grandfathers could belly ache about those boys takin’ off for far distant places out with all those California types.

Fine, does that make us feel any better that Darlington will be quiet this weekend? At least next year, Atlanta gets the Labor Day event while California gets pushed into October as part of the Chase. So why is Rockingham just an ARCA track these days. Don’t ask!!!

Riverside winners: (Modern Era)

Early Event, 1972-1988: Budweiser 400 (1982-1988)
1988 - Rusty Wallace
1987 - Tim Richmond
1986 - Darrell Waltrip
1985 - Terry Labonte
1984 - Terry Labonte
1983 - Ricky Rudd
1982 - Tim Richmond
1981 - Darrell Waltrip
1980 - Darrell Waltrip
1979 - Bobby Allison
1978 - Benny Parsons
1977 - Richard Petty
1976 - David Pearson
1975 - Richard Petty
1974 - Cale Yarborough
1973 - Bobby Allison
1972 - Ray Elder

Late Season Event, 1972-1987: Western 500 (Final race of season: 1981-86)
1987 - Rusty Wallace
1986 - Tim Richmond
1985 - Ricky Rudd
1984 - Geoff Bodine
1983 - Bill Elliott
1982 - Tim Richmond
1981 (November) - Bobby Allison
1981 (January) - Bobby Allison
1980 - Darrell Waltrip
1979 - Darrell Waltrip
1978 - Cale Yarborough
1977 - David Pearson
1976 - David Pearson
1975 - Bobby Allison
1974 - Cale Yarborough
1973 - Mark Donohue
1972 - Richard Petty

One more interesting NASCAR note at Riverside: Racing legend, Dan Gurney, won five races at Riverside, 1963-1966, 1968. Gurney raced in Formula 1 and nine Indy 500’s from 1962-1970.

Ontario Motor Speedway Winners
1980 - Benny Parsons
1979 - Benny Parsons
1978 - Bobby Allison
1977 - Neil Bonnett
1976 - David Pearson
1975 - Buddy Baker
1974 - Bobby Allison
1972 - A.J. Foyt
1971 - A.J. Foyt

Orioles Find Secret to Breaking Sunday Jinx

Don't play!!!

On Sunday, September 7, Orioles Park at Camden Yards will sit empty while just down the lot at M&T Bank Stadium the Ravens begin their season against the Bengels.

To avoid mass confusion and overstretched resources, the Orioles elected to move their Sunday game back to Saturday where they will play a 1:00 pm game, empty the stands then play a nightcap at 7:00 pm.

Nice guys or sneaky bastards?

Ravens Play Atlanta: One More Last Chance As Final Positions Are Secured


One Last Preseason Game Against Atlanta and Then What???

Place: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
Time: 7:00 pm
Television: WBAL-TV, Channel 11; MASN2
Weather: 71F, showers
Odds: Baltimore -- 2 1/2, 33 o/u

Okay, those irate fans who put in the whammy to make sure Kyle Boller would not be the Ravens’ starting Quarterback, your wish came true. Ozzie Newsome, announced, that Boller’s shoulder injury is serious and may require surgery. Troy Smith has played in four NFL games and only started two. Joe Flacco is a rookie. Smith is a former Heismann trophy winner for Ohio State, a team that had National Championship potential in Smith’s final year with the Buckeyes. At 6’0” Troy Smith is considered by many to be too short to be an effective pro quarterback. Flacco has the height and an arm capable of tossing way deep down field. Flacco’s school, Delaware, is a Division I-AA team from the Colonial Athletic Association with rivals like Towson, James Madison, Hofstra, Massachusettes, and Richmond as rivals. These schools are far below the caliber of play Smith fought in the Big 10.

The Ravens might be well advised to find a capable veteran quarterback FAST! Daunte Culpepper is available. For those fans who are quick to vilify Boller’s performance as a Raven, don’t forget he was forced into starting duty in his rookie year, 2003, when he started nine games. Despite promise which helped get the Ravens to a Wild Card birth, Boller never completely caught on hastening the Ravens to acquire Steve McNair at the end of his career for the 2006 and 2007 seasons. When returned to the starting position in last year, Boller’s performance was miserable.

Flacco is most likely the team’s long term answer for Quarterback, but to jump from a polite East Coast Conference to the AFC North is too much to ask right off the bat. Smith’s Ohio State background has him better prepared for the hoopla, but still all he has going for him are two pro starts.

Defensive lineman, Dwan Edwards, is gone for the season. The Ravens traded a late 2009 draft pick to aquire Marques Douglas as a backup defender.

We’ll go into more detail on the Ravens when we preview the season before opening kickoff on Sunday, September 7.

This will not be the ordinary, go through the motions, put the evil eye on a few players for the final cut, the Ravens contest against Atlanta will be very important in sizing up where the Ravens need to go early in the season.

John Harbaugh, the rookie head coach, has his work cut out for him as he transitions to the regular season. It could be worse. He could be a few miles down I-95 and working for Danny Snyder.

This is a game to watch!

Thursday Night Survival Guide: A Few Alternatives to the Onslaught of Obama-Nation

Thursday, August 28, 2008: What to Watch On This Historic Evening

Don’t be foolish. There is NO reason to watch the Obama Festival at Invesco Field, NONE! You can read all you want about it on the Internet. Rest assured their will be plenty of highlights of it all over the news media for the next several days. Even morbid curiosity is no excuse for watching this idiot let his out of control ego run wild.

Let there be no question, this writer questions Obama’s patriotism, love of country, honesty, experience, and character. How can he claim to love America when all he does is talk about how badly America needs RADICAL change? Narcissism seems to be the prerequisite for big shot Democrats these days: the Clintons, Johnny Reid Edwards, and now Obama. If it weren’t for how much our culture has been brainwashed into seeing him as some virtuous, historical figure, we could just laugh him off the stage. How could such a small, petty, empty soul with zero accomplishments even think of running for President? Still, NBC, ABC (even through ESPN), CBS, and CNN have decided this is who our next President must be. Can you imagine how much figures like Andrea Mitchell, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann will be awestruck as if this were the greatest moment in American History since Thomas Jefferson submitted the Declaration of Independence?

What’s up with HBO, Showtime, Starz, and CineMax? Are they purposely airing crappy movies so folks might watch the convention? Or is it the movie industry offers such crappy movies to chose from?

So here’s your TV Guide, if you must watch TV. Why not take your significant one to a nice restaurant? Get a jump on the weekend, grill up a nice steak and enjoy with a nice bottle of wine? Heck, even work on cleaning up the basement, junk room, and garage for God’s sake.

MASN Dodgers @ Nationals
ESPN College Football North Carolina State @ South Carolina
ESPN 2 College Football Oregon State @ Stanford
MASN2, WBAL-TV Falcons @ Ravens
WGN Phillies @ Cubs
NFL Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders – Making the Squad
FX Terminator 3:Return of the Machines
USA US Open (Tennis) – Early Round Play

Watching paint dry, grass grow, or a lava lamp would be preferable to the DNC. Seriously!!!

Only in the World of Islam

Today's Report of German Kidnapping Spurs Reflection on Broader Concerns
The Islamic World -- The Pursuit of a False Prophet and a Religion of Hate
Honor Killings -- Terrorism Turned Against the Female Family Member

Indoctrination begins at a young age.

The beautiful Said sisters murdered by their father for being too American.

Today's news reports of German woman of Turkish origins being kidnapped for exiting a prearranged marriage. At the dawn of the new year, two beautiful teenaged sisters in Dallas were murdered by their father for being good all-American girls. In Islamic society, a tradition persists of fathers, brothers, and husbands killing daughters, sisters, and wives for conduct they deem as shameful as it violates their concept of Islamic customs and law. In some Islamic countries, the practice is not illegal. Meanwhile, as members of Islamic society immigrate into Western Europe, Canada, and the United States, such Satanic rituals are arising in alarming numbers in the West.

When it comes to this kind of evil retribution, have we ever heard of a Christian doing something like this because a daughter wanted to marry a Jew? Have we ever heard of a Jew behaving like this because a girl wanted to marry a Catholic? Have we ever heard of a Christian or Jew act like this if one of their young ladies wanted to marry an atheist? Do Buddhists act like this? Do Taoists act like this?

Only in the Islamic world does this seem possible and given the extent to which journalists and the whole politically correct secular world bends over backwards not to vilify the Moslem religion, it's hard to call this selective reporting. This is the religion that tolerates honor killing and subverts women's freedom to practically the level of slavery. Witness what happens to women who appear in public without their men or make any social contact with members of the opposite sex.

Here's an episode from Germany, just a kidnapping. JUST A KIDNAPPING!!!,3566,411623,00.html

Let us pray that this unfortunate German woman of Turkish descent is freed and able to live the life she has chosen to live as a free citizen in a Western Democracy. The Said sisters, Amina and Sarah weren't so lucky. They were two beautiful teenaged girls living in Dallas. They were popular, did well in school, and by all accounts were two absolutely lovely, well-adjusted girls. Their complexion was a little darker revealing their Arabic heritage, but that was the only external sign that made them any different than if their names were Carol and Buffy Jones.

Their father, Yaser Abdel Said, a Dallas area cab driver, picked up his daughters and with one of the girls frantically calling 911 for rescue, the screams of the dying girls being brutally murdered by their wicked evil Moslem father were recorded for the world to hear. Amazingly, this case received so little coverage when one considers the day-to-day constant coverage the disappearance of Kaylee Anthony, the infant daughter of the crazed party girl and her neurotic lying grandmother has gotten all over cable news. Why wasn't the news posting pictures all over the place and giving this case massive coverage? Mr. Said slipped away somehow. He committed the murder not far from the Dallas airport. Go figure.

Meanwhile, back in Germany, back on January 16, 2006, The Boston Globe reported of the murder of 23-year-old Hatun Surucu, another Turkish immigrant who was forced to wed her cousin while still a young teenager. She escaped her husband and fled to Germany with her infant son. She was gunned down two blocks from her apartment. Two of her five brothers were charged with her murder.

German authorities indicated there were at least five honor killings in 2005 alone and 47 in recent years across Germany up to that point. The article went on to indicate that 18 out of 22 domestic homicides in Great Britain during 2005 were shown to be ''murder in the name of so-called 'honor."

On July 11, 2008, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the case of Pakistani native, Chaudhry Rashid, 56, was charged of murdering his daughter, Sandeela Kanwal 25, another case of a Moslem woman trying to free herself from an arranged marriage. Here's the information as printed by the news source:

A Pakistani immigrant who strangled his daughter because she wanted to end her arranged marriage did it because she "would disgrace the family," according to an arrest warrant.

Chaudhry Rashid, 56, of Jonesboro, told police he is Muslim and that extramarital affairs and divorce are against his religion. That's why he killed her, the Clayton County arrest warrant says.

In court this week Rashid said, "I have done nothing wrong."

The article went on to discuss the honor killing phenomenon indicating that the 2000 United Nations Population Fund report indicated approximately 5,000 women are murdered each year in honor related rituals.

Recently, The Boston Globe again provided more insight into this dreadful form of family terrorism. The following column provides more specific instances and analysis of this brutal, wicked, product of a depraved subculture of Islam, a religion that provides death to be the appropriate punishment for any follower of Islam who chooses to stop practicing the religion.

Does it seem like it's well past due for spiritual leaders of the great religions to identify the polygamous warrior, Mohamed, a false prophet? Likewise, in the eyes of world history shouldn't Mohamed be seen more like Caligula, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, a purveyor of evil and hatred? Some killed for sport. Some cloaked themselves in higher principles, but the results were the same, genocide, oppression, and tyranny.

Most Moslems are just ordinary people who happened to be born in the wrong part of the world. How wonderful it would be if liberating messages, words of hope and freedom could make it past the sword. Missionaries from around the world know the penalty for practicing their trade in the Islamic world -- torture and death. With the information age taking hold, perhaps the electronic revolution will be too much for the evil Islamic governments that impose Sharia on all their citizens to maintain their censorship and oppression of more humane values.

To be a woman, a homosexual, a non believer, or any kind of free thinker even within the strict provisions of Islam is to live dangerously. Express yourself, YOU DIE!

Judaism is a religion of tolerance and morality. Christianity is a faith of compassion and redemption. Buddhism in its many forms celebrates the freedom of the human spirit. What is Islam all about? Submit or die? The etymology of moslem literally means one who submits.

ESPN Does It Again -- Shills for Obama


Would someone tell the bigshots at ESPN, a lot of us are tuning in to ESPN more than we would otherwise because we DON'T want to see all the Obama garbage from the DNC convention. If ESPN is going to go into this business, what are John McCain's sporting interests even if it's croquet. I don't ever recall a story about President Bush and his love for baseball or experience as a Texas Rangers owner.
Hooray, hoorah, Stuart Scott interviewed the chosen one, to reveal that Doctor J. was his boyhood favorite player and if he were picking an athlete as a running mate, he'd pick "a Chicago guy"... Walter Payton or Michael Jordan. If the White Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, he'd support the White Sox. He even took a little bit of a swing at Cubs fans!!! More proof the guy's a world class ass!

That ESPN has now gone from their weekly magazine as a blatant attempt to promote Obama with a feel good story to now putting him front and center on SportsCenter shows just how far the infotainment community is going to promote the worst major candidate for President easily since George Wallace, who ran as an independent in 1968.

Supposedly Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen will be a big part of the Invesco Field specticle on Friday.

ESPN should be ashamed of themselves for shamelessly promoting Obama, free advertising with no attempt to put the story of his persona in any perspective. It's an adoring fan piece just like something dedicated to a retiring athlete or up and coming star. Well, it was ESPN who unleased Keith Olbermann, the worst person in the wooooorrrrlllddd on us, and if there's a blowhard on the planet who could rival Joe Biden, it could be, it might be, it is -- Chris Berman!!!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Nation: If You Don't Like The Message Shoot the Messenger


Obama Campaign's attempt to muzzle attack ad raises ugly questions about the far-left and Democratic party's attitude toward attempts to provide opposing points of view.
The Obama campaign is showing its true heart born in the radical associations with the likes of Weatherman founder, William Ayers, an unapologetic domestic terrorist and devote Marxist in how it is responding to informational spots by conservative 527 groups attempting to show the public what we've all been anxious to know, "Who is the REAL Barack Obama?" My heart says, "Methinks he's a communist in polite media friendly sheep's clothing." Yeah, communist sounds so old-fashioned to Gen-X'ers and younger, but WAKE UP!

Here's the story ,courtesy of a blong posted by WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina. Similar information has been provided by columnist, Michelle Malkin, among others. We're looking for an official news story to confirm, but this looks like one of those cases where the blogger buzz is accurate and beating the Obama loving media to the story. Note: WRAL is not the Sinclair owned station in Raleigh.


Obama spokesman, Michael Ortiz indicated via email to industry publication, Broadcasting and Cable, Obama does not support the Fairness Doctrine. Here's the the excerpt direct from the June 28, 2008 posting:

Sen. Obama does not support reimposing the Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters," press secretary Michael Ortiz said in an e-mail to B&C late Wednesday.

"He considers this debate to be a distraction from the conversation we should be having about opening up the airwaves and modern communications to as many diverse viewpoints as possible," Ortiz added. "That is why Sen. Obama supports media-ownership caps, network neutrality, public broadcasting, as well as increasing minority ownership of broadcasting and print outlets."


Complete Article:

Many prominent Democrats are anxious to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine which amounts to defacto government censorship of radio and television programming by insisting all political views must be counterbalanced with time for the opposing position. Here's how it gets ugly. First who determines what represents "mainstream" thinking -- as in those issues and positions that are not tilted left or right? If the standard bearers insist that Global Warming is the consequence of human behavior, for instance, only those who oppose global warming politics would be the extreme view needing to be balanced. Since the media is demonstrably liberal, yet they define themselves as the central balanced view, where does that put everyone else?


The liberal bias is demonstrated repeatedly when Republican politicians are quickly singled out as "conservative" while Democratic politicians are not labelled as "liberal." When politicians get in trouble like the Craig affair from Utah, his party affiliation is all over the place. If Democrats do the naughty, hmm, what party does this naughty boy belong to? They just don't want to let the reader know.


Under the scenario given above, liberal values are status quo, thus anyone questioning them are automatically expressing viewpoints that would need to be balanced in the interest of what they call "fairness." Exactly what kind of views would be shown as "left of center." Barack Obama is left of center for sure even if compared to the previously stated positions of Democrats like Hilary Clinton, Joe "Blowhard" Biden, Harry Reid, and well...even Barbara Boxer as Obama has been defined as the most LIBERAL member of the Senate.


How would radio programmers handle having shows like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Dave Preger, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Neal Boortz, Hugh Hewitt, G. Gordon Liddy, Laura Schlessinger, Mike Gallagher, Larry Elder, Brian Wilson, and even Baltimore's own Ron Smith deal with the necessity to "balance" these commentator's programming?

Try some Liberal counter programming? Like Air America? The bankrupt Air America? They sure have some tough talkers, don't they -- lefty blabbers: Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Keith Olbermann....those kind of folks. ARRGHHH!!!!

Radio programmers are in the business of making money, if a station commits to broadcasting as many stations do in the Eastern Time Zone, Rush Limbaugh followed by Sean Hannity, then they need SIX hours of Liberal programming. Kiss the lucrative morning drive slot bye-bye??


The truth is the Liberal movement in this country has no tolerance for dissent, no patience for "diversity" when it comes to varying points of view, and total contempt for the first amendment not just on this issue but others (...the free expression part of Freedom of Religion, gun control, lots more) as well. Television news ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC range from traditionally liberal to absolutely far left. Only Fox news provides some balance where a wide range of viewpoints are aired and conservatives at least get their time on issues. The weekly news magazines go from traditionally liberal, US News and World Report often a pretty responsible source, to Time (same crew as CNN) to Newsweek which is right on the level of the DailyKOS. The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe set the tone for the extreme liberal bias shown by most major market daily newspapers. Internet headliners like Google, Comcast, Yahoo, Salon, and others are both Leftist and gossipy.

Talk radio is the only information source that the left in this country has not overtaken. Conservative talk show hosts provide entertaining, fast-paced, highly-listenable programming which has become an oasis of sanity for so many Americans looking for a medium that shares their hopes, dreams, fears, and doubts.


Most Conservative talk shows have substantial listener call-in segments where opposing views are expressed, but surely that won't count. Now here's something that probably would. Assume there were such a thing as a "moderate" or "middle-the-road" talk show. What happens when the callers to the station express decidedly conservative viewpoints. To the "fairness guardians" tally how many "conservative" versus "mainstream" callers are given air time? Where does it stop?

Obama can have this issue both ways. Surely, if it comes up for a vote before January, President Bush will veto it. Obama won't be present for the vote -surprise, surprise. Should the unthinkable happen and Obama seizes control of the White House, should a Democrat Senate and House pass the "Fairness Doctrine" would a President Obama veto his own party's legislation on this issue?
Not a fat chance.
This is but one issue that makes the Obama Nation unthinkable, but the far-left's attempt to silence its opponents by any means necessary will continue. God forbid the whole "hate" speech concept gains momemntum. Who would decide what is hate speech and who is guilty. On the surface it seems so contrary to the first amendment but who's going to be able to appoint justices to the agining Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court...another reason to fight aggressively the onslaught of Obama Nation.

Yes it is that bad. Don't kid yourself.

Cold War Rhetoric from Putin's Puppet


President Bush condemned Russia's "irresponsible decision" for their recognition of two Georgian territories as independent entitities, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia is granting these territories full diplomatic status. All this while Medvedev all but announced a new Cold War is underway.

While Russia breaks one agreement after another in leaving Georgia and attempting to dictate their own terms for doing so, the following remark by Russia's president adds a new terrifying perspective:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:
"We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a new Cold War," .... "But we don't want it and in this situation everything depends on the position of our partners." quoted by ITAR - Tass news agency, Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

There are no silver linings to be found in Russia's recent behavior. For a country with its vast natural resources which transfer into instant wealth in the world market place, their attempts to bully the West when they could just be raking in our dollars by a little bit of competitive free enterprise are absolutely insane!!!

Russia never learned some crucial lessons with the fall of the Soviet Union, that free enterprise, open markets, and individual initiative are the building blocks of a powerful society. Power hungry bullies helped destroy the Soviet Union. They will not guide Russia on the path of re-emergence as a premier world power.

For western political and economic leaders to minimize the bellicose behavior in Moscow right now would be a serious mistake. Eastern Europe is enjoying a remarkable renaissance fueled by freedom and innovation. So much potential for great things lie ahead for the Ukraine and Georgia if the Russian bear can be contained. The corrupt powerful few run Russia right down to micromanaging the economy. Their own experience under Soviet Communism should have taught them their lesson.

Today, the puppet speaks. What happens tomorrow? If you're not scared, you're not paying attention.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

From Kindergarten to Doctoral Programs and Beyond, American Education Is In BIG Trouble

Right Minded Fellow will have lots to say about the current affairs in education from Kindergarten to post-graduate. On all levels, the American education experience is in trouble. The kinds of difficulties, their causes, and their solutions are quite diverse not necessarily having any common themes. However, two things are obvious: parents are not presented with the kinds of choices they deserve in determining their children's' future. Schools are failing miserably on all levels to provide appropriate instruction that will result in well-educated students who've been nurtured in a caring, moral environment early on and then are presented with the kinds of challenging alternatives to develop the knowledge, thinking skills, and values to be prepared for a rewarding well-rounded future. Meanwhile, for many families the cost of a college education is the single most expensive investment they will face. A student could require a thirty year loan that if the student is paying the loan could be saddled with that debt when into the college years of his or her own children.

These are just some things that come to mind this evening:

1. The failure of the public education and lack of alternatives for parents who are dissatisfied with what their local schools provide.

2. The failure to deal with exceptional children appropriately whether a child is exceptionally gifted and talented, has some alternative learning style, or exhibits some noticeable "at risk" qualities, the assembly line nature of public education is failing these deserving kids miserably.

3. Science, technology, math and engineering are all fields that need serious attention. All students need to have necessary computational skills, understand scientific issues as it affects their day to day lives, and be competent in utilizing the technology of the future which is becoming more a part of day-to-day life. As a matter of National Security, the United States must maintain its leadership in all facets of these domains whether it's maintaining our lead in weapons technology to defend us from hostile elements around the world, being on the cutting edge in introducing life-saving medical technologies, or being the chief innovator in product development. Additionally, science needs to defend its turf while being respectful and accommodating to faith-based beliefs without compromising scientific methodology.

4. The Teachers Unions are one of the most powerful enemies of meaningful educational reform. It's fascinating to see how they whine, whine, whine about teachers not being paid enough money while urging its members not to shop at Wal-Mart. HELLO!?!?!?

5. The high dropout rate and unsuccessful achievement scores of African-American students cannot be tolerated. Whether its the dreadful chaotic mess found in many urban school systems where any kind of meaningful instruction is close to impossible to the "polite" racism of, "Oh he's doing pretty well for a black kid," millions of deserving kids are being failed by a system that is making them failures. More young black men are involved on the wrong end of the criminal justice system than attending college. We cannot tolerate that.

6. Home schooling, private and parochial schools, charter school programs, privatization, and new technologies all need far more attention to replace and enhance the public school of the second half of the 20th century.

7. College education is not synonymous with vocational training. While the job market needs far better options for preparing students about the join the work force and retool workers who need new skills and perspectives later on, the intellectual and spiritual benefits of post-secondary education must not be compromised by more utilitarian concerns. While it would be outrageous if accounting or nursing students, as two examples, were not totally prepared to master professional examinations in their field, this approach is not appropriate for most liberal arts and other more creative or spiritual domains. The notion of some kind of national scholastic test for philosophy, the fine arts, divinity, or classic literature would be beneficial is totally absurd. These kinds of programs are vital to help the developing mind learn critical thinking abilities, to work outside the box, and to appreciate the moral and ethical consequences of where the world is heading today. Just recently, the Bush administration's attempt to make the accreditation process more vocationally oriented including the possibility of imposing standard exams for liberal arts programs drove out a brilliant assistant secretary for post-secondary who seemed to really "get it" on the whole big picture of where the post-secondary world is headed. All aspects of educational endeavors after high school need much work. Community colleges are a tremendous resource able to respond quickly to the needs of their localities and economies. On-line universities are prospering. The traditional four year university and its graduate programs are failing in so many ways. First, the escalating cost must be reigned in. Second, the political climate where extreme left wing dogma is censoring the free flow of diverse ideas has become overwhelming in many academic communities. These schools need to be the world's leaders in Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering. They're starting to lose their grip.

8. Education on all levels should be fun! The educational experience should enrich the individual, develop meaningful relationships, and create the kind of appreciation for the gifts of freedom and knowledge that as citizens of the United States, we are so lucky to be able to pursue.

9. Locally, it is unacceptable that Baltimore COUNTY Public Schools have a school board consisting of political appointments chosen by the Governor of the STATE of Maryland. Baltimore County schools provide a classic case study of the decline from excellence in the third quarter of the 20th century to pure mediocrity as the new millennium gets under way.
These are just a few of many themes and concerns, we look forward to discussing in the weeks ahead. From the political to the philosophical to the practical, the discussion is wide open. Let no stone be unturned. Every person from preschooler to retirees are involved.

FUN WITH STATS: The Orioles Would Be Winners If...

YOU COULD JUST TOSS OUT SUNDAYS!!! Sharpen Your Pencils...
This is crazy, but with the Orioles having gone 3 wins and 18 losses on Sunday, their Sunday play accounts solely for their losing record. The Orioles are 62-68. Remove Sunday, they'd stand with 59 wins and 50 losses. That's .541 winning percentage which would put them in third place ahead of the Yankees.

If only, if only, if only........

America 2008: Accomplishment Is its Own Best Punishment


This is unbelievable, a 9 year old boy was booted off his youth league team because he was too good. A fellow works hard, develops his skills, applies them the way he's supposed to, achieves outstanding results and this is what happens. The other team refused to show up!!!
Read this and weep...
Fox News Summary:,3566,410162,00.html
Complete Story from New Haven Register:
Well, isn't this what "affirmative action," playing games in elementary school where score is not kept, and the desire to keep raising taxes for whomever the government deems as rich is all about?
This could be a look into the future of an Obama Nation for sure.
Jericho Scott you ARE one of our Good Guys of the Month, young man!!! Hold your head high and keep striving for excellence!!!

Warren Sapp to be "Dancing With the Stars"

This headline leaves me speechless. However, Sapp dancing isn't nearly as bad as all the Hollywood crowd fancying themselves as having something important to say on world affairs. The prospects of the former defensive monster doing the Fandango isn't nearly as offensive is Madonna badmouthing John McCain.

Do people suffer brain damage from having too many TV lights shine upon them?