Friday, August 1, 2008

Straight Talk on Obama and Race

Natonal commentators are beginning to note the obvious, that despite the Barack Obama compaign has pulled out all the stops to characterize their critics of racist motivation in their attacks on Obama, clearly its the Obama campaign itself and the candidate in particular who is firing up this hateful and divisive rhetoric. It was Obama who in June snarled how his opponents would use fear as a motivator and "Oh, by the way, he's black." Further, as part of his infamous vanity expose in Germany, Obama also called attention to his color. Finally, what has truly rallied the outrage this week were Obama's remarks again accusing opponents of bankiing on fear in observing that he doesn't look like those Presidents on the dollar bills. Does he realizes Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin were not Presidents or is this one of his oversights like claiming he visited 58 or so states?
Enough already!!! This sure looks like exploiting race in an opportunistic way to demonize the opposition and to intimidate undecided voters.

Here's the challenge, bring forth any example of where John McCain, his campaign staff, the Republican National Committee, other Republican elected officials, prominent conservative commentators and talk show hosts, or anyone prominently associated with the Republican Party or the conservative movement made any inflamatory remarks about race or even used concepts commonly understood to be codes for anti-racial ideas. The most obvious attempt at an Obama opponent to polarize the racial issue was former President, Bill Clinton's remarks after Obama's huge victory in the South Carolina primary where Clinton attempted to trivialize the Obama victory mentioning that Jesse Jackson had two primary victories in Presidential primaries in that state previously.

Let's be very clear about the issues here. Race has no place in the Presidential contest. That a person born to an African father is running for President shows the enormous progress African Americans have made in the last half century in many areas just as Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State have performed brilliantly on the world stage with seldom a comment of their race being an issue. It's their values, professionalism, abilities, and accomplishments that make them such respectable historic figures just as Thurgood Marshall then Clarence Thomas have shown America surving as Supreme Court Justices.

Yes, there are issues concerning race that deserve discussion, but they are ones that typically get the "not in my backyard" treatment. When we look at the murder rate in major cities, how many of the killers and victims are young black men, the high dropout and unemployment rates, gang violence, high rate of imprisonment, low attendance in college, and roles as absentee fathers, there are many issues confronting far too many Americans of African American origin. Though there is an economic component to this sad issue, that so many people caught in this trap are Black requires action and sensible reforms on many levels including tremendous emphasis on improving the dreadful performance of urban school systems. Sadly, these problems will persist until Americans from all backgrounds and political beliefs refuse to allow our culture to tolerate so many people adrift not connecting with the fruitful benefits our society offers the rest of us.

Fear does have a roll in this campaign. If voters aren't terrified of what an Obama presidency would mean, that shows that the truth about Obama's absolute lack of experience, radical origins, blatant dishonesty, and extreme left-wing positions are not receiving sufficient exposure in the news media or by the Republican campaign, John McCain and his highest level campaign organizers must ratchet up their campaign strategy doing more than will get their candidate maximum media exposure. When given that exposure, Senator McCain must both build the clear case against Obama while establishing his credentials. So far, the honorable Senator is failing miserably at both.

The responsible voter must assess how the media and candidates manipulate the concept of fear and not let it distract them from their careful consideration of the issues that will ultimately lead to rejecting Barack Obama as absolutely unfit to hold the most powerful office in the world. When candidates and the media speak of fear, the voter must ask, "fear of what?" Is that fear of something substantial, an issue or quality that can be specifically documented or is it a groundless appeal to the public's worst emotions? Fear engages the electorate and moves them to act. Thus those of us who promote an active agenda surely must understand that the consequences of what some public officials do and stand for can have extreme negative consequences for our national security and day-to-day quality of life.

As a population, we're not scared enough. Citizens have not come to terms with the threats of radical Islam. We have taken for granted an uninterupted supply of cheap petroleum while spending billions on imported oil never considering the implicit dangers of that behavior.

It's time for all of us to see the big picture in the colors: red, white, and blue. What those colors stand for is only as good as what we're prepared to work hard to make them represent. This is no time to consider a candidate green with inexperiece if for no other reasons than the pressing needs in national security and energy policies that impact our lives on every level today. We must reject Barack Obama and realize he is a filthy two-faced liar who brags as being the "new" candidate, the person who represents change, the post-racial candidate on one hand, then immediately turn the tables and scream his opponents are racially motivated when he's the one who is currently infusing the campaign with the sharpest, most divisive racial rhetoric. We must damn that kind of wicked and manipulative demogoguery and see Barack Obama, the shameless oportunist, for what he really is. While no retched form of stirring up raw and bitter emotion is beneath Obama, the public is becoming increasingly aware of how Obama and his goon squads like seeks to have them duped.

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