Sunday, August 17, 2008

Right Minded Fellow: One Month Old and Growing

Right Minded Fellow: Coming Of Age

Right Minded Fellow began one month ago today. Your humble writer has been sharing his thoughts with lots of friends and relatives for a long time on various topics of interests. Many of them have said, “(name withheld upon request), you’re a great writer. You really should do something more with your ideas.” Many have suggested writing a book or even hinted about starting a website. Then a real “Buddy” came along and put in simple terms. “Start your own blog!” I didn’t realize how easy it is to setup something pretty professional looking using the Blogspot services provided by Google.

We started with a promise of ten areas we would cover and provide an alternative to provide ideas and perspectives that the conventional news media might not cover with a hard-hitting, yet fun-loving style that eschews any signs of cowardly political correctness. Most will find our perspective to be “conservative,” others might find us to be more “libertarian.” Labels are all too often arbitrary at best. It is your humble chronicler of reality to deal with reality, to be realistic but hopefully where conditions allow optimistic.

Two areas we promised to cover that have yet to be developed are concerns about education aside from saluting former Asst. Education Secretary, Diane Auer Jones, for speaking out on the values of Liberal Arts Education and revealing the government’s efforts to radically limit such valuable programs. We will have lots to say as kids get ready to go back to school. We also promised to talk about challenges facing the disabled. Your writer is confined to a wheelchair often writing his material stuck in hospital type bed with a specialty mattress. With “a head full of ideas that are driving me insane” (Bob Dylan) and a laptop computer setup on a wireless network as my window on the world, I have the news desk, I need.

In our first month, we began to build the case against Barrack Obama helping put together the big picture on just how unprepared this candidate is while demonstrating what’s even more disturbing: his extremist politics and substantial personality flaws that add up to the realization that an Obama presidency would destroy the United States of America as we know it today. We examined the unfortunate decision to host the Olympics in Red China revealing some of the nonsense the Beijing Butchers are doing while reminding us why they are such a wicked country. We also looked at the energy crisis and pork barrel politics as best exemplified Ted Stevens’ facing justice.

“Right Minded Fellow” looked at some topics that aren’t front page stories but are deserving of our attention. Demagoguery and bull-headed dishonesty is not exclusive property of the left as we discussed in detail Michael Savage’s outrageous lies about autism and childhood behavioral issues. This is a complicated issue that has many implications. The shoot-from-the-hip, black and white perspective many conservative talk show hosts maintain on this issue is unfortunate but Michael Savage’s remarks are absolutely dangerous. In keeping with our regional focus, we felt compelled to address the homicide situation in Baltimore. Why is it that it’s almost exclusively African-American males getting gunned down while if you’re a different color or different gender, your chances of becoming a grim statistic is only slightly higher than surrounding counties? Society has written off black men in this culture. For every Barrack Obama, Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, Tony Dungy, and Dr. Benjamin Carson, who rise to the top of society, hundreds are gunned down in our city streets and more are involved on the wrong end of the criminal justice system. We provided no real answers, but hopefully screamed a few questions that we hope will soon be loud enough to break through society’s deaf ears.

We also enjoyed talking baseball and NASCAR. Do we offer anything you can’t get elsewhere, who knows? We’ll talk about the big themes going into each week’s Sprint Cup race and comment on the results. “RMF” will take you along for the ride as we follow the pennant race and track the progress of the Orioles rebuilding. Our love for the NFL will emerge as the season’s start is getting closer.

August gave us a chance to recognize the good guys and bad boys in the news and a little behind the headlines. We look forward to introducing you to some figures who aren’t national or even local news figures but whose accomplishments deserve note.

The Soviet Invasion of Georgia opened a new chapter in World History. In the usual uneventful news month of August, while the world’s attention focused on lighting the torch and all the hoopla of the Olympics opening, Putin unmasked himself for what he truly is, one of the most wicked tyrants since the end of World War II attempting to destroy the freely elected democratic government of Georgia, a small but valuable ally in Iraq that is doing everything it can to join the community of prosperous, free nations. This story is so much more demanding than anything else so far this month, but we continued to keep the presidential candidates accountable trying to help make the necessity of voting for John McCain more palpable.

If there ever was a feel good story, seeing the makeup and hairspray no longer conceal the real John Edwards, who we shall refer to as Johnny Reid Edwards, his full name, the way we talk of criminals in the media. Rarely do we get to see such a purely wicked, horrible excuse for a human being, the most self-serving and hypocritical example there is. In some measure, small or large. Johnny Reid Edwards is getting what he has had coming to him for so long. Somehow, any conclusion that doesn’t end with Edwards serving hard time behind bars would be anti-climatic.
Still, this story has another side, Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth. Hate her politics or dislike her as a person, her situation deserves the greatest degree of human sympathy. Only if she should start exploiting her illness for some cynical purpose would her plight open the doors to a public thrashing. I feel tremendous sympathy for Mrs. Edwards. We’ve documented her challenges. God help her.

This could be one of the hottest Augusts ever and we’re not talking about the weather. Right-minded people don’t get that worked up about global warming anyway. The Obama circus in Denver awaits. We’ll be ready, but rest assured my remote control will have my television set elsewhere. Let’s hope it rains, thunders, and pours – high winds and lightening when Obama puts on his big show at Invesco Field. Honest Injun, time for a rain dance. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!

On that note, God bless you. Go Ravens. Go Orioles. Thanks for reading. We’ll try to do better as Tony Korny-korn would say.

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