Sunday, August 17, 2008


(pictured: Detroit Tiger after Orioles empty the kitty litter, 16-8 victory in Comerica)
Seldom on a Sunday!!! Let's Go O's, Hon

The Birds did it. They won on a Sunday (albeit only for the 3rd time this year). They finished a ten game road trip with six wins, four losses taking the series in Texas and Detroit and splitting in Cleveland. When a team is not in contention, it’s time to look for little victories. Pushing Detroit ten games out of first and four games under .500, that pretty much sticks a fork in Detroit’s season. Heck, the Orioles are now a game ahead of Detroit in the Wild Card chase, go figure.

The Beaners aka Boston Red Sox come to town, Monday night for three games along with their cursed “Red Sox Nation.” Do you hate all that “_________ Nation” talk? I HATE RED SOX NATION!!! Who started that? ESPN? Fox Sports? It’s spilled over to NASCAR for sure, as we’ve heard “NASCAR Nation.” Enough already!!! Sports are worse than politics for generating clich├ęs, flimsy excuses, and worthless catch phrases.

The Red Sox certainly appear play-off bound, but given the O’s have six more games against the Beaners, three here then three up in Musical Fruit City, the Orioles assure them of nothing more than a Wild Card or lose any home field advantages.

Next weekend, the “Evil Empire” comes to town with the Yankees’ “Death Star” on life support. At nine games behind the Rays (yeah, I know, what happened to “Devil’ – more political correctness maybe?) for the division title, five back of the Beaners, and fourth place in the Wild Card standings with the Red Sox atop the heap, the Orioles could all but finish off the Bronx Bombers for good making the Yankees remaining games in Yankee Stadium be nothing more than nostalgia festivals.

It gets tougher than that as the White Sox, flip-flopping with Minnesota for first place in the Central before it’s off to Tampa to close out the month looking for a reason in hurricane season.

For the baseball faithful in Baltimore, the next few weeks won’t the stuff of baseball dreams, but if the O’s can help serve up some broken dreams for contenders, that’s just fine with me. These will be games worth watching. Enjoy!

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