Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Just Your Ordinary Dear John Letter

Just a Friendly Note From a Friend...
Dear John McCain,

As a patriotic American, first I want to thank you for your service to our country. Your offer to be our President represents the ultimate service a person can provide our country. However, I want to make sure when I cast my vote in November, I am voting FOR you, not just voting AGAINST, the absolutely unprepared extreme radical born and raised politically in the corrupt Richard Daley machine. My blogs have and will continue to share this citizen's contempt for your opponent and his lies. I will document his contradictions, the dangers of his policies, and how dangerous his presence in the American political process is.

I want to write with equal commitment why I support your campaign. You must be hearing the big argument against you Obama and his surrogates are shouting across the fawning news media. "Elect John McCain and get another term of George W. Bush." Well, if that were the case, I would gladly vote for George W. Bush again and again over Barrack Obama or just about any candidate I could imagine the Democrats might nominate, but this is the issue you must deal with. You must establish who John McCain is and what he stands for. We need to know what sets you apart and makes you unique.

Here are some suggestions or some things I haven't heard you talk about. First, Education: President Bush has done some good things, but his administration is involved in some things that could be very dangerous. "No Child Left Behind" at worst is a necessary evil. Local public school systems are failing at an alarming rate. State Departments of Education have made teaching children way too political. Their actions have not solved the problem. Sadly, all that was left is the big hammer of the Federal government. The administration has not done a good job selling the program which was co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy making it a big punching bag for the Teachers Unions who, of course, infuse millions of dollars into your opponents' war chests. Does anybody know what the Bush administration is doing to the college experience? They are currently instigating policies that would reduce the university experience to being little more than fancy trade schools by insisting on baffling new standards including outcome based testing for Liberal Arts students. There's no pick A,B.C, or D test that can assess how well a student is learning critical thinking skills or how to "think outside the box." The administration had a brilliant rising star as their top official for Post-Secondary Education who resigned over this issue while Texas cronies are everywhere to be found. What have you had to say about Education, John McCain? How about something to reassure parents they'll be able to help their kids get a college education.

President Bush gave those of us on Medicare some assistance on prescription drugs. It's an okay program for many seniors. It's not a confusing mess like its critics maintain. Plan D needs some more work. Do you know what a "donut hole" is? When drug companies are ripping us off for thousands of dollars, many individual prescriptions within the hundreds of dollars each, you'll know how much the "donut hole" hurts? Your thoughts, sir?

Frankly, I'm not that sure what your ideas are about Medicine. You surely don't want to socialize medicine and give us something that could only be worse than any government health program in Canada or Europe. None of them have a popluation of 300 million citizens. Your thoughts, kind sir?

Our infrastucture is crumbling. Thousands of miles of Interstate Highways are 40 to 50 years old, bridges are falling apart. Exits were designed to handle far smaller volumes of traffic. Water and sewage systems are old and obsolete. Bays, harbors, and rivers need dredging to maintain shipping channels. The railway system has fallen apart. When we're looking at the high cost of transportation, wouldn't it be great if more goods could be transported to markets by trains? What about the country's air traffic control gridlock? How about the power lines and power generation? It's the hot time of the year. What's going to happen the next time a switch or transformer goes kaboom and a whole region of the country is plunged into darkness with no A/C. Granted some of these are private sector concerns, but government regulations influence how these issues are handled. The President can do a lot. What will you do, kind sir?

Since the United States went to war in Iraq, many, many, many more young black youths have been murdered on our city streets than soldiers killed in war. African-American males of college age are more likely to be in the criminal justice institutions rather than higher education institutions. Many of them have not finished high school. Talk to our friend Colin Powell about that issue. He's working on it, are you?

President Bush issued the American Competitiveness Initiative. It's a brilliantly thought out series of challenges that illustrate what the United States needs to do to maintain its leadership in science, engineering, and technology, the vital knowledge base that keeps American innovation the best in the world and our position as number one in those areas. Our economy, its industries, and our national security depend on it. Ho-hum, what's become of the ACI? The news media has pretended it was never released and President Bush has hardly done anything to sell it short of some remarks in the 2006 State of the Union Address. What are you going to do to make sure the most brilliant scientists, engineers, and inventors are trained in America and work in America? They used to come from all around the world to our great universities to learn their trades. Many of them stayed and supported our efforts. Increasingly whether it's in India, Red China, or the European Union, they're developing their crafts on their home turf and of what benefit is that to us?

Senator McCain, you're a very nice man but you've shown the kahumas to go against the flow many times as a Senator. You even apologize for people who have bad things to say about your opponent. What kind of fighter are you? Show us something. You're the only hope we have from having our beloved country turn into a complete and total Obama-nation.

I hope my humble missive doesn't have too much to ask. I'm looking out for you big guy so you can look out for me. I hope a year from now I can write you again as "Dear Mr. President" and share my thoughts with you on what you accomplished in your first hundred days.
Sound like a plan?

Just another Right-Minded Fellow

God bless you.

P.S. I have a message for you from Mr. Obama, "Inflate your tires!"

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