Monday, August 18, 2008

RED SOX NATION: Where's the Resistance to the Occupation?

Setting: Orioles Park in Camden Yards
Date: Monday, August 18, 2008
Red Sox visit Baltimore, Top of the Second Inning
I was watching the game on MASN but was out of the game when I heard a loud burst of cheering. Hoping for some great Orioles highlight, only to see a sea of red shirts jumping up and down celebrating a Jason Bay home run -- that new fellow who replaced the dreaded Manny Ramirez. Moments later, Jason Veritek slams another one out of the park -- same result, fans go wild.
Baltimore, my dear home town, Baltimore, what are we doing? There was so much red in the stands, you'd think there had been a blood bath. Black and Orange, where's the black and orange?
At least when the Red Sox and Yankees come to town "Prime" ticket prices are in effect costing a good chunk of change more than regular games, but what does that do to the Orioles faithful who might want to see the game but face steeper ticket prices?
Okay, what about you guys who have tickets to spare? Are you giving away your Red Sox tickets to Red Sox fans for favors? SHAME ON YOU!!!
Tomorrow, the Orioles will hit their 5,000,000 fan at Camden Yards. He'd better be a Baltimore boy (or beautiful lady!!!). What a shame it would be for one of those beaners to go back up I-95 with lots of Orioles loot!!!

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