Tuesday, August 19, 2008

EPSN In the Tank for Obama

Are you still questioning me about the extent of media bias favoring Liberal points of view and their candidates?
This is a sad day for real men in America, after all, ESPN is the lifeblood of the American male. Sure Chris Berman is a boorish blowhard and they did donate Keith Olbermann to the world, but what's not to love about sports 24x7 until they endorse the ultimate scourge to what manhood is all about when you look at the whimpy, whiny, America is bad, bad, bad mindset of Barrack almighty, media icon and Hollywood's hero.

There’s some stuff we might expect from Viacom on MTV “Rock the Boat,” HBO with the hip-socialist idiot Bill Mayer, or in all kinds of formats on NBC and its stations like MSNBC.

Now Disney, owner of ABC and ESPN is getting in the “Obama is Superman” on ESPN, the leader in sports broadcasting (so they say) with a softball segment on tonight’s E:60 with a sappy feel good story about Barack Obama and his special friendship with former Duke Blue Devil, Reggie Love. Love’s job essentially amounts to being a very high profile gopher for the pitiful excuse of a Presidential Candidate the Democrats are serving up this year.

The New York Times profiles Love’s job with the Obama campaign. See following link:


E:60 is ESPN’s sports world version of a hipper version of 60 Minutes, a news magazine focused primarily on sports while maintaining a Hollywood sense of social (ir)responsibility.

The networks are stopping at nothing to brainwash the public, even those apolitical guys who watch EPSN for SPORTS not MSNBC or CNN type soft news garbage. Give us a break.

Meanwhile as an avid ACC hoops fan, this will make routing for The North Carolina Tar Heels and Maryland Terps that much more satisfying next season. Those Cameron Crazies are a particularly obnoxious breed aren’t they?

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