Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia On My Mind: Part Two

Just When You Thought the Face Of Evil Looked Like Bin Ladin, Islamic Extremism Has a Powerful New Partner In Threatening World Order
The News Media Is Asleep at the Switch on This VERY SERIOUS Issue
The Georgia situation is EXTREMELY serious and could affect us directly. Do not be an ostrich and poke your head in the sand. Keep up on this story from at least a couple news sources as the news media has dropped the ball on numerous issues recently.

Georgia has ordered a cease-fire in the breakaway provinces. The Russian assault on the heart of Georgia making everything appear as Russia intends to overthrow a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government and staunch ally of the west particularly the United States.

John McCain has emphatically addressed the issue spelling out what's at stake and indicated options the United States and Western Europe can pursue immediately. This are appropriate and thoroughly thought out concepts only a person with substantial knowledge of international affairs could address.

President Bush is not in a position to be outspoken just yet. There may be diplomatic efforts underway that cannot be exposed publicly. However, the White House CANNOT REMAIN SILENT for long.

If you think Barrack Obama can handle a situation like this YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUPID. WAKE UP. You can only remain ignorant of Obama's complete incompetence and lack of experience for so long. If you're grown up enough to vote, you'd darned well better be smart enough to see this fraud for what he is. This is no time to even think about supporting an oportunistic moron who is a multiracial version of John Edwards who only has a healthy marriage separating him from the absolute dregs of American Politics. Obama has jumped around like a peep frog on a hot griddle on so many issues but he has never articulated any issue of national defense where he has projected a sense of American might and resolve. He loves the sound of his voice so much he thinks we can talk our way out of everything.

Read the parallels between Puten's actions and what Hitler did in 1938. Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. this is no time for a Senator who has done NOTHING of note and abandoned the chairmanship of a vital foreign affairs committee he chaired finding calling meetings too distracting when having his presidential ambitions in mind.

Right now, this problem belongs to George W. Bush. He is our President until January and screwing this up will assure him of a very low spot in Presidential history. He also could hand off the start of World War III to his successor. Condoleeza Rice is a brilliant Russian expert. Hopefully, she will have some wisdom that can prevail. This does not look like an issue that could require American use of force, but how we handle this situation will determine its outcome.


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