Monday, January 31, 2011

Media Justice

I can't help but think how cool it would be if some 370 pound, 6ft 8 in beast would elude security and clobber Glenn Beck with a powerful upper cut to the chin and we could watch him spit out his teeth like Chicklets then wallow crying on the floor like the pitiful little puke he truly is. Just the picture of his face beams like a huge neon sign, KICK MY ASS!!!

One can never figure Beck has finally bottomed out on his lies and paranoia. Today's subject -- what's going on in Egypt and the press coverage thereof.  While the media is quite capable of bias, for the most part, Egypt has been covered as best as possible in such a fluid situation. Because a couple networks (and I believe Fox News had also) broadcast figures sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, he accused them of SUPPORTING their movement. Quickly, his commentary turned to building up the usual paranoia/conspiracy nonsense. As with his usual raves was his "nothing up my sleeve"  -- don't believe me -- check for yourself-- nonsense.  Well, Mr. Beck, this writer didn't need to check anything. This writer has been keeping abreast of the issues and your fear mongering as well. Your collective intellect wouldn't amount to a single piece of mouse droppings.

What a sick and sorry man Glenn Beck is devoting much of his time telling his audience how to live their lives, what values are important, and to hoard lots of food  just in case. Bad things are coming and a huge monolithic choice with await us all with one choice being something like communism or worse the other being the second coming of the Founding Fathers who will gallop across the fruited plain with Jesus Christ as their navigator. All the bad guys -- the goonies in the Middle East, anyone George Soros funds, the Chinese, the Russians, Iran, Chicago politics, the news media, and Charlie Sheen are all part of a global movement who will confront pioused self-righteous digbats (oops, that is Glenn Beck's followers).

Conservatives, Christians and Libertarians who've falled for his fear tactics have been sadly duped. WAKE UP, this fraud is leading you down the drain.

What could be crazier than him doing his screaming and yelling chalk-talk how what happened in Egypt this week will engult all of Europe and all the terrible things from the Greek economy to the Russian Airport bombing, to apparently some heated demonstrations in Ireland to Tunisia and Egypt are going to be overrun by an Islamic Caliphate or China. Islamic tyranny or Communism -- or perhaps a union of those two. NONSENSE.

Nobody like Glenn Beck has the sick imagination to tie together every bad thing he perceives going on in the world, blowing them out of proportion, ingoring the real essence of the problem, and uniting them all in some dreaded conspiracy designed to destoy us. Don't look for any nuance, shade of gray, natural contradictions. Nope, in Beck's world -- it's all "either/or."

Bubba, where are you?  Please lay this idiot out screaming and crying as the pathetic small sick person he truly is.



Senator PUTZHEAD Is At It Again!!!!!

The nation's most notorious putzhead is at it again. The always arrogant ever condescending senior Senator from New York was on CNN lecturing about the state of the Federal government asserting that the Republicans are hell bent on closing down the government -- oh really?  Chuckie Schumer is forgetting something. It takes two to tango, and if the Democrats DO NOT address the escalating in spending and don't accept the need to CUT the Federal budget, their refusal to accept the will of the people puts it on them.

Here's a fellow with all kinds of Ivy League credentials constantly hectoring the public who just isn't that smart and must let him go on and on and on how he needs to look out for us -- but he concluded: all three branches of government -- the house, the Senate, and the President need to work together.

The three branches of government -- surely Michelle Bachman could tell what they are. Maybe Sarah Palin wouldn't, but were Sarah Palin to say something like this, she'd get battered (rightfully so -- a person of that standing darned well better know) but how about Chuckie, NewYork Senator Charles Schumer. For him, the judiciary doesn't matter unless it supports his agenda. For Chuckie, make lots of overreaching laws and see if the judicicary will overrule as it did with Obamacare today, a huge victory from the American people.

Chuckie, don't try to make light of your faux pax. We know how you'd treat a Republican for making such a mistake. You DESRVE the same. The Putzhead putzed again.

There has never been a more pompous ass in politics, never.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Preseason -- REALITY CHECK, It's Not Pretty

Folks, in less than two weeks engines will be roaring in Daytona as preparations for the "Great American Race" begin. Rest assured there will be a scurry of activity and some last minute moves, but the cold hard facts raise concern. For starters, there are only 41 teams that have declared, albeit it faintly in some cases, to run full-time. Of those, three are possible start and park entries, five are almost certain stop and park entries. That reduces the number of legit starters to 33.

Well-established race teams: (29 cars)
It's doubtful there will be winners who don't come from this field.
Hendrick Motor Sports, 4 entries (Martin, Gordon, Johnson, Earnhardt, Jr.)
Roush/Fenway, 4 entries (Ragan, Biffle, Kenseth, Edwards)
Richard Childress Racing, 4 entries (Menard, Harvick, Burton, Bowyer)
Joe Gibbs Racing, 3 entries (Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Logano)
Earnhardt/Ganassi, 2 entries (McMurray, Montoya)
Stewart/Haas, 2 entries (Stewart, Newman)
Richard Petty Racing, 2 entries (Ambrose, Almendinger)
Penske, 2 entries (Keselowski, Kurt Busch)
Red Bell Racing, 2 entries (Kahne, Vickers)
Michael Waltrip Racing, 2 entries (Reutimann, Truex Jr.)
JTG Daugherty Racing, 1 entry (Bobby Labonte)

New, Unproven, or Returning to Full-Time (5 cars)
Top 10's would be major accomplishments for these teams!
Wood Brothers, 1 entry (Bayne -rookie)
Front Row Racing, 2 entries (Kvapil, Gilliand)
Rusty Wallace Racing, 1 entry  (S.Wallace)
Furniture Row Racing, 1 entry (Smith)

Here are the Likely Clutter Cretins who won't compete (8 cars)
When the checker flag flies, they'll have flown the coup!
Phoenix Racing, 1 entry (Elliot)
Stavola Racing, 1 entry (Terry Labonte)
Germain Racing, 1 entry (Mears)
Tommy Baldwin Racing, 1 entry (Blaney)
TRG Racing , 1 entry (no driver yet)
Joe Nemechek, 1 entry (Nemechek)
Keyed Up Motorsports, 1 entry, (Riggs)
Dusy Whitney, 1 entry, (Yeley)

Likely Part-Time Teams (7 cars)
Robby Gordon (Gordon)
Michael Waltrip Racing (Waltrip)
Front Row Racing (Richardson)
Germain Racing (Bodine)
Parsons/Humphrey (McDowell)
Leavine/Fenton (Starr)
Joe Nemechek (Conway)

You'll hear it again and again here at RTF, there's nothing wrong with reducing the field to a more realistic and competitive number of cars starting each race. The embarrassment of "start and park" or the Clutter Cretins must be done away with. Getting rid of the junk in the field would mean more purse money for the real competitors or (hah-hah-hah) lower ticket prices. Does anyone complain that there aren't enough starters in the Indianapolis 500?

Shorter races particularly at tracks like Pocono should be considered. How about 400 laps for the spring Bristol race.Would shoot-out style races for some events be an interesting diversion -- shorter races which maximize competition. How hot would a 100-50-20 lap approach be or maybe even a little longer. After each segment, some cars get bumped!!!

NASCAR MUST think out of the box. It's time for change but some things must not -- Daytona 500, Coke 600, Brickyard 400, and the crazy 500 lap demolition derby at Bristol in August. Surely, purists will disagree with some of this but before 1997, many races did not have 43 starters. How's that for purists' thought?


Sprint Cup 2011 -- Preseason: Owners Points, a VERY Diluted Field

Here are the owner points standings published by Jayski/ESPN. Note, the owners shown are LAST year’s owners not who owns and operates the teams in competition as of Daytona Speed Week.

Note teams 32-35 can be considered borderline at best. They are #7 Robby Gordon who engaged in start and park shenanigans last year. Car #38 (last year’s 37) represents the Front Row team which Doug Yates is now involved with David Gilliland, still an unproven driver in the cockpit. He is followed by the #34 car (oddly enough in #34 in the standings) runs with unproven owner Bob Jenkins not to be confused with the well-known IRL former NASCAR TV broadcaster. No driver has yet been selected for the #71 car last in owner’s points. Kevin Buckler owns the enterprise.

From 36 on downward, it looks filthy. Much is still in the works and most of the rides are ones that have no intention of anything but stinking up the starting lineup with cars that will not finish the race. NASCAR’s continuation to support such operations will only continue to cheapen the brand and integrity of the Sprint Cup series.

Given the weakness of the current product, would it not be prudent for NASCAR to reduce the field to perhaps 37 starters and any team that purposely fails to compete would be suspended from competition. NASCAR must set certain equipment and crew requirements of teams that must be met or teams should not be allowed to attempt to qualify.


Doctor Weighs in on Insanity of Obamacare

The Obamacare laws are such a huge albatros, the notion that the system created simply needs some fixes is ludicrous. When examined in totality. It is the ultimate manifestation of Chicago Politics transfered onto a national stage. Its foundation, reward friends, punish enemies. As the following physician's revelations demonstrate this is exactly what Obamacare does when over 700 waivers have been issued largely to tight political associates of the administration and businesses who have strong voting bases that cannot be alienated.

Read this article for a good review of some crucial issues:


Saturday, January 29, 2011

MEDIA: NASCAR's Sprint Cup and the PGA Tour at Crossroads

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup and the PGA Tour are two sports at the crossroads. Soon camera crews will be loading up and heading to Daytona then Augusta, and what can we expect? The big golf headline this weekend is “you know who is struggling.” What’s up with that especially considering what the current state of competition is? Zero wins and #68 in total earnings on the 2010 PGA Tour, such a golfer should enter play in 2011 with relatively little press, except this golfer is Eldrick Woods. As the 2011 season begins, how little is made of the golfers atop the leader board, but all attention is on the once mighty “Tiger” of lore who plays more like a malnourished stray cat these days.

Hence the dilemma for the PGA and the media covering golf, Tiger Woods once equaled ratings. Results have shown a huge plunge matching Tiger’s demise. While nowhere near matching the prowess of Tiger Woods, a similar phenomenon dogs NASCAR with the dramatic decline of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s career. Having not coming close to the championship chase and missing out on victory lane, results would show Junior just one of the pack in Sprint Cup, yet given his huge popularity and inheritor of the Earnhardt brand name, Earnhardt success and TV ratings go hand-in-hand. While cross-sports metaphors are overworked to an extreme, one could have called Jimmy Johnson, the Tiger Woods of NASCAR except the mild-mannered, somewhat snobby driver, creates little media excitement despite winning five championships in a row.

The PGA and NASCAR have much in common no matter how much golf might be identified as a sport for the well-to-do and NASCAR being a more blue collar and southern enterprise. The focus is on the golfer or the driver. Only rarely do caddies or crew chiefs get much notice except to the most loyal fans. Both sports are losing viewers. Advertisers and sponsors are harder to find.

Time will tell if Tiger Woods or Dale Earnhardt Jr. ever return to championship contention. If they did, would the viewers tune back in?

The course is clear, both sports need to work hard to rebrand themselves as their two most popular brand names no longer deliver. Both sports have had dynasties before, but much of the excitement came from great rivalries. Golfers remember a young Jack Nicklaus for instance taking on the established Arnold Palmer. How about David Pearson taking on Richard Petty or Dale Earnhardt driving Darrell Waltrip insane?

In the PGA, Phil Mickelson is a fine golfer, a fellow with a great story to tell, but has yet to show the ability to dominate the sport and at his age he probably won’t. In that context, he’s just too nice to gather much attention unless he’s in a position to move Eldrick over which he succeeded in doing several times.

So how do the PGA and NASCAR rebrand themselves to pump up their audience? Would the same strategy work for both or does each one need its own strategy? The media loves to turn to the “young guns” as in who would be the next Tiger Woods or Jimmie Johnson, but until thise young guns start winning on a consistent basis, it doesn’t stir up much business.

To think it’s just two weeks before the engines roar at Daytona with the Daytona 500 the week follows. Soon after that, March Madness, and then the Masters. The Daytona 500 and the Masters hardly tell the tale of what the season ahead will bring for either sport. Both enjoy large TV audiences, many of whom might not watch another race or golf tournament; however, it’s very important for both sports to set the tone for the rest of the season and plant seeds of interest that will lure in viewers for future events. The networks involved in carrying these events are all too tempted to play the front runner game but will they recognize that hyping Tiger Woods and Dale Earnhardt Jr. could be at the expense of how audiences might tune in later on. Fans need to have more to look at that these two marque names.

The hard core fans have their favorites and could care less about the two glamour boys and perhaps even get irritated at the excessive attention the sports media devotes to them. However, there is no denying neither sport is getting the attention either one got in the not distant past. Sure, apologists will point to the economy and other such things, but what does it cost to plop down in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon?

Leaders of both sports must accept the challenge they are selling a product – their sports. No one does it better than the NFL. The NFL sells the NFL. Fans are lured to follow as much football as the networks including NFL’s own network can throw at them. Even team loyalties not to mention individual players are second to the big spectacle of the sport itself. Could that work for the PGA tour? Could that work for NASCAR?

The problem with both the PGA and NASCAR is if they were to highlight major events, where would that leave the lesser events? The Kemper Open is no Masters. The Kansas 400 is no Daytona 500. For NASCAR fans, what does it mean that the first race of the season has the media tag of NASCAR's Super Bowl, an absolutely stupid analogy aside from the hype surrounding each event.

As a fan of both sports, I really don’t want to hear “Tiger” or “Junior” unless one of them is closing in on a victory. Hopefully, sports media will catch on. Both sports are far bigger than the fortunes of their most recognized big name guys. The media and the sports' promo guys need to catch on.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Rush Makes Fun of Chinese Dictator -- Causes Offense -- Apologies Demanded

Rush Limbaugh mimicked Chinese President Hu Jintao mocking his speech and mannerism. This is what Rush does. His humor his hard hitting and no target is safe. Naturally, the politically correct police could not stand still. His taunts were certainly racist. California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, sprung into action demanding an apology. We've seen this a million times before. She's working to organize boycotts of Domino's Pizza, ProFlowers, and Sleep Train, Limbaugh radio program sponsors. Naturally, the normal indictments flow -- as in Limbaugh is inciting hatred against Asians,  the words "intolerant" and "insensitive" flow like a mighty river.

Leland Yee is another dime-a-dozen idiot Liberal who cannot resist employing the race card. We must live in a sanitized world where no one can say anything that might be deemed offensive unless its the officers of the elites laying it on their critics and those whose values stand in opposition to theirs

Apologies don't mean anything anymore and Rush Limbaugh would be a fool to capitulate. We are so used to the game in politics and the media where somebody says something someone in the mainstream takes the wrong way and DEMANDS an apology.  The very notion of demanding an apology is stupid.

If a person says what he or she believes in apologizing for such means nothing unless one changes his or her point of view, and if one is true to his or her convictions, why should one even consider doing so? Therefore, the truth is, those demanding an apology are playing the roll of the thought police acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury over conduct or words they abhor often charging foes guilty of racism, sexism, homophobia, or hate speech.

Some swallow the bait. Nobody wants such damning labels associated with his or her reputations. The result, how many times have we heard this idiot nonsense:

"I am so sorry IF I OFFENDED ANYONE...."   What crap, whether sincere or not, someone states being offended and demands redress.

Isn't it high time that those who are tried and convicted in the court of politically correct elites to turn up the heat and say something like, "Screw you if you can't take a joke. I have no use for cry babies and finger pointers."

Rush Limbaugh might be just the guy to do it. Let's hope so.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unions, Urban Ills, Liberal Elitism, Politics

So what do the following cities have in common?

-- New York, New York

-- Washington, DC

-- Boston, Massachusetts

-- San Francisco, California

-- Detroit, Michigan


What does that tell you about the political climate in those cities?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When in Rome (er uhm Chicago) -- How NOT to Tie One On

Death Noose?

Okay, it might seem unfair that a salesperson wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to get fired from his sales position at a Chicago car dealership. Mandatory disclaimer: I am definitely rooting for the Packers and am glad they beat the Bears). The world is abuzz as far away as New Zealand about Chevy salesman, John Stone, being fired for wearing the wrong tie. Before anyone snaps to sympathetic judgment consider this:

Here’s the poop. First LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Get over it. Second, the boss told his salesman to remove his tie more than once. Insubordination is insubordination and companies have dress code – some are explicit some are more implied.

Third, the dealership, Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, IL had a big advertising partnership with the Bears. It is unacceptable for an employee to act in a manner that does not support the company’s marketing objectives. Rest assured, the dealership pays BIG BUCKS to be the nation’s 3rd largest city’s NFL team’s advertiser.

Sales is all about how a salesperson presents himself to his customers. Would not Bears fans feel taunted by the sight of someone who could make a nice big commission on a car sale wearing the trappings of the great rival?

We take our sports rivalries very seriously for better or worse, and the Bears versus the Packers is one of the oldest ones in football. You don’t wear a Yankees cap in Boston. You don’t wear Ohio State gear in Ann Arbor nor do you wear Michigan gear in Columbus. It must be crazy in North Carolina where Duke and UNC are just 12 miles apart. You sure as hell don’t wear anything praising the Steelers in Baltimore. This is not like what goes on in most offices where there’s some contrarian who flaunts his support of the team everyone else loves to hate, but if you’re not dealing with customers, it’s okay at the contrarian’s own risk.

Of course, the Packer fan said he was wearing it in honor of his recently deceased grandmother. If that is true, it might touch our hearts but it sure doesn’t process through our common sense.

We’ve all heard, when in Rome do as the Romans do. The Monday after the Bears were slaughtered by the Packers, in Chicago, it’s best to lie low and not taunt the local Bears fans. You can get plenty of cheap thrills watching the way everyone’s ripping Jay Cutler for apparently not being up for playing the second half which is silly enough in itself.

For those who taunt Cutler, the burden of proof is on the accuser. The burden of proof is likewise on the accuser (or bevy of accusers) in the Green Bay Packers’ neck tie case. We’ll rest our case that the fellow who was audacious enough to wear a Packers tie in Bears country this week was a fool. Guilty as charged!


Ron Reagan Jr. -- The Family's Disgrace

Ron Reagan: loser, traitor, liar

Imagine Nancy Reagan’s sense of disgrace. Having stood proudly with one of the greatest American history, how sad it must be in the twilight of her years to hear their youngest son disparage his own father attempting to establish credibility for his cruel comments as something a family member would know.

Ron Reagan Jr. had fallen off deep into the left a long time ago enamored with the prevailing leftist views of Hollywood and much of the news media. He was a speaker at the 2004 Democratic Convention trashing the ideals and the great foundation for America his father fashioned which brought about one of the most positive historic periods in American history. Little Ronnie spent little time in the White House during his father’s presidency so his grasp on what was truly going on was faint at best. How dishonorable it is then that he should be publishing a tell-all book and tell interviewers that his father’s life-robbing Alzheimer’s disease was already having a significant effect while he was still President. He used that his father was rifling through some note cards to help prompt him before making an official phone call as smoking gun evidence.

Let’s see, if the President of the United States needs to discuss some policy issue with great specificity, might it not be wise to have some clear notes from which to speak? Barbara Walters quickly came to the Gipper’s defense saying she saw no evidence of any mental impairment or slow function late in the President’s second term quipping she spent far more time with him in the White House than little Ron ever did.

To add further insult to injury little Ronnie appeared on Joy Behar’s program on CNN’s Headline Network. Not only did he continue to diminish his father’s contributions he took dead aim at those who extended the Reagan legacy further – George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. He described Cheney as a "Gollum-like figure" who in defending the Bush administration’s campaign against terrorism as “an offense of stupidity.” On top of all else he proclaimed the former Vice President is “an unindicted war criminal.”

Adopted older brother Michael Reagan has powerfully refuted little Reagan’s nonsense. Surely, any compassion anyone who appreciated his father’s work would have for little Ronnie would be destroyed by remarks that throw him right in the thick of the worst of left wing mudslinging, the property of “The Daily KOS” and “”

Reference article and video:

Ron Reagan as a self-proclaimed atheist who has mastered the art of spewing left wing propaganda given his close relationship with MSNBC could surely be fresh meat to replace Keith Olbermann. After all, compared to his dad little Ron is the “worst man in the world.”


Baltimore Sun Critic Weighs in on Olbermann

Baltimore Sun TV columnist, a committed liberal, minced no words in his appraisal of Keith Olbermann’s recently cancelled show on MSNBC. Both in his column and appearing on CNN’s program, “Reliable Sources,” Zurawik captures the pure essence of what made Olbermann’s show such a dreadful source of distorted hateful commentary which was loaded with outlandish unacceptable behavior, dreadful character assassinations, and obvious lies about his adversaries including a dig he attempted to lay on Fox News top official, Rupert Murdoch.

While conservatives can take delight one of their most hot-headed foes is gone, without his insanity anchoring the worst of the left – how much more will Glenn Beck stand out as the madman on the right.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Westboro Bigots Come to Crab City -- AGAIN!!!

Can anybody tell us what is keeping some people who've had enough of their bullshit from beating the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church. (We feel horrible tagging "Baptist Church" into their name since they have nothing to do with the real Baptist church).

Now they intend to picket the Funeral of a local Baltimore County FIREFIGHTER who lost his life protecting others in the Hillendale community.

Let's make something clear, what they are doing is not exercising freedom of religion. They are of the same status as the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party. They exploit the suffering of others particularly at funerals as a vehicle to promote their hate agenda with their obsessive hatred of homosexuals and their contempt for all efforts to help these most deserving citizens gain full civil rights.

Anyone who would taunt the grieving family a firefighter who gave his life in the service of his community is beneath contempt and quite frankly forfeits the right to any kind of civility society might normally offer. That such hurting families would even have to imagine the chance of these loathsome cretins.

If the law cannot use its power to protect private citizens perhaps its time for citizens to look out for themselves and if the law should intervene let all hell break lose.

Nobody has the right to terrorize, intimidate, and disrupt the gathering of private citizens whose right of assembly engaged in civil conduct should be compromised by mean spirited vile haters who use the pretense of alleged religious expression or political discourse as a shield for their treachery.

If concerned on lookers were to beat the shit out of these creepy losers, such a response would not just be justified but applauded.  A few bloody noses and bruises would only begin to give these lowest of the low our society has among its ranks the kind of REAL justice they deserve.

I am heterosexual, but if there were a WBC member present, I'd want to embrace the nearest member of my gender and give that person a great big hug and a kiss just to drive those crazies nuts and to stand in solidarity with the many wonderful people I've met who have sexual preferences different than mine.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fountain Made Me Do It -- A Case Study in How NOT to Handle Adversity

An idiot's idiot -- outed herself in one of the most classic embarassing situations ever.

Imagine seeing “pennies and coins” right before your eyes. Last thing you remember was texting your and your husband’s birthday to a friend. Ooops. Suddenly Berkshire Mall in Reading, Pennsylvania is suddenly on the map!!!

Before you laugh too hard, is there anyone who hasn’t pulled off some really dumbass stunt at some point?

Okay, so much for the obligatory moralizing. Some folk’s preoccupation with texting has gone WAY TOO FAR. Meet Cathy Cruz Marreno. Captured by maul surveillance cameras and somehow leaked to YouTube, this dim witted dope failed to notice she was taking the ultimate plunge. Here’s the initial report on CNN:

Hold all responsible parties accountable…. Some how the mall is to blame? Egads, there’s only one person responsible -- FOUNTAIN LADY!!! Who even conceded she could have walked into a bus. Ah, but this is the litigious blameless society where nothing anyone does is ever that person’s responsibility. She’s all lawyered up and ready to kick some butt.

Can you see the outcome now? Malls will surely have big signs all around them that warn, “Danger, walking without stopping into the boundary around this fountain could be injurious to your health. Possible dangers include tripping and falling into the water. Harm could include a bumped head, strained joints, and aquatic immersion.

Hearing this woman speak erases any sense of pity one could have for this person. That a person like this should suffer such a fate somehow appears to be very appropriate divine justice

Shall we pose the obvious question? Who would have even known it was Cathy Cruz Marreno who fell in the fountain had she not lawyered up and gone on television to whine about her fate to begin with.

The story does not stop there as one of an unfortunate desperate housewife from hell. It turns out this fool has quite an impressive rap sheet that should make her “persona non grata” on the mall’s premises regardless.

She has outstanding felony charges for using a co-worker’s credit card to buy $5,000 in merchandise. Additional charges include criminal deception and receiving stolen property. Some of her rip offs involved stores located in the mall in which she took her world famous tumble. She also has a noteworthy record of previous convictions.

Here’s an extended interview from ABC’s “Good Morning America” which reveals just what kind of citizen we’re dealing with here – not the kind of person one would want as a next door neighbor for sure.

Her true character comes shining through in this CNN report filed by reporter, Jeannie Moos.

When all things are considered in this episode, it’s hard not to imagine if one were standing next to Ms. Marreno near a fountain how hard it would be to resist the urge to push her in. Why do grand tours of the talk show circuit, a book deal, and a TV drama biography seem to be right around the corner when doing hard time in the slammer seem so likely to be her “next step?”

File this story under Shakespeare was Right, "Kill all the lawyers!" (Richard the Third)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann: Goodbye Chump!!!!

Striving to be "The Worst Person in the World" too much for departed talkshow mudslinger.

Drum roll, a moment of silence.

Keith Olbermann is gone. He has done his last show on MSNBC. What was apparent about a fellow who was responsible for some of the most bizarre hateful dishonest blasts at anyone more conservative than Barack Obama had nothing to do with his understanding or ability to articulate the left wing cause other than a catechismic recitation of their talking points. The substance of his show was trying to sound funny while engaging in infantile name-calling as in his "worst person" segments. The more obvious truth about Olbermann was this fellow is not tightly wound. He's a genuine  nutcase who perhaps doesn't stand out quite as conspicuously since Glenn Beck appeared to fill a similar roll on Fox News.

Tbe difference between Olbermann and Beck is that Olbermann is not radioactive. He preaches to a choir that already shares his views maybe less some of his paranoia. He doesn't drive folks on the left to go any further than they already are. Beck on the other hand digs deep into the darkest recesses of the human psyche creating phantoms of unseen forces, secret organizations, important news and history the authorities conspire to silence in extreme and irrational ways to work his audience into a frenzy to agree to pledge commitment to his cause creating a bunch of ignorant drones united behind the scary little man.

Like Olbermann, Beck will stumble over the edge and disappear from television. We can only hope it's sooner than later and that it's for something that clearly is so far over the edge his presence in the broadcast medium can no longer be tolerated.

The left is now short one scoundrel. It's time for the right to offer up its burnt offering.


NFL 2010: Conference Championships

And then there were four -- the 2010 season is down to its final four with Pittsburgh hosting the New York Jets for the AFC title while Green Bay travels to Chicago for the NFC. Pittsburgh and Green Bay are both favored by 3 1/2 points. They surely are legit favorites.

The AFC game is Pittsburgh's to win unless their injuries -- pretty banged up after a vicious struggle with Baltimore -- take a toll while the Jets will play with unquestionable enthusiasm. Their defense is sort of like Baltimore Lite and the Steelers just beat Baltimore. The Steelers won't get rattled should they fall behind early in the game. Look how they came back against the Ravens.

The Packers issue earlier in the year was health. Now they're healthy and hot. Jay Cutler has erased much doubt in recent gamesand the Bears defense is strong but Cutler is no Aaron Rodgers and everything is clicking for the Packers. The Packers have certainly proven a good road team having clobbered Atlanta in their own home after knocking off the Philadelphia Eagles on the road as well. Healthy, organized, and road-proven, it's hard to see how the Packers can fail against the Bears.


Amanpour Once Again Proves She Is Idiot Delux in TV's Mainstream News Media

Christine Amanpour has been marketed as the ultra uber-intellectual, worldly, requiring some kind of savoir faire foreign expression that means she's the ultimate "been-there, done-that" bitch. From her exotic Mediterranean features to her snooty foreign accent, she's sold as being so damned smart only the most retarded offspring of sibling-fornicating rube could dare question her judgment.

In light of the Tucson tragedy clearly attributed to a totally whacked out madman, she attempts to crusade for the great ideological radical left's cynical misinformation propaganda campaign trying to argue the right wing "hate speech" provoked not only the killer but creating a dark political climate, salute the patron saints of liberal America -- their mightiest icons -- the Kennedy's and then show some kind of historical smarts by attempting to explore if there was some tainted political climate that set the platform for offing JFK and RFK. It's all in a question she asked in a recent interview.

We'll be kind and say she comes across as a well educated fool.  Anybody who doesn't drink the network or campus Kool Aid can see just how absurd her question is using nothing more than just plain folksy American common sense -- the kind of thinking she will never see as she would not want to mix it up with anyone in flyover country.

Here it is, folks.  You have been warned:


More About the DC Walmart Protesters

It's fascinating to see news footage of these worthless little shits carrying on their huffy little protest. They'll all white, mostly college kids, definitely not looking like blue-collar class of people, stirring up a fuss within 20-30 feet of a  PRIVATE RESIDENCE.

Meanwhile, despite all the full-employment, no layoff government jobs in DC, unemployment is over 10% in the Washington, DC.

What would have happened if someone had attempted to leave that house?  This is severe intimidation bordering on terrorism holding a family hostage within their own house.


That these kind of low life turds are so intent on blocking the opening of a Walmart, guess they have enough money they don't need to save a few bucks, this makes Walmart look like an even better place to shop. Real people who struggle to make ends meet don't shop at Tyson's Corner or the posh extremes in Gaithersburg.

We usually stay away from potty mouth comments in this blog, but to these protesters and their organizaers, FUCK YOU!!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Radical Left Shows Their True Character in DC Walmart Protest

Protesters in Washington DC, Walmart Free DC - an associate of the SEIU, supported by organized labor have clearly unmasked the true character of the radical left as craven, depraved scum on the fringes of American society who are so blinded by their radical, unrealistic, and anti-democratic ideology. To witness how quickly they acted incensed by the apparent hate rhetoric of the right suggesting it led to the Tuscon massacre citing a Sarah Palin led PAC's flyer using cross hairs to identify on the map "targeted" congressional races on of which included Gabby Giffords was used as proof positive to validate their wicked and malevolent contention, how quickly they were proven wrong. Yet from Paul Krugman's first posting in the New York Times to now, they keep banging the same drumbeat despite pleads for restraint.

It should come as no surprise then that not only do they use the cross hair motif in organizing their riff-raff of servile, mindless drones as followers. However, their protest using a technique the left has used increasingly more in recent years shows their contempt for all legitimate channels of addressing their grievances seeking redress in this matter. Demonstrations are a part of civil American protest. They can even get angry and menacing. To picket the headquarters of a large corporation or a government facility is fair game as long as they don't impede traffic and personnel from entering and leaving such facilities freely. This is the practice of freedoms granted by the first amendment -- the rights of free speech and the right to assemble. They certainly have no respect for the 4th amendment rights of the subject of their protest to be "secure in their persons, house..." To attack adversaries in the security of their homes in residential communities show conclusively of the absolute lack of any moral fabric in these thoroughly low-life union scum whose true objectives benefit no one except the union establishment itself.

Their contention that Walmart would cost jobs or close down business is an absurd argument in this part of Washington,DC where urban decay has driven businesses out of the city or out of business. It should be noted that the intended construction site is a closed down Chevrolet dealership. Certainly, a Walmart would not only provide entry level employment for DC citizens, it would also provide citizens with very limited financial means access to goods and services out of their reach living in urban Washington DC. They simply cannot take off to the myriad of Walmarts and other discounters close by in the suburbs.

Clearly, the DC protesters are completely out of hand and should be prosecuted accordingly should their actions threaten the safety and security of the developer's neighborhood just as disturbing the peace and other such charges should be considered elsewhere.

These union thugs simply have no leg to stand on. They must be dealt with harshly. Their activities should give society at large a broader view of what the state of organized labor is today and that their privileged status in the Obama administration as the cash cow of the Democratic party must be thoroughly and systematically fought with each occurrence.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Palin Interview Rattles Sean Hannity's Mojo

Picture Sean Hannity Sounding Tentative and Defensive -- Palin Interview Robbed His Mojo

I pity Sean Hannity but he put himself in a position where he was absolutely doomed accepting the assignment to conduct a softball interview with the Wasilla Wench, Sarah Palin, who had made an ass of herself once again incapable of avoiding the spotlights’ bright glare throwing herself right into the worst of the horrible aftermath of the anger, insane accusations, and confusion after the Tucson slaughter.

By the time Barrack Obama addressed the nation last Wednesday after the horrible events in Tucson the previous Saturday – the doings of a blood thirsty madman whose mass murders killing a much admired judge and a delightful nine year old girl while seriously wounding congresswoman Gabby Giffords – the nation realized how absolutely out of bounds the attacks from the committed left in the media and in politics were attempting to blame conservatives even naming people like Sarah Palin by name. By only issuing a short obligatory statement of sympathy for the victims and staying out of the spotlight, Sarah Palin was even beginning to engender a little bit of respect for how she was handling the tragedy seeming to project a sense of it is better to leave some things alone rather than lowering oneself down to the level of unjust critics giving them credence allowing their attacks worthy of a response.

Perhaps because after when Obama’s speech was given, no one could find fault in his text and few had any heart for continuing any more bomb throwing except the most ornery extremists on the furthest right and left, things were just too tranquil to be true for a hothead like Palin – thus the following day – perhaps hurting from not getting enough attention – she exploded reading her incendiary statement likening her critics to being motivated by blood libel in their attacks against her. Just like that, the serenity so many sought to achieve finding comfort after a horrible event was being interrupted by a person who wants to be seen as a leader and roll model pouting like an angry spoiled child. She went from the abused to an active participant in the precise kind of behavior it appeared had become so distasteful in the wake of the tragedy. Quickly, the usual gang of Palin detractors sprung into action but so did a lot of conservatives and folks who might otherwise be likely to support Palin at very least saying she overreacted and her choice of words was most unfortunate.

As the week of pain concluded, most people were still demanding a more civil tone. The usual bomb throwers were just as fiery and misguided as ever but Sarah Palin found just the right thing to say again to bring the center of criticism squarely right on her lap while refusing to give any interviews or follow up to defend or refute stance.

As has been the case once Palin seemed to become the darling of the conservative talk show crowd, the sulky child pouted the bullies were picking on her and her big brothers came to her rescue but each one of them in attempting to shield Palin sounded ever so much more shallow, their remarks lacking punch and conviction, almost seeming to reduce it to acting like it’s just their job. Ultimately big brothers who keep coming to the rescue of bratty little sisters wind up taking the pounding themselves.

On day dedicated to healing, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Sean Hannity acted as interviewer but in truth was little more than facilitator to give Palin a chance to further her stance. She was defiant, uncompromising, and unyielding hardly giving any attention at all to the horrors the American people were wrestling with while showing total disrespect for the tranquility they sought or the special transcendent values many held dear in honor of Doctor King. It was all about calling her critics the usual barrage of names while calling more and more attention to a person who continues to diminish any signs of even a trace of intellectual gravitas, emotional maturity, or fair-minded temperament. Plain and simple, it was Palin at her worst.

The evening after Sean Hannity attempted to account for what forces were turned loose on his show and how outrageous the reaction against Palin appeared to be. He presented clips from network morning shows and another clip from MSNBC attempting to demonstrate the left wing press was at it again viciously attacking Palin. It would be hard to consider the pieces he used from the “Today Show” and “Good Morning America” were anything more than reasonable summaries of what Palin presented the night before noting her being combative, angry, and defensive. Should we suppose if Sean Hannity had written the script it should have been that she bravely defended herself against her critics? If so, what evidence could anyone show of that being so.

The usual combative Hannity stood looking strangely feeble not having his usual edge and conspicuous self-confidence as he attempted to defend the resigned former governor of Alaska. His tone seemed oddly obligatory and forced. Perhaps, Hannity deep inside is starting to feel like the defense attorney of an obviously guilty criminal. He is one of the last credible sources, at least to conservatives and Republicans away from the radio talk show circuit and bloggers where Palin has any significant support remaining. She’s rapidly headed for securing her stance firmly on Glenn Beck’s platform of paranoia and emotional collapse.

Whether they’re not interested or Palin refuses invitations, her only spotlight is on Fox news and it’s long past time for Fox News to flick the off switch, she has to stand on her own without the mighty NewsCorp support propping her up. It’s so bad that even Rush Limbaugh sounded perplexed and confused defending Palin’s interview.

Is it possible that Hannity and Limbaugh realize deep inside they are standing up for a lost cause?

It’s time to cut the rope. It’s time to do as our blog has been demanding as priority one for the Republican Party, discharge Sarah Palin. Put her in the rear view mirror. The chair is on the table. The lights are turning off. The candle has burned down to its last Flicker. Palin will never win over moderates. Right minded conservatives are questioning her more and more. Can she still find enough clout between her open microphone with Fox news and enough PAC money to destroy the Republican nominating process next winter?

By then, hopefully she will long be disposed of. The health of conservatism depends on it. For once the extreme left was in the wrong dumping on her in the most conspicuous and unfair manner. We saw right through it but Sarah Palin was simply too stupid to know how to secure her fortune and move on. Instead she engaged in the exact kind of nonsense that was unfairly directed at her. For that she should be finished off for good. She was given her chance to have something meaningful to say and could only engage in insults and self pity.

While we look at mental illness through new more discerning lenses, how insane must anyone be who thinks Sarah Palin could still be a legitimate candidate for the world’s most powerful job

The message to Ms. Palin is shut up, go back to Alaska, stay there, and keep your mouth shut. For Sean Hannity, he needs a new dance partner. This one stomped on his toes and spilled wine on his shirt.


CNN Apologizes for Reporter's Use of "Crosshairs" -- GOOD GRIEF

Can you believe this?

"Before we go to break, I want to make a quick point. We were having a discussion about the Chicago mayoral race. My friend Andy Shaw used the term 'in the crosshairs' in talking about the candidates. We're trying, we're trying to get away from that language. Andy is a good friend, he's covered politics for a long time, but we're trying to get away from that kind of language."

--CNN Reporter, John King



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Delaware Dullard Is At It Again

We thought we were done with this photo. She must be a vampire. Maybe we need a stake through the heart to get rid of her!!!

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
I'm crying. (Famous John Lennon Lyrics)

I am you! (Chrstine O’Donnell from abortive campaign ad)

Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware Dullard, who stripped the state of an ideal possibility to gain a Republican Senate seat, announced today that she intends to form a PAC to support causes she believes in. USA Today and other national news outlets report of her intentions the day after Sarah Palin sought to set the record straight on Sean Hannity’s program last night.

Reference article:

We recognize this is a hot newsworthy item. Her continued presence in the nation’s political conversation suddenly elevates Sarah Palin’s intellectual capacity to appear much closer to the mainstream given O’Donnell must have an IQ score fifty points lower than Palin’s and Palin’s has been identified as markedly below “dull normal” wheras "borderline" might be overstating her credentials. So should you consider O'Donnell an idiot, that might be scientifically demonstrable.

She has a powerful political base in Delaware. She is highly regarded by students on the University of Delaware Campus who are members of the Black Urban Republicans for Palin (aka BURP).

In southern Delaware, The Chicken Sexers of Delaware Union has given O’Donnell their unconditional support. For those not familiar with this vocation, here are more details courtesy of the Discovery Channel: -- This will give shiny hiney a brand new meaning. They likened her political acumen with one of the side products of their labor.

Her supporters have identified significant support among NASCAR fans associated with Dover’s speedway. She enjoys active support among Joe Nemechek’s tea shirt vendors. The veteran NASCAR driver and team owner suggested he’d be available after twenty laps or so.

In the state's prime ocean resort, Rehoboth, O’Donnell also believes she has a strong contingency of anti-gay marriage bar and restaurant owners in the Baltimore and Rehoboth Avenue community. Proprietors of the Aqua Grill, Purple Parrot and Double L had little to say other than some sarcastic snickers when our crack investigative reporter queried them. One of them asked if O’Donnell were not the lady who wanted to outlaw masturbation. That brought volleys of uproarious laughter.

Fifteen minutes of fame, it's over Christine O'Donnell. Check with Purdue's HQ and see if they are hiring in their south Delaware operation. With a little training, who knows you could be a highly skilled chicken sexer. How many folks could enjoy a "sexier" job?


Monday, January 17, 2011

Sarah Palin Attempts to Refuel Red Hot Political Rhetoric over Tucson Tragedy

Palin lashes out. How low will she go?

In her first public appearance since the Arizona tragedy, rather than attempting to calm the heated political rhetoric that had arisen so disgracefully about this horrible event, Palin poured more fuel on the fire lashing out harshly at her critics while engaging in not too transparent blatant self pity.

ABC poll shows only 30% support Palin’s conduct in response to the Tucson shootings. Her most offensive remarks: Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible." served to reignite fire that the American people wanted quashed.
* * * * *
In the aftermath of tragedy, society often quickly looks for lessons learned or that perhaps something that happened that was so terrible might sew some seeds of good in response. While it is way too soon to see what the total impact of the Tucson tragedy will be, one hopes that the citizens of this country will hold our elected leaders responsible to meet higher standards of conduct and that the back and forth head bashing must stop. We demand passionate debate of real issues not how one person can gain in the one-upmanship game of name calling, bogus accusations, and crude insinuations.

There is a long list of political figures and media icons who are guilty of heinous hateful blame storming perhaps the most stunning initial response being that of New York Times columnist squarely laying the blame on the tea party and conservatives for what he claimed to be hate inducing rhetoric while bodies were still being unloaded from ambulances and the shooter identified.

Naturally, it’s hard for any situation that arouses left-wing anger not to invoke Sarah Palin and associate her with the worst of whatever it is as a major contributor to the worst of that which they criticize.

Well before Barack Obama’s memorial and “chill out” speech on Wednesday, only the most radical leftists could still stick by their guns attempting to lay blame on the right. Their blame game and insinuations were so obviously false. Up to that point, Sarah Palin had followed a responsible course of action, remaining silent aside from an obligatory statement of sympathy and concern for the victims.

There is a time and place for speaking out. There is a time for silence. Clearly, in the wake of what happened in Tucson, any high profile politician should only weigh in on the situation in a very careful way if his or her contribution would be helpful. It’s time for the families to deal with their loss and for the legal system to take care of what lies ahead.

Sarah Palin destroyed herself on Thursday acting as though she intended to show her solidarity with the victims – at least that’s how she would explain her remarks but what followed became another all too typical Palin – poor pitiful me narratives where everyone’s out to get her. That she would invoke the concept of “blood libel” surely ignorant of the term’s historical significance relating to Nazi treatment of the Jews under Hitler the implied analogy linking her critics to Nazis and herself to persecuted Jews took the whole level of her tears and jeers presentation to an even more absurd rhetorical frenzy.

The manner her comments were broadcast was also revealing. She did not speak before an audience. She posted it on her Facebook page where the media immediately ceased up on it, and the results were quite predictable – another media pounding for Palin over-reacting and demonstrating how she never can keep herself from lowering herself into the mire of madness her nastiest critics create. She is once again to rise up above the pig pen wallowing in the slop instead. She comes across as immature and insecure, self-centered in a profoundly childish way.

Her remarks proved to be another Palin hit and run. She issued her inflammatory statement while refusing all media contact until, ironically prime time coverage on Fox News on the date America salutes Martin Luther King. That in and of itself coupled with her involvement with the Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th, the anniversary of Dr. King’s dream speech shows her absolute insensitivity to Dr. King’s cause and the feelings of his admirers.

The setting was an interview with Sean Hannity occupying the first two programming slots, more than 20 minutes giving her a chance to explain herself, but where Sean Hannity is a fine conservative talk show host, he is way too biased to provide a satisfactory probing interview of Sarah Palin. He tosses up little more than softball questions that are absolutely sympathetic with her campaign.

Palin offered nothing to calm the confrontation. She did nothing constructive to attempt to quell the rhetoric. She plunged right back into the cesspool her critics had crafted for her and attempted to lob the contents of the cesspool at anyone who does not feel sympathy for the self-perceived abuse she receives once again reviving her slut at the media “the lame-stream media,” a term created by media critic Bernard Goldberg, to tear away at her critics.

In having her spot on primetime she accomplished nothing to advance her situation or help cool off the bad feelings Americans feel about what happened in Arizona. She covers no new ground. Intelligent Americans know the score. Their tolerance for more political bomb throwing especially in response to this national tragedy will not be accepted. What she accomplished was to establish herself even more as a crass polarizing figure. Certainly, her hard core supporters will fall for the “poor Sarah’s getting the stuffing knocked out of her again” while those who can’t stand her have been served up a huge serving of fresh meet to feed their passion even more.

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, clearly understood her dilemma when being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. He criticized Palin for hiding behind scripted presentations and urged her to take her message directly to her critics.

Sarah Palin only expresses her views in three forums: on the Internet, friendly forums on Fox News, and to live audiences of the most carefully selected Palin supporters. She still carries resentment for how she perceives she was unfairly treated during her vice presidential run in the fall of 2008. While surely a person like Katy Couric would never be seen as a Palin sympathizer, her interview was professional and fair. It’s Palin who made herself look ignorant and shallow. Only Charlie Gibson’s question about a so-called “Bush Doctrine” was the least bit a trick question since there was never a formal Bush doctrine per se. It was a media construction used to describe President George W. Bush’s foreign policy. Rather than looking foolish, if she were prepared she could have clarified the question and presented a fair response if she had any real clue what Bush’s policies were.

That brings us to our final criticism of Palin. When and where can the American people expect her to engage in any discussion of real issues rather than bashing her opponents with tirades of insults while claiming to be a believer in the Constitution and follower of the Founding Fathers showing blind religiosity in her conviction as if the Constitution is scripture and our founders are deities?

Her avoidance of media other than one outlet that pays her to play might keep her from avoiding tough questions but it also leaves it to her critics to complete the narrative of her limitations because she refuses the chance to set the record straight if in fact she has any real defenses worth hearing or has anything of substance worth saying.


King's Dream is Still Relevant for Today's Nightmares

Here it is, the United States once again takes the day off to honor Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s been almost 43 years since James Earl Ray gunned him down on a Memphis motel balcony. Ronald Reagan signed legislation in 1983 to establish Martin Luther King’s birthday, January 15th as a Federal Holiday. The date of the celebration was changed to the third Monday of January to be consistent with the Uniform Holiday Act. After all, no matter how solemn the occasion, holidays should be Mondays to facilitate long weekends and big sales at the malls and car dealerships which thankfully haven’t become crass enough to call them MLK Day Blow Out Sales or whatever. Instead they obscure the observance all together by often calling them, “post holiday” sales.

Scoundrels will give a nod to Doctor King even when every ounce of their effort seems contrary to King’s vision. Once again, the scary little man comes into focus. Glenn Beck in his pompous pseudo sincerity gave MLK a salute today on his broadcast attempting to tie together all kinds of arcane historical references. Yes, this is the same self-pitying twerp who enlisted Sarah Palin to help stage a rally for the terminally white folk at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th, the anniversary of King’s miraculous history changing rally held on that spot in 1963.

Beck can say whatever he will about the commonality of all Americans or what a good person MLK was. The rest of his narrative says otherwise. In Beck’s world, there was a political Garden of Eden back at the beginning of the 19th century when the young Republic of the United States was guarded by the vision of its founding fathers. There was no visible black dissent because most Americans of African ancestry were slaves. The media was in the north east and totally blind to the black experience. People like Beck and Palin believe in the mythology of these wonderful stark white people who were all good Christians and Jesus Christ whispered in their ears on how to live the perfect life until the 7th President, Andrew Jackson, started taking things in a new direction. Across the Atlantic, all kinds of bad things were brewing. Some sixty years into the century, Abraham Lincoln came along and freed the slaves, so black people were all so happy to be free so they could sing spirituals, bake corn bread, and eat lots of pig and chicken products. They had their little plots of land, and America was still a good place.

Oh-oh, around the turn of the next century, something bad happened, these evil progressives came along and both openly and secretly started to take over every thing. Women were told not to be good happy wives any longer, but to organize and vote. They started stirring up the black folk and oops, they started to want what white people had. Very bad people were doing very bad things because they were bad people – oh my, that idyllic word Beck and Palin thought America was in 1800 was gone. (Hmm, could it be that Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer – what was that industrial revolution and the influx of populations from overseas and rural America to the big cities all about – oh immigrants – BAD PEOPLE.)

After World War II, so much happened so quickly. President Truman desegregated the military much like today we rid “don’t ask don’t tell.” Oh the horrors of squeaky clean bleached white people should serve side by side with those coloreds. A great black lawyer, Thurgood Marshall, took a case against the Topeka Board of Education to the Supreme Court (probably directed by communists that McCarthy hadn’t caught yet given the historical time it happened). Under Chief Justice Earl Warren the court ordered an end to segregated schools. Later in the 1950’s, Rosa Park refused to sit in the back of the bus in Birmingham, Alabama, and soon young blacks would take seats at lunch counters where only white people were supposed to sit. There were uproars in Baltimore at North Wood Plaza, the cities new fancy shopping center and Reads drug store at Howard and Lexington Street. The young Martin Luther King from the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta began his march through out the Deep South facing guns and violence to set the oppressed people free.

Yes, a lot of progressives were involved, but so were lots of other Americans. King’s points were overwhelmingly true.

Nothing a charlatan and a little toady like Glenn Beck has to say has any relevance to the day we should honor.

So where have things gone since King died. Brutal riots broke out right after his death. White populations exited big cities in droves fearful of the “dangerous” neighborhoods. Left behind without the middle class, cities turned into cesspools of suffering with horrible schools, drugs on every corner, and nightly shootings.

In the last quarter of the 20th century the new segregation was based more on zip code than race officially, but the consequences are largely the same, blacks are all too often forced to deal with second class public accommodations where the public schools, once a powerful tool of liberation, became breeding grounds of dysfunction.

Many civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton because racial hucksters using race as an issue to capitalize on suffering while solving nothing.

While Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice became the first and second black secretaries of state, somehow the election of Barack Hussein Obama seems like an ironic corruption of King’s dream. While like so many “black” people, he is a multiracial person, but he has no connection whatsoever to the struggle Dr. King fought. He has no ancestral connection to slavery and the evils black Americans could not overcome for decades. The dream is perverted once again by an Ivy League elitist who does not talk from the people but down to the people.

Doctor King spoke of the “content of one’s character” being what really matters. Especially in light of the cowardly cynical political attacks that came out of the Tucson tragedy, many prominent politicians and media members find the content of their character running on empty.

Doctor King has been gone for 43 years. His work must continue…


Arizona Massacre: The New Reefer Madness

What is it with everyone’s obsession to try to find someone or something to blame for the Tucson shootout other than the evil nutcase himself, Jared Loughner?

Sure there are plenty of would have, could have, should have’s, but excuse the cliché, hindsight is always 20-20.

Now, in part due to Barack Obama’s wonderful address, the blame is sliding away from feeble attempts in the media to pin the murders on conservatives and talk radio. Now it’s time for the conservatives to play the blame game along with the believers in the “drug free America” crows to take their stab at it.

Marijuana caused Loughner to go nuts and kill. Common sense alone would tell a right minded person, this is preposterous. If Marijuana were capable of causing such an extreme degree of drug induced psychosis there would be many more episodes of pot smokers gone berzerko and blasting innocent citizens.

It’s probably not too surprising that folks who engage in dangerous anti-social behavior would smoke weed. The way they see the world laws have no meaning so if society admonishes against pot smoking, it must be pretty cool to puff.

Just as there is a rush to create new gun laws, now there’s some who want to create new drug/gun laws. Gun owners should have to take drug tests to own a firearm and if one is convicted of drug possession, that person would forfeit his right to own guns. Okay, we probably don’t want folks stoned out of their mind carrying guns – but ditto for those who had a bad day at the office, drank a few beers, or had a bad argument with the wife.

The issue is mental illness and our society is doing a terrible job dealing with such unfortunate people.

By the 21st century, it’s hard to believe that so many still seek to continue marijuana possession. There’s nothing Washington, DC or in statehouses around the country can do that will keep people from smoking pot. The consequences of illegal marijuana are obvious. The horrors along our southern border and below it have much to do with the value of the cash crop marijuana represents and the huge profits satisfying its high demand in US society.

Legalize marijuana, tax it, put the tax money toward bailing out the debt and perhaps also helping to finance medical reform. Doing so would dry up the black market. If the black market were eliminated, perhaps laws could be enacted that would make it illegal for the mentally ill with certain conditions to purchase marijuana – such could be recorded on their driver’s license or suitable ID required to buy marijuana and alcohol.

Marijuana reform requires a little bit of bold thinking out of the box and one hell of a lot of common sense. In the meantime, what went wrong with Jared Loughner will become clearer for all to see. The left will never let a good crisis go to waist. Everything that appears to threaten public safety becomes another excuse to enact more laws to micromanage everything, and we must always look for boogy men beside the real culprits.

The blame game is as insane.


Does the 2nd Amendment Protect Assholes?

Colorado radio station owner and personality pushes the limits on gun rights.

Brett Reese is not a conservative. He’s an asshole, but how far does an asshole half to go before it would be inappropriate for him to legally carry a gun?

Reese is a talk show flame thrower who broadcasts on radio station KELS-FM in Greely Colorado where he is also a member of the Greeley-Evans school board in Weld County. He threatened a “shootout” with a rival radio station’s owner if he didn’t stop calling businesses that underwrite Reese’s non-commercial radio station.

One would normally assume that he was talking figuratively albeit it irresponsibly and his comments were not to be taken literally. Nevertheless, he further helped stake his reputation as a mad man in many peoples’ views for his editorializing against Martin Luther King Day as a national observance calling King among other things, “a degenerate embezzler,” “a plastic god,” and “an American-hating communist.”

No doubt many on the left would consider such remarks “hate speech.” This writer would considerate his remarks ill-motivated lies and mischaracterizations. He walks a fine line between outright lies and grossly unpopular and unacceptable opinions.

Do these factors render him unworthy to carry a gun with a permit? It certainly makes his presence on the school board questionable unless he was elected to serve and that community desires a hater like him on their board.

The question is does being an asshole who expresses ridiculous opinions justify grounds not to carry a gun?

He claims he has received numerous death threats for airing his unpopular views. Surely, right minded people would challenge his assumptions in the snap of a finger. He goes on to defend himself by saying, "That's not what my push is. I think it's important for people to discuss any issue openly, freely and without being assassinated or bankrupted."

The cost of free speech, however, is that once one says something inflammatory, it becomes that person’s obligation to deal with the consequences his free speech brings. The same freedoms Brett Reese is exploiting in a hateful, hurtful manner are the same freedoms Dr. Martin Luther King exploited to enlighten a whole society to the wickedness of promises unfulfilled, of a population of Americans denied what most of the population took for granted on account of their skin color and origin.

King was a human being. He is not above criticism. An honest biography conducting a complete appraisal of his life would show some of his political positions were quite extreme. While it is constructive and noble to honor his great accomplishments, it would be equally wrong to deify him putting him above critical evaluation.

It is also unfortunate how many opportunists attempt to invoke King’s legacy and cloak themselves in King’s reputation attempting to say that their positions are an outgrowth of King’s vision. Some as radical as members of the New Black Panthers to paranoid nut jobs like Glenn Beck have attempted to do just that. Imagine that, Glenn Beck attempts to convince his audience of fawning bobble heads that he’s saying exactly what Martin Luther King might have said. If the angry little man had truly revered Dr. King, there’s no way in hell he would have held his rally of self justification held last August 28th on the 47th anniversary of King’s great “I Have a Dream” speech.

Supporting Brett Reese in any context is very tough to stomach. Perhaps his very presence on public airwaves could be contrary to his FCC license. While authorities should assume nothing, it is probably most appropriate that he be subject to a hot interview or hearing to determine his worthiness to carry a concealed weapon. Certainly, those responsible for issuing permits should be very clear what he means by “shootout.”

As much as it would be wonderful to argue otherwise, his way out of bounds remarks about Dr. Martin Luther King are protected by the 1st Amendment and unless his comments unlawfully insight violence, that’s no reason to deny him the rights the 2nd Amendment promise.

Brett Reese, one way or another, YOU have a lot of explaining to do.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Tragedy of Phylicia Barnes: Cupcakes and Colored Girls

The Sad Tragedy of Phylicia Barnes versus Natalee Holloway

Phylicia Barnes disappeared without a trace on December 28, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland last seen around 3:00 am presumably to buy some food. She had everything going for her, a straight A student, a young lady with a bright future from Union Academy in Monroe, NC, an outer Charlotte suburb. To all who knew her, she had it all, a winner among winners. She vanished when visiting her sisters in Baltimore. News coverage on both the Baltimore and national level are scant, but in the initial article in the Baltimore Sun, there is a curious passage that perhaps tips off a disturbing attitude implicit handling this case, “Barnes is an A student who does not have a history of running away or of criminal behavior, according to Anthony Guglielmi, a Baltimore police spokesman.” Why does it even merit mentioning that this young lady has no criminal history unless one would be inclined to predispose she does, and on what basis would the question arise when examining an A student?

While Baltimore is no Aruba, the tropical “paradise” where conspicuous hedonism is the national identity, these two cases appear so similar. Natalee Holloway came from Mountain Brook, Alabama, a high income community just outside Birmingham. She had just graduated from Mountain Brook, High School, an honor’s student who was an enthusiast participant in school activities including the drill team in the school marching band. She was destined to head to undergrad school at University of Alabama with a full scholarship where she intended to prepare for medical school. This young lady was on the fast track to be a fine doctor.

So why is it that Phylicia Barnes receives relatively little attention in the news media even cable news and the localities involved where viewers could not escape the Natalee Holloway tragedy from her disappearance on May 31, 2005 until Hurricane Katrina took all the attention though Holloway coverage would return getting far more attention on a regular basis than Miss Barnes? Is it because the chances of murder seemed so obvious in the Holloway chase? After all quickly villains emerged, a young man who’d quickly become a world renowned punk, Joran van der Sloot with his shady looking sidekicks, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe . Is it because such an occurrence is so unthinkable in tiny Aruba the island where fantasies of pleasure come true? People getting killed and disappearing in Baltimore aren’t that rare. Last year 222 people were murdered. More disappeared. However, most of those were involved in urban street violence. For a very impressive young lady like Phylicia Barnes such a fate is quite rare. Natalee Holloway’s saga would occupy the lead slot on at least one Fox News program every night interviewing detectives, lawyers, forensic experts, friends, family, and classmates of Ms. Holloway, Aruban officials, and people from Natalee’s home town. Her plight would find Greta Van Susteren travelling the globe searching for answers and Geraldo Rivera would make her a cause de célèbre for tabloid journalism. Phylicia Barnes received almost no primetime coverage relegated to the day time and weekend morning shows with relatively few viewers. More than two weeks after her disappearance, Fox News interviewed her father on “Fox and Friends Weekend.” While some might accuse the networks of going overboard on Natalee Holloway, what could be employed as a greater power that could call attention to her disappearance than the national and even world media? While her story does not live up to the urgency of national issues including conflict in Iraq and Iran (gee, don’t you think those military families of deceased service men would like at least a nod of appreciation telling their loved one’s tale), perhaps bumping up the priority of her case would be justified if it helped to bring the tragedy to conclusion? Still, the irony remains – two promising young ladies who were brilliant and popular students – one received saturation coverage, the other almost escapes notice?

Did we tell you Phylicia Barnes is African American? Natalee Holloway was pin-up girl gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed, makeup verging on the trashy side – in other words, white and sexy.

There in lines the difference between the two cases. Young white woman and girls are our culture’s dream of human perfection as long as they’re pretty. Somehow they seem to be the embodiment of every American dream. Think of the iconic all-American images we bestow on the girl next door (of course we know what kind of neighborhood that would be as right out of Norman Rockwell Americana). We ascribe and associate titles of royalty which just aren’t associated with black girls – homecoming queen, prom queen, and all kinds of princesses, or Miss State Fair, Miss Alabama, or Miss America regardless of the small handful of minorities who have been so honored. If it’s any consolation to African Americans, white men, not particularly attractive fully grown white women, Asians, Latinos, and white boys the same age as Natalee or Phylicia don’t get much press either. Only babies and grandparents get more attention than the vast spectrum of our sea of humanity, but nubile white females get the highest degree of attention when they are victims. Conversely, black males of that age don’t even get mentioned unless they’re valedictorians or stars on their school’s sports teams which would at least earn them mention in the news – but after a day or two, they’re gone too.

Clearly, not all men and especially women even more so women are created equal where the ratings driven mainstream media is concerned. The public gets very worked up when seemingly innocent white girls’ fate meets evil. Fear and horror grip the population. Demands for resolution become deafening, the young lady’s biography becomes a tale of human virtue. Families blessed with a lovely girl of that age reassure themselves nothing happened to their little cupcake but oh how gripping is the fear that she might meet a horrible end even though the chances of being a victim of violence remains incredibly low.

Racism is not always in your face hatred. When it’s as obvious as to where white folk call black folk “niggers,” it’s easy to recognize and fight. There is a tendency for some to say, “racism, what racism, we elected Obama after all!” None of this recognizes that more insidious and less obvious forms of racism. How do we account for not developing the resolve and simply allow things like the total failure of urban school systems to function in productive and supportive ways to effectively educate the next generation of those kids who have every right to escape the grips of the squalor. How can we tolerate and not intervene with full-force to end the kind of street corner genocide where in many communities such as Baltimore where on any given night the odds are better than not that at least one young black man will be killed in the streets. We deprive the personal tragedy and that each of these deaths is some mother’s son by associating the killings as gang warfare or drug violence. Such labels strip the victims of their humanity making them disposable human beings. That we mention failing schools and urban violence side-by-side helps us understand in many ways, one leads to the next. Where kids challenged, encouraged to see goals and ideals for themselves, taught effectively so they could achieve it would be unthinkable to think such kids would waste away and ooze out on to the mean streets of the big cities. Nevertheless, the master culture feels that it attempts to address these issues through a myriad of social programs continuing to believe that these problems could be solved if only more money were spent as if not taxing those selfish rich people to death is the answer. Plenty of money is being appropriated. The money is being spent, but HOW is it being spent and WHERE does the money go? Look at the largesse of urban school bureaucracies often incredibly bigger than suburban schools but look how those additional offices provide nothing that help kids on the classroom level. Nevertheless, millions and millions are spent on studies and blue ribbon panels that invariably reach the same conclusion – spend more money, create more programs, but where does it become someone’s responsibility to get results?

Fast forward back to the Phylicia Barnes case, both North Carolina and Maryland are states with large populations of black middle class citizens and a significant number of people who reach high positions in corporate and government settings. They almost seem to be stealth accomplishments because so little is made of their success and held up as goals for achievement when it seems like the only place blacks truly excel in our society is entertainment, especially sports. Ghetto kids start to believe their ticket out of the ghetto rests in the NFL and NBA. The odds that any particular kid will realize such glory is probably far less likely than being gun downed in the street or struck by lightening.

A wonderful young lady has vanished without a clue. Would anyone recognize the face of Phylicia Barnes? Would we have recognized the face of Natalee Holloway? Five years later her graduation picture and several others we identify almost instantaneously with Alabama’s up and coming angel who disappeared in the tropical paradise of Aruba. About the only consolation one can find is that Aruban law enforcement is more inept, corrupt, and ineffective than even the worst police departments in big city America.

We pretty much know what happened to Natalee Holloway; Joran van der Sloot killed her. Any doubt he didn’t was erased when he killed another young lady in Peru That he might spend the rest of his life in one of the world’s nastiest prisons is just rewards for his treachery even if it weren’t specifically for Natalee, but the Holloway family deserves better closure than that.

We have no idea about Phylicia Barnes or even to what extent she is a priority in Baltimore. Just add one more to the body count of black people in a city where there’s not a huge difference between 222 and 223 murders for 2010 as if to say what’s the value of one particular human being compared to the rest, just one more report to file. This kind of dehumanization helps show why society is so tolerant of such high murder rates to begin with. Some human beings aren’t as human as others.

Phylicia Barnes disappearance should challenge all of us to challenge these assumptions and demand justice. The similarities of these two cases parallel in so many ways, but when a lovely white girl vanishes, it is such a real life case of the damsel-in-distress motif it somehow appeals to every sense of chivalry. Chivalry is an ancient concept borne in European and British aristocracy. As much as American society eschews notions of royalty and privilege based on class, those ancient rituals lurk just beneath our subconscious, and we see the dreadful contradictions they breed.

Despite the many resources employed, millions spent, and saturation media coverage, Natalee Holloway remains missing though Joran van der Sloot surely looks like a guilty murderer. There is still hope, albeit getting slimmer by the day, Phylicia Barnes, might turn up okay.

Keep Phylicia Barnes in your prayers. A tragedy like hers demands to be told.