Monday, January 31, 2011

Senator PUTZHEAD Is At It Again!!!!!

The nation's most notorious putzhead is at it again. The always arrogant ever condescending senior Senator from New York was on CNN lecturing about the state of the Federal government asserting that the Republicans are hell bent on closing down the government -- oh really?  Chuckie Schumer is forgetting something. It takes two to tango, and if the Democrats DO NOT address the escalating in spending and don't accept the need to CUT the Federal budget, their refusal to accept the will of the people puts it on them.

Here's a fellow with all kinds of Ivy League credentials constantly hectoring the public who just isn't that smart and must let him go on and on and on how he needs to look out for us -- but he concluded: all three branches of government -- the house, the Senate, and the President need to work together.

The three branches of government -- surely Michelle Bachman could tell what they are. Maybe Sarah Palin wouldn't, but were Sarah Palin to say something like this, she'd get battered (rightfully so -- a person of that standing darned well better know) but how about Chuckie, NewYork Senator Charles Schumer. For him, the judiciary doesn't matter unless it supports his agenda. For Chuckie, make lots of overreaching laws and see if the judicicary will overrule as it did with Obamacare today, a huge victory from the American people.

Chuckie, don't try to make light of your faux pax. We know how you'd treat a Republican for making such a mistake. You DESRVE the same. The Putzhead putzed again.

There has never been a more pompous ass in politics, never.


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