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2010 -- Ten Losers --- Ring 'em out with the old or ring their necks -- the less seen of them in 2011 would be a blessing!!!!

2010 Losers, Liars, Loafers, Loud-mouths…

2010 was a bumper crop year for idiots, lowlifes, liar, loud-mouths, losers, and generally maladjusted individuals to make their mark. While surely Barack Obama could top the list just has he has since his emergence in the public eye – what can we say about O-blunder that we haven’t said already. Whether it was publicly dressing down John McCain during a White House meeting on the economy, the countless sorties around the globe he and his Mrs. embarked upon, his failure to take seriously the day-to-day administrative roll of government demonstrating the incompetence borne of inexperience, his constant whining and finger pointing and lightly veiled efforts to push the republic ever closer to European style socialism, ol’ O-blunder deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award in the sphere of hateful politics.

Nancy Pelosi
Close behind Obama’s performance and surely one of the most despicable figures in recent American history would be Queen Nancy. Good old Nancy Pelosi, we needn’t list her many crimes here. We do allow ourselves a little schadenfreude that she will now be flying commercial stripped of the elegant military transport she demanded upon ascent to her Queen Bitch position. She best summed up the kind of arrogant idiot she is when addressing a supportive audience of special interest lackeys concerning Obama-care when she stated: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy….”

Sarah Palin
As if the previous two years weren’t long enough for Sarah Palin to wear out her welcome, her self-serving publicity gag about Momma Grizzlies is enough to elicit vomiting. Attempting to seize the Tea Party movement as the “Elect Palin in 2012” mob, her involvement in the mid-term elections turned something very good into great possibilities squandered. Her personal vendetta against the Murkowski family in Alaska saw Joe Miller defeat Murkowski in the primaries then to lose to her in the general election through write-in ballots. Nevada was well on its way to ridding itself of Harry the horrible with a strong field of challengers. Palin supported Sharon Angle, a nice lady but someone so hopelessly confused, she just wasn’t cut out to be a senator, thus, Harry Reid remains. The Republicans even had a rare chance to gain a Senate seat in Delaware filling what had been Joe Biden’s seat. Their incumbent congressman was poised to slaughter the democratic opposition. Enter Christine O’Donnell, a world class dip shit who many would see as Sarah Palin’s version of mini-me. Another Senate seat remained with the Democrats. Palin has unprecedented media access with Fox News who finds a spot or more for her just about every evening. How nauseating it is to hear a grown-up crying about the naughty boy sitting next to her trying to poke her eye out Her name calling, blame-storming and whining far exceed anything she has going for her. She dare not articulate policies as what little she says about US History or the Constitution wouldn’t reach a middle school level of achievement.

Brett Favre
Brett Favre should have known the party was over when the Vikings lost to the Saints in the NFC championship. That he was staying at his Deep South digs while the rest of the NFL players reported to camp and had to be coaxed into joining the Vikings when a cadre of team mates flew to Mississippi to bring him up north clearly indicated it was time to hang it up. From the very beginning his performance on the field was a disaster then came the charges of hanky-panks with a female member of the New York Jets from two seasons earlier. Finally, his Iron Man streak was over. He was no longer the Huck Finn lovable eternal boy wonder. He was a tired old fart over the hill.

Glenn Beck
Outside a handful of HNN viewers and hardcore devotees to right wing radio, Glenn Beck was a mere nobody two years ago. Like a sickly pestilence, his presence has oozed its way into the conservative voice and if rational folk with traditional values don’t start ostracizing this charlatan the credibility of American conservatism could take a severe hit. The man is a fraud, a fear monger, and a raving demagogue. Beneath the showmanship and wild raves, there is little credible substance but plenty which we find distorted, overstated and misrepresented.

Nothing could demonstrate how dangerous Glenn Beck is than the huge rally he hosted in Washington DC on August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial, the anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech held on that spot 47 years earlier. To stage a rally dedicated to the whitest of white people couldn’t be a symbolic slap in the face to all who were engaged, liberated, or supportive of the civil rights struggle of that time.

While Beck speaks of the value of learning history and the Constitution, he is a master of neither showing an uncanny ability to selectively take things out of context weaving a quasi-religion that is fundamentalist Christianity at heart but where the disciples and lesser deities are the American founding fathers whose lives were so pure, their wisdom so brilliant, today’s society should stand in awe-struck unquestioning reverence of their contributions. Those who align themselves with those values, “traditional American” values are the good guys. Beck attempts to demonstrate how the world and the United States in particular are speeding like an out of control train toward inevitable destruction lead by a monolithic progressive movement which has been in the driver’s seat in America since Teddy Roosevelt paved the way and Woodrow Wilson got it moving full speed ahead. There are the outwardly obvious “progressives” who are not so thinly veiled communists and socialists such as Barrack Obama and major media and government sources, but there are creepy people he believes the public doesn’t know about such as billionaire financier George Soros who he describes as the puppet master.

Beck screams, cries, and pleads that his followers make a decision – there are but two choices, the traditionalists versus the progressives. History is rapidly moving to an apocalyptic showdown where one side or another will reign supreme after our culture is ravaged by economic collapse, moral decay, and other bad things promoted by progressives.

In preparing for the judgment day, Beck even goes as far as suggesting that his followers horde food and invest every spare dime they have in gold (gold sellers sponsor his show) so they will emerge secure when the rest of the world collapses.

Beck’s gift for extreme overstatement, misrepresentation, and all out pure emotionalism make him a most dangerous fellow attracting the fearful and anti-intellectuals who feel at odds with today’s political picture.

Alan Grayson
Thankfully, Alan Grayson will have a hard time making the list for 2011 since the Florida voters in the Orlando area had enough of his foolishness and voted him out.

Grayson shocked the country with the extreme anger and malicious mischaracterizations of his opponents. First, he did a poster board talk on the floor of the house where successive posters accompanying his narration indicated the Republican health plan were as follows: Don’t get sick. If you get sick, the Republicans want you to die.

In his campaign against Republican Daniel Webster, he ran a campaign ad taking clippings from a completely unrelated Webster speech attempting to establish Webster’s devote Christian faith to being akin to the Taliban that created a message that was in complete opposition to what Webster’s original speech had been about using the phrase, “submit to me” to characterize Webster’s attitude toward women. If there were ever a more mean spirited political ad, it would be hard to imagine what that ad would look like.

Julian Assange
The principle of WikeLeaks appointed himself as a one man arbiter of world order seeking to attempt to undermine American influence by releasing a series of classified government and military documents with threats to do the same for major US corporations including the banking industry. Charged with raping two women in Sweden, this loathsome scumbag has used the Internet as a tool of espionage consistent with the sense of anarchism which infects the radical left and which surfaces in every locale where world leaders gather for G-8 conferences. Interestingly enough, there are at least some connections between Assange and George Soros.

Meanwhile, Assange has become a celebrity of the highest order to some figures in the radical left including Michael Moore. Likewise some extreme right wingers who represent a warped sense of distorted libertarianism embrace his revelations as well.

Hopefully the world justice system will lead him to the United States where he’ll spend the rest of his days in a high security federal prison though Gitmo might be a better setting that Obama would never consider.

PFC Bradley Manning
We’ll soon discover how strict the code of military justice is in the new millennium. Army PFC Bradley Manning assigned to a support battalion with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division then based in Iraq gained access to the government’s Secret Internet Protocol Router Network. He copied the data onto CD or DVD media which he had labeled as a Lady Gaga recording. Working through middlemen, the material was transferred to Assange resulting in massive disclosure.

Perhaps the military should have engaged in more due diligence before assigning Manning to any operation involving intelligence. His biographical details indicate a young man who was defiant, rebellious, confrontational, and willing to defy authority.

Like Assange, Manning is being elevated to celebrity and hero status by the radical left who are attempting to create a furor claiming Manning is being mistreated in custody even imploring the United Nations to investigate. Michael Moore and others are raising money for his defense. Manning is also openly homosexual and has participated in “Gay Pride” events in defiance of the military’s archaic “don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. For some he is being cast as a victim of an anti-gay military which is of course nonsense given the nature of his crime and that he can hardly be cited as the victim of being framed given the extent to which he has acknowledged his misdoings.

Ultimately, his crimes as a United States soldier constitute treason of the highest order for which he could be executed. Regardless, anything short of full acquittal which is highly unlikely, for the radical left, he will be made into some kind of martyr while rational society will seem him for what he is a treacherous criminal hell bent on damaging national security.

Christine O’Donnell
Just when she was starting to become a fading bad memory, Christine O’Donnell was thrown back in the media spotlight amidst allegations she misused campaign funds in her run for Senator of Delaware.

We can say one thing of Christine O’Donnell. She was not the most unqualified and stupid person to run for Senate in 2010. That award goes to Alvin Greene who ran for the Democrats in South Carolina with zero chance of defeating incumbent, Jim DeMint.

The Republicans had a rare opportunity in Delaware generally a very predictable liberal state. Joe Biden’s long held seat was open. Congressman Michael Castle, well-known state wide having also served as governor, looked like a shoe-in to be Delaware’s next senator, a most important net gain for the Republicans marching toward majority status. Far-left Democrat, Chris Coons, with a reputation for lavish spending and raising taxes, would offer but token opposition. Enter Sarah Palin and her ability to arouse the Tea Party sympathies while perhaps many voters would have seen it plausible Castle could be defeated, and suddenly a person with no meaningful experience and a closet full of personal, financial, and legal issues ripe for revelation, Christine O’Donnell won the state’s Republican Party. Almost immediately, now Coons looked like the shoe-in and O’Donnell the long shot. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment was organizing a political group SALT, “The Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth.” Among topics O’Donnell would select for public speeches were naïve and highly doctrinaire views on human sexuality including sex out of wedlock and masturbation. All the while, her ability to manage her personal responsibilities proved elusive even having been sued for foreclosure and other debts. The IRS initiated a lien on her fiancés to recover $11,000 in unpaid taxes. On top of all that, her stated college credentials were not accurate.

One biographical detail showed where she apparently engaged in some kind of witchcraft ceremony as she revealed on an appearance on Bill Maher’s television show. This provided the ultimate source for all kinds of fun at the hands of political comedians. This led to the ultimate concise statement why Christine O’Donnell simply lacked any kind of political credibility when she appeared in a black dress against a black background for a campaign ad where she stated, “I am not a witch. I’m you.” That line would become the butt of many jokes through the campaign. At her best, she seemed like a shoddy Sarah Palin recreation, little wonder then, that Palin would find her attractive.

That she was defeated having received 40% of the vote that one would have to wonder how many of those votes were for her or were protest votes against the Democratic agenda, it appeared she would disappear from the headlines. Lo and behold, it would only stand to reason someone as inept as she would be likely to screw up using her campaign finances properly and in the closing days of 2010, headlines surfaced she was facing Federal grand jury investigation. Naturally, she claimed she was being setup and that Joe Biden was the instigator. What she fails to realize is she is most likely far too small a flea to be worthy of such.

The one transcendent good O’Donnell offers is that every bit of attention she draws helps demonstrate how unsuited for any roll in national politics Sarah Palin is worthy of. She and her Alaskan mentor are two of a kind to be sure – loud mouthed, naïve, and intellectually vapid.

LeBron James
LeBron James had it all, as one of the NBA’s top talents, he reached supreme stardom for his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, more recently, James indicated Akron was his hometown, and folks from Akron aren’t big fans of the larger Cleveland thinking that Clevelanders look down their nose at the lowly folks from Akron.

After a standout showing as one of the nation’s top high school players, James signed directly into the pros with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. It took little time for James to rise up as one of the league’s top stars possibly rivaling players like Kobe Bryant as the game’s top talent. Just as quickly as his star rose in the media so did his ability to attract controversy. While worthy of praise for his giving to charity, his lack of cooperation with teammates and others plus blatant self promotion quickly cast him as the poster child of the excessively indulgent overpaid star athlete completely devoid of any humility whatsoever right down to having a huge tattoo reading “Chosen 1.”

At the end of the 2010 season, LeBron James became a free agent and quickly sought to burn all bridges with the Cavaliers string them out while evaluating his options. As the ultimate expression of blind hubris, James announced that ESPN would provide him his own announcement program where he would announce the team for which he would play. To add insult to injury, he did not inform Cleveland of his decision to play for the Miami Heat until just moments before the broadcast.

Working in tandem with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, the threesome negotiated contracts with the Miami Heat to form the power nucleus that was supposed to ensure championships heading to the land of South Beach for years to come. To further the made publicity campaign, James, Wade, and Bosh arranged a huge coming out celebration where they would introduce themselves in a highly choreographed to hip-hop tastelessness show with multiple theatric gimmicks before an adoring crowd of screaming Miami fans.

The reaction in Cleveland, not the most mature sports fans in the nation, was swift and vicious supported by a wrathful open letter from the team’s owner bashing James for his decision. In some media circles the Cleveland fans were portrayed as something more than shunned lovers but as racist bigots infuriated by a young black man setting himself free from the plantation even getting Jesse Jackson involved.

Snooki and the Jersey Shore Gang
If anyone needs evidence that MTV is a sickly cancer eroding the moral fabric of America, we provide Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) and the rest of the ensemble of misfits, social dropouts, and dysfunctional youth elevated to cult hero status by this MTV “reality” program. The program follows these eight cretins horrible misrepresentations in many cases of Americans with Italian pedigree as they engage in their hedonistic, decadent lifestyles including Snooki’s addiction to exposure to ultraviolet rays as if there were some secret agenda to discover just how fast one can develop skin cancer in pursuit of a nauseating overdone tan. While perhaps too young to have a resume of failure akin to Christine O’Donnell this Chilean born, Italian raised train wreck aspires to be a veterinary technician but her greatest accomplishment would appear to be her July 30 arrest for public intoxication.

If pornography is material with absolutely no social redeeming value, “Jersey Shore,” is smut of the highest order. Like so many other MTV phenomenon of the past, we can only hope the ratings plummet only to see what the purveyors of puke will come of with next.

These ten figures by no means represent the complete list of scoundrels. Several others are worthy of attention including Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Washington Redskins coaching father and son combo, Mike and Kyle Shanahan, the ever present dufus face of the Obama administration, Robert Gibbs. Surely, Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley, with his crass and dishonest reelection campaign for reelection loaded with boldfaced lies about Robert Ehrlich deserves notice. We’d also include wussy deluxe disposed coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Wilson, but his situation involves greater villains than his meager ineptness. We fear that if such a list is composed for 2011, we might have to report on some Republican members of the 111th Congress who might squander the rewards granted by the voters. We went light on the media because while folks like Joy Behar deserve inclusion, where would we stop chronicling a parade of losers?

BETTER LUCK IN 2011 and may our top 10 find the obscurity and ridicule they deserve.


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