Friday, January 21, 2011

Amanpour Once Again Proves She Is Idiot Delux in TV's Mainstream News Media

Christine Amanpour has been marketed as the ultra uber-intellectual, worldly, requiring some kind of savoir faire foreign expression that means she's the ultimate "been-there, done-that" bitch. From her exotic Mediterranean features to her snooty foreign accent, she's sold as being so damned smart only the most retarded offspring of sibling-fornicating rube could dare question her judgment.

In light of the Tucson tragedy clearly attributed to a totally whacked out madman, she attempts to crusade for the great ideological radical left's cynical misinformation propaganda campaign trying to argue the right wing "hate speech" provoked not only the killer but creating a dark political climate, salute the patron saints of liberal America -- their mightiest icons -- the Kennedy's and then show some kind of historical smarts by attempting to explore if there was some tainted political climate that set the platform for offing JFK and RFK. It's all in a question she asked in a recent interview.

We'll be kind and say she comes across as a well educated fool.  Anybody who doesn't drink the network or campus Kool Aid can see just how absurd her question is using nothing more than just plain folksy American common sense -- the kind of thinking she will never see as she would not want to mix it up with anyone in flyover country.

Here it is, folks.  You have been warned:


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