Monday, January 24, 2011

Westboro Bigots Come to Crab City -- AGAIN!!!

Can anybody tell us what is keeping some people who've had enough of their bullshit from beating the crap out of the Westboro Baptist Church. (We feel horrible tagging "Baptist Church" into their name since they have nothing to do with the real Baptist church).

Now they intend to picket the Funeral of a local Baltimore County FIREFIGHTER who lost his life protecting others in the Hillendale community.

Let's make something clear, what they are doing is not exercising freedom of religion. They are of the same status as the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party. They exploit the suffering of others particularly at funerals as a vehicle to promote their hate agenda with their obsessive hatred of homosexuals and their contempt for all efforts to help these most deserving citizens gain full civil rights.

Anyone who would taunt the grieving family a firefighter who gave his life in the service of his community is beneath contempt and quite frankly forfeits the right to any kind of civility society might normally offer. That such hurting families would even have to imagine the chance of these loathsome cretins.

If the law cannot use its power to protect private citizens perhaps its time for citizens to look out for themselves and if the law should intervene let all hell break lose.

Nobody has the right to terrorize, intimidate, and disrupt the gathering of private citizens whose right of assembly engaged in civil conduct should be compromised by mean spirited vile haters who use the pretense of alleged religious expression or political discourse as a shield for their treachery.

If concerned on lookers were to beat the shit out of these creepy losers, such a response would not just be justified but applauded.  A few bloody noses and bruises would only begin to give these lowest of the low our society has among its ranks the kind of REAL justice they deserve.

I am heterosexual, but if there were a WBC member present, I'd want to embrace the nearest member of my gender and give that person a great big hug and a kiss just to drive those crazies nuts and to stand in solidarity with the many wonderful people I've met who have sexual preferences different than mine.


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