Monday, January 10, 2011

Pima County Sheriff Must Resign NOW!!!

Professionalism alone demands this disgraceful excuse for law enforcement must lose his job, NOW!!!

An open message to Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnik, “SHUT UP AND DO YOUR GOD DAMNED JOB.” Your job is to gather the facts from the crime scene, draw inferences from the material at hand and seek justice. You are FUCKING CRAZY if you think even the worst of conservatives are responsible like Sarah Palin. Nowhere in any of the material from the psychotic shooter showed any coherent political motives – the guy was out in some crazy zone. Jared Lee Loughner’s dreadful behavior could be blamed on the left as well but at least so far even the worst right wing bomb throwers have stayed out of doing so. However, you Sheriff Dupnik have slaughtered any pretense of professionalism in the conduct of your job and you must be dealt with accordingly. If you were a real man, you’d resign and apologize immediately.

If some political criticism of Gabriel Giffords was full of anger, so be it. That’s what the 1st amendment and our freedoms are all about. We have the right to be wrong. She has been a model representative in many ways regardless of where one stands on the left/right continuum. We cannot stifle the passion of those who have strong feelings about the issues for fear of being branded by overzealous pompous assholes who are so insanely partisan that they would make claims like Clarence Dupnik has done.

If this were just a knee-jerk reaction in the heat of the moment, that would be one thing, but still totally unacceptable; however,  Sheriff Dupnik has repeated his hate drenched feelings again and again. When asked by Megyn Kelly on Fox News if he could offer any proof of his charges, he conceded he had none, it was a gut reaction. How reassuring could this be to the people in his community that a total boob like this is their chief enforcer.

This writer can't help but think of this low-life excuse for law enforcement being attended to by another Arizona sheriff who'd have Dupnik in the infamous pink underwear.


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