Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tucson Shootings -- Fallout

Who wouldn't have known that the knee jerk liberal reaction to the horrors that beset Tuscon, Arizona would be more justification for more gun laws.  As the NRA folks have long said, outlaw guns and then only outlaws will have guns.  Here's the latest attempt, rest assured there will be more in the days ahead and the rhetoric will be worse.

Short of an all out ban on certain kinds of weapons or even all as some radicals would prefer totally contrary to the 2nd amendment no matter how much they chose to spin it, there are tons of gun laws on the books. In cities where handguns have all but been outlawed, the black market runs wild.

We do need to find ways to do better background checks to screen out the mentally deranged but for fear of invading their civil rights, that could be very thorny to accomplish. Look at all the things that broke down in the horrible tragedy that beset Virginia Tech just a couple years ago.

The solution is effective enforcement of current laws and that those who use guns in the commission of crimes are shown no mercy. While kids rot in jail for drug possession, how many dangerous criminals have been released too soon or have plea bargained their way out of justice?

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