Thursday, January 20, 2011

Radical Left Shows Their True Character in DC Walmart Protest

Protesters in Washington DC, Walmart Free DC - an associate of the SEIU, supported by organized labor have clearly unmasked the true character of the radical left as craven, depraved scum on the fringes of American society who are so blinded by their radical, unrealistic, and anti-democratic ideology. To witness how quickly they acted incensed by the apparent hate rhetoric of the right suggesting it led to the Tuscon massacre citing a Sarah Palin led PAC's flyer using cross hairs to identify on the map "targeted" congressional races on of which included Gabby Giffords was used as proof positive to validate their wicked and malevolent contention, how quickly they were proven wrong. Yet from Paul Krugman's first posting in the New York Times to now, they keep banging the same drumbeat despite pleads for restraint.

It should come as no surprise then that not only do they use the cross hair motif in organizing their riff-raff of servile, mindless drones as followers. However, their protest using a technique the left has used increasingly more in recent years shows their contempt for all legitimate channels of addressing their grievances seeking redress in this matter. Demonstrations are a part of civil American protest. They can even get angry and menacing. To picket the headquarters of a large corporation or a government facility is fair game as long as they don't impede traffic and personnel from entering and leaving such facilities freely. This is the practice of freedoms granted by the first amendment -- the rights of free speech and the right to assemble. They certainly have no respect for the 4th amendment rights of the subject of their protest to be "secure in their persons, house..." To attack adversaries in the security of their homes in residential communities show conclusively of the absolute lack of any moral fabric in these thoroughly low-life union scum whose true objectives benefit no one except the union establishment itself.

Their contention that Walmart would cost jobs or close down business is an absurd argument in this part of Washington,DC where urban decay has driven businesses out of the city or out of business. It should be noted that the intended construction site is a closed down Chevrolet dealership. Certainly, a Walmart would not only provide entry level employment for DC citizens, it would also provide citizens with very limited financial means access to goods and services out of their reach living in urban Washington DC. They simply cannot take off to the myriad of Walmarts and other discounters close by in the suburbs.

Clearly, the DC protesters are completely out of hand and should be prosecuted accordingly should their actions threaten the safety and security of the developer's neighborhood just as disturbing the peace and other such charges should be considered elsewhere.

These union thugs simply have no leg to stand on. They must be dealt with harshly. Their activities should give society at large a broader view of what the state of organized labor is today and that their privileged status in the Obama administration as the cash cow of the Democratic party must be thoroughly and systematically fought with each occurrence.


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