Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baltimore Sun Critic Weighs in on Olbermann

Baltimore Sun TV columnist, a committed liberal, minced no words in his appraisal of Keith Olbermann’s recently cancelled show on MSNBC. Both in his column and appearing on CNN’s program, “Reliable Sources,” Zurawik captures the pure essence of what made Olbermann’s show such a dreadful source of distorted hateful commentary which was loaded with outlandish unacceptable behavior, dreadful character assassinations, and obvious lies about his adversaries including a dig he attempted to lay on Fox News top official, Rupert Murdoch.

While conservatives can take delight one of their most hot-headed foes is gone, without his insanity anchoring the worst of the left – how much more will Glenn Beck stand out as the madman on the right.




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