Monday, January 31, 2011

Media Justice

I can't help but think how cool it would be if some 370 pound, 6ft 8 in beast would elude security and clobber Glenn Beck with a powerful upper cut to the chin and we could watch him spit out his teeth like Chicklets then wallow crying on the floor like the pitiful little puke he truly is. Just the picture of his face beams like a huge neon sign, KICK MY ASS!!!

One can never figure Beck has finally bottomed out on his lies and paranoia. Today's subject -- what's going on in Egypt and the press coverage thereof.  While the media is quite capable of bias, for the most part, Egypt has been covered as best as possible in such a fluid situation. Because a couple networks (and I believe Fox News had also) broadcast figures sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, he accused them of SUPPORTING their movement. Quickly, his commentary turned to building up the usual paranoia/conspiracy nonsense. As with his usual raves was his "nothing up my sleeve"  -- don't believe me -- check for yourself-- nonsense.  Well, Mr. Beck, this writer didn't need to check anything. This writer has been keeping abreast of the issues and your fear mongering as well. Your collective intellect wouldn't amount to a single piece of mouse droppings.

What a sick and sorry man Glenn Beck is devoting much of his time telling his audience how to live their lives, what values are important, and to hoard lots of food  just in case. Bad things are coming and a huge monolithic choice with await us all with one choice being something like communism or worse the other being the second coming of the Founding Fathers who will gallop across the fruited plain with Jesus Christ as their navigator. All the bad guys -- the goonies in the Middle East, anyone George Soros funds, the Chinese, the Russians, Iran, Chicago politics, the news media, and Charlie Sheen are all part of a global movement who will confront pioused self-righteous digbats (oops, that is Glenn Beck's followers).

Conservatives, Christians and Libertarians who've falled for his fear tactics have been sadly duped. WAKE UP, this fraud is leading you down the drain.

What could be crazier than him doing his screaming and yelling chalk-talk how what happened in Egypt this week will engult all of Europe and all the terrible things from the Greek economy to the Russian Airport bombing, to apparently some heated demonstrations in Ireland to Tunisia and Egypt are going to be overrun by an Islamic Caliphate or China. Islamic tyranny or Communism -- or perhaps a union of those two. NONSENSE.

Nobody like Glenn Beck has the sick imagination to tie together every bad thing he perceives going on in the world, blowing them out of proportion, ingoring the real essence of the problem, and uniting them all in some dreaded conspiracy designed to destoy us. Don't look for any nuance, shade of gray, natural contradictions. Nope, in Beck's world -- it's all "either/or."

Bubba, where are you?  Please lay this idiot out screaming and crying as the pathetic small sick person he truly is.



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