Monday, January 10, 2011

Baltimore Pepsi Plant to Close -- The Cost of Higher Taxes

Baltimore is closing it's Pepsi Plant in the Hampden section of Baltimore City. Pepsi cites Baltimore's decision to impose a two cent per bottle tax as part of the reason for leaving the plant whose sign on the eastern side of the Jones Falls Expressway has become a Baltimore landmark (often used to mark traffic backups on the JFX). More than 70 workers will become jobless.

This is a hard lesson the Democratic party which exists in its purest form in Maryland refuses to recognize. Their hostility toward business and tax-happy big spending ways directly cause economic harm. There are sandwich shops and other businesses which feed off of Pepsi workers that will be affected too. The loss of a job magnet costs far more than the loss of jobs at the facility itself. The real nature of Baltimore once again shows its ugly face.


Meanwhile, Ann Arundel County should be forewarned it had better not consider following the mistakes of Baltimore City for the Coca-Cola plant was a huge triumph when attracted to the new MD-100 corridor that opened in the late 90's through Dorsey, Maryland.


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