Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Mr. Beck:

This is a stern warning, you'd damned well better not use this weekend's horrible tragedy as a prop to power up your fear and paranoia machine. I was thinking of you yesterday as your network started to broadcast some of the sick rants of the supposed killer. He had a warped sense of doom. He cited the constitution being ignored. He also spoke of the currency trouble and necessity of gold. These are issues you've tried to scare people in to accepting your warped vision. You're both insane. We're only talking about a matter of degrees, and at least so far, you haven't picked up a gun yet.

We can almost see what's coming in the week ahead. You're going to use this as one more sign of the apocalypse you keep insinuating is on our doorstep. Even if you're careful enough not to blame specific political entities, we've learned how to follow your inferences.

Your frothing madness, mean-spirited sarcasm, holier-than-thou self-righteousness, and rabid demagoguery will be seen in a new light this coming week. Now it's time for us to put the scare in you. You'd damned well better watch what you talk about and what you say especially when you try to work your audience into a fearful frenzy. We've caught on to your "magician's tricks" used in your narratives and how you use books as a prop to take things out of context you surely don't have the analytic abilities to express rationally.

Perhaps some of the positive reflection and the extent to which tragedy can bring the good out in people, this horrible tragedy will mark the beginning of the end for the Glenn Beck fear-monger machine. Folks are going to start saying enough is enough for those who engage in mad exploitation of that which scares them and look for reassurance, consideration, and communion.

You're a one trick pony and your race has been run. Find your seat next to Morton Downey and Joe Pine.


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