Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Palin Interview Rattles Sean Hannity's Mojo

Picture Sean Hannity Sounding Tentative and Defensive -- Palin Interview Robbed His Mojo

I pity Sean Hannity but he put himself in a position where he was absolutely doomed accepting the assignment to conduct a softball interview with the Wasilla Wench, Sarah Palin, who had made an ass of herself once again incapable of avoiding the spotlights’ bright glare throwing herself right into the worst of the horrible aftermath of the anger, insane accusations, and confusion after the Tucson slaughter.

By the time Barrack Obama addressed the nation last Wednesday after the horrible events in Tucson the previous Saturday – the doings of a blood thirsty madman whose mass murders killing a much admired judge and a delightful nine year old girl while seriously wounding congresswoman Gabby Giffords – the nation realized how absolutely out of bounds the attacks from the committed left in the media and in politics were attempting to blame conservatives even naming people like Sarah Palin by name. By only issuing a short obligatory statement of sympathy for the victims and staying out of the spotlight, Sarah Palin was even beginning to engender a little bit of respect for how she was handling the tragedy seeming to project a sense of it is better to leave some things alone rather than lowering oneself down to the level of unjust critics giving them credence allowing their attacks worthy of a response.

Perhaps because after when Obama’s speech was given, no one could find fault in his text and few had any heart for continuing any more bomb throwing except the most ornery extremists on the furthest right and left, things were just too tranquil to be true for a hothead like Palin – thus the following day – perhaps hurting from not getting enough attention – she exploded reading her incendiary statement likening her critics to being motivated by blood libel in their attacks against her. Just like that, the serenity so many sought to achieve finding comfort after a horrible event was being interrupted by a person who wants to be seen as a leader and roll model pouting like an angry spoiled child. She went from the abused to an active participant in the precise kind of behavior it appeared had become so distasteful in the wake of the tragedy. Quickly, the usual gang of Palin detractors sprung into action but so did a lot of conservatives and folks who might otherwise be likely to support Palin at very least saying she overreacted and her choice of words was most unfortunate.

As the week of pain concluded, most people were still demanding a more civil tone. The usual bomb throwers were just as fiery and misguided as ever but Sarah Palin found just the right thing to say again to bring the center of criticism squarely right on her lap while refusing to give any interviews or follow up to defend or refute stance.

As has been the case once Palin seemed to become the darling of the conservative talk show crowd, the sulky child pouted the bullies were picking on her and her big brothers came to her rescue but each one of them in attempting to shield Palin sounded ever so much more shallow, their remarks lacking punch and conviction, almost seeming to reduce it to acting like it’s just their job. Ultimately big brothers who keep coming to the rescue of bratty little sisters wind up taking the pounding themselves.

On day dedicated to healing, Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Sean Hannity acted as interviewer but in truth was little more than facilitator to give Palin a chance to further her stance. She was defiant, uncompromising, and unyielding hardly giving any attention at all to the horrors the American people were wrestling with while showing total disrespect for the tranquility they sought or the special transcendent values many held dear in honor of Doctor King. It was all about calling her critics the usual barrage of names while calling more and more attention to a person who continues to diminish any signs of even a trace of intellectual gravitas, emotional maturity, or fair-minded temperament. Plain and simple, it was Palin at her worst.

The evening after Sean Hannity attempted to account for what forces were turned loose on his show and how outrageous the reaction against Palin appeared to be. He presented clips from network morning shows and another clip from MSNBC attempting to demonstrate the left wing press was at it again viciously attacking Palin. It would be hard to consider the pieces he used from the “Today Show” and “Good Morning America” were anything more than reasonable summaries of what Palin presented the night before noting her being combative, angry, and defensive. Should we suppose if Sean Hannity had written the script it should have been that she bravely defended herself against her critics? If so, what evidence could anyone show of that being so.

The usual combative Hannity stood looking strangely feeble not having his usual edge and conspicuous self-confidence as he attempted to defend the resigned former governor of Alaska. His tone seemed oddly obligatory and forced. Perhaps, Hannity deep inside is starting to feel like the defense attorney of an obviously guilty criminal. He is one of the last credible sources, at least to conservatives and Republicans away from the radio talk show circuit and bloggers where Palin has any significant support remaining. She’s rapidly headed for securing her stance firmly on Glenn Beck’s platform of paranoia and emotional collapse.

Whether they’re not interested or Palin refuses invitations, her only spotlight is on Fox news and it’s long past time for Fox News to flick the off switch, she has to stand on her own without the mighty NewsCorp support propping her up. It’s so bad that even Rush Limbaugh sounded perplexed and confused defending Palin’s interview.

Is it possible that Hannity and Limbaugh realize deep inside they are standing up for a lost cause?

It’s time to cut the rope. It’s time to do as our blog has been demanding as priority one for the Republican Party, discharge Sarah Palin. Put her in the rear view mirror. The chair is on the table. The lights are turning off. The candle has burned down to its last Flicker. Palin will never win over moderates. Right minded conservatives are questioning her more and more. Can she still find enough clout between her open microphone with Fox news and enough PAC money to destroy the Republican nominating process next winter?

By then, hopefully she will long be disposed of. The health of conservatism depends on it. For once the extreme left was in the wrong dumping on her in the most conspicuous and unfair manner. We saw right through it but Sarah Palin was simply too stupid to know how to secure her fortune and move on. Instead she engaged in the exact kind of nonsense that was unfairly directed at her. For that she should be finished off for good. She was given her chance to have something meaningful to say and could only engage in insults and self pity.

While we look at mental illness through new more discerning lenses, how insane must anyone be who thinks Sarah Palin could still be a legitimate candidate for the world’s most powerful job

The message to Ms. Palin is shut up, go back to Alaska, stay there, and keep your mouth shut. For Sean Hannity, he needs a new dance partner. This one stomped on his toes and spilled wine on his shirt.


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