Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glenn Beck -- Show Cancelled

Finally, the little turd will be going goodbye and when that day comes, it won't come a day too soon.  Has anyone ever seen such a thoroughly rotten human being, a person with such obvious serious personality defects, possibly mental illness or at least the product of a life of terrible decision making -- drugs, alcohol, and some sense that he's now on some kind of message from God. Looking for any redeeming qualities for the scary little man are hard to find unless one appreciates he provides an outlet for the video sellers to market, "Little Darling"  the works of Shirley Temple and a bunch of gold merchants including one fronted by J. Gordon Liddy.

As if he's not creepy enough, he has his camera guy pan in unbelievably up close so the rotten creep is right in your face. Beck's such a true asshole, there's just something about him that would make even a gentleman want to take Beck's glasses, stick them in his mouth, and then pound him with a powerful upper cut to the jaw. He wears the "hit me" sign well.

Every day it's the same old stuff -- something terrible is about to happen any day now. All the bad guys from radical Islam to socialists, communists, labor unions are all in cahoots together waiting for the right moment which might have already happened. George Soros is the arch villain who Beck makes look capable of simply using his wealth to buy the world and somehow a little shit of a black communist radical, Van Jones, who was known only to the extreme left academic elite circles were it not for Barack Obama appointing him Green Czar, is some highly powerful leader of a communist insurrection. Well, George Soros is a big danger, but the paranoid rantings of talk show nuts like Beck enhance his notoriety far more than Soros deserves.  Van Jones is a would be nobody, but thanks to Beck harping on him on a nightly basis has now made Jones a far bigger phenomenon that he ever could have dreamt of being without Beck.

Beck has almost single handedly destroyed the credibility of Fox News. Always under attack for presenting the conservative viewpoint, Beck provides Fox's critics a "see there...see this is what they're all about."  For all the quality people like Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, John Roberts, Carl Cameron, and Catherine Herridge among others are all top rate pros of the highest standard, but when one appears in a segment on Beck's trash show, they are at least complicit in supporting whatever the topic du jour is. Beck is a master of taking things out of context and twisting them into supporting his warped notions.

So in his departure, we wish him nothing but the worst and hope he will be held to account for everything he's distorted, misrepresented, or created irrational fear about. May the people he's misrepresented and lied about get their pound of flesh as worthy justice is always a good thing.

This is a sick man who has no place on mature media. Here's hoping the remaining radio stations who carry him see the wisdom of pulling the plug.

Meanwhile, Fox has a real mission ahead of them to restore their credibility and distance themselves as far from this surly little cretin as they possibly can.



The Big Dollop said...


Following your critique of Mr Beck in the post above can I beg your indulgence and
direct your attention to a post I published on my own humble blog back in August of 2009 - I think you will find it amusing

Kind Regards Sir

Sailor Moon said...

love Glenn Beck and you are all enemies of this country. So obvious. You will be defeated treacherous marxists- thanks to you and your minions our country is in the shape it is. but that's what you wanted isin't it?

Right Minded Fellow said...

sailor Moon's the prime example of where Glenn Beck's sick boogie-man paranoia leads. To suggest that my conduct (or other's who share my views) is responsible for the shape the country is in is purely hilarious. i for one deplore most of the status quo -- the runaway spending, the increasing intrusion of governmenet, the mad oppression of political correctness. Beck is a liar and a feeble minded irrational thinker who divides people into vast minions of evil conspirators (as in anyone who doesn't believe his garbage including respectable good men like Mike Huckabee. Nothing's going to get better fearing some apocalyptic massive conspiracy where all the bad guys are banded together. Instead, America needs to get its house in order, establish priorities, and solve them. Looking for communists under every blanket did not solve the cold war and only fractionalized society. Strong leadership with clear objectives and the determination to win as shown by Ronald Reagan did. So Sailor Moon adrift on a sea of Glenn Beck Kool Aid, you can continue to keep drinking or you can accept of fellow who's a washed up deejay/drug addict/alccoholic is scaring the hell out of you to lock in viewers and get ratings. Many have jumped that ship and hopefully you will too. In hindsight, you''ll look at Beck and see you've been had.