Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Palin and Trump -- The End of Rational Conservatism

Sarah Palin insists Trump is being treated unfairly on the Birther issue, what garbage. Now the line that Palin and Trump are pursuing is that Trump is only giving his opinion when asked where he stands on the issue, oh really? Trump would much rather be talking about China or other heavier topics.

OH REALLY, Trump has powered the inside “birther” issue into a new level of discussion through his use of his tremendous bully platform. While this writer loathes saying anything positive of George Stephanopoulos, on today’s Good Morning America, while Trump and Palin come away complaining the extent to which Stephanopoulos interrupted Trump, Trump turned around and blasted his interviewer when Stephanopoulos attempted to turn the conversation to force Trump to face the SPECIFIC issues that would obliterate the false logic behind the “birther” issue. Trump interrupted Stephanopoulos and accused him of being “co opted” by “the Obama forces.”

The segment where this issue is discussed demonstrates conclusively why Donald Trump is so dangerous to the political process that he can stir up all his bluster and attempt to totally overwhelm a reporter who is definitely left-wing but conducting a totally legitimate interview. The process will eventually force Trump to fall, but could the Republican Party and the conservative movement be the collateral damage.

Viewing that Trump and Palin are now playing a game of “kissy-kissy” with each other is even more disturbing. Palin, an intellectual cipher, who prattles on and on without articulating cogent thoughts is too intellectually challenged to have any idea what a run on sentence is much less putting verbal constructs together that express any real subject.

For both of them, sarcasm and insults don’t equal solutions. For this reason, it is dangerous to give them a platform to preach their narrow minded bigotry.


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