Thursday, April 14, 2011

At Least Losers Fought the Fight....

Attention: Mike Skinner, Michael, McDowell, Joe Nemechek, your attendance and participation in qualify for Talladega is not welcome. You are a disgrace to all of sports and any reasonable sense of competition for milking NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series out of a share of prize money without engaging in competition in the race. We are sick of your media apologists particularly on Fox TV who carry your water for you. You are a disgrace, a fraud, and a common rip-off to all that sports and NASCAR means to the fans. You’re beneath loser status because even losers have to play to lose. You scabs won’t even do that.

Bill Elliot, what are you doing? What a distinguished racing career you have had even helping the “legendary” Wood Brothers keep going during very hard times. The Wood Brothers have character – they never considered a start and park entry. They’d rather race part time but race. How can a driver who has been elected NASCAR’s “Most Popular Driver” 16 times, a former champ, a 44 time winner with 320 top tens stoop so low as to associate with a team that has backed out of every single race this year? Tommy McMillan is a fraud to the sport and even if he would allow you to compete, the deed is done. For a driver who most people would associate with everything good about NASCAR to stoop so low, this is one of the saddest, poorest decisions ever made by a champion driver. You owe your fans a damned good explanation!!!

Undoubtedly with 46 cars entered this week, there are more drivers who will participate in this charade. If you do, you’re black listed by thousands of dedicated fans who demand the same of you. This is a warning to Steve Park, Kevin Conway, and any other driver who engage in such a shameful, lowly enterprise. Look in the mirror and see how sub-loser status befits you.


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