Sunday, April 17, 2011

GOP Suicide: Trump's Jump and Birther Baloney

The GOP: Wednesday Morning, November 7, 2012

The REPUBLICAN PARTY and the road to extinction. The signs are clear.

Republicans should be building on their huge success from the fall 2010 elections. Instead, the GOP seems hell bent on self-destruction possibly handing Barack Obama the possibility of the largest landslide victory since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 slaughter over Walter Mondale.

How could this happen when the Obama administration is failing miserably staking out its domain on the far left of the political spectrum pushing through the Federal takeover of health care, running the Federal debt into unprecedented levels committing to loads of pork barrel projects, union demands, and mad expansion of existing bureaucracies, entering into warfare against Libya without even the hint of an objective, shutting down domestic oil production, and seeking to raise taxes?

Surely some Republicans are working very hard to address these issues and get the country on the right track, but there are two factors that can doom the Republican Party to oblivion. First, right now, Donald Trump leads polls by a HUGE margin for the Presidential nomination. More than one in four, 26% support his candidacy. Sarah Palin remains a high profile figure in the national Republican scene but it seems like those who fell for her bumper sticker slogans now are hopping on the Trump bully bulldozer. Trump has pumped new life into the second factor that will doom the Republicans, the insane obsession with Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The more Republicans build up that issue, the more Independents and non-ideological Republicans will leave in droves. That it is an issue that represents pure racism can have long lasting effects that could hurt the party for years, but the same would be true if someone like Trump, Palin, or Bachman won the nomination. Trump has something perhaps no other candidate besides Mitt Romney has, unlimited funds to spend on the election. Given Obama will raise a billion dollars for his campaign, this is a frightening prospect.

The Republicans must be a party of clear, understandable solutions. When they attack Obama, it cannot be attacking the person but hitting hard on the issues and demonstrating how badly the Obama administration is failing. The Republicans must represent mature, responsible strong leadership that believes in the greatness of the United States and its people -- ALL ITS PEOPLE.

Sadly, the field of candidates provides little excitement. Sure, Tim Pawlenty is s sharp fellow with great ideas, but he doesn’t have any flash. He’s boring. Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana has an incredible record of accomplishment many in areas that the Federal Government is struggling with now. So far, he’s shown little interest, and as sick as this sounds, he doesn’t look Presidential. Chris Christy and Marco Rubio could be incredible candidates but with their level of experience, are just warming up in the bullpen for 2016.

If Republicans recognize the gravity of their situation and just how horrible the threat the continuation of the Obama administration represents, they must be appalled with the current state of their party. At very least, the party must recapture the senate with votes to spare and tighten its lock on the house regaining most of the traditional red states that have supported Republican presidential candidates. However, no matter how strong the Republicans can be on Capitol Hill, it’s almost a sure guarantee that between 2012 and 2016, there will be Supreme Court openings including ones who consist of the working majority conservatives have. No Obama appointment no matter how moderate could possibly maintain that majority. Aside from the deficit, the farthest reaching, long lasting harm Obama is capable of creating is through appointments to the high court.

It’s time for every Republican and independent who realizes the Obama administration must be destroyed in the next election to get in gear and get in touch with the awesome reality the GOP faces. The party must blast Trump from the stage, silence Sarah Palin, and stop the “birther” nonsense NOW!!!

Tomorrow will be too late and the clock is ticking.


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