Monday, April 18, 2011


There is no justification for RAISING TAXES for higher income citizens that isn't at best way off target and at worst maliciously dishonest.
The idea that anyone is GIVING money to the rich is BULLSHIT!!!  Their income is money they earned. All citizens earned income belongs to them, those who earned it. It's not a stipend or grant from the government. The government has enacted laws granting the government the power to confiscate earnings -- that's what income tax is.

Since taxes are calculated as a percentage not a designated amount, the rich automatically pay more in taxes than those earning less, but the tax system is a graduated scale where the percentage the government takes increases at certain government determined levels. Currently, the government seeks to increase the percentage for family income over $250k or $200k for individuals.

Another lie is that the Republicans are currently actively pursuing to cut taxes further for the rich. They are attempting to keep taxes at their current rate enacted in 2002. Even if taxes were decreased on the wealthy, nobody is GIVING the rich anything.  They are simply being allowed to keep more of the money they legitimately earned.

As this date represents, all taxpayers are required to submit their tax return. For those who meet the criteria for tax deductions and itemize their taxes, they are required to provide documentation as requested in their 1040 instructions.

Claiming tax deductions is not TAKING money. That is BULLSHIT logic. The government has decided that there are some things people purchase or contract should be subtracted from the amount of income from which the government uses to calculate taxes. The term "taking" tax write-offs is inherently biased and dishonest. The suggestion that anyone is taking advantage of anything or anyone for claiming legal deductions is a lie. What is dishonest or unethical about people proving that they are allowed by law to keep more of the money they earned on the basis of what is permitted by the tax laws?

In the interest of true honesty, the government has created tax deductions and credits that are absolutely ridiculous. However, what is ridiculous is that congress enacted such write-offs. It is not ridiculous or selfish to claim deductions any more than it is to take a pile of coupons to the grocery store and taking "double value" when grocery stores allow such. Coupon clippers aren't ripping off their local supermarkets are they?

It is simply human nature for people to seek to protect that which is theirs and to want to keep as much of their earnings as possible. The citizens will consent to taxation if the tax system is perceived as fair and the benefits of how the government spends their tax revenue on obviously important services and infrastructure for the public good. When the tax system pits one segment of the population against the other, the system is corrupt and taxpayers will do all they can, sometimes even acting illegally to avoid their tax burden.

There is no question that the tax code and the pages and pages of tax deductions must be reviewed, simplified, and reduced. Where tax write-offs would be continued to exist, they should only remain if what the write-offs are granted for are so essential to the well being of the community or the cost of some expenditure is high enough for individuals that citizens would be harmed or their communities would be destabilized. Surely, the matter of something like tax credits or deductions for energy conservation is one instance where thoughtful debate is justified.

2011 is already more than 1/4 complete. Most people have not yet earned enough money in 2011 to pay their tax burden. This is wrong.

What the Democrats and their media echo chamber does not want to concede is that it would be to every one's benefit to let more people keep more of their income while at the same time not permitting more money being channeled into write off pursuits that aren't necessarily healthy expenditures. The less income earners spend productive time dealing with taxes and put more time into productivity, the better things are for ALL citizens. The more money earned, kept, and spent in the community benefits the entire community.

The American citizen should be angry about any suggestion he or she has a responsibility to help contribute to solving the national debt. The government created the debt through its own incompetence, lack of oversight, shallow political purposes, and lust for power. The government needs to clean up its own mess and every bit of the cleanup which helps the American people assume more responsibility for themselves and less dependent on the government the better off the whole society will be.


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