Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL 2011, Week 16 -- Now or Never for Playoff Contenders

No we didn't expect Indy to upset Houston in Thursday night's game. Houston goes limping into the playoffs for their first post season appearance.

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-12 1/2)
The Ravens will work hard to put Sunday night's fiasco behind them, a most embarassing loss balanced off by San Francisco's win over Pittsburgh.
Minnesota @ Washington (-6 1/2)
The Redskins fans should enjoy a rare victory in an otherwise terrible sason.

Arizona @ Cincinnati (-4 1/2)
Cincinnati will fight viciously to keep faint playoff hopes alive.

Denver (-3) @ Buffalo
Tebow magic returns against the vapid Bills.

Miami @ New England (-9 1/2)
New England rolls on guarding their #1 seed.

St. Louis @ Pittsburgh (-14 1/2)
Pittsburgh will rest their chief thug, Roethlisberger but still should beat the week Cardinals.

New York Giants @ New York Jets (-3)
Both New York teams need this win to keep playoff hopes alive essentially having to win out to get a bid. Jets have a very slight edge.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-7 1/2)
Panthers should win against a broken Tampa Bay team.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee (-7 1/2)
Tennessee should put up a fight having miserably small playoff hopes.

Oakland @ Kansas City (-2 1/2)
The Chiefs will take care of the chaotic Raiders.

San Diego @ Detroit (-2 1/2)
San Diego is on a roll but face a team that is fighting to lock in a playoff berth. This is going to be an all out brawl.

Philadelphia @ Dallas (-1 1/2)
Who doesn't want to see the Cowboy hoopla take a big hit, but Philadelphia is just too unpredictable this year

San Francisco (2 1/2) @ Seattle
The 49er's march on and plan to turn out the lights in Seattle.

Chicago @ Green Bay (-12)
The world now knows Green Bay is not invinsible, but Chicago's too banged up to take advantage of Green Bay's injuries.

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-6 1/2)
Division rivals meet in an important game for the NFC south. The Saints seem to be doing everything right these days and should take care of Atlanta.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

NFL 2011, Week 15: Playoffs, Did Somebody Say Playoffs?

Week 14 starts tonight with Atlanta hosting Jacksonville as an 11 point favorite to win. They'd better win. With an 8-5 record, they're in as a Wild Card, but  Chicago and Dallas stand at 7-6 ready to grab their spot. Given coach Jack Del Rio has been fired and Jacksonville only has their Monday night win over the Ravens as bragging rights, it's hard to imagine they'll have much for Atlanta on the road.

Saturday night, Dallas takes a Florida vacation where they must win against Tampa Bay to keep their post season plans in order. When will the jibber-jabber that they're a GREAT team having a few problems stop? The Cowboys suck and they are NOT America's team. That's an insult to all of us Americans who love our hometown teams.

Sunday's games:
Washington @ New York (-7)
New York must win this game and will against the hopelessly confused Redskins. With the Shannahan regime looking as bad or worse as anything during Daniel Snyder's tenure, one has to wonder if Danny Boy will ever field a winning team and get the organization straightened out. Joe Gibbs short return might have been the best they could have ever hoped for and even Gibbs could to little with the new Herndon culture.

Cincinnati (-6) @ St. Louis
The Bengals must win to keep faint playoff hopes alive

Tennessee (-6 1/2) @ Indianapolis
Tennessee needs a solid win to counter last week's loss to keep pace having lost their berth to the Jets with that loss.

Seattle @ Chicago (-3 1/2)
This is a must win for the Bears and Seattle's showing more punch in the second half of the season.

Green Bay (-14) @ Kansas City
No contest. Green Bay rules.

Miami at Buffalo
Take your pick, but Buffalo mailed in this season while MiAami despite their coach being fired still has some fight left in them.

Carolina at Houston (-6 1/2)
Houston moves on toward a top playoff berth even with a #3 QB.

New Orleans (-7) at Minnesota
Minnesota is on vacation. Sorry, they'll be awakened for an ass-whoopin' at noon on Sunday

Detroit (-1) at Oakland
This game is a must win for both teams. Detroit needs the win to maintain their current wild card berth. Oakland is one of three 7-3 teams hoping to get into the Wild Card, but since Denver is 8-5, they're also looking for the division crown if they can overcome Tebow magic.

Cleveland @ Arizona (-6 1/2)
A totally meaningless game except for Arizona who will win this game.

New York Jets @ Philadelphia (-2 1/2)
What are the odds makers thinking. The Eagles are struggling but Rex Ryan's been more bark than bite in 2011. The Jets must win to keep their playoff berth. They should do so.

New England (-6) @ Denver
Tom Brady versus Tim Tebow and Jesus Christ. All rational thought would say Tebow's reign of magic ends against the mighty New Englander's but their defense is weak and can be exploited. Brady will have to put on a QB clinic to win. He probably will.

Baltimore (-2 1/2) at San Diego
The Ravens need a win to keep their homefield status in tact. They should do so keeping in mind that the last two games which ended a San Diego tumble were against weak opponents - Jacksonville and Buffalo.

Pittsburgh at San Francisco
The Vegas boys want no part in picking a favotite and it remains to be seen how hurt Roethlisberger is  -- the most indestructable player since Johnny Unitas. However, thug James Harrison is suspended for head hunting so the filthy dirty Steelers could well meet their match playing San Francisco away from Terrible Towel country. San Francisco should win if their defense can tear up the Steelers early.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

NFL 2011: Week 14 -- a Calm Week before the Final Push

In week 14, there are view key matchups between playoff contenders except for Houston at Cincinnati and the New York Giants at Dallas, so this week is one where the established teams cannot afford a letdown and lose ground. Teams looking to secure the most available playoff spots cannot lose and possibly find themselves out of luck.

Let’s look at the picks.

 Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-14)
Pittsburgh’s terrible towels will be wiping up a lot of Brown mess.

Indianapolis at Baltimore (-16)
This would have been a game of great excitement where now the Baltimore fans can only watch in sadistic glee as the Colts will be ground up for glue and dog food.

New England (-8) at Washington
The Patriots will continue their march to the AFC East title.

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
No odds are posted for this game so flip a coin. We’ll give Tampa the slight edge.

Kansas City at New York Jets (-10 ½)
Rex will be singing his song, but a little humility please. Beating the Chiefs is no major feat at this point in the 2011 season.

Minnesota at Detroit
No odds are published for this game, but even without their mindless beast, Suh, on defense, Detroit should win.

New Orleans (3 ½) at Tennessee
The Saints should use this game as one o start getting in post season shape. They’re truly the top team with little doubt in the NFC South.

Philadelphia at Miami (-3)
This season is over for the Eagles and could mark the end of couch Andy Reid as the Cheesesteak capital of the world will want burnt offerings for such a horrible season.

Oakland at Green Bay (-11)
If Green Bay does not go undefeated, Oakland won’t be the team to stop them.

Atlanta (-2 ½) at Carolina
Atlanta needs to win this game to stay in striking distance of playoff bids

Chicago at Denver (-3 ½)
The bashed up Bears are the next team to get “Tebowed.”

San Francisco (-4) at Arizona
The 49’ers march on in the desert.

Buffalo at San Diego (-7)
Buffalo’s fast start is far behind them while San Diego’s win last week certainly did not reflect them getting back on track. The Chargers will win this game but Norv Turner’s era in San Diego is almost oer.

New York Giants at Dallas (-3 ½)
This is a must win game for the Giants, but as inconsistent as Dallas has been this year, the Giants have been worse. Dallas will win, but that’s not because they’ve become a good team.

St. Louis at Seattle
No odds are posted on this game because both teams stink. The Seahawks seem to have a little more fight in them and their stadium is a tough place to play.