Thursday, September 30, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 4

The 4th week of the NFL 2010 season will be a test if some emerging trends are true while it also features some powerful divisional rivals going head-to-head. Week four is also the first week of the bye. For most, the 4th week would seem too soon for the bye, but for Dallas and Minnesota, two teams that were supposed to be NFC leaders who are lucky to be 1-3 so far, they must use their week off as time to regroup and prove that the first three weeks were a false stop. For Kansas City, a team that no one thought was going anywhere and stands at 3-0, it must be frustrating to have the fun come to an end. Surely, they don’t want a week off to cost them their momentum. Tampa Bay is the 4th team off this weekend. Surely, they would have liked to have been able to wait.

The first big rivalry game has the Baltimore Ravens hoping the Appalachian Mountains to Pittsburgh. No team has found the Steelers missing Ben Roethlisberger for the first four games an advantage since the Steelers are 3-0. The Ravens are one game down unable to beat Cincinnati a long toilet’s flush down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh. Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offense only took control in game 3 against Cleveland though one could argue the strength of the Jets’ defense was the story in week one. The Ravens can’t afford to be still letting the new pieces be settling in this week. Their new found strength with their overhauled receiving corps must function effectively to beat Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, on defense, without Ed Reed, the Ravens must show the kind of defense they’ve played almost every quarter so far. The Pittsburgh home environment is one of the most hostile environments in sports. The Ravens should pull this one out.

The other rivalry games are Washington visiting Pittsburgh and New England travelling to Miami.

There are only three undefeated teams. No one is expecting an undefeated big story around Thanksgiving. Pittsburgh and Kansas City are 3-0 in the AFC. Chicago is the last team standing in the NFC.

Here are our picks for week four.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh -1.5
The Ravens should win by about a field goal. This is Pittsburgh’s toughest test without Big Bad Boorish Ben.

San Francisco @ Atlanta -7
San Francisco stood as an overwhelming pick to win the NFC west this year but have been nothing short of awful. Flying coast to coast to play the Falcons is no script for recovery. Atlanta should handle the 49ers and then some.

New York Jets -5.5 @ Buffalo
The sun is setting on Ralph Wilson’s tenure with the NFL. In his 90’s, his dream was to assemble a team capable of one last run, but the Bills are at best a cut above the worst teams in the league. After Ralph Wilson’s passing, one has to wonder what the future of football will be in Buffalo with a crappy old stadium and Toronto not far away, a world class city with the mighty Rodgers Center (Skydome).
Carolina @ New Orleans -13.5
At least when Carolina loses this year, they can’t blame it on Jake Delholme. However, the Panthers are just plain awful. The Saints should be playing Dixieland on Sunday.

Denver @ Tennessee -7
Two teams very hard to predict meet Sunday in Nashville, but the Titans should be worth a touchdown over the Broncos.

Seattle -1 @ St. Louis
It would seem the point spread should be broader. Pete Carroll will win coaching his 4th game with grownups.

Cincinnati -3 @ Cleveland
Cincinnati should win convincingly unless the Cinco/TO sideshow gets more involved with their dog and pony show than playing football.

Detroit @ Green Bay =14.5
Detroit is so awful it’s hard to see how much better they are than in their winless season. Still the cheese heads will be loving life – not much competition here.

Indianapolis -7 @ Jacksonville
No contest, the Colts will win convincingly.

Houston -3 @ Oakland
Oakland isn’t the walkover they were a year ago, but Houston is strong and should win.

Washington @ Philadelphia -8
Before anyone awards this game to Philadelphia and crowns the dog-killer as the stud QB, remember those victories were against Detroit and Jacksonville. Washington has a stronger defense. Still, until Washington masters the chaos and Shanahan’s leadership turns into performance on the field, winning won’t come easy. It’s hard not to pick the Eagles, but there’s no telling how fired up McNabb will be. Washington beats the 8 point spread, but the Eagles should squeak out the win.

Arizona @ San Diego -8
San Diego is probably just getting its engines warmed up. A slow starting team should be ready to flatten the much depleted desert birds.

Chicago @ New York Giants -4
Chicago beat Green Bay, a better team than the Giants, and is 3-0 so far. What do the Giants have besides their fancy new home field advantage? Give it to Dah Bears.

New England -1 @ Miami
This is a tough one to call. New England is not the dominant team of a few years ago. The Dolphins enjoy some new tricks particularly Brandon Marshall adds on offense. We’ll go with the experts and give New England a slight edge.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Governor Chris Christie Bold Demands for Educational Reform

No longer will teachers' unions contnue to roadblock effective teacher management under governor's proposal to overhaul teacher compensation and tenure.

Governor Chris Christie: Large and in-charge in New Jersey.
Who would ever imagine what is going on in New Jersey traditionally one of the highest taxed states where union, public employees and state bureaucrats run wild? Previous governor, Jon Corzine’s corruption, arrogance, taxing and spending pushed New Jersey to the breaking point. Welcome Republican Governor Chris Christie who is one tough character. His target #1, the teachers’ unions!
In what can amount to political suicide going against the teachers’ unions whose deep pockets and ability to run attack ads that make their adversaries look like they are molesting children and throwing teachers into poverty and the unemployment lines, where many politicians even conservative Republicans tread softly not wanting to draw any fire, Christie is going right after them as part of his attempts to control runaway expenses for public employees and to reform wretchedly failing public schools.

As public school systems have grown into huge bureaucracies, the teachers’ unions have used their numbers to build a huge bully pulpit with a tremendous war chest supporting an agenda which is pure industrial style unionism which completely destroys the professionalism of public education. Between more and more government control and union manipulation, teachers are trained to function as drones to simply focus on process and procedure rather than be autonomous highly skilled professionals dedicated to the education and well-being of their pupils.

Governor Christie understands this is and is working to reinvent the process in New Jersey. Teachers are paid on the basis of seniority and blocks of advanced educational credits earned from a master’s equivalency and beyond. It is not unusual for teachers in northeastern school districts to earn $80 to $100 thousand a year at the top of the pay scale in addition to a fully-funded pension, health care for life which generally includes dental and vision care. The myth of poorly paid teachers is getting pretty flimsy for those who do their homework. Those lavish salaries are also for ten months of work. Whether a teacher is a compassionate great motivator of young minds or a lazy slug pilling up the years to retirement, teachers are paid the same. Ever since the first whispers of pay for performance surfaced in the late 70’s in the very early days of public education decline, there has been no issue that NEA and AFT affiliates have fought more vigorously than “merit” pay. Closely attached to merit pay is the concept of tenure which essentially means once a teacher has completed a probationary period, usually two years, dismissing a teacher for unsatisfactory work can become nearly impossible under some systems’ contracts.

If governor Christie is to have his way, New Jersey could soon become a model for the nation on how to take the first major steps toward breaking the back of the union shop mentality in public education and move attention to quality teaching by paying for performance. More effective teachers will be paid according and the ones who aren’t cutting it will be fired.

Watching Christie in action is a sight to behold.. In public forums he stands his ground unapologetically even suggesting to a teacher who spoke up about the miseries of her employment situation (clearly not focused on teaching issues) that if she was not happy with her teacher’s position she was free to find another job.

Once the public realizes exactly what kind of perks teachers have and see how much of their hard earned money going to schools through taxes, the public will quickly not buy the myth of the poor teacher any longer but will instead focus on getting rid of poor performing teachers. The New Jersey unions are able to offer little more than how can he be doing all this without teacher input. Well, as the representative of these public employees the New Jersey Educational Association has already established its position. The time for action is long overdue.

Here’s an article from the New York CBS affiliate on Governor Christie’s efforts.


Let us hope that New Jersey's program will set a model for the rest of America to consider. The time for this is long overdue.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 28 -- It's Mister Johnson, sir to the rest of you guys.

Sure sign of the season, Jimmy Johnson shows who is boss at Dover in his "drive for five."

After arriving in summer-like weather when the Sprint Cup tour arrived at Dover, Delaware on Thursday, the chill of autumn set in Sunday morning as if foretelling what would lie ahead. When the days turn shorter than the nights, it’s time for Jimmie Johnson to turn out the lights. He did just that taking the pole, leading the most laps, and winning the 400 lap race, second in the Chase for the Championship. Points leader, Denny Hamlin’s car failed to run as good as his mouth but still managed a top ten finish, but now clings to a 35 point lead.

Much attention would focus on Richard Childress racing after 150 points were stripped from the #33 team, essentially eliminating Clint Bowyer’s shot at the trophy. One team prospered, the other two failed. Jeff Burton raced a brilliant race starting 27th and finished second. Kevin Harvick stuck up for his team banging fenders with Denny Hamlin who blasted the RCR cadre as cheaters in the media. NASCAR gave Harvick a stern dressing down after his taunts against Hamlin. Harvick could only manage a 15th place finish, not the kind of effort that builds momentum toward securing a shot at the championship. Finally, the team that received the penalty, Clint Bowyer’s #33, seemed shell-shocked in today’s competition finishing in a distant 25th place.

Here’s a summary of how the Chase contestants finished with their new points standings shown in parenthesis.

1 – Jimmie Johnson, 1st (2nd)
2 – Jeff Burton, 2nd (7th)
3 – Kurt Busch, 4th (4th)
4 – Carl Edwards, 5th (6th)
5 – Kyle Busch, 6th (3rd)
6 – Denny Hamlin, 9th (1st)
7 – Jeff Gordon, 11th (8th)
8 – Kevin Harvick, 15th (5th)
9 – Matt Kenseth, 18th (11th)
10 – Greg Biffle, 19th (9th)
11 – Tony Stewart, 21st (10th)
12 – Clint Bowyer, 25th (12th)

Any chance of championship glory would appear remote for the following drivers given their current points deficit: Greg Biffle, -140, Tony Stewart, -162, Matt Kenseth, -165, and Clint Bowyer, pending his appeal, -235.

For drivers outside the chase, Joey Logano was one driver who could go home happy with a 3rd place finish. His ability to finish in the top five short of winning demonstrates his maturing as a driver. Paul Menard finished 9th and A.J. Allmendinger who lead substantial laps early in the race before tire trouble and an ill-timed caution put him behind finished 10th. Mark Martin had a solid day but tailed of to 12th. Drivers whose contract status beyond this year is uncertain are auditioning for their future in the sport as there were several entries today that had no business on the track whatsoever showing up and collecting their earnings without any intention to compete not even fielding full pit crews.

The number of quitters was up to eight this week. Earnings for today’s race have not been posted, but comparably positioned teams ripped off sums of around $76,000 for their lack of effort in the spring Dover race. Last week at Loudon, they drew around $69,000 per entry. The cost to NASCAR has been over ONE MILLION dollars for the last two races, Dover and Loudon, that’s millions over the course of an entire season. Regardless of who contributes to the purse for each race, the competitive efforts are getting ripped of and so are the fans. What is any less exciting if races fielded perhaps 35 to 37 entries rather than letting bogus entries provide a pretty parade of 43 cars at the beginning. Okay, 43 is a magic number for NASCAR for it represents the king’s riches, the legendary Richard Petty’s car #. What does this mean to the National Guard sponsor for the #26 car that did not qualify but intended to compete for the entire race? While a fan can feel sympathy for Joe Nemechek and his mom who lost John Nemechek to the sport due to an accident in the truck series at Homestead in 1997, can it be any more obvious that John’s success as a driver at the highest level is behind him? He still fields a competitive Nationwide team where he still could be a top ten driver. One has to wonder what Phil Parsons and the Prism operation is attempting to accomplish with two teams entered at each event. It appears that the media and NASCAR are downplaying the situation as if they hope it will just right itself, but the hard truth is having this clutter at the bottom of the field makes it all the more difficult for fledgling teams scrapping together a budget and team to attempt to break into the sport more difficult because as they attempt to grow as an operation must contend with these rip-off operations who could deny them a spot in the race.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MLB 2010: The Final Week and a Glimpse Ahead

In the American League, all that’s left to be decided is first and second place in the American League East between the Yankees and the Rays. The team with the best record will win the division; the other team will be the Wild Card. The other issue is will the Twins or the winner of the east have the best record and host either the Yankees or the Rays. Then either the Yankees or the Rays will host Texas. The team with the best record still standing hosts the American League Championship series. This has no impact on the first round since a division leader cannot host a team in its division.

The National League still has a lot of possibilities. Philadelphia will win the NL East. Their magic number is 2. The Cincinnati Reds will take the NL Central. Their magic number is 3. In the west, San Francisco is only ½ game ahead of San Diego and Colorado has a drop dead number of five. Any combination of their losses or wins by the first place team eliminates them.

In the National League Wild Card chase, San Diego is ½ game ahead of Atlanta. Colorado is four games out with a drop dead number of six. As such, the open NL races are between San Francisco and San Diego for the NL West. The Wild Card race is between either San Diego or San Francisco depending on which team wins the division and the Atlanta Braves.

The American League race shows Tampa Bay has the easier schedule than New York. They host Seattle this weekend then entertain the Orioles. They travel to Kansas City to finish the season. The Yankees finish their home schedule against Boston Sunday, then travel to Toronto then Boston.

Meanwhile, Twins are playing in Detroit and travel to Kansas City before hosting the Toronto Blue Jays to finish the year.

Given these schedule variables, the Tampa Bay Rays should both win the AL East and secure the best record. They’ll host Texas while Minnesota will host the Yankees to begin post season.

Here are the schedules for the top contenders in the National League. The Braves play in Washington, DC this weekend then host the Florida Marlins. They finish the year hosting the Phillies who should have clinched the East by then. San Francisco plays in Denver, Colorado this weekend then hosts the last place Diamondbacks. San Diego hosts Cincinnati then the Cubs. The season finishes with San Francisco hosting San Diego. The NL West and Wild Card could be decided by that series with Atlanta waiting in the wings for the Wild Card. The schedule would appear to give the Giants a slight edge going into the final weekend and have an advantage over San Diego. As such, the Giants have the best chance of winning their division while San Diego and Atlanta contend for the Wild Card.

Determining who will play where in the National League remains wide open other than the Phillies will finish with the league’s best record. They would not host the Braves, but could face any other teams in play, Cincinnati who will win the Central, or either San Francisco or San Diego from the West. The final outcome might not be known until late Sunday afternoon since San Diego and San Francisco face of in the Pacific Time Zone.

Picking winners to go to the World Series is difficult, but the best hunch right now well could be the Twins versus the Phillies who will host the first two games based on the All-Star game outcome.

PBS Boobs Ax "Sesame Street" Episode for Boobs

Our culture is heading down the tubes!!!  The horrors, pop sensation, Katy Perry, had a roll in a planned episode of PBS's long running program "Sesame Street" featuring the Muppets but t some point somebody realized her costume showing way too much cleavage was not suited for young children and the episode was axed.

Who approved such an outfit in the first place and how will that person be dealt with. Remember, PBS is, in part, American tax dollars at work!

NFL 2010: Week 3

Two weeks into the 2010 NFL season are now complete. Are any stories emerging yet?

The following teams are 2-0. Miami, Pittsburgh (without Ben Roethlisberger with two of his four game suspension served), Houston, and Kansas City in the AFC.

The Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are 0-2, hardly a surprise. All the rest are at 1-1.

Meanwhile in the NFC, the 2-0 teams are from the north and south divisions: Chicago, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans. Six teams are winless: Dallas, Minnesota, Detroit, Carolina, San Francisco, and St. Louis.

Pittsburgh will once again struggle with injuries to their backups at QB, but a 2-0 start is surely beyond expectations given their situation. They’ll test Tampa Bay this week to see if they are for real, then they have only Baltimore to keep them from a 4-0 start. With a week 5 bye, they’ll be positioned well to overcome being without Roethlisberger and perhaps be right in the thick of the fight with Baltimore and Cincinnati who had the Ravens’ number last week.

Houston now looks like a mature, playoff ready team. Beating the Colts in week one set the stage but Washington held them to only a three point victory.

The real surprise so far is Kansas City. Having clobbered San Diego in their first game, a rainy mess on Monday Night Football then beating the slightly favored Browns has the Chiefs looking strong as they host the winless 49er’s.

No one should be surprised that Buffalo and Cleveland are winless. Both have a long ways to go to gain respectability.

The NFC situation is more interesting. Green Bay and New Orleans would surely be expected to do well, but Tampa Bay and Chicago were written off to finish dead last by most going into the season.

Dallas had visions of hosting and playing in the Super Bowl at season’s end. They look horrendous with pretty boy quarterback, Tony Romo, looking dazed and confused. The Minnesota Vikings suddenly have a quarterback who looks and acts his age with a horribly depleted receiving corps. San Francisco has looked sloppy and confused so far. They were the clear choice to win the West this season. The remaining teams should not be much of a surprise. Carolina is now in rebuild mode. St. Louis is far from stabilized and the Lions – say no more – but aren’t they a better team than they were two years ago?

Reality check, there are fourteen games left, but teams starting 0-2 aren’t likely to win championships. Yes, it is panic time in Dallas and Minnesota. The 49er’s are still a work in progress.

This week’s picks:
Cleveland @ Baltimore (-10 ½)
Pick Baltimore. It’s time for Joe Flacco to enjoy his new weapons.

Cincinnati (-3) @ Carolina
Cincinnati will win the Pussy Bowl. Let’s hope it’s not show time for their clowns Ochocinco and T.O.

Buffalo @ New England (-14)
More people will be talking about Tom Brady’s new hairdo than the game. New England wins big.

San Francisco (-2 ½) @ Kansas City
Go with the 2-0 Chiefs to pull the upset.

Tennessee @ New York Giants (-3)
The Titans should upset the disorganized Giants.

Pittsburgh (-3) @ Tampa Bay
Let’s see if the Tampa Bay Bucs can keep the good times rolling. The temp QB will do in Pittsburgh in sunny Florida. There will probably be more fans in the stands than have attended Rays games all year and they are playoff bound!!!

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-4)
The home advantage should be enough to put the Saints ahead. Atlanta was picked by many to take the helm in the NFC south. Not yet.

Detroit @ Minnesota (-11)
Brett Favre will finally win one, but keep an eye on the spread.

Dallas @ Houston (-3)
The Cowboys travel south to move to 0-3 in the battle for Texas.

Philadelphia (-2 ½) @ Jacksonville
The dog-killer will be the cat-killer in a big empty stadium in north Florida.

Washington (-3 ½) @ St. Louis
Hail to the Redskins.

Indianapolis (-5 ½) @ Denver
Peyton and his pals will make week one look like a distant bad dream after winning this one.

Oakland (-4) @ Arizona
How the Cardinals have fallen. Oakland should have enough mojo to beat a team in decline.

San Diego (5 ½) @ Seattle
Here’s a good test for Pete Carroll. Can he upset the Bolts? Probably not.

New York Jets @ Miami (2 ½)
The bold start for the Fins stops here. The Jets are ready to show off what they can do.


Sprint Cup 2010: Race 28 -- Move Over for the Monster

Is anyone surprised to see who is sitting on the pole for Sunday’s AAA 500 at Dover International Speedway? It’s the first race officially in autumn, the second race of the chase.

Give up?

Jimmie Johnson, of course, will start from the pole with A.J. Allmendinger occupying the outside pole for Sunday’s race. The Roush drivers in the chase did exactly what they so badly needed to do in qualifying with Greg Biffle in 6th, Carl Edwards in 10th, and Matt Kenseth in 14th. Point’s leader, Denny Hamlin, starts in 4th outside the second row.

Here’s how the chasers start: (Standings noted to right of starter’s name.)
1) Jimmie Johnson (6th)
4) Denny Hamlin (1st)
6) Greg Biffle (8th)
8) Kurt Busch (5th)
10) Carl Edwards (7th)
11) Kyle Busch (3rd)
14) Matt Kenseth (11th)
15) Jeff Gordon (4th)
24) Clint Bowyer (12th)*
25) Tony Stewart (10th)
27) Jeff Burton (9th)
33) Kevin Harvick (2nd)

*Clint Bowyer’s standing reflects 150 point deduction from NASCAR sanction. Case is on appeal.

Looking at these qualifying results, one almost has to question if there is some painful chill blowing through the Richard Childress garage with all three drivers in the bottom third of the starting lineup. The results are especially difficult for Kevin Harvick who starts 33rd just above the creeps and quitters. Consistency has been the key to his success so far in 2010.

Practice results show good results for the Roush camp and some blessed redemption for the #33 team. Cup chasers generally occupied top spots in Practice #1.

The chasers practice spots are:

Carl Edwards, 2nd
Clint Bowyer, 4th
Greg Biffle, 5th
Matt Kenseth, 6th
Kyle Busch, 7th
Jeff Gordon, 10th
Denny Hamlin, 11th
Kurt Busch, 15th
Jimmie Johnson, 19th
Jeff Burton, 24th
Tony Stewart, 26th
Kevin Harvick, 32nd

While much can happen before the green flag drops, surely the Roush boys must be doing something that has eluded them most of the year. Both qualifying and practice times are very strong. If a Ford driver is to win the championship, better preparation is one of the keys to victory. Clearly, they are prepared in Delaware. Clint Bowyer looks to be a man on a mission. Imagine how a driver must feel. If there was any shenanigans going on with the tolerances, would be (or Richard Childress) be in the loop? Nevertheless, it’s the driver’s and owner’s championships on the line who each suffer the 150 points deduction.

Denny Hamlin looked like a total ass sticking it to the RCR team contending that the Childress team has be over the line from some time including the following comment which has been a widely circulated sound byte throughout sports media:

"In the garage, everyone has known it for months -- it's not two weeks old. This is something that's been going on for months. They've [the No. 33 team] been warned for a long time, way before Richmond. They knew it was wrong way before [New Hampshire] and I felt like they wanted to get everything they could. What did they have to lose, really? You almost can't fault them for that."

Hamlin is getting to be quite the finger-pointer all too prone to chastising his fellow race teams for perceived grievances. It’s one thing if a driver has an encounter on the race track. Stuff happens and tempers get hot, but Hamlin is taking on the role of a prima donna as if nothing like this could ever happen at JGR. Should anyone be surprised if other drivers don’t give him a break?

Sunday’s weather should be in the low 70’s, much cooler than qualifying weather, with clouds thickening as the race approaches the checkered flag. Surely, a lot of tweaks and adjustments will be necessary as the race progresses where pit strategy can be all important.

The Dover monster has a nasty way of rising up and destroying race cars whether by its tough demands on equipment or cars not able to avoid wrecks negotiating the high banked concrete curves and straightaways.

Forty six teams entered competition. Two quitters failed to qualify but once again, the #26 team with Air National Guard sponsorship failed to make the race. There are obviously some serious operational problems in that garage given their difficulty gaining starting positions, but how insulting it must be to them and their sponsors to come to the track week after week and then facing the possibility of missing the race for the corrupt moochers who put in a few parade laps and then cash their generous paychecks for doing next to nothing. Last week’s parking lot patrol took home no less than $68,000 per entry for starting the race. Would these funds not be better spent divided up among legitimate competitors or perhaps reducing admission costs for fans? Pity Mark Martin who starts next to last surrounded by these leaches on the sport.

The keys to the race are:
1- How will RCR entries perform in light of this week’s penalties on the #33 car?

2- How can the Roush-Fenway cars demonstrate they are serious championship contenders given their strength in qualifying and practice?

3- Can Tony Stewart overcome an unlucky finish a week ago and a poor qualifying position to improve his position significantly in the standings?

4- Will Jimmie Johnson look destined for his 5th consecutive championship having won the poll for the Dover race?

Expect a major shakeup in the top 12 standings Sunday night after the action in Delaware has concluded. Dover is one of the riskiest tracks in the ten race “chase” sequence.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 27 -- Clint Bowyer Penalized

NASCAR lowered the boom and essentially tossed the #33 team out of the 2010 chase competition docking driver Clint Bowyer, the New Hampshire winner, 150 points and owner, Richard Childress 150 points while crew chief, Shane Wilson was fined $150,000 and suspended for six races along with car chief, Chad Haney, who also will be out for six races. The penalty destroys the team by reducing his points from 5195 points, -35 out of first to 5045 points, -185 from the top moving from second place in the standings to dead last. Richard Childress indicated his intention to appeal NASCAR’s ruling but if the evidence is convincing, it’s unlikely NASCAR will budge.


Republican Priorities up to November 2 -- Republican Priorities after November 2

Priority #1: Win majorities in House and Senate. (November 2)

Priority #2: Eliminate Sarah Palin. (November 3)

Conservatives, Republicans, and all Americans who believe in limited government based on Constitutional principles who also realize the necessity to strip Barack Obama of all possible power before he can be driven from office in the 2012 elections have a tremendous responsibility on November 2nd. That responsibility is to vote for Republican house and senate candidates and to encourage as many friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates to do the same. If successful, both the senate and house can be returned to Republican rule.

This is no time to be caught up in personalities. The question is how will the representative from your district and the senator from your state vote. In that context, it is impossible to vote for any Democrat realizing every seat held by Democrats is one seat toward the continued rule of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid or some other Senate majority leader should he be voted from office which the state of Nevada is quite capable of doing.

If the Republicans fall just short of taking the Senate, and it is because Nevada, Alaska, or Delaware selected the Democratic candidate over the Republican, the answer is clear, Sarah Palin must be held responsible for her shrill, slogan-ridden efforts in helping deliver less qualified candidates she endorsed win their Republican primaries where their opponents were all but shoe-ins had they won instead.

What gains the Republicans make will not be because of Sarah Palin’s involvement in supporting candidates for the house and senate. The Democrats have brought the specter of destruction upon themselves where reasonable Republicans should win handily except in the most strident union-dominated liberal states. Sarah Palin did not create the tea party movement which could help bring a lot more voters into the polls to toss out the incumbents. She grafted herself on to the movement, and by being glib with all the bumper sticker slogans appropriate to this campaign, has gotten a lot of mileage out of this years’ off season election not appealing to voters’ sense of reason on why the Federal government must change hands but only to a crude, anti-intellectual emotional sense of throwing the bums out.

On November 2nd, the election must be won. On November 3rd, getting rid of Sarah Palin to get the machinery in place for even greater triumphs in 2012 becomes the next great task.

Sarah Palin is an intellectual cipher and has no proven accomplishments that qualify her for national office or the rigors of serving on Capitol Hill. She could not even stomach completing the one term she was elected to serve as Governor of Alaska. A short term governor from a state with one of the smallest populations whose issues are far different and less complicated than the lower 48 states simply is not qualified to intelligently address national efforts except as a shrill teenager.

Further, Sarah Palin has neither the temperament, maturity, nor self-discipline to be a major national political figure. She must cut out the childish sarcasm and insults calling the media the “lame stream” media at every opportunity as she must be above the kind of mud throwing that might be perfectly okay for some fiery commentators or talk show hosts, but not a serious political power broker. Likewise, calling the President, Barack Hussein Obama, putting extra emphasis on the President’s middle name is nothing more than a childish ploy that perhaps panders to those who might question whether Obama is, in fact, a Muslim. That she would say Obama lack “cojones” in any context is absolutely inappropriate from a person who seeks to be worthy of political respect. She puts herself on the same level the foul mouthed insult monger of the House, Democratic Congressman, Alan Grayson, one of the few Washington politicians who is a bigger buffoon than Palin. For a person who has been the victim of plenty of political cheap shots, she only makes herself more deserving of continued barbs when she so casually trashes people she would accomplish much more by attempting to criticize without wallowing in the pig’s mud.

Her banishment must be swift, forceful, and overwhelming. If it takes stuffing her shortcomings in the public’s eyes, she must be marginalized and pushed aside quickly. It won’t be easy at first. Any effort to criticize her will result in her and some of her followers screaming she’s being railroaded by the Republican establishment. Sarah Palin is sufficiently vain enough, she would take all around her down with her if she got the chance. Thus, the efforts to rid the Republican and Conservative movement of this unwelcomed charlatan must be absolutely decisive. She needs to be knocked down to what she truly is in real life, an unsuccessful leader who didn’t have the true capability to complete the task the citizens of Alaska elected her to do. Sarah Palin is simply a failure of a competent leader who jumped ship when the waters got too choppy.


This is Tough Medicine: Delaware Must Vote for the Delaware Dullard

September 14th Primary Results: Are Republicans in Self-Destruct Mode?

The cold hard truth is the Republican voters of Delaware selected an idiot who got lots of support from Sarah Palin. Christine O’Donnell is not qualified to be a United States Senator. She lacks the life’s work, the necessary experience, and personal responsibility to represent herself much less the population of her state. It’s bad enough the Republican Party has to deal with the Wasilla Wench. Now it has the Delaware Dullard.

The Democrats were offering up this race to Republicans on a silver platter with a self-acknowledged Marxist, Chris Coons, who has shown himself to be the most lethal kind of Democrat as County Executive for New Castle County. He has a record of big spending, far exceeding budgets, and raising taxes. No one is a better portrait of the enemy America must defeat convincingly in November. However, leave it to the yokel class of the Republican Party to elect a cheap knockoff of Sarah Palin who has yet to show any greater mastery of American government, current issues, or mastery of the English language than to be able to simply recite from memory a bunch of worn out bumper sticker slogans.

So responsible voters are forced with the unthinkable choosing between a total imbecile or a Communist. What kind of choice is that?

The hard reality is intelligent voters must swallow their pride and vote for the imbecile because her main responsibility is to vote the party line and count as one member toward a Republican majority in the Senate. If she’s smart enough to know what affirmative and negative mean, she can probably be an effective drone for the GOP.

However, how can any intelligent person keep a straight face arguing this shrill little nitwit should be elected?

Rest assured, the Democrats will find every abnormal, embarrassing, or improper activity this pathetic dimwit has ever been involved with.

She even provided a classic faux pas that makes for great material for the comics. Like her roll model, Sarah Palin, she likes to invent words accusing Karl Rove of being “unfactual.”

She committed to appear on Fox News Sunday and another Sunday news program, then backed out claiming exhaustion and that she had “church” obligations and a picnic to attend saying she needed to stay close to the people in Delaware. If she is already exhausted, just wait until the rigors of the campaign set in, fortunately for her, Delaware is only 100 miles long from north to south with most of the population in the northern third of the state with some population along the northern part of its Atlantic coast. Truth be told, if she were interviewed on such a program, she would have been slaughtered even if questioned in a gentle, straight-forward objective manner. She carries way too much baggage and is way too inarticulate to field such questions to come across as confident and informed.

As Republicans and patriotic Americans who realize where the Obama administration and Democratic House and Senate are taking America, Delaware voters must suck up their pride and vote for Christine O’Donnell and pray she does not bring too much bad press too their marvelous state. Her task is to take orders and vote for Republican issues and to void the Democrats.

Remember, it’s all a numbers game. The first number is 51, the second is 60. The Republicans must win 51 seats to have a majority in the Senate and 60 seats to become filibuster proof. Winning a majority should be in reach, but having unqualified candidates who are easily exploited by the media such as Christine O’Donnell does not help. Regardless, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who have seen the light must hold their nose with the fingers on one hand while voting for the Delaware Dullard with the other.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 27 -- The Chase is On

Here’s the field for the 2010 Chase for the Cup.

1. Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 5060 pts.
2. Jimmie Johnson, Chevy, 5050 pts.
3. Kevin Harvick, Chevy, 5030, pts.
4. Kyle Busch, Toyota, 5030 pts.
5. Kurt Busch, Dodge, 5020 pts.
6. Tony Stewart, Chevy, 5010 pts.
7. Greg Biffle, Ford, 5010 pts.
8. Jeff Gordon, Chevy, 5000 pts.
9. Carl Edwards, Ford, 5000 pts.
10. Jeff Burton, Chevy, 5000 pts.
11. Matt Kenseth, Ford, 5000 pts.
12. Clint Bowyer, Chevy, 5000 pts.

So who is going to be championship after the last race in Homestead in November? First, it’s hard not to pick Jimmie Johnson for his 5th championship in a row. The less-than-satisfactory performances are now in the past. With five victories, Johnson is just ten points short of the lead as the Chase begins. They will be more than ready to defend their title.

Perhaps the law of averages will catch up with the #48 team. If they race like they did in the middle of the summer, they will not win the big prize. We believe the following competitors are the most likely to take the cup should Johnson fail.

Tony Stewart: He’s been there and done that. The #14 team has been improving week by week since the Brickyard. “Smoke” is a tough 2nd half performer.

Kevin Harvick: The #29 team has been strong and consistent all season long. Childress racing seems to have resolved the technology problems which plagued them a year ago. If they can snag a couple wins ths fall, they could bring the team its first win since Dale Earnhardt won his last title in 1994.

Kyle Busch: Busch has a flare for the dramatic and has gotten stronger in recent weeks. He’s maturing as a racer having won the Nationwide Championship last year and learning the business of racing with his truck team. Perhaps his greatest challenge will be his equipment itself. JGR cars have had all kinds of bugs, glitches, and failures this year. The last ten weeks are not a good time for an engine to blowup.

Denny Hamlin: After a strong win at Richmond to conclude the regular season, the #11 team is in good shape to make a championship run. Up until that point, the second part of the season has been tough on Hamlin’s team, but the Richmond win helps turn that around. Again, equipment failure is the big concern.

All the rest of the teams have serious questions about their performance. How different things would look for Jeff Gordon if his team scored a couple wins. If they can win races, they can put themselves in the hunt, but until that happens, they will be outside looking in.

With just one win among the Roush teams, it’s hard to see a Blue Oval championship. The FR-9 engine has not yet produced the kind of results needed to put Ford in week-to-week parity with the other teams. Carl Edwards and the #99 team have shown much improvement in recent weeks coming close to victory but never being the commanding car. Edwards is a driver who can go on a hot streak. Biffle has looked brilliant at times but then gets in the thick of the action where big wrecks occur.

Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton, and Clint Bowyer have never shown a true killer instinct this year. They’re good enough for the chase but not good enough to win a championship. While Jeff Burton certainly has been solid and consistent, he seems to lack the killer instinct to outfox the competition in the final laps. The #17 team just doesn't look racy on the track. It will be a winter for the engineers to do their gearhead best to help make Matt Kenseth a winner again. Clint Bowyer is just too unpredictable at this stage in his career.

The Chase contenders start as follows.

1. Clint Bowyer (2nd)
2. Tony Stewart (3rd)
3. Kyle Busch (9th)
4. Carl Edwards (10th)
5. Kurt Busch (12th)
6. Jeff Burton (13th)
7. Greg Biffle (14th)
8. Jeff Gordon (17th)
9. Denny Hamlin (22nd)
10. Jimmie Johnson (25th)
11. Kevin Harvick (27th)
12. Matt Kenseth (33rd)

With Brad Keselowski on the poll, his mischievous and risky style of racing could create trouble for the chasers until he settles back into the pack. One sponsored ride, the #26 ride drive by Jeff Green, failed to qualifying. One start and quit team, the #66 Prism car driven by Johnny Sauter, did not make the field. There could be up to eight teams cluttering up the early going of the race before they bailout to the garage and collect their earnings for making the starting lineup. One step in the right direction would be to ban all teams that do not have the resources or intent to complete races from the final tens races, the postseason, where the attention focuses on crowning a champ. Perhaps, teams could be allowed to add more than the four car maximum in the final 10 races for R&D, just a thought for discussion.


NFL 2010: Week 2

The first week of the 2010 season provided some interesting scenarios. Who would have thought that the chaos the Washington Redskns went through during their preseason would yield a win over the Dallas Cowboys who many have chosen to rule the NFC? Houston dominated the Indianapolis Colts perhaps showing transition in the AFC south. New England once again looked like a dominant team clobbering the Cincinnati Bengals, a team seen a solid contender for '10. The Ravens and Jets fought in a massive brawl as predicted with Baltimore winning.

Here are our picks for the 2nd week.

Baltimore (2 1/2) @ Cincinnati
The trip to southern Ohio has always been a challenge for the Ravens but if their secondary performs competently, their upgraded offense will put them on top.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (-5.5)
Without Big Ben and being on the road will put the game on the Steeler's defense to win as such the Titan should edge Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia (-6 1/2) at Detroit
Detroit still has a long way to go. The Eagles need good QB play.

Arizona @ Atlanta (-6 1/2)
The Arizona Cardinals are not the team they were last year. Without Kurt Warner and Anquan Bolden, Atlanta should destroy them.

Miami @ Minnesota (-5.5)
This should belong to the Vikings, but if you want to pick an uspet, this could be the game.

Kansas City @ Cleveland (-2)
Did the bookies not see Monday night's game?  The Chiefs clobbered the Chargers. It wasn't just the rain and home field. Cleveland is not going to wn this one.

Tampa Bay  @ Carolina (-3.5)
Neither team inspires much confidence, but Carolina should hang on for a home win.

Buffalo @ Green Bay (-13)
The Packers need a strong performance to solidify their status as one of the elite teams for '10.

Chicago @ Dallas (-7.5)
After a dreadful opening, Chicago has far too far to go to give Dallas a good fight even f the Cowboys are way overrated and Tony Romo is a pretty boy cream puff.

Seattle @ Denver (-3.5)
No easy game for Denver, but they should prevail over the Seahawks.

St. Louis @ Oakland (-3.5)
Oakland should have just enough of an edge to beat the struggling Rams.

Jacksonville @ San Diego (-7)
Back home in the sun should give the Bolts the win easily over a weak Jacksonvlle team.

New England (-3) @ New York Jets
So how much bravado will Rex Ryan have after his team is 0-2 after the Patriots systematically pick them apart?  The Jets must improve tremnedously over how they played the Ravens to win this one.

Houston (-3) @ Washington
Houston beat the Colts. Now how could they lose to the Redskins?

New York Giants @ Indianapolis (-5.5)
In the Manning Brothers Bowl, Peyton beats little brother Eli.

New Orleans (-6) @ San Francisco
The "Niners" have much to resolve after their licking in week one. The Saints should March into Frisco and win convincingly.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 26 -- Judgment Night

Essentially, all Greg Biffle and Clint Bowyer have to do is finish the race tonight in Richmond staying in the top 25, and they're in. Biffle, in 11th starts 24th while Bowyer has a fine second row, 4th position, while first man on the other side of the bubble, Ryan Newman needs to make up 127 points starting in 23rd position. Jamie McMurray is buried down in 34th place starting position. Add it up and without something catastrophic affecting Biffle and/or Bowyer and very respectable finishes by the contenders, the 2010 Chase has been decided. While Biffle's starting position is not good, his final practice was fourth best.

Here's the top 10 starters:

1- Carl Edwards, Ford
2- Juan Montoya, Chevy
3- A.J. Allmendinger, Ford
4- Clint Bowyer, Chevy
5- David Reutimann, Toyota
6- Joey Logano, Toyota
7- Paul Menard, Ford
8- Brad Keselowski, Dodge
9- Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Chevy
10- Kasey Kahne, Ford

Richmond is one of the circuit's most exciting tracks combining short track action with a long back stretch measuring 3/4 of a mile total length. The race will be on over-the-air television on ABC. All top 12 drivers will be challenged to attempt to pull off a victory to gain ten points toward their Chase standings. It will be fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

World Panic Over 50 Member Church in Florida

Book burning is one of the world's ugliest displays of contempt. Immediately, it stirs up imagery of Nazi Germany and Mao Tse Tung's brutal "cultural" revolution. It also brings to mind radical Islam whose members never miss an excuse to torch anything associated with Western Culture. It's the kind of behavior that truly chills sensitive, freedom loving people to the bone. Of course, it is allowed by the first amendment a legitimate expression of free speech and political freedom in the USA. When John Lennon made his flip comment about Jesus in 1966, many southern churches burned Beatles records.

A small Gainsville, Florida church of only fifty members led by Rev. Terry Jones intends to burn copies of the Koran on Saturday to show their contempt for Radical Islam on the 9th anniversary of the Islamic Extremists' attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia plus the loss of Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania.

The issue became world news earlier in the weak when General David Patreus urged the church not to go ahead with their plans fearing it would stir up angry Muslims who might cause harm for his troops in Afghanistan. After that, it quickly became a world wide media frenzy. Within days, world leaders and American figures from Barack Obama to Sarah Palin pleaded with the Florida church to change their plans. The news media unleashed a tsunami of extreme moralizing at what is seen as pure bigotry at its most raw form.

Enough already!!!  Do we not have a sense of perspective any longer?

This represents the action of perhaps just 50 people from a nation of over 300,000,000. The percentage of the population is so small Microsoft Excel will not even compute the percentage.

The radical left, the anti-American forces around the world, and radical Islam will milk this event for all its worth with sweeping generalizations as if it represents all Americans or a wide cross section of our population. There are factions within Islam around the world who never miss a chance for blowing up stuff, lighting things on fire, and gathering huges crowds shouting "death to America."  The same thing we're so upset about within the United States, a country that allows diverse points of view no matter how onerous, occurs in large Islamic populations with certainly far more than 50 people involved quite frequently. All they need is some excuse where some one in the west supposedly insulted Islam, and kaboom. How many cities faced riots over a Danish cartoonist's rather mild-mannered taunts of radical Islam which were rather mild compared to the depiction of Jesus in the popular cartoon program, South Park. While below our American standards of conduct, the Florida church is upset about something far more substantial that simple cartoons, they're protesting the deaths of 3,000 Americans nine years ago. Every day Amercans were doing nothing but showing up to work and were murdered by thugs screaming their praise to Allah as our beloved fellow countrymen were tortured and murdered.

Let's get things straight. We realize there are things people have the right to do that are things they shouldn't do.  The notion of building a Mosque where the dust of incinerated American bodies landed is one such thing. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin staging a rally at the Lincoln Memorial celebrating the achievements of white America on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "Dream" rally is another. A backwoods yokel church of 50, burning Korans is another. Perspective is every thing. The whole world is getting bent out of shape over 50 stupid bigotted Americans when the cities of Europe can be thrown into upheavel in Islamic neighborhoods doing far worse whenever some radical Muslim gets a hair up his butt.

What's more disturbing is are we approching an environment where to question ANYTHING about Islam will promptly get anyone doing so branded as a bigot or a hater?  This is a good time to examine the life of the historic figure, Mohammed and to read the Koran and speak openly about what's contained within. Let's have a real discussion about what their sacred book says about women, non-believers, and some other issues.

Burning the Koran does not open this discussion; however, it closes it off.

Once again, the moral hypocrisy and cowardice of American culture is clearly on display. We shold be far more worried about how much freedom and intellectual curiosity is being oppressed by the powers of political correctness than what some small time yokels are up to.

NFL 2010: Week 1

This is the NFL. There are no real cupcake games to open the week. There are some blistering hot match ups including teams seen to be hot contenders facing off and traditional rivals.

Here's our picks.  Don't listen to those fools on ESPN Sunday mornings. We beat them like Ray Lewis on a scared rookie.

Minnesota @ New Orleans (-5)
Minnesota will be hot for revenge after losing to the Saints in the NFC Championship, but the dynamics are right for New Orleans to win again especially with a charged up loud indoors crowd. It should be about a one touchdown win.

Oakland @ Tennessee (-6.5)
Write this one down as a possible upset and the Raiders could beat the spread. Tennessee though will likely tally their first win for 2010.

Carolina @ New York Giants (-6.5)
This will be no contest at the Giants, who could be one of the most under valued teams this year will baptize their new palace with a convicing win. Carolina has too many question marks.

Indianapolis (-2.5) @ Houston
Houston isn't ready yet to beat Peyton and his pals.

Denver @ Jacksonville (-2.5)
Vegas says Jacksonville. We say Denver.  C'mon now, where has Jacksonville improved enough?

Atlanta (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh
Atlanta is the pretty pick this year and with Big Bully Ben out for the first four weeks for being a filthy jerke, Atlanta will have the Pittsburgh home crowd using their terrible towels to blot the tears.

Miami (-3) @ Buffalo
Seriously, how many NFL teams can't beat Buffalo. Miami could be better than last year too.

Detroit at Chicago (-6.5)
The team on the west side of Michigan Avenue will win convincingly even if they suck. Detroit is still emerging.

Cincinnati @ New England (-4.5)
This game is probably a coin toss, but we'd have to give New England the nod playing at home. It will be interesting to see how Chad What's-His-Name and T.O. carry on their antics together.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay (-3)
Is there such a thing as minor league football?  Tampa will beat the clueless Clevelands.

San Francisco (-3) @ Seattle
San Francisco is another team folks like this year. Seattle is in transition with Pete Carroll's enthusiastic approach verus Mike Singletary's drill sergeant discipline.

Green Bay (-3) @ Philadelphia
McNabb is now a Redskin. The Cobb era begins. The Packers are another NFC team on the up and up and will absolutely ruffle those tough Philadelphia fans.

Arizona (-4) @ St. Louis
Kurt Warner and Anquon Boldin are gone from the Cardinals. This will destroy them later in the year but not against St. Louis that will be taking steps toward regaining respectability this year.

Dallas (-4) @ Washington
Dallas all but had the Super Bowl tickets printed for their own home stadium, then came the preseason where their offense looked clueless. Meanwhile, the Redskins are a very different team. Though Albert Hainsworth has been an absolute jerk in cooperating with new coach, Mike Shannahan, Donovan McNabb despite his weaknesses and advancing age will be a stabilizing influence on the Burgundy and Gold. Washington pulls an incredbile upset over an overconfident Dallas squad.

Baltimore @ New York Jets (-2.5)
No team has made the preseason noise the New York Jets have and they do have new weapons they didn't have last year. Rod Ryan's bluster has  sure made the Jets the talk of the NFC. However, what team hasn't done more to improve than the Baltimore Ravens with a redesigned pass receiving corps?  While the Ravens arre a little weak in the secondary, the options they have on offense are incredible. Ray Rice is one of the league's best young runners. Add to that, the addition of Anquan Boldin and T.J.  Houshmandzadeh supporting Derrick Mason and more tight end support behind Todd Heap, the Ravens are loaded. Perhaps the Jets are favaored because too many have been watching Hard Knocks.

San Diego (-4.5) @ Kansas City
San Diego remains the toast of the AFC west. In this opening Monday night special, it will be a late 9:15 start in the central time zone for KC fans. The Bolts win this one convincingly. K.C. still has a ways to go, but they are on the right path.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama's Self Pity Reaches New Extremes

Barack Obama has clearly become totally unhinged in addition to everything else he's done wrong or has failed at accomplishing. We are certainly grateful when he fails to accomplish his agenda for almost everything in it is dead wrong. However, now has he not only gotten to where he cannot defend his policies or speak to the issues, he's resorted to personal attacks on the Minority Leader of the House. If he engages in fingering pointing, he will lose.

Press account of today's speech in Cleveland. Barack O-boo-hoo in action:

More disturbing is how he is selectively trying to reinvent his biography. This would be a DANGEROUS mistake as there is so much in his background no one bothered to cover in the first go around. We will make it very clear, RIGHTMINDED FELLOW does not believe Obama is not a legitimately born American citizen. We do not believe Obama is a Muslin though we suspect he is probably at heart, an atheist, which would be consistent with the large amount of Marxist dogma he has assimilated. The truth about his mother wasn't that she was a victim of society but rather one of her own idiotic decisions and view of the world that was wrapped up in the zany fringe of radicalism in the 1950's and 60's just as it was starting to explode across college campuses during the Vietnam era.

If we bring in personalities into this debate, Barack Obama is a dreadful excuse for a human being -- thin-skinned, egotistical, dishonest, disrespectful of others, dogmatic, elitist, and narcissistic. The American people who fell for his well-rehearsed, carefully manufactured persona have been burned enough that now they see right through it and can see the real Barack Obama whose the kind of person who is so arrogant that one would be tempted to stomp on his head if he had fallen down on the ground.

Get your boots on. The time has come.

Monday, September 6, 2010

America's Most Expensive School Ever - Los Angeles

Every picture tells a story, and here's part of what tax money is paying for. These are pictures from inside the Robert F. Kennedy Community School, the $578 million fiasco. Wait until the vandals and their spray cans go to work on this.

CONSIDER THIS: Nearly 3000 teaches have been laid off from the district in the past two years according to the Associated Press. Further, the district faces a $640 million budget shortfall and is among the nation's lowest performing school systems. Meanwhile, ABC news reports the cost to be $250,000 per student attending the school for the total cost of the school.

CH-CHING: Want to bet Obama-Bucks are on the way.

First, the school's namesake is portrayed as deity or like the grand dictator in totalitarian countries in library murals.

In the second mural, Kennedy is shown breaking bread with Mexican-American Union Leader, Chesar Chevez. How would a Republican student feel in the shadows of this?

Imagine "High School Musical" being staged at this school. Maybe this would be a great performing venue for the "Glee Club." This is the auditorium entrance.  Does your town have ANY theaters this lavish?

Teaching is a tough job. Don't teachers deserve a nice place to mingle with their colleagues and enjoy a hearty meal?  Here's the faculty dining facility. Gee, why would those teachers be in such a hurry to retire on their lavish California pensions if they have facilities like this?

The school is scheduled to open on September 13th. Who will be involved with the dedication ceremony? Who wouldn't love to hear those speeches and hear the self-righteous elites justify ripping off the public for this palace of excess at a time the state is starving for money.

Every person who is being forced to accept lesser services, has lost a job, or no longer has access to state facilities in California should be absolutely outraged. Any school that is scrounging for supplies or demanding students bring in their own supplies should be hopping mad.  California taxpayers should revolt, but there is Federal money involved too so this is every American's business.

Those responsible for this should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Of course the California voters did pass a multibillion dollar school construction bond issue; however, is this what they had in mind?  An examination of other public schools in other communities would surely be revealing.


Los Angeles Opens the Taj Mahal to What's Wrong with Public Schools while California is Bankrupt

There is no excuse for this. In one of the nation's worst school systems were failure is widespread and the graduation rate is an embarassment, Los Angeles opens what is by far the most expensive public school ever constructed. Absolutely nothing in this investment serves to advance student achievement; instead it is a gaudy opulent palace of Hollywood excess at a time when California can least afford it. How can any sane person justify this?  How can this have survived the approval process?  How is it no one has yet to be held responsible for this?

The first paragraph from the Wall Street Journal says it all.


Wait until the Federal Government bails out California and we get the bill.


Barrack Obama Is a Self-Pitying Asshole

From speech delivered to largely labor union members in Milwaukee.

"Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they're not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true,"

Well boo-hoo, Baracko-Baby.  What did YOUR PEOPLE say about the past President that you so frequently ridicule.  Tough talk goes with the territory you hateful bastard. Take it like a man or SHUT UP!!

You must take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, you gutless ass. You aren't even worthly of being on the same level as pond scum for what you've done to destroy and divide our country and we are letting you know.

Don't compare yourself to a dog either. Dogs are loving creatures who bestow unconditional love on their human families. You, you loathesome scum, give us doubletalk and stab us in the back.

We will do everything possible as honestly as we can to throw you and your supporters out of office and reveal you for the rotten socialists and craven ideologues you truly are.

History will show you are the most miserable failure ever to inhabit the White House and many of us remember Jimmy Carter. Take the worst of Carter, Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson and that barely adds up to one Barack Hussein Obama.

You are being treated like the shameful ass you are; nothing more, nothing less. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 25 - Stewart Wins; Chase for Chase All But Finished

It’s September. Pools are closing. Kids are back in school, and footballs are flying. In Sprint Cup Racing, it means guys like Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson get hot, and that’s exactly what happened in Hot ‘Lanta. Stewart won the race giving him a much needed 10 bonus points when the Chase field is determined. Jimmie Johnson finished 3rd, not that his Chase situation was any problem since he’s tied for the lead with five wins, but it certainly will send shivers around the other team garages as they prepare for the last ten races. Jimmie’s back and heading for his 5th in a row. Truth be told, once he had the five wins, all he had to do was hold on to staying in the top 12 and anything good up to Richmond would be icing on the cake.

Also, in closing out the last position in the Chase, Clint Bowyer did what he had to do, adding to his lead over 13th place with a solid 7th place finish. Meanwhile, Jamie McMurray finished 15th and Mark Martin finished 21st all but ruining their chances allowing Ryan Newman to slip into 13th place; however, almost nothing short of his winning and a Bowyer DNF would change the scenario.

An early blown engine put Denny Hamlin in dead last even behind the parking lot patrol. Five cars parked in front of him before another miserable finish for a Chase driver, Greg Biffle whose early wreck cemented him in 36th place. The evening was almost as bad for points’ leader, Kevin Harvick, who blew a tire and the flapping around tire rubber on the driver’s side beat the hell out of his race car.

Aside from these noted incidents, all the Top 12 drivers finished in the top 13 where Jeff Gordon finished.

1- Tony Stewart. Chevrolet
2- Carl Edwards, Ford
3- Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet
4- Jeff Burton, Chevrolet
5- Kyle Busch, Toyota
6- Kurt Busch, Dodge
7- Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet
8- Ryan Newman, Chevrolet
9- Juan Montoya, Chevrolet
10- Marcos Ambrose, Toyota
11- Matt Kenseth, Ford
12- Martin Truex, Jr., Toyota
13- Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet

After an announcement that the Lance McGrew/Dale Earnhardt Jr. partnership would continue, Junior continued to show no fire for winning, a 22nd place finish. Ho-hum.

For what it’s worth, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, and Kurt Busch gained two positions in the standings while Denny Hamlin fell five. All this will be mute after Saturday night when they’ll be shuffled by wins after Richmond’s race. Surely, any of the top 12 drivers will be motivated to snag a victory at the venerated Virginia track to gain ten points in the Chase seedings, mindful that Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton, Matt Kenseth, and Clint Bowyer have no wins in 2010.

What's Going On in the National League: How the Mighty Are Falling

First St. Louis, now San Deigo, what's going on?

On 8/25 Padres had won 8 out of ten games and had won 3 in a row. They held a 6 ½ game lead over the San Francisco Giants. All looked well as they worked to fine tune their game for a trip to post season representing the National League West. They had won two games against the last place Arizona Diamondbacks. The following night, they lost to Arizona 11-5, no sign of impending doom. The following day the Philadelphia Phillies checked in for a weekend series. The Padres would have to be prepared. The Phillies were looking for their surge to overtake the Atlanta Braves for first place in the National League East. The results, the Padres lost all three games, 3-2 in 12 innings, 3-1, and 5-0. This was not good, but a hot team can catch another team off guard, and with the Phllies tough pitching, the Padres bats could look a little limp. No need to panic, but that’s four games down. They still were five games ahead of San Francisco.

It was time for a road trip to the last place Diamondbacks, a chance to get well quickly. However, the Diamondbacks not only beat them, but beat them soundly, 7-2, 7-4, and 5-2. It was only a three day road trip, but they’d entertain the Colorado Rockies, a team notorious for getting hot this time of year.

Sure enough, the Rockies were hot, hot enough to sweep the series, and the Padres have now lost ten games in a row holding to one game lead.

They stay at home for their next combatants, the LA Dodgers, a team that should be ripe for the picking having completely lost their way in the second half of the season. This could be the chance for the Padres to get straightened out. If not, they could make the Dodgers suddenly feel healthy again.

With their collapse this early, should the Padres not turn it around, they might not attract the notice of the 1964 Phillies, 1978 Red Sox, or more recently, 2007 Mets more modest collapse giving up a 5 game lead in September to the Phillies but looking pathetic doing so.

Having led the division for so long and holding the National League’s best record for most of the summer, the Padres stand to look historically hysterical, but keep in mind this was a team that looked like they’d be bottom dwellers in April likely to be shedding players in a fire sale in July rather than adding talent.

Meanwhile, how did the St. Louis Cardinals fall seven games behind Cincinnati?

On August 11th, they had just swept Cincinnati three games and led them by a game. While the two teams ran neck and neck most of the season, Tony LaRussa’s boys looked like they were getting ready to put the Reds in a headlock. They’d beat the Cubs in their next game before going on a five game losing streak and go 4-11 for the rest of August. They’re now seven games out.

Can this happen some more? Consider this, the Texas Rangers once looking unstoppable in 1st place in the American League West have now lost seven out of their last ten games. They lead Oakland by eight games, and Oakland’s record is two games under .500.

As that great Philosopher, Yogi Berra, noted, “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.”

Sunday, September 5, 2010

George Soros and Friends Assault to Destroy Tea Party Movement

George Soros's big fat wallet and the usual suspects are at it again...

The radical left is at it again. Their obsession against the average middle class American has reached a new level of hysteria as they attempt to go all out to destroy the Tea Party movement.

Those who consider themselves, the mainstream in American politics and media, simply cannot accept the legitimacy of the Tea Party Movement. In truth, their agenda is anything but mainstream or what the majority of Americans support, but as the messenger they are struggling to control the message and bashing the Tea Party movement is essential for them to maintain their supremacy.

A coalition of the NAACP, Center for American Progress – a leftist group led by former Clinton associate, John Podesta, Media Matters – assembled by organizers of to attempt to discredit any media reports that criticize their cause are all united to form another George Soros funded operation, Think Progress, whose first main operation will be “ with the intent to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”

This is on the heels of a unanimous resolution on July 13th from the NAACP’s national convention which condemned the Tea Party as a racist organization.

For the radical left – as in the new face of the Democratic Party, most major news networks and many newspapers, and the elites in entertainment and academia, the notion of a grassroots movement is their property. A movement that comes up with a groundswell of support from the population must inherently be leftwing because all issues that negatively effect the population must be “progressive” concerns.

Much to their dismay, when the forces they’ve supported for so long have taken the reigns of power with a President more left-wing and socialistic than even the most well-established leaders in Europe, the heart and soul of the American people accustomed to individual freedom, free enterprise, and limited government would rise up against the collectivist ideals of the Obama Administration supported in the Senate by Harry Reid and fanatically embraced by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. With a multibillion dollar bailout package that did little to serve the unemployed but instead being a goody-bag for a wide variety of left-wing causes – organized labor, leftist activists groups, and other key elements of the radical left, the public quickly reacted in anger. Add to that the government takeover of General Motors, Chrysler, and a large chunk of the banking industry, the march forward toward a state controlled economy was underway and the people were disturbed. When the government moved to take over the health care industry passing a bill which few who voted for it understood anything but the very basics, the anger boiled over into public confrontations as prior to the heavy brokered vote, angry citizens lit up their elected leaders who dared support the bill. Adding insult to injury, ACORN, a nationwide syndicate of corrupt supposedly community based organizations, an environment from which Obama’s political career emerged, was shown to be thoroughly corrupt on many levels but none the less were one of the key organizations that would get massive handouts from the bailout goody bag.

That the American people won’t accept such massive changes imposed upon them by a power-starved corrupt band of leftist politicians could only have one underlying cause to the radical left: the American people are racist. Their driving force is not rational thought or sincerely held values, but nothing less than loathsome racism refusing to accept mandates from a multiracial President.

As such, it has become an obsession with the left to prove their thesis, though evidence of such is non-existent. They point to a demonstration at the Capitol as congress rushed into the building to vote on the health care bill where angry words were exchanged and they maintained that there were some racial taunts, but where’s the evidence? There are no tapes, no videos, and no photographs. Further, it is no secret that among other left wing groups have been recruiting infiltrators to mingle in with Tea Party events to attempt to stir up a scene.

Sadly, most Americans are not aware of the man behind the scene, George Soros, one of the world’s most corrupt and wicked figures who is attempting to use his massive wealth to slander legitimate institutions and use the media, the Internet, and organizing campaigns to forward an extreme leftwing agenda. Because they are sympathetic to Soros and perhaps fear his reprisals, the mainstream media will seldom even mention him as anything other than a wealthy philanthropist in their reportage.

So they are at it again, a massive smear campaign aimed to destroy those who don’t tow their line. Soon, lies and fabrications will be reported as fact as they attempt to use charges of racism and demanding the Tea Party respond to their criticism to get them off their objectives.

Up until now, no term could be more demonizing than to brand someone as racist; however, the term is being thrown about so freely so often against people who clearly are anything but wickedly prejudiced, its attack value will soon lose its punch while the real scourges of racial oppression move on in areas which are under the Democratic party’s control where things are run by the rules they’ve created. The prime example, obviously, is the retched conditions of urban school systems where despite huge increases in funding continue to produce every increasingly unsatisfactory results. Lord forbid the government would get tough with the corrupt and powerful urban teachers’ unions. What could be more seriously racist than building a political system which imposes a school system totally incapable of satisfying the needs of providing all children a quality education?

Who are those on the left wing to make accusations on any issue regarding finances, morality, or social justice when their efforts don’t work and are at best misguided but in truth an all out attempt to centralize power in the hands of an elite few who answer to nobody.

Ravens Part with Troy Smith -- Not Suprising When All Is Considered

The Baltimore Ravens cutting QB Troy Smith illustrates college success does not guarantee professional success.

On the surface, would not Troy Smith looked like a likely big stud in the NFL?

He played with distinction for one of the nation’s top programs winning the sport’s top honor the Heisman trophy in 2006. He was also the 2006 College Football Player of the year. In 2005, Ohio State lost two games, only one against Penn State that Smith started. He was the Offensive MVP in the Fiesta Bowl where Ohio State beat Notre Dame 34-20.

In 2006, he continued to wrack up the honors taking the Buckeyes to the National Championship game against the Florida Gators where he was no match for Tim Tebow’s theatrics and a powerful Florida defense, losing 41-14.

Would this not look like the ticket for NFL success?

Clearly all 32 teams realized his talents had significant weaknesses to effectively lead the NFL offense. He was drafted in the 5th round by the Baltimore Ravens. In his first season, 2007, speculation was the Ravens had a sleeper of a bargain. Fans wanted to see him in action as Steve McNair was injured and Kyle Bowler’s work was nothing short of a total failure. Finally, at the end of the season, Bowler was injured and Smith was in. He showed flashes of brilliance and true athletic ability. Going into the next season fans rallied behind Troy Smith to head the offense in 2008.

However, the Ravens drafted Joe Flacco, from Delaware to be their quarterback. On the surface, the choice of Flacco appeared like a less likely prospect playing for a team that was not even bowl eligible. In training camp, Bowler was injured. Smith was the heir-apparent at least for the season, but became ill elevating Flacco to the starter’s job which he has held ever since.

A certain breed of fan still lobbied for Smith every time Flacco faltered arguing what would one expect given their comparative college resumes; however, there are clearly qualities needed for an NFL QB Flacco has that Smith lacks, part of which is height, a rap against Tim Tebow, but does anyone remember Doug Flutie?

After two seasons with Flacco as starter and Smith as understudy, the Ravens realized they needed a true NFL QB to rely on should Flacco go down if they want to advance in the postseason. The Ravens picked up Marc Bolger, who became lost in the woods as the St. Louis Rams team became the rock bottom mess of the entire sport. Clearly, his recent record was not a reflection on his talents.

When it came to the final 53, Troy Smith would be the odd man out. He might catch on as a backup some place else, but his substantial ability might give him the option to retool for another position. He certainly gave the Ravens a spirited effort. There’s no shame of what he did while playing for the Ravens. Clearly, his audition in the 2010 preseason showed he was no longer needed for the Purple and Gold.

Series Win Against Rays Reveals New Face of the Baltimore Orioles

Winning Series Against Tampa Bay Rays: Assessing Showalter's Influence

The Orioles took a series against the Rays losing the first game then winning the next two. This is only the second time this season the Orioles have won a “rubber” game against an opponent. How long has it been since an Orioles team could accomplish a feat like that?

This afternoon’s game showed eerie signs of why the Orioles failed so miserably before Buck Showalter’s arrival. Despite developing a substantial lead, the bullpen collapsed, but rather than the carnage continuing through the late innings, the Orioles fought back, and brought home the win. There were signs in last night’s game that looked like the team would grab defeat from the jaws of victory too.

When Buck Showalter assumed the manager’s position, the Orioles stood at 33-73, .311 pct. Now just a little over a month later, their record is 51-86, .372 pct. They were on a pace to win 50 games and lose 112. They’ve picked up ten games on the season’s end projection to 60-102. If they play .500 ball for the rest of the season, they will avoid the stigma of 100 loss season which would be a huge accomplishment both because they were on a pace to historical failure when Dave Trembley was in charge and that if they accomplish it, they will be beating the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Rays, teams they must master if they are to become a respected team once again.

Some might write off the Orioles’ recent success as the law of averages just balancing out, but those who have watched the games closely saw that the Orioles truly were a team hell-bent on failure with motivation way off track and no chemistry between players on the field or advancing round the bases. There was one clear statement that was never heard, “We are here to win!” The “W” word was not in the vocabulary of the Dave Trembley era team. It seems like, “We tried” was about the most profound thing ever said.

Juan Samuel did a decent job holding the team together but the problems were far too deep and the challenges far too overwhelming for a coach with no previous major league managing experience to have any shot of pulling the team together. Still, the Samuel team played better, sometimes noticeably, than the Trembley Birds. Samuel would openly challenge players who showed lack of focus on the field.

Buck Showalter instantly changed the dynamics in the clubhouse. Instantly, every player had a clean slate but was also very clear, he was playing for his job. Showalter showed the kind of intensity required to do the job, on one hand being upbeat and humorous setting a positive atmosphere to do well, but at the same time making it very clear that results matter and the most important result is winning games. Yes, the Orioles have a real manager not a middle school guidance counselor in charge now. All a fan needs to see is the TV camera trained on the dugout and now one can clearly see a fellow who is completely in charge calling the shots and sweating the details.

Some of the accomplishments are sweeping two series against the Los Angeles Angels, both in Baltimore and Anaheim. The Angels have been a team the Orioles could not master in recent years. In their second series, playing “Buck Ball” they took three out of four games against the Chicago White Sox tipping the balance toward the Twins in the AL Central Pennant Race. They’ve won five series, lost four, and split one – not sensational but playing to an 18-13 record is huge by recent standards, their first winning month in recent memory.

September will be a difficult month as the Yankees and Rays fight for playoff berths and perhaps the Red Sox might attempt to mount a challenge. The Blue Jays have always played the Orioles with intensity, and while they look down and out, the Orioles must be on top of their game to beat the Tigers in what could be Jim Leyland’s final days as a major league manager. It would appear the winds of change are blowing through the Tiger’s lair.

More consistent starting pitching seems to be the main difference in the Orioles’ recent success along with the improvement on offense having Brian Robert at the top of the batting order provides. Koji Uehara looks like the real deal as closer. In their present shape, the way to beat the Orioles is to force out the starter, and clobber the middle relief which still is a chamber of horrors far too often.

College football started this weekend, and the NFL and Ravens go into action next weekend. The Orioles will struggle to even get mentioned in the short little segments on the nightly news for sports. The best way to attract attention is to keep winning. With Buck Showalter in charge, fans can be assured the team will be pushed to achieve those results.