Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL 2010: Week 1

This is the NFL. There are no real cupcake games to open the week. There are some blistering hot match ups including teams seen to be hot contenders facing off and traditional rivals.

Here's our picks.  Don't listen to those fools on ESPN Sunday mornings. We beat them like Ray Lewis on a scared rookie.

Minnesota @ New Orleans (-5)
Minnesota will be hot for revenge after losing to the Saints in the NFC Championship, but the dynamics are right for New Orleans to win again especially with a charged up loud indoors crowd. It should be about a one touchdown win.

Oakland @ Tennessee (-6.5)
Write this one down as a possible upset and the Raiders could beat the spread. Tennessee though will likely tally their first win for 2010.

Carolina @ New York Giants (-6.5)
This will be no contest at the Giants, who could be one of the most under valued teams this year will baptize their new palace with a convicing win. Carolina has too many question marks.

Indianapolis (-2.5) @ Houston
Houston isn't ready yet to beat Peyton and his pals.

Denver @ Jacksonville (-2.5)
Vegas says Jacksonville. We say Denver.  C'mon now, where has Jacksonville improved enough?

Atlanta (-2.5) @ Pittsburgh
Atlanta is the pretty pick this year and with Big Bully Ben out for the first four weeks for being a filthy jerke, Atlanta will have the Pittsburgh home crowd using their terrible towels to blot the tears.

Miami (-3) @ Buffalo
Seriously, how many NFL teams can't beat Buffalo. Miami could be better than last year too.

Detroit at Chicago (-6.5)
The team on the west side of Michigan Avenue will win convincingly even if they suck. Detroit is still emerging.

Cincinnati @ New England (-4.5)
This game is probably a coin toss, but we'd have to give New England the nod playing at home. It will be interesting to see how Chad What's-His-Name and T.O. carry on their antics together.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay (-3)
Is there such a thing as minor league football?  Tampa will beat the clueless Clevelands.

San Francisco (-3) @ Seattle
San Francisco is another team folks like this year. Seattle is in transition with Pete Carroll's enthusiastic approach verus Mike Singletary's drill sergeant discipline.

Green Bay (-3) @ Philadelphia
McNabb is now a Redskin. The Cobb era begins. The Packers are another NFC team on the up and up and will absolutely ruffle those tough Philadelphia fans.

Arizona (-4) @ St. Louis
Kurt Warner and Anquon Boldin are gone from the Cardinals. This will destroy them later in the year but not against St. Louis that will be taking steps toward regaining respectability this year.

Dallas (-4) @ Washington
Dallas all but had the Super Bowl tickets printed for their own home stadium, then came the preseason where their offense looked clueless. Meanwhile, the Redskins are a very different team. Though Albert Hainsworth has been an absolute jerk in cooperating with new coach, Mike Shannahan, Donovan McNabb despite his weaknesses and advancing age will be a stabilizing influence on the Burgundy and Gold. Washington pulls an incredbile upset over an overconfident Dallas squad.

Baltimore @ New York Jets (-2.5)
No team has made the preseason noise the New York Jets have and they do have new weapons they didn't have last year. Rod Ryan's bluster has  sure made the Jets the talk of the NFC. However, what team hasn't done more to improve than the Baltimore Ravens with a redesigned pass receiving corps?  While the Ravens arre a little weak in the secondary, the options they have on offense are incredible. Ray Rice is one of the league's best young runners. Add to that, the addition of Anquan Boldin and T.J.  Houshmandzadeh supporting Derrick Mason and more tight end support behind Todd Heap, the Ravens are loaded. Perhaps the Jets are favaored because too many have been watching Hard Knocks.

San Diego (-4.5) @ Kansas City
San Diego remains the toast of the AFC west. In this opening Monday night special, it will be a late 9:15 start in the central time zone for KC fans. The Bolts win this one convincingly. K.C. still has a ways to go, but they are on the right path.

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