Thursday, September 23, 2010

Republican Priorities up to November 2 -- Republican Priorities after November 2

Priority #1: Win majorities in House and Senate. (November 2)

Priority #2: Eliminate Sarah Palin. (November 3)

Conservatives, Republicans, and all Americans who believe in limited government based on Constitutional principles who also realize the necessity to strip Barack Obama of all possible power before he can be driven from office in the 2012 elections have a tremendous responsibility on November 2nd. That responsibility is to vote for Republican house and senate candidates and to encourage as many friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates to do the same. If successful, both the senate and house can be returned to Republican rule.

This is no time to be caught up in personalities. The question is how will the representative from your district and the senator from your state vote. In that context, it is impossible to vote for any Democrat realizing every seat held by Democrats is one seat toward the continued rule of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid or some other Senate majority leader should he be voted from office which the state of Nevada is quite capable of doing.

If the Republicans fall just short of taking the Senate, and it is because Nevada, Alaska, or Delaware selected the Democratic candidate over the Republican, the answer is clear, Sarah Palin must be held responsible for her shrill, slogan-ridden efforts in helping deliver less qualified candidates she endorsed win their Republican primaries where their opponents were all but shoe-ins had they won instead.

What gains the Republicans make will not be because of Sarah Palin’s involvement in supporting candidates for the house and senate. The Democrats have brought the specter of destruction upon themselves where reasonable Republicans should win handily except in the most strident union-dominated liberal states. Sarah Palin did not create the tea party movement which could help bring a lot more voters into the polls to toss out the incumbents. She grafted herself on to the movement, and by being glib with all the bumper sticker slogans appropriate to this campaign, has gotten a lot of mileage out of this years’ off season election not appealing to voters’ sense of reason on why the Federal government must change hands but only to a crude, anti-intellectual emotional sense of throwing the bums out.

On November 2nd, the election must be won. On November 3rd, getting rid of Sarah Palin to get the machinery in place for even greater triumphs in 2012 becomes the next great task.

Sarah Palin is an intellectual cipher and has no proven accomplishments that qualify her for national office or the rigors of serving on Capitol Hill. She could not even stomach completing the one term she was elected to serve as Governor of Alaska. A short term governor from a state with one of the smallest populations whose issues are far different and less complicated than the lower 48 states simply is not qualified to intelligently address national efforts except as a shrill teenager.

Further, Sarah Palin has neither the temperament, maturity, nor self-discipline to be a major national political figure. She must cut out the childish sarcasm and insults calling the media the “lame stream” media at every opportunity as she must be above the kind of mud throwing that might be perfectly okay for some fiery commentators or talk show hosts, but not a serious political power broker. Likewise, calling the President, Barack Hussein Obama, putting extra emphasis on the President’s middle name is nothing more than a childish ploy that perhaps panders to those who might question whether Obama is, in fact, a Muslim. That she would say Obama lack “cojones” in any context is absolutely inappropriate from a person who seeks to be worthy of political respect. She puts herself on the same level the foul mouthed insult monger of the House, Democratic Congressman, Alan Grayson, one of the few Washington politicians who is a bigger buffoon than Palin. For a person who has been the victim of plenty of political cheap shots, she only makes herself more deserving of continued barbs when she so casually trashes people she would accomplish much more by attempting to criticize without wallowing in the pig’s mud.

Her banishment must be swift, forceful, and overwhelming. If it takes stuffing her shortcomings in the public’s eyes, she must be marginalized and pushed aside quickly. It won’t be easy at first. Any effort to criticize her will result in her and some of her followers screaming she’s being railroaded by the Republican establishment. Sarah Palin is sufficiently vain enough, she would take all around her down with her if she got the chance. Thus, the efforts to rid the Republican and Conservative movement of this unwelcomed charlatan must be absolutely decisive. She needs to be knocked down to what she truly is in real life, an unsuccessful leader who didn’t have the true capability to complete the task the citizens of Alaska elected her to do. Sarah Palin is simply a failure of a competent leader who jumped ship when the waters got too choppy.


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