Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama's Self Pity Reaches New Extremes

Barack Obama has clearly become totally unhinged in addition to everything else he's done wrong or has failed at accomplishing. We are certainly grateful when he fails to accomplish his agenda for almost everything in it is dead wrong. However, now has he not only gotten to where he cannot defend his policies or speak to the issues, he's resorted to personal attacks on the Minority Leader of the House. If he engages in fingering pointing, he will lose.

Press account of today's speech in Cleveland. Barack O-boo-hoo in action:

More disturbing is how he is selectively trying to reinvent his biography. This would be a DANGEROUS mistake as there is so much in his background no one bothered to cover in the first go around. We will make it very clear, RIGHTMINDED FELLOW does not believe Obama is not a legitimately born American citizen. We do not believe Obama is a Muslin though we suspect he is probably at heart, an atheist, which would be consistent with the large amount of Marxist dogma he has assimilated. The truth about his mother wasn't that she was a victim of society but rather one of her own idiotic decisions and view of the world that was wrapped up in the zany fringe of radicalism in the 1950's and 60's just as it was starting to explode across college campuses during the Vietnam era.

If we bring in personalities into this debate, Barack Obama is a dreadful excuse for a human being -- thin-skinned, egotistical, dishonest, disrespectful of others, dogmatic, elitist, and narcissistic. The American people who fell for his well-rehearsed, carefully manufactured persona have been burned enough that now they see right through it and can see the real Barack Obama whose the kind of person who is so arrogant that one would be tempted to stomp on his head if he had fallen down on the ground.

Get your boots on. The time has come.

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