Thursday, September 9, 2010

World Panic Over 50 Member Church in Florida

Book burning is one of the world's ugliest displays of contempt. Immediately, it stirs up imagery of Nazi Germany and Mao Tse Tung's brutal "cultural" revolution. It also brings to mind radical Islam whose members never miss an excuse to torch anything associated with Western Culture. It's the kind of behavior that truly chills sensitive, freedom loving people to the bone. Of course, it is allowed by the first amendment a legitimate expression of free speech and political freedom in the USA. When John Lennon made his flip comment about Jesus in 1966, many southern churches burned Beatles records.

A small Gainsville, Florida church of only fifty members led by Rev. Terry Jones intends to burn copies of the Koran on Saturday to show their contempt for Radical Islam on the 9th anniversary of the Islamic Extremists' attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia plus the loss of Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania.

The issue became world news earlier in the weak when General David Patreus urged the church not to go ahead with their plans fearing it would stir up angry Muslims who might cause harm for his troops in Afghanistan. After that, it quickly became a world wide media frenzy. Within days, world leaders and American figures from Barack Obama to Sarah Palin pleaded with the Florida church to change their plans. The news media unleashed a tsunami of extreme moralizing at what is seen as pure bigotry at its most raw form.

Enough already!!!  Do we not have a sense of perspective any longer?

This represents the action of perhaps just 50 people from a nation of over 300,000,000. The percentage of the population is so small Microsoft Excel will not even compute the percentage.

The radical left, the anti-American forces around the world, and radical Islam will milk this event for all its worth with sweeping generalizations as if it represents all Americans or a wide cross section of our population. There are factions within Islam around the world who never miss a chance for blowing up stuff, lighting things on fire, and gathering huges crowds shouting "death to America."  The same thing we're so upset about within the United States, a country that allows diverse points of view no matter how onerous, occurs in large Islamic populations with certainly far more than 50 people involved quite frequently. All they need is some excuse where some one in the west supposedly insulted Islam, and kaboom. How many cities faced riots over a Danish cartoonist's rather mild-mannered taunts of radical Islam which were rather mild compared to the depiction of Jesus in the popular cartoon program, South Park. While below our American standards of conduct, the Florida church is upset about something far more substantial that simple cartoons, they're protesting the deaths of 3,000 Americans nine years ago. Every day Amercans were doing nothing but showing up to work and were murdered by thugs screaming their praise to Allah as our beloved fellow countrymen were tortured and murdered.

Let's get things straight. We realize there are things people have the right to do that are things they shouldn't do.  The notion of building a Mosque where the dust of incinerated American bodies landed is one such thing. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin staging a rally at the Lincoln Memorial celebrating the achievements of white America on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "Dream" rally is another. A backwoods yokel church of 50, burning Korans is another. Perspective is every thing. The whole world is getting bent out of shape over 50 stupid bigotted Americans when the cities of Europe can be thrown into upheavel in Islamic neighborhoods doing far worse whenever some radical Muslim gets a hair up his butt.

What's more disturbing is are we approching an environment where to question ANYTHING about Islam will promptly get anyone doing so branded as a bigot or a hater?  This is a good time to examine the life of the historic figure, Mohammed and to read the Koran and speak openly about what's contained within. Let's have a real discussion about what their sacred book says about women, non-believers, and some other issues.

Burning the Koran does not open this discussion; however, it closes it off.

Once again, the moral hypocrisy and cowardice of American culture is clearly on display. We shold be far more worried about how much freedom and intellectual curiosity is being oppressed by the powers of political correctness than what some small time yokels are up to.

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