Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is Tough Medicine: Delaware Must Vote for the Delaware Dullard

September 14th Primary Results: Are Republicans in Self-Destruct Mode?

The cold hard truth is the Republican voters of Delaware selected an idiot who got lots of support from Sarah Palin. Christine O’Donnell is not qualified to be a United States Senator. She lacks the life’s work, the necessary experience, and personal responsibility to represent herself much less the population of her state. It’s bad enough the Republican Party has to deal with the Wasilla Wench. Now it has the Delaware Dullard.

The Democrats were offering up this race to Republicans on a silver platter with a self-acknowledged Marxist, Chris Coons, who has shown himself to be the most lethal kind of Democrat as County Executive for New Castle County. He has a record of big spending, far exceeding budgets, and raising taxes. No one is a better portrait of the enemy America must defeat convincingly in November. However, leave it to the yokel class of the Republican Party to elect a cheap knockoff of Sarah Palin who has yet to show any greater mastery of American government, current issues, or mastery of the English language than to be able to simply recite from memory a bunch of worn out bumper sticker slogans.

So responsible voters are forced with the unthinkable choosing between a total imbecile or a Communist. What kind of choice is that?

The hard reality is intelligent voters must swallow their pride and vote for the imbecile because her main responsibility is to vote the party line and count as one member toward a Republican majority in the Senate. If she’s smart enough to know what affirmative and negative mean, she can probably be an effective drone for the GOP.

However, how can any intelligent person keep a straight face arguing this shrill little nitwit should be elected?

Rest assured, the Democrats will find every abnormal, embarrassing, or improper activity this pathetic dimwit has ever been involved with.

She even provided a classic faux pas that makes for great material for the comics. Like her roll model, Sarah Palin, she likes to invent words accusing Karl Rove of being “unfactual.”

She committed to appear on Fox News Sunday and another Sunday news program, then backed out claiming exhaustion and that she had “church” obligations and a picnic to attend saying she needed to stay close to the people in Delaware. If she is already exhausted, just wait until the rigors of the campaign set in, fortunately for her, Delaware is only 100 miles long from north to south with most of the population in the northern third of the state with some population along the northern part of its Atlantic coast. Truth be told, if she were interviewed on such a program, she would have been slaughtered even if questioned in a gentle, straight-forward objective manner. She carries way too much baggage and is way too inarticulate to field such questions to come across as confident and informed.

As Republicans and patriotic Americans who realize where the Obama administration and Democratic House and Senate are taking America, Delaware voters must suck up their pride and vote for Christine O’Donnell and pray she does not bring too much bad press too their marvelous state. Her task is to take orders and vote for Republican issues and to void the Democrats.

Remember, it’s all a numbers game. The first number is 51, the second is 60. The Republicans must win 51 seats to have a majority in the Senate and 60 seats to become filibuster proof. Winning a majority should be in reach, but having unqualified candidates who are easily exploited by the media such as Christine O’Donnell does not help. Regardless, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who have seen the light must hold their nose with the fingers on one hand while voting for the Delaware Dullard with the other.


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