Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 27 -- Clint Bowyer Penalized

NASCAR lowered the boom and essentially tossed the #33 team out of the 2010 chase competition docking driver Clint Bowyer, the New Hampshire winner, 150 points and owner, Richard Childress 150 points while crew chief, Shane Wilson was fined $150,000 and suspended for six races along with car chief, Chad Haney, who also will be out for six races. The penalty destroys the team by reducing his points from 5195 points, -35 out of first to 5045 points, -185 from the top moving from second place in the standings to dead last. Richard Childress indicated his intention to appeal NASCAR’s ruling but if the evidence is convincing, it’s unlikely NASCAR will budge.


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