Friday, November 20, 2009

Sports Talk - A Few Words from Rightminded Fellow Himself

I don't want to sound too elitist, but damn, some of the folks who call sports talk radio are so freakin' stupid. It's not just that I don't agree with their opinions, they just don't live in the real world. It can be calls where they think all the great players are available at some great retail outlet where the owners go shopping and bingo, if only our owner weren't so cheap, or didn't buy the right guy, suggesting they'd be available in the first place. Some just don't know the game or how to set realistic expectations. Then there are always the conspiracy figures.
There are also fans that in some measure are maybe too smart. This week, the Ravens started off as a one point favorite in Vegas. Today, their even rated as an even pick or a 1 1/2 point underdog. Local sports talk has been so obsessed with the point spread and what it all means. Egads, while it might be interesting to know who is favored, when it gets to the level of studying the games on the basis of point spreads, over-under's and all that Vegas stuff, I guess it's interesting for hardcore gamblers, but play the darned game and enjoy the competition on the field for goodness sake.
I have some methodology I use to make my picks, but this weekend, I'm just a homer picking my team knowing deep inside the Colts could slaughter the Ravens. So be it. I also play in a fantasy league though not too well. I don't want to get too obsessed with all the figures and numbers that go into calculating how the excel in the weekly games. It's getting so bad that folks are rooting against their home teams because they're up against players on their fantasy teams. That's not good. Also, some fans are starting to expect coaches to make the decisions that are best for their fantasy teams not what's in the interest of winning the game. That becomes warped logic.
While it's good to be a knowledgeable fan, know the plays, and the strategies, I know darned well when many callers call in and act like they're as smart as Bill Bellichick insist that the Ravens or Redskins lost because they don't play shotgun enough, I wonder how many of those fans even know what shotgun formation is or they're just used to hearing it and didn't hear it mentioned when the local teams played.
There's a part of me that would never want to see a team win using the "West Coast Offense" thinking that it would have to be a lot like a lot of other things that come from the left coast. We realize there's a sports talk language all its own that perhaps gets way too overworked.
This fan is more interested in who's hot and who's not and the game, it's how they play the game, HELLO!!!! And then, "Playoffs, didn't somebody say playoffs?" Around Thanksgiving that conversation starts getting very serious. Does your team have a shot this year or not? Is there a team you'll adopt as the one you'll want to follow through to the Super Bowl?
The Ravens are still in the hunt, but Sunday's game against the Colts is almost a must win, then there's two games against the hated terrible towel gang, yes the Pittsburgh Steelers!


Buddy said...

Check out Kurt Backert on MASN's "Fantasy Blitz"

Dear RMF,

If you are interested in listening to someone extremely knowledgeable about sports, check out Kurt Backert on MASN's "Fantasy Blitz" along with Anita Marks and ESPN's Tristan Cockcroft. While Kurt's specialty on this show is fantasy football, he is extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of sports topics. He is a walking sports encyclopedia.

Right Minded Fellow said...

I think I've seen this show a couple times. Anita Marx is a bitch but she's sure good at stirring up the passions and that's whata good sports talk is all about.

I don't like the paring of her with Scott Garceau. Scott's in a different class and doesn't fit well with the in-your-face approach they seem to want to direct the show.

Shamefully, Scott despite his dedication and professionalism was buried at WMAR-TV, Channel 2, all these years a horrible under performer. He's one of the last links to the greats of Baltimore sports broadcasting like Vince Bagli, Chuck Thompson, Charlie Eckman, and many others who lived and breathed Baltimore sports.

Scott and Anita should perhaps have shows of their own. Mark Zinno is a great #2 for either one of them. He can play the contrary roll effectively without appearing too big for the microphone or TV screen.