Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin's Magical Book Tour

Cheap shot! Demeanng displays by the radical left
such as the editors of Newsweek distract from the real
liabilities Sarah Palin presents that should concern
all Americans who fear where Obama-Nation is
taking us.
So what message resounds loud and clear from Sarah Palin's big book tour appearing on almost every TV show imaginable that does interviews: Oprah, Barbara Walters, Bill O'Reilly, and anybody short of Charlie Gibson, Katy Couric, or David Letterman -- figures with whom she has outstanding grievances?

Why's everybody always picking on me?

Cry me a river, Alaska girl! Her own words are often her worst enemy as she illustrated being interviewed in Grand Rapids by CBN. Palin asserted,

"These are probably some lonely people, some shallow people who want to take a shot like that and we need to pray for these people for one.."

Trying to make sense of Sarah Palin is like trying to find warmth in the Alaskan winter. To her credit, she really rattles the exact people on the left who need to be rattled. It's unbelievable to watch the obsessive Sarah Palin derangement syndrome in action. The Associated Press assigned eleven reporters to fact check Palin's book. And how many fact checkers did they turn loose on some recent books by prominent Democrats. Al Gore's Inconvient Truth would be a good place to start.

How about the image of Norah O'Donnell from MSNBC attempting to interview Palin loyalists in Grand Rapids desperately trying to invoke editorial comments in her questions?

Give Sarah Palin credit, she's sure good at getting everybody at each other's throats including conservatives.

Bill O'Reilly's interview is the most revealing interview of her yet. O'Reilly has played his roll about as neutral as possible. While to some, Palin may have had all the right answers, her answer showed little reflection and were mostly just fill-in-the-blank responses. She showed a total lack of nuance or perspective.

Beneath the bubbly, friendly "aw shucks" demeanor is a person who appears to see things in very personal terms. That the public admires her folksy ways, "she's one of us," is not a good thing. She almost appeared boastful talking about how she and her husband eloped to get married. Okay, we all did some wilder things when younger, don't we look for some stability and maturity in our leaders?
The real danger Sarah Palin poses is her uncanny knack to become the issue and thus diverting attention from the crucial issues so important to our nation's well being.
The timing of Sarah Palin's grand expose couldn't be worse. At the very time the Obama administration decided to try the most dangerous terrorists in Federal Court in New York and the Senate pushes forward the government seizure of medicine, the opposition to these dreadful developments are enthralled in Palin-mania. While Palin gives lip service to numerous conservative positions, she is doing little to foward these issues because the focus is on her -- her relationship with the media, how she deals with her critics, her family situation, and a variety of themes which are becoming a real life soap opera.
Conservatives and all conscientious citizens have a lot of tough work to do in the months ahead. The business at hand of working to make sure Obama's seizure of the nation's medical system never happens and that his other extremist agenda items likewise must be soundly defeated. That agenda includes vicious weakening of national security and defense no better illustrated that trying the worst terrorist thugs in civilian court. On economic matters, the administration is mounting an all out attack on free enterprise and for profit enterprises through more regulation and taxation. The environmental policies seek more to tie the hands of business having to conform to stifling regulations with huge noncompliance penalties rather than making environmental improvement a profitable enterprise that benefits all.

Sarah Palin is not the leader who can stand up against these outrageous goals of the most dangerous presidency in American history. She is a horrible distraction from moving forward with the nation's business and helping the next generation of Republican and conservative leaders emerge.

We offer Sarah Palin a plush going away present. Please go away.

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