Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama-Care: Here's Reason Enough to Stop the Madness!

Here's an article from today's Washington Post that indicates just how much harm particularly for those dependent on Medicare the current house proposal could cause. Not only does it seriously impact Medicare patients, but the strain it puts on the system will harm everyone.

Remember, Medicare is, in many ways, a miniature model, of how government run health care would affect the entire population. While Medicare does okay with the routine needs, for chronic, on-going issues, it can be disastrous especially to the disabled. Additionally, Medicare has never been able to function within any kind of budget projections tracking its performance.

It is every Americans patriotic duty and responsibility to him or herself, families, neighbors, to make sure every elected official know that it would be political suicide to stuff this horrible overhaul of our society down our throats. This is the most serious political misjudgement in American history except perhaps the south's decision to succeed from the Union.

Read this article and understand its consequences.

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