Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glenn Beck is GONE!!!

The world is a better place because the scary little man, Glenn Beck has completed his last broadcast as radio stations increasingly drop him from their programming. Take your paranoid pills and follow the twisted little leader who will certainly have some choice words about his exit. He's careful not to bad mouth Fox, but he's at it again stirring up the spooky forces of evil and that it's just a matter of time before the whole thing blows up.

Broadcasting hit a new kind of low,though certainly his show is no worse than some of the sickly fare on MTV or something like Jesse Ventura's sick conspiracy theories.

What a sick specticle the Glenn Beck show WAS. A fellow who in almost every way, shape, and form is a BORN LOSER, a pathetic journeyman radio flop, and washed up drunk, who sobbered up and realized exploiting peoples' fears and prejudices might be his ticket to success. Every night at six, we were treated with this little pompous ignorant ass lecturing us on how the whole world's heading down the crapper led by radical leaders like van Jones, financed by "Spooky Dude," George Soror whose evil boogie men are in the process.  He implored his viewers should study history and the Constitution while misrepresenting both, twisting little things out of context to support his warped prophecies of doom.

Yes, Glennn, we did pick on you. It was our patriotic duty to stomp on a little shit like you. Now Fox News has to attempt to redefine itself to make your crap a distant memory. We do not wish you well. Please, just shut up and get lost.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sprint Cup: Race 16 -- Sears Point, on the road again!

The Sprint Cup tour makes its second and now last trip to California, this time to the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma wine country northeast of San Francisco, one of two road course races on the schedule. Road racing is perhaps the most controversial form of Sprint Cup racing generating perhaps more debate than restrictor plate racing sinc auto racing on a “road” course is a very different spectacle that oval courses. Imagine that, highly skilled race drivers have to actually negotiate turning to their right on several occasions to complete one lap. Further, at Infineon at Sears Point, there are also hills along the track.

As such, some racers who’ve been successful on road courses become known as road racing experts while some drivers on lesser teams have “road racing specialists” or ringers filling in for them. There’s even a group of fans who’ve developed the cult of Said Heads, fans who don curly wigs to honor road racing veteran and occasional oval racer, Boris Said. Highlighting the difference, during Dale Earnhardt’s reign, he considered his career would be somehow incomplete without a road course win. During that time, drivers like Rusty Wallace and Ricky Rudd were considered road racing experts. The past four victors are: 2010, Jimmie Johnson; 2009, Kasey Kahne; 2008, Kyle Busch; 2007, Juan Pablo Montoya. Prior to that, from 1998 to 2006, Jeff Gordon has five wins while Tony Stewart has two. Other than those two drivers, renegade driver, Robby Gordon won in 2003 and Mark Martin won in 1997.

The starting lineup has some surprises which could be a most important boost for some drivers if it translates into a successful finish, particularly for the pole sitter, Joey Logano. Here are the top starters:

1- Joey Logano, #20, Chevrolet
2- Jamie McMurray, #1, Chevrolet
3- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
4- Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
5- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
6- Kasey Kahne, #4, Chevrolet
7- A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
8- Marcos Ambrose, #9, Ford
9- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
10- Brian Vickers, #83, Toyota
11- Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
12- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
13- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
14- Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
15- Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge

If the so called “road racing specialists” or “ringers” are so special, where are they in the starting pack? Not one appears in the top 25. The top road racer is Boris Said, #51, Chevrolet – P.J. Jones, taking a second Robby Gordon ride, starts 35th in the #77, Dodge. The remaining “ringers” are David Mayhew #66 Toyota in 38th; Terry Labonte #32 Ford in 39th; Brian Simo #81 Ford in 40th; Chris Cook #37 Ford in 42; and Andy Pilgrim #46 Chevrolet in 43rd. Tony Ave #38 riding in a fully sponsored regular ride, a Front Row Ford did not qualify for the race. Since there are “ringers” taking the place of drivers who normally start and park notably cars #66, 81, and #36, it will be interesting to see if they are in for the entire race or not. Meanwhile full-time slugs including Joe Nemechek, #87 starts 31st, and Mike Skinner, #60 starts 37th. Eyes will be on the #13 car in 27th position driven by Casey Mears parked last week. Whether any of these slugs compete for the whole race or parks, it is still a gross abuse of the system that a team attempting to run legitimately, the #38 Ford with Long John Silver sponsorship should be denied. This is a slap in the face for Long John Silver restaurants for their support of the team and makes it more difficult for the struggling Front Row team to grow and become more legitimate. We can only hope for race ending wrecks causing costly damage to afflict any of the teams who will continue the insane “start and park” charade in the future.

Weather should be satisfactory for good racing with high temperatures in the low 80’s with mostly sunny skies and a light breeze. Mark this down as one of the true tests for teams intent on participating in this year’s chase with Daytona soon following.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Bull's Exit from NASCAR: A Call for Reform

What does Red Bull leaving NASCAR mean?

This does not bode well for NASCAR. Upon Toyota’s entry into Sprint Cup, much was made that Red Bull was investing in two Sprint Cup rides. Given their success in other series, they made it look like Toyota was going to create a huge splash. With deep pockets and a passion for winning, the whole balance of power in NASCAR would be upset. Starting in 2006 with Dodges to get a feel for how to run a NASCAR team as Toyota secured NASCAR sanctioning, they were seen to soon rival the big boys like Hendricks, Gibbs, Childress, and Roush.

They never gained that dominance, and with Joe Gibbs Racing switching to Toyota in 2008, it was clear who the top Toyota team would be.

Centered on the hopes of up and coming young driver, Brian Vickers, they worked their way up to become a respectable team, but Vickers’ medical problems in 2010 stopped their growth cold. Having discarded Scott Speed as their second driver and signing a one year deal with Casey Kahne as he bides his time before his Hendrick deal kicks in for 2011, Red Bull NASCAR racing looked suddenly lacking commitment. However, the notion floated that having an established winning driver and crew chief could help them learn how to write their own blueprint for success.

Sum it all up, after five years in Sprint Cup Racing, the Red Bull Team can still only at best be called a “work in progress” with one win and seven polls. Their highest final standing was good enough to make the chase but finish 12th in 2009. Red Bull with Casey Kahne and Brian Vickers has to be a team that fans could say could win a race but not good enough to say they should win a race.

Speculation has begun what will happen to the team. Might there be potential buyers and to what level could new ownership take the operation? Whether it’s real or imagined, Mark Martin’s name comes up since his contract expires with Hendricks and he has worked for Jay Frye before. Also to be considered is where driver, Brian Vickers, might wind up.

The impact on the big picture does not look promising. The field of qualified owners is shrinking while the sham of “start and park” operations is rapidly becoming a NASCAR institution. Consider this, Evernham’s operation is gone. Robert Yates Racing is gone. What’s left of them is part of Richard Petty Motor Sports, which was a two car operation then and is a two car operation now. DEI was a three car operation; only the #1 car remains. Chip Ganassi was a four car operation; only the #42 car survives. Frye racing which was where Mark Martin went part time after retiring from Roush was acquired by DEI, but nothing from that team survives. NASCAR forced Roush racing to reduce from five to four teams. The spun off team is struggling to survive. Hall of Fame racing is gone. Michael Waltrip Racing has reduced from three to two cars. Penske has reduced from three to two cars. The only new competitive operation is Stewart Haas racing; however, that operation took over a marginal two car team. Front Row racing formed in part from the ashes of the Yates operation. They provide two cars which currently struggle to qualify against the marginal teams. JTG racing holds on working the Michael Waltrip. The Wood Brothers have run part time the past two years.

With more than half of the 2011 season left, here’s what the 2012 field looks like.

Hendrick Motor Sports, 4 cars
-Jimmie Johnson
-Jeff Gordon
-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
-Casey Kahne

Roush/Fenway, 4 cars
-Carl Edwards?
-Matt Kenseth
-Greg Biffle
-David Ragan?

Richard Childress, 4 cars
-Kevin Harvick
-Clint Bowyer
-Jeff Burton
-Paul Menard

Joe Gibbs, 3 cars
-Denny Hamlin
-Kyle Busch
-Joey Logano

Earnhardt/Ganassi, 2 cars
-Jamie McMurray
-Juan Pablo Montoya

Penske, 2 cars
-Brad Keselowski
-Kurt Busch

Stewart/Haas Racing, 2 cars
-Tony Stewart
-Ryan Newman

Richard Petty, 2 cars
-A.J, Allmendinger
-Marcos Ambrose

Michael Waltrip, 2 cars
-David Reutimann
-Martin Truex, Jr.

JTG Racing, 1 car
-Bobby Labonte

Furniture Row Racing, 1 car
-Regan Smith

Some variety of the 27 rides above will be in play, with the Wood Brothers speculating going full-time. Chances look good that Ricky Stenhouse and Trevor Baynes could be competing as rookies on the senior level next year. Of the teams not listed above, perhaps Front Row Racing, owned by Bob Jenkins and TRG Racing look like reasonably sure teams that will participate as competitors in 2012.

What Does This Mean?

The current practice of having 35 teams locked in guaranteed a starting position is no longer plausible. Likewise, the starting field of 43 cars is way too many to have a truly competitive field. Rightminded Fellow has reported with regularity the millions of dollars awarded teams entering NASCAR races with no intention to compete. Fans have a right to expect that NASCAR is a pay for play event. On older and shorter tracks, pit road is crowded causing regular problems with cars running into each other or gear in the way. It cheapens competition when a car is loused up on pit road.

NASCAR should reduce the locked in field based on owner’s points to perhaps no more than 27 cars. The starting field should be reduced to no more than 33 cars. If a sufficient number of cars with full sponsorship are entered by registration deadline, NASCAR in consultation with the track management can elect to expand the field provided all teams enter demonstrate that they are equipped and staffed fully invested to complete the entire distance of a race. All cars which pull off the track before the race becomes official, shall be subject to a strip down inspection, and cars found to be mechanically safe will result in forfeiture of all earnings and points accrued for that event. The car, owner, and driver will be suspended from participation for the entire next week of competition for all cars entered in the three major touring series: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Trucks. Only if the reason for withdrawing from a race in progress is the health of driver as confirmed by NASCAR sanctioned physicians and no qualified substitute driver is available shall these previsions be waived.

NASCAR MUST reward the teams that are fully invested in participating as season long competitors while providing room for new teams and part-time entries can be involved. Considering the relatively similar earnings for cars in the bottom quarter of the field and the hundreds of thousand of dollars awarded each week to non-competitors, providing more incentive for competitors to remain in the sport must be explored. That the most legendary name in NASCAR, Richard Petty, associated with Richard Petty Motorsports, struggled to make races last year at the end of the season and the extent to which the field has shrunk in the past five years, the time for action is now!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NBC, One Network Under Attack

In covering the US Open from Congressional Country Club outside Bethesda, Maryland, attempting to show an element of patriotism given the setting outside the nation’s capital, NBC produced a video segment presenting the Pledge of Allegiance. There were sweet little kids reciting with images of the military and flags. They recited:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
And to the Republic for which it stands,
One nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

The radical God haters had their way in production, WHERE IS “UNDER GOD?”

Here’s NBC’s official apology:

“We began our coverage of this final round just about three hours ago and when we did it was our intent to begin the coverage of this U.S. Open Championship with a feature that captured the patriotism of our national championship being held in our nation’s capital for the third time. Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance that was in that feature was edited out. It was not done to upset anyone and we’d like to apologize to those of you who were offended by it.”

You always know pure BS when you see an apology that states “to those of you who were offended.” Those bastards offended our country for starters, the nation based on founding principles that read as follows:

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The leftist will perhaps point out that’s just the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution so it has no force of law. Really? It’s the very justification why this nation exists in the first place and the recognition that rights are bestowed by God and not man be it despot, king, or government is the very heart of our nation’s being.

As such, when it’s time to honor in ceremony our Republic, it’s only natural that we recognize that we are “one nation under God.” The freedom established that “congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free expression thereof.” It is understood this is the basic understanding of a man’s relationship to his nation.

For those who attempt to articulate the Constitution as an exclusively secular document, perhaps they’ve overlooked the preamble, those words that frame the context the whole meaning of the Constitution defining its context infers exactly what’s in the Declaration:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Where do blessings come from?

The ideologues with their extreme secular outlook at NBC simply fail to grasp the significance of that which they find so easy to overlook. This so called mistake or oversight will not be taken lightly.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 15: Michigan Results

There should be no surprise that Denny Hamlin finally pulled through for his first win of the season at Michigan, a track where he has been successful in the past. While Joe Gibbs Racing is not having the kind of dominant season it had last year yielding that ground to Roush, they still have the talent and technology to be a very formidable force.

Now here’s the question to ponder, in the Jimmy Johnson reign the last five years, is it a case of during the first 26 races one team’s going to look good going into to Richmond, only to give way to Hendricks and the #48 team that’s always prepared in the last ten races. Last year, his toughest competitor was Sunday’s winner late in the season. What’s going to upset that formula this year? Is there a dominant team in 2011? The Roush entries are strong, but only Carl Edwards looks in championship form so far.

Here are the top finishers: (Position, Car #, Driver, Mfg.)
1) #11 Denny Hamlin, Toyota
2) #17 Matt Kenseth, Ford
3) #18 Kyle Busch, Toyota
4) #27 Paul Menard, Chevrolet
5) #99 Carl Edwards, Ford
6) #39 Ryan Newman, Chevrolet
7) #14 Tony Stewart, Chevrolet
8) #33 Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet
9) #5 Mark Martin, Chevrolet
10) #83 Brian Vickers, Toyota
11) #22 Kurt Busch, Dodge
12) #51 Landon Cassill, Chevrolet
13) #43 A.J. Allmendinger, Ford
14) #29 Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet
15) #16 Greg Biffle, Ford
16) #21 Trevor Bayne, Ford
17) #24 Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet
18) #20 Joey Logano, Toyota
19) #1 Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet
20) #6 David Ragan, Ford

Carl Edwards remains atop the points standings. If the Chase field were set now, the top 12 teams would be in.
(Position, gain/loss, driver, total points, deficit)
1)  --   Carl Edwards, 532, Leader
2)  +2  Kevin Harvick, 512, -20
3)  --   Dale Earnhardt Jr., 505 -27
4)  +1  Kyle Busch, 503 -29
5) -3   Jimmie Johnson, 503 -29
6) +1  Matt Kenseth, 491, -41
7) -1   Kurt Busch, 491, -41
8) +2  Ryan Newman, 456, -76
9) +3  Denny Hamlin, 455, -77
10)  -2 Clint Bowyer, 455, -77
11)  -2 Tony Stewart, 454, -78
12)  -1 Jeff Gordon, 438, -94
13) +1 Greg Biffle, 425, -107
14) +1 Mark Martin, 418, -114
15)  -2 Juan Montoya, 409, -123
16) +3 Paul Menard, 402, -130
17) +1 A.J. Allmendinger, 402, -130
18)  -2 David Ragan, 395, -137
19)  -2 Kasey Kahne, 387, -145
20) --  Martin Truex Jr., 376, -156

Potential Chase Lineup: (based on wins and point standings)
1. Kevin Harvick, 3 wins
2. Kyle Busch, 2 wins
3. Matt Kenseth, 2 wins
4. Carl Edwards, 1 win
5. Jimmy Johnson, 1 win
6. Denny Hamlin, 1 win
7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. points
8. Kurt Busch, points
9. Ryan Newman, points
10. Clint Bowyer, points

Wildcards: Jeff Gordon, 2 wins; Tony Stewart – points.

The Sprint Cup tour moves on to California wine country in the shadow of America's Gommorah, San Francisco, next weekend, for the first of two road race events at Infineon Motor Speedway at Sears Point. It will be interesting to see what driver substitutions are employed by marginal teams seeking an advantage and if some "ringer" entries will also participate. Eyes will be on Marcos Ambrose who has been a a position to win at recent road race events while the established pros attempt to add a road racing trophy to their collection.


Start and Park Fraud Grows as Germain Racing Joins the Scam at Michigan: Slug Report: Race 14 and 15

Top Slugs: Earnings by drivers who routinely "start and park" - year to date.
1- Joe Nemechek.........1,326,580
2- J.J. Yeley................1,248,520
3- Michael McDowell....979,665

Contrast Nemechek's earnings with Paul Menard, a full-time driver for Richard Childress who has only earned 1,676,840. Both Jeff Burton and Martin Truex have earned less than 1.7 million not that distant from Nemechek's theft. Furthermore, Travis Kvapil, 1,313,480 and Andy Lally, 1,259,550 earned LESS than Nemechek sponsored and prepared to compete in EVERY race.

This is not a system that promotes team growth and winning rewarding incopetence and freeloading.

We noticed that among the entries that bowed out of Michigan’s 500 mile Sprint Cup race early refusing to compete, two indicated the problem was a “vibration.” We know there’s a vibration caused by a few loose screws in NASCAR management that is allowing the “start and park” charade to continue to grow bigger to where it is now reaching into the guaranteed top 35 owners’ points group. If there were ever a cut and dry case of milking a system here it is, and as the 1990’s into the 2000’s saw NASCAR striving to become a tier one sport like professional football and major league baseball, now it is digressing toward more of an exhibition moving toward simply a spectacle. Were it not for its obsessive insistence on following car specification rules to the letter, the whole integrity of NASCAR would be destroyed. Sadly, some see the edict of “Boys have at it” is an invitation to be more like professional wresting.

Here are the figures from the last two races:

The offenders at Pocono were #7, Scott Wimmer for Robby Gordon; #50, T.J. Bell; #87, Joe Nemechek; #66, Michael McDowell; #46, J.J. Yeley; and #81, Scott Riggs. Each team walked off with 63,765 to 64,350 in purse money.

Michigan cranked it up even more, as two certain start and parkers went home failing to qualify while one sponsored ride intending to complete the race was bumped. NOW SEVEN CARS QUIT. Over half a million dollars awarded to FRADULENT entries. Joining the crooks is the #13 Toyota for Germain racing driven by Casey Mears. Now we have one more car to track as a thief stealing from the honor of the sport. This week’s slugs are #7, Robby Gordon; #13, Casey Mears; #46, J.J. Yeley; #87, Joe Nemechek; #30, David Stremme; #81, Scott Riggs, and #66 Michael McDowell. The prize money for doing nothing ranged from 71,792 to 72,475. The total money awarded to these slugs for Michigan is 505,752. That brings the total for fifteen races up to 5,264,597. For a sport which talks about a financial pinch that it has over five million dollars and counting to throw around for teams that have no legitimate function in the sport is astounding.

Teams that are struggling to become legitimate contenders equipped and prepared to run full races are being sent home by start and park teams. How does that justify their sponsors’ investments? What’s the future for Front Row Motorsports for instance?

We can’t help but think that for most races, the notion of having 43 cars in the starting lineup simply isn’t plausible. Prior to 1998, there was no such requirement. Perhaps having 35 cars locked in by owners points is no longer realistic. If a team plays the start and park game, that team must forfeit its locked in status. Teams intending to compete with sponsorship are being screwed. The rippling effect of this is enormous as the concept of team sponsorship is being horribly compromised when fraudulent entries milking the system for a quick paycheck are cheating those who pay their dues to work their way up in the world of NASCAR racing. Teams like Roush are having trouble getting sponsors for their Nationwide teams while Joe Gibbs Racing has shutdown Nationwide teams. THIS IS A SPORT IN TROUBLE AND THOSE WHO ATTEMPT TO COMPETE ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL CAN NOT BE SCREWED OUT OF THE PROCESS BY THOSE WHO ARE MANIPULATING THE SYSTEM.

It’s interesting to note that no mention was made as cars pulled of the track on the telecast and they were not even mentioned as they often are in the lap-by-lap summary on NASCAR.COM during the race. NASCAR is doing its best to pretend this isn’t happening. Is it the broadcasters’ choice or do they feel compelled not to mention it by authorities? We already know Larry McReynolds and Darrell Waltrip are apologists for the fraud and that Truck Commentator, Phil Parsons, on SpeedTV is one of the most flagrant “start and park” owners.

Here’s the usual contact information. Let your voice be heard!

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website,


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clarence Clemons: RIP

Sadly, we report the death of Clarence Clemons at age 69 from a massive stroke suffered earlier this week. The "Big Man" of the band has been with the E Street Band since 1973, Bruce Springsteen's first album, Greetings from Asbury Park.

We think of the personality he added to the band's stage show and versatile brilliant sax playing from all out blasting on many a rocker, to passionately subdued on songs like "Nothing Man" to perhaps his opus, "Jungleland" from Born to Run.

His loss is tremendous. We love him!!



When the checkered flag drops on tomorrow's Sprint Cup race, NASCAR will have shelled out over $5,000,000 in prize money to cars that have shown up, qualified, and pulled off the track early in the race with no desire nor the resources to complete the race. On the same weekend as when the PGA hosts one of its major tournaments when plenty of golfers fully intending to compete to the top of their capabilities for the entire weekend did not make the cut after Friday's action, what's going on with NASCAR permitting self serving slugs to corrupt the field is beyond comprehension.

The math is simple right now. Thirty five cars will make the field based on owner's points. These teams will complete albeit a few rather badly for the entire race. The starting field consists of forty three cars leaving eight spots open for cars that could be "go or go home" rides if nine or more cars enter.

All season long, the following cars have entered and pulled off in virtually every race since the Daytona 500, cars #87, #60, #66 and #46.  Recently, the Whitney operation has added a second freeloading car, #81 with another new loser in the #30 entering the mix for "Inception Motor Sports," there are at least six of the eight cars engaged in the farce. Now add to that the #7 car owned and often driven by maverick owner Robby Gordon, and conceivably all but one of the cars out of the top 35 could be quitters.  On top of that, occasionally, the #52 Keselowski car could show up too. They're not prepared to run either.

Here's the rub, despite not racing every race, the Wood Brothers, who come not just to complete but to win, are currently in 35th by only two points over the detestable Robby Gordon who is a walking lawsuit or bad press episode with every race. Kevin Buckler's team, #71, ironically bearing the old Dave Marcis number, is working hard to become legitimate holding on with minor sponsorship. The Front Row Motorsports entries, Bob Jenkins; #38 and Brad Jenkins' #37 are in 38th and 39th place with marginal or nonexistent sponsorship struggling to hold on but still having cars on the track when checkered flag drops. These teams sometimes obtain sponsorship on a race-to-race basis. How effectively will they be able to shop for sponsors if they don't make the race when the selfish slugs who are flaunting an insane system do?

NASCAR perhaps attempts to hold on to some kind of romanticism of the little guy who builds cars in a backyard garage and works his way up to the big time invoking a history of the origins of Petty Enterprises, Ralph Earnhardt, and even Richard Childress. However, times have changed. Below the Sprint Cup level, there are more economical series in Nationwide and Craftsman Trucks, both full-time coast-to-coast touring series. Beneath that drivers can compete in ARCA, a great proving ground for NASCAR, or the two regional series. Whatever happened to starting at the lower levels, establishing credibility then working up the ladder to the top?

If one looks at the opportunists taking advantage of "start and park" the notion of the backyard or small town shop doesn't exactly fit when some are clearly involved in more of an investment scam than anything else. The Nemechek saga is a sad joke. Here's a guy who's washed up as far a major teams are concerned and somehow thinks that by continuing to show up, qualify and running a few laps could get him back with the big boys, hardly. Would some up and coming outfit want anything to do with a guy whose best days are past? No!

How horribly ironic it is that the #7 car is involved in this charade when 20 years ago, that car belonged to Alan Kulwicki who labored long and hard with his engineering degree using brains to defeat money winning the championship in 1992. Kulwicki had many struggles and sacrifices to reach the sport's highest achievement. He didn't do it taking advantage of ridiculous rules.

While the entire notion of start and park must be removed from the sport, the first step must be permitting sponsored rides that are equipped to complete the entire race to be qualified into the field ahead of any possible start and park entries. If NASCAR wants teams to be able to sell sponsorship and allow teams to build into full-fledged competitors, this is essential. From an integrity standpoint it is only just to do so.

Meanwhile, in the Nationwide series, in today's just completed race, NINE cars completed 27 laps or less, four with mysterious "vibrations." Meanwhile, all but two of this year's Nationwide races have been won by Sprint Cup drivers making this series look even more ill-defined as a legitimate competitive enterprise.

We're watching a sport that is increasingly at a crossroads. The surge in popularity from the 80's into the early 2000's is OVER.  What can NASCAR do to remedy this?  One key ingredient is assuring the integrity of the product on the track and allowing drivers to start races just for show is not respectable from any perspective.


Fun With Morons: Our Follow Up: LOSERS!!!!

Follow Up: Fun with Morons

We wrote as many responses to various postings on the Bilderberg gathering as we could last weekend to see what kind of reactions we might elicit, and as expected our arguments of reason, logic, and historical fact ZOOMED right over their imbecilic, insectile little minds. Incapable of assimilating and tackling the issues we proposed they could simply follow two tacts: one blaming what we posted as being the product of socialists, sell-outs, Obama-lovers, and NOW agents. They also insisted in a number of different ways that we dine on fecal matter. Classy responses, eh?

It would be fun to work with a couple psychologists and specialists in social behavior to establish what’s going on in the Alex Jones world of paranoid conspiracy freaks. It would be interesting to see if they share certain socio-economic markers or do they just fall in the biggest category of all in the United States which far outnumbers any special interest or victim group, STUPID WHITE PEOPLE.

Anyway, we’re trying to get their addresses so we can send them marketing material on some wonderful ocean front real estate in Arizona and around Hagerstown, Maryland.

We were looking for some good humorous quotes or something juicy to report from our little diversion last week, but these folks are such absolute dullards, they don’t even provide the raw material for the making of great classics like redneck jokes.


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 15 -- Michigan, Auto Country!

Folks can tell its hard time in Michigan when they’re using a Ford Focus as the pace car for today’s Nationwide Series race. Let’s see if it’s still the car tomorrow for the Cup race!

The Sprint Cup Tour makes its first of two stops in Michigan tomorrow. Time was that in the shadows of the center of the auto industry, the race between the automakers was a huge matter of pride between the Fords, the GM’s, and the MOPAR’s, but is that as true today? First, while Ford, GM and Chrysler still have some presence in Michigan, none of the cars currently in the field are built in Michigan. In fact the ones built closest to Detroit are probably from the Japanese automaker, Toyota. Second, Charlotte, North Carolina is truly the hub of NASCAR where race cars are built by the super teams of Hendricks, Roush, Gibbs, and Childress. The engines might have their origins from a major automaker, but aside from that, the decals are slapped on the cars to make them Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges, or Toyotas, but that’s it.

They say Michigan is a “fuel mileage” track. What does that mean? Essentially, pit strategy and a driver who knows how to massage the accelerator to be in a position to win late in the race provides the formula for winning. So clearly certain teams with established pit crews are going to be the good “fuel mileage” teams, correct? Most likely. So do you look at who the good “fuel mileage” teams are or who’s hot right now?

Good question. If that “hot hand” has a history of top 5’s at Michigan, then that team should be in the hunt for a win. If that team has been clueless at Michigan, unless they learned something from previous races, go with the ones who have the proven history.

Looking at the qualifiers for tomorrow’s race, toss them aside as likely winners. Starting out atop the field doesn’t mean much at a wide open track like Michigan where with 400 miles there will be plenty of pit stops.

Top Qualifiers:
1- Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
2- David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
3- Matt Kenseth, #17, Ford
4- Brian Vickers, #83, Toyota
5- Regan Smith, #76, Chevrolet
6- Tony Stewart, #14, Chevrolet
7- Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
8- Kasey Kahne, #4, Toyota
9- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
10- Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
11- Martin Truex Jr., #56 Toyota
12- Landon Cassill, #61, Chevrolet
13- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
14- Jamie McMurray, #1, Chevrolet
15- Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet

Other top drivers starting positions:
Carl Edwards, #99, Ford – 23rd; Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet – 21st; Kyle Busch, #18, Toyota, 24th. It’s good to see Daytona 500 winner, Trevor Baines back in the line-up for the “legendary” Wood Brothers.

Shamefully, there were up to eight “stop and park” slugs entered in the race. Thankfully, two of them are going home, but a sponsored ride has been shut out again, albeit one that is marginally sponsored, the #37 Ford driven by Tony Raines. The once-in-awhile family operation with Brian Keselowski goes home. Likewise, one of the biggest leaches, Mike “it’s not my fault” Skinner is out too. However, the trash heap clutters up the field with Joe “Hope He Wrecks” Nemechek in 29th, David Stremme in 32nd, J.J. Yeley in 34th, Robby Gordon (regardless of whether he races or not – once a slug in a season – always a slug) in 36th; Michael McDowell 38th, and Scott Riggs in 43rd. It’s time for fans to crank it up on shaming this ridiculous practice of compromising the integrity of the sport. During driver introductions and as the slugs trail off the field, load, fanatic booing is required. This garbage is not sticking up for the little guy. The little guy still competes. The ghost of Alan Kulwicki should haunt them all.

Tomorrow’s weather calls for a mix of sun and clouds with a chance of a thunderstorm, temperatures in the high 70’s – how’s that for playing tricks with the setup crew!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 14: Pocono Results

Aside from the series’ points leader finishing dead last among legitimate competitors, Carl Edwards finishing in 37th just above the six pack of slugs who only showed up to stand in NASCAR’s welfare line, the Five Hour Energy 500 at Pocono Raceway was a race for the experienced successful drivers. Aside from Carl Edwards, the only drivers who did not finish in the top 20 who won this year or last are: Tony Stewart (14) 21st, Brad Keselowski (#2), 23rd, Greg Biffle (#16) 27th, and Jaime McMurray (#1) in 33rd in what continues to be a dreadful season for the Ganassi/Earnhardt entry.

Here are the top 20 finishers:
1- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
2- Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
3- Kyle Busch, #18, Toyota
4- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
5- Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevrolet
6- Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
7- Juan Pablo Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
8- Matt Kenseth, #17, Ford
9- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
10- Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
11- Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
12- Kasey Kahne, #4, Toyota
13- David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
14- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
15- Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
16- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
17- David Ragan, #6, Ford
18- Mark Martin, #5, Chevrolet
19- Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
20- Jeff Burton, #31, Chevrolet

While Jeff Gordon would make “The Chase” if the field were set right now for being the only driver in the top 20 with two wins, since he only has five top fives including his two victories, he is not yet in the top ten the other threshold for making the field. Despite Carl Edwards dreadful day, he still remains atop the field but now in easy reach of Jimmie Johnson, now just six points back. Is the sixth consecutive championship paranoia setting in yet? However, Dale Earnhardt Jr. without a single win is only -11 off the pace. Several drivers besides Gordon, advanced two places in the standings. These include: Juan Montoya (13th), Martin Truex – welcome to the top 20, Joey Logano (23rd), and Regan Smith (27th). No driver slid more than two places; they are A.J. Allmendinger (18th), Marcos Ambrose (21st), and the ill-fated #1 car, Jaime McMurray (29th).

Denny Hamlin’s strong showing at the beginning of the race at a track where he’s been successful in the past looked like he was making his surge to get solidified in the top ten, but his car’s handling went away and his 12th place finish knocked him down to 12th place.

We were pleased to see the safety enhancements adding the inside SAFER barriers along the back stretch which should prevent another tragedy like Elliot Sadler’s wreck in 2010, but there still is a substantial amount of aluminum barriers on inside track surfaces.

If the Chase Field were set today:
1- Kevin Harvick, 3 wins
2- Kyle Busch, 2 wins
3- Matt Kenseth, 2 wins
4- Carl Edwards, 1 win
5- Jimmie Johnson, 1 win
6- Dale Earnhardt Jr. (pts.)
7- Kurt Busch (pts.)
8- Clint Bowyer (pts.)
9- Tony Stewart (pts.)
10- Ryan Newman (pts.)

Wild Cards:
1 – Jeff Gordon (2 wins)

No other winners are in the top 20. Brad Keselowski is in 22nd place.

Next week the traveling caravan lands in Brooklyn, Michigan for their first of two races in the Irish Hills, a leisurely Sunday drive from Detroit, the capital of the auto industry in what has traditionally been seen as a fuel mileage track.

The big question of the week after the Texas truck race, are fans outraged that a senior citizen, Richard Childress would punch out Kyle Busch, or are they outraged it was Childress who got the chance, not them, to wipe that irritating smirk off of the brash driver’s snarky little kisser.


Goshen College -- Oh Say Can You See Bleeding Heart Idiots???

Goshen College located in Goshen Indiana whose motto is "healing the world peace by peace" has banned playing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the beginning of sporting events arguing that our national anthem's lyrics
are too violent! Their core values of being "compassionate peacemakers" and "global citizens" conflict in their minds with the dramatic triumph of the United States DEFENDING the city of Baltimore under attack. The school is associated with the Menonite church.

While they have the freedom to exclude the National Anthem, surely any relgious institution and its affliates must appreciate that in few societies would their right to free expression be protected as it is in the United States. Just as the United States defends their freedom to worship as their conscience guides them, there are times in history when the Republic itself needs to defend the population. It is in this context that "The Star Spangled Banner" is our National Anthem. it is not a celebration of imperialism or having the military used as an agent of Imperialism.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Treatment? Anthony Weiner Needs Treatment?????

Treatment? How can Anthony Weiner possibly talk of treatment? This is elitist gobbledygook which portrays the offender as victim, a stance in the litigious society the United States has become when people in a position of power attempt to weasel out of the kind of responsibility and scorn most people would face for involvement in such onerous, disgusting, abusive, and demeaning behavior.

Modern liberal or progressive thinking when it involves communication through the media involves a sense of extreme sophistry where the integrity of plain expressive language is turned inside out and spun around attempting to remove responsibility from the true offender and place blame elsewhere.

How often have we seen variations of this theme employed in criminal defenses where a variant of this is being used by the baseless defense of the Caylee Anthony murder case where her hedonistic, narcissistic, compulsive liar mother, Casey, is being portrayed as a victim of sex abuse by her father and her brother thus not being able to accept responsibility for her behavior and acting in irrational ways insisting that she was so screwed up she couldn’t deal with the accidental drowning of her little two year old daughter? What a cynical, corrupt defense that is fishing for that one juror whose mind has been rotted by the kind of moral relativism Anthony Weiner is attempting to exploit to save his sorry rear end? Casey Anthony is an absolutely rotten excuse for a human being whose inability to accept any personal responsibility for anything much less being a mother sought to live a life of partying, tattoos, drugs, and booze – classic behavior without consequence.

While Anthony Weiner has not killed anybody, his contempt for society at large and sense that rules do not apply to him are painfully obvious. Think about what we knew of him before the scandal broke and what has ensued since. His persona was that of a rabid pit bull attack dog constantly abusively demeaning and insulting his political adversaries in the most graphic and inflammatory terms.

Screaming with violent anger on the House floor Weiner shouted shaking his finger, “You know, you gotta love these Republicans.” You guys have chutzpah." Going on to say, [the Republican Party] "are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

Responding to Republican desire to cut NPR funding, Weiner screamed and sneered arms waving violently, finger shaking in accusatory assault, "What a relief. I'm glad we got the economy back going. I'm so glad we secured our nuclear power plants. So glad Americans are going back to work. We discovered a target we can all agree's Click And Clack."

He cranked up the viciousness with the most belittling manner, "The American people are not concerned about the economy around the world," with his brow pulsating in vicious anger, “They're staring at their radio station saying, get rid of Click and Clack. Finally my Republican friends are getting rid of them. Kudos to you."

For those who complain about the lack of civility and hateful rhetoric in Washington, DC, there is NO ONE equal to Anthony Weiner. There can be no doubt that he will be treated with far more consideration and humanity than that which he has ever shown his adversaries. One can only imagine if a Republican congressman had been caught with his pants down in the manner Weiner has and likewise attempted to snivel out of accepting his responsibility. We can hear the loud, nasal screaming voice and invectives now that he would have turned loose.

His initial reaction to his scandal was vintage Weiner and likewise one of the most disgusting displays of sick, self-serving viciousness we’ve ever seen. His insistence that he had been hacked and being so embarrassingly short on specifics were the kind of lies surely even his most unconditional supporters had to be able to intuit were lies. He toyed with and insulted the reporters confronting him on his perversion. He even went as far as to attempt to have a CBS reporter arrested for showing up at his office attempting to get some clarification on his story.

How can anyone who isn’t suffering from total moral collapse not hoping that Mr. Weiner comes down and comes down hard? Those who used to relish using him to carry their weight on the attack are ditching him in droves where the usual cast of villains, Harry Reid, Deborah Wasserman-Schultz, and Chris Van Holland are all demanding his resignation. Even Nancy Pelosi who seems to buy into the therapy approach (what a shocker that is) suggesting he’d do best to recover outside of the House.

So Anthony Weiner insists he should be entitled to a leave of absence to receive treatment for his perverted expositionism? He and his apologists once again quickly point out that he hasn’t broken any laws. Well, that remains to be seen, but if the standard of behavior of being a member in good standing is whether a legislator breaks the law is a disgustingly low standard suggesting that it’s obvious why our legislative body is inhabited by such unprincipled, self-serving, slimy weasels. Immorality isn’t just a religious judgment, it’s obvious unacceptable behavior based on how the offender abuses others. His behavior is sexist, boorish, abusive, dishonest, and demonstrates total disregard for acceptance of personal responsibility.

We must challenge anyone who would suggest that Anthony Weiner is not directly and completely for his behavior. It is Anthony Weiner’s selfish, egotistical, elitist personality, desire for control, instant gratification, and ability to use others as little more than his own play toys to satisfy his insatiable hubris that is in play. Weiner is a wicked pervert who is acting in a cruel, dishonest, and disgusting manner.

This horrible rotten hateful human being must accept responsibility for his behavior and accept all punishments justice demands must be imposed for his treachery. There is no quick way to absolution and for many of us; he will forever be incapable of earning trust and respect. Does anyone think there is anything in Weiner’s character suggesting he’s capable of a spiritual about face? When a person is so self-serving and sees himself as God of his own universe, this is what happens.

We think it’s perfectly acceptable for the public to demand retribution. While no decent person could treat him with the kind of contempt he shows others, that he should get a little taste of his own medicine only seems just.


Having Fun With MORONS!!!

While we're inclined not to argue with idiots since they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience every time, we couldn't help but want to have a little fun with Alex Jones and his zombie droids. Fervert in their stupidity and resolute in their paranoia, this is the world of Infowars and Prison Planet, two places where Alex Jones assembles his horde of likeminded droids, so this weekend's events made us take a little look into the alternate reality of One of the things that really gets them upset is the Bildersberg Group which meets at some ritzy resort or hotel every couple years. All kinds of big shots: corporate executives, scientists, big shots in government, and others with lots of wealth, success, and achievement from the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other great nations gather for a couple days to wine, dine, network, listen to speeches and discuss the affairs of the day.

Holy creepers, jeepers, what this really must be is a meeting of the New World Order, in what seems to be a plot almost like those from a James Bond Movie, a cabal of malicious forces who are over the world. We just haven't established who the Mr. Big bad guy is and we assure the world, Alex Jones, the paunchy loud mouth is NO James Bond. For the paranoids who buy into this nonsense, this event gives them the creeps and gives assholes like Alex Jones some great stuff to scare his audience of sheepish paranoids CRAZY!!!!!

They're more worried that the government is dumping stuff in our drinking water that will make us mindless compliant zombies than what's going on with our economy, the lack of an energy policy and other such things that affect our day to day lives.

How sad it is to see how the kind of inferior people who follow Alex Jones and his partner the mysterious Dr. Watson react when confronted with truly great people of accomplishment and prestige. They're too low to even be jealous -- the realization that they are so insignificant comparing their retched little lives of talk show madness to the great leaders of our time -- knowing they are but a grain of sand compared to the great Rock of Gibraltar is too much too take. The big rock is on the move to crush them. Boo-sobbing-hoo!!!!

For fun, we've set up a our "rightminded fellow" as a chat member to comment on their site. We decided to have a good old literary drive by shooting trying to infuse a little rational thinking into their dialog. It will be fun to see how those freaks react. STAY TUNED....


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 14: Pocono I

The summer drive for the 2011 Sprint Cup season is underway as the competition stops at Long Pond, Pennsylvania at the notorious “tricky triangle,” at Pocono Raceway for the “Five Hour Energy 500.” The drivers will need five hours of energy at least to handle a race that truly should be cut back to 400 miles.

Is NASCAR becoming less relevant on television? Fox just concluded their portion of the NASCAR season with hardly any promotion for their race coverage at all this year other than those hideous exploding manhole commercials. Now the Cup travels to TNT, and unlike previous years, it’s been kept a secret. Don’t forget to turn to your TNT channel on your dial for the next six races before the ESPN smoke and mirrors are turned on for the rest of the season.

Weather could be a factor. First, storms tonight could have washed the rubber from qualifying and practice from the track. AccuWeather’s forecast indicates temperatures in the low 70’s tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms at noon, then cloudy from 1 pm to 3 pm, an hour of possible thunderstorms to 4:00 pm then partly cloudy up to 75 degrees remaining party cloudy for the rest of the daylight hours dropping off to the mid 60’s around sunset.

After last year’s horrific accident which sent Kasey Kahne’s car airborne and saw Elliot Sadler smashing head-on into an earthen barrier, it will be interesting to see to what extent safety has been improved at one of the least safety conscious facilities. Reports are SAFER barriers have been installed thirty feet from the track along the backstretch. Catch fencing is now in place from turn one to turn two.

Here are the top starters for the race:

1- Kurt Busch (#2), Dodge
2- Paul Menard (#27), Chevrolet
3- Jeff Gordon (#24), Chevrolet
4- Denny Hamlin (#11), Toyota
5- Regan Smith (#78), Chevrolet
6- Carl Edwards (#99), Ford
7- Marcose Ambrose (#9), Ford
8- Ryan Newman (#39), Chevrolet
9- David Reutimann (#00), Toyota
10- Mark Martin (#5), Chevrolet
11- David Ragan (#6), Ford
12- Clint Bowyer (#33), Chevrolet
13- Jamie McMurray (#1), Chevrolet
14- Jimmie Johnson (#48), Chevrolet
15- Tony Stewart (#14), Chevrolet
16- Juan Montoya (#41), Chevrolet
17- Kasey Kahne (#4), Toyota
18- Bobby Labonte (#47), Toyota
19- Joey Logano (#20), Toyota
20- Brad Keselowski (#2), Dodge

Other top points leaders include: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88) in 21st, Matt Kenseth (#17) in 27th, Kevin Harvick (#29) in 32nd, Kyle Busch (#18) in 34th, and Greg Biffle (#16) in 37th.

The worthless slugs are well-represented as we can increasingly expect Robby Gordon’s trash can on wheels to join to the “not legit/we quit” squad. This week’s roster of most likely quitters in order of starting position: Joe Nemechek, Michael McDowell, Scott Riggs, Scott Wimmer (running for Robby Gordon, and T.J. Bell. Thankfully, Mike Skinner failed to make the field. Who’s fault is that since the should have retired from Sprint Cup veteran found plenty to cry about how unfair it was to be Dale Earnhardt’s teammate. We will continue to monitor these shameless exploitation specialists who have leeched millions of dollars away from legitimate competitors so far this year as the drain continues at hundreds of thousands of dollars each week.

Looking at the starting field, it’s noteworthy to see Denny Hamlin start #4. Despite having a difficult season so far, his fortunes at Pocono have been good. Paul Menard started off the season looking like a true competitor but has fallen off; his spot on the outside pole might be the right medicine to get his season moving forward again. Regan Smith continues to prove he is not a fluke as Marcos Ambrose in 9th is surely trying to get all the pieces assembled for his first Sprint Cup win.

A strange irony this year is that Kevin Harvick, the current leader in victories, continues to struggle qualifying. Something’s off in that garage, but if the field were frozen for the Chase right now, he’d top the standings.

There are simply too many variables present to get a good read on the possible outcome of this race other than noting one of the drivers most successful at the track in recent years is right where he needs to be to stage a win. Eyes will be on the #11 Toyota for a good race.


Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sarah Palin Evaluation: The Factors Behind Why She Must Leave the Spotlight NOW!!!

Who’s going to tell Sarah Palin to shut up and go away? It’s clear that independent voters can’t stand her. A majority of Republicans don’t support her. Giving her every benefit of the doubt since she burst on the scene at the 2008 Republican convention, she has shown ZERO growth as a possible leader. She has regressed to a position of pure ridicule.

Sarah Palin has had two years to do her homework, to absorb what’s important in international affairs, to see how things work in the lower 48 states, to roll up her sleeves and make meaningful contributions to some worthy enterprise, and to show the United States she is working hard to earn the nation’s respect.

She has done none of that. One other important requirement was that she finished her term as governor of Alaska showing herself to be a competent and in-charge leader accomplishing the important tasks at hand. Instead, she resigned from her office without being able to present any coherent explanation that exceeds personal self-pity and selfish motivation. She needed to demonstrate she was using her position as an executive to demonstrate her growth toward higher ambitions, but she failed completely. Perhaps the glare of the spotlights down south was just too much of an opiate to avoid.

She has spent her time engaged in constant self promotion appearing coast to coast promoting her notion of a conservative agenda as if all the important issues of our time can be reduced to simple slogans and that all issues can be defined in terms of good guys and bad guys defined in very black and white terms.

Sure, she has taken some horrible abuse by the media, but the gaffes she made during the 2008 election campaign and more recently are her responsibility. Knowing ahead of time the mainstream (which she sarcastically keeps calling “lamestream”) media would be tough on her, she needed to be prepared for how to handle tough questions while maintaining her poise. She continues to this day to belittle Katy Couric as if her question about what she reads was unfair. While perhaps Couric could have framed the question a bit more artfully, having listened to an interviewee presenting a lot of opinion, making broad accusations, and being rather lacking on specifics, asking her where she got her information and what helped her understand the issues was a perfectly legitimate question. She blew it.

Sarah Palin has put tremendous focus on blasting the media but to what aim? Has she provided clearer focus on how the media is biased and motivated the public to act upon that concern?

Again, Palin strikes out miserably. She continues to lambast the media as if out of some great sense of vengeance all the while not accepting that any greater ambitions beyond her incomplete term as governor of Alaska requires the media to present her to the public and she is doing nothing to engender good will from the press when she constantly antagonizes them more through insults than cataloging specific grievances. Her hubris suggests she can get her message out going around the media with lots of staged events and speaking appearances having one network in her pocket. That strategy is not helping her with anyone but her most dedicated faithful.

Her cozy relationship with Fox News and how that network gives her an open microphone where she can stand on her soapbox demagoguing her issues to death making sweeping accusations and trumpeting her own brilliance acting as an advocate of constitutional government and understanding American history. Clearly, the Fox News Network has an agenda to give her carte blanche to speak on issues as she sees fit. In interview situations, she is thrown softball questions and when a more difficult question is addressed to her or she does not answer a question fully, no probing follow up questions are advanced. Her Sunday, June 5th appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace gave the appearance of a scripted performance. Generally on Sunday Morning news programs the guests of honor are present in the studio. Palin was in Arizona from a remote studio in front of a green screen allowing for Fox News graphics to be displayed behind her while Wallace posed his questions from the set of the Washington studio. The program gave the appearance of an interview that could have been edited. It appeared too scripted, and Chris Wallace who is one of the most aggressive interviewers in the business was conspicuously lax on follow up questions treating Palin with the kind of reverence generally afforded a head of state or major religious figure, not an ambitious, opinionated, ambitious politician.

Whether Palin chooses to run for President remains to be seen, but in the meantime she is sucking the oxygen out of the room for her fellow party candidates whose message is being obscured by the constant exposure she gets at the expense of her possible rivals. That she was in New Hampshire as a stop on her nebulous bus tour of the Northeastern United States on the day Mitt Romney announced his candidacy in the Granite State that same day.

The cold hard facts for Palin cannot be ignored. The majority of America can’t stand her.

Here’s here favorable versus unfavorable ratings from three major polls.

Favorable… 36%
Unfavorable … 59%
Unsure… 5%

Favorable… 35%
Unfavorable… 59%
Unsure… 6%

Favorable… 28%
Unfavorable… 60%
Unsure… 12%

More significantly the gap between her favorable and unfavorable ratings has continuously widened since the 2008 elections. Regardless how much a hard core group of Republicans continue to support her, the majority of Americans are against her for many reasons.

Palin’s recent screw up on Paul Revere’s ride and how she handled facing up to her error was quite revealing of her dreadful lack of character and obvious hypocrisy. One can’t view the video of her being questioned and not see a person gasping for an answer but appearing to wing it as she answered. She attempted to wed Paul Revere’s roll to that of preserving the right to bear arms speaking of his ringing bells to alert the colonists. When confronted with her error, she attempted to justify her answer was correct and that asking her the question was an ambush attempting to make her look bad. See what happens when ANY media besides Fox News gets a microphone in front of her?

Meanwhile, when Michelle Bachman visited Concord, New Hampshire earlier in the year, she confused the significance of Concord New Hampshire with that of Concord, Massachusetts in the American Revolution. She responded by joking that she had borrowed Barack Obama’s teleprompter, but when she was probed further, she refused to blame anyone but herself.

Given how often Bachman is compared to Palin, Bachman is absolutely more mature, experienced and prepared.

Face it, Sarah Palin is not intelligent, but oh how cautiously Republicans dance around that issue almost forcing themselves to always mention, “she’s actually quite intelligent” when questioned about her roll in the party. Not a single one of them sounded convincing and the sense of patronizing was so painfully apparent.

Two politicians, one her political rival in Alaska, fellow Republican, Lisa Murkowski, who Palin has attacked repeatedly with vicious personal attacks and sarcastic insults and Jeb Bush, surely one of the most universally respected Republicans, both have stated clearly they doubt Sarah Palin’s “intellectual” curiosity.

If enthusiasm alone were the ticket to great things, Sarah Palin would be quite an impressive leader, but the cold hard truth is no matter how much her supports spin perceptions or how much Fox News Network carries her baggage, she is a horrible embarrassment to the American political process. If subjected to the real rigors of media scrutiny which she avoids entirely, it’s obvious Sarah Palin would fail miserably. Each encounter brings her down lower and lower.

We have to conclude it would be interesting to see how she would do if she were to appear on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Let’s propose some questions on American history and the U.S. Constitution on a 5th grade level and see how the Diva of Dullards would perform. How ironic it is that the two most notable interviews on Sunday, June 5 were of Sarah Palin in the friendly confines of Fox News and Lady Gaga on Sixty Minutes. Could anyone watch both interviews and not see Lady Gaga is not far broader minded, inquisitive, and intellectually superior to the Wasilla Wench?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lord forbid I defend the Palins, however, as the video clearly shows, there's something a little twisted by some folks on the left's point of view. Naturally, this would be shown on MSNBC.

Anthony Weiner is a person in whom the public trust has been bestowed. What he did was sick, perverted, and represents complete moral corruption, a sense that the rules don't apply to him.

Now can Sarah Palin be held responsible for her daughter getting knocked up? Only indirectly. Naturally people might speculate she was too wrapped up in her career or was not a responsible mother, but most folks who've had teenage daughers know things happen.

As for Bristol Palin, she was irresponsible. She exercised bad judgment and a lack of maturity. Bristol can be held up as an example to show the importance of avoiding premature and immature sexual encounters and if participating in the elicit act practicing proper protection. There is nothing wicked, no intent to take advantage of others, nothing perverted about her conduct.

Politics aside, where Weiner, of course, represents the extreme left of the Democratic party, how he conducts himself is the ultimate example of a throughly horrible human being, a sick and twisted mean-spirited man who lacks respect towards others and any trace of civil behavior.

For those liberal apologists who keep carping that Weiner didn't break any laws, first it's premature to say that. Second, if being a responsible person worthy of virtue only means obeying the law, that's an awfuly low standard. Weiner is the poster child for what a horrible, detestable, thoroughly rotten human being is all about.

We offer no sympathy for Weiner. We hope that Mrs. Weinder can steer threw this situation without having her life ruined anymore than what being in the company of a total bucket of scum has already inflicted upon her. God forbid, how sad it would be if reports of her being pregnant are true. Let us pray that there is nothing genetic to Weiner's hateful character, that Mrs. Weiner can divorce this scum bag, and that she can find a man who will love her and treat her child with unconditional love.

No matter how cynical we might be about the political process, we must accept that Anthony Weiner is exceptionally bad no matter who on Capitol hill might be compared to him. Even Nancy Pelosi has moral fabric Weiner lacks.

As for MSNBC and their panelists, what does anyone expect from a corrupt network of left-wing advocates.


Whatever Happened to Night Sticks and Mase?

Observe this. How low will unions go supporting their self-serving causes?  How hateful it is that public employees loaded with perks that most private sector employees can't even dream of act as if they are not only entitled to pay and benefits they do not deserve but can act above the law, damage property, disturb the peace, and interfere with wonderful beneficial activities like special Olympics to show their contempt for the person the people of their state elected governor.

Their bully tactics don't win them support it shows them to be the greedy assholes they truly are.

The proper way to deal with them would be to remove them forcefully if necessary and if that meant whacking some jerks with night sticks and spray a little pepper spray in their kissers is more than justified.

People deserve to hear speakers in public forums. Freedom of speech means speakers have the right to be heard and audiences have the right to hear without harassment and intimidation by a bunch of union THUGS. Organized activities like Special Olympics deserve to hold their events without the lowest scum who are only interested in their interests at the expense of society at large. It is the state's duty to protect such activities and keep them from being disrupted.

If anyone wonders why public education has become such a horrible joke one need look no further than who represents teachers as a bargaining union and the actions of the politicians they're able to muscle in to office. Real meaningful reform dies at every turn where these numbskull thugs get involved. Wisconsin is fighting the good fight to improve their substandard schools and the unions are fighting them at every turn.

That these goons would disrupt Special Olympics is likewise reflective of how little their teachers truly care about their students even using them as pawns to their political advantage attempting to indoctrinate them into their mindless campaign contrary to the will of the greater community.

Fire them if they're not doing their jobs. Arrest them if they're breaking the law. Use night sticks and pepper spray if they don't comply with orders to obe the peace.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner Must Go NOW!!!

Rude, perverted, boorish, overbearing, dishonest...HUMANITY AT ITS WORST.

Can we just be honest, Anthony Weiner is simply a totally disgusting human being. This writer is sick of the classic liberal non-sense saying that his presence in Congress should be up to the voters and “we don’t know if any laws have been broken.”

If that’s the standard we’re willing to expect, is it any wonder our country is so screwed up and our leaders so contemptuous?

For his entire tenure in Congress, Weiner has made an art out of extreme boorishness and excessive rudeness casually taunting and insulting his colleagues interrupting them contrary to established House protocol. He has demonstrated pure incivility toward reporters scolding them for their attitudes and toying with them avoiding answering their questions.

Now we know he’s used electronic media to share pictures of his penis and other such things to various females he has contacted through social networking. Additionally, the attempt to which he attempted to deny responsibility for his conduct with typical Weiner rudeness underscores the kind of sick scoundrel he is even attempting to have an ABC reporter arrested for attempting to get an interview at his office.

People of such dishonor do not belong in what should be our nation’s most respected institutions and that we might sneer sarcastically at characterizing them as esteemed is thanks to loathsome wretches like Weiner whose conduct is simply unacceptable.

How many believe such conduct would not result in dismissal from jobs in the private sector?

If Anthony Weiner had any honor he’d resign immediately; however, no one should hold his or her breath. This man is a bastard and a total asshole in the highest degrees of possible insult and derision. Human beings don’t come much worse than this man. Find redeeming qualities that would make him anything less than a thoroughly disgusting, totally rotten human being.

No matter how this plays out, Weiner will be treated with more respect and decency than how he treated his adversaries in the past and will probably do in the future. He’s an egotistical pig who finds himself the center of the universe. However, that universe has gotten much smaller this past week and that’s a good thing.

Anthony Weiner will deserve all the insults about a real Weiner showing off his Weiner and lying about it claiming his communication devices were hacked but then creating nothing but insane excuses in response.

It’s time for Weiner to go. Right now, not later, no excuses, out the door, SCRAM!!!


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 13: Slug Report -- the Dollars and Sense of the NASCAR Rip-off

#46, J.J. Yeley...$69,850

#30, David Stremme...$69,700

#60, Mike Skinner...$69,550

#66, Michael McDowell...$69,400

#81, Scott Riggs...$69,245

#87, Joe Nemechek...$69,640
The slimy and disgusting reality of Sprint Cup, 2011....

Certainly there are other scandals in sports that seem more lethal. Steroids in baseball not only doctored time-honored records leaving a decade’s worth of stats under a cloud of suspicion. Such substances threaten the long-term wellness of the athletes involved and perhaps by example encourage their use by others.

Currently, there is much talk about impropriety in Division I NCAA or BCS college football with the Reggie Bush scandal at USC, the various charges leading coach Jim Tressel to resign from Ohio State, and further questions at Tennessee.

How can permitting entries into a competitive sport not equipped to race only to qualify, meekly run a few laps and retreat without having the full equipment to complete a race or even hiring a full pit crew be justified? That qualifying procedures allow such entries to “start and park” while others who have full investment in competing go home, even allowing the possibility of such, simply defies any rational sense of sportsmanship.

Here are the fraudulent “slugs” from the STP 400 in Kansas.
J.J. Yeley… 69,850.00
David Stremme… 69,700.00
Mike Skinner… 69,550.00
Michael McDowell… 69,400.00
Scott Riggs… 69,275.00
Joe Nemechek … 69,640.00

Their flim-flam removed $417,415.00 from the awards to competitors for what? The amount year to date is now $4,374,357.00, no chump change by any sports’ standards. As fans of the sport, we must speak out and demand adequate revision so that all entries are ones who expect to compete for victory regardless of the length of the race.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 13 -- Halfway to the Chase

The Chase for the Pot of Gold heats up at 1/2 way to Chase selection.
Perhaps Kansas is the perfect setting for the end of the first half leading to the cutoff for “The Chase” as all the “Wizard of Oz” imagery comes into play. So with that in mind, let’s see what remains over the rainbow and whose on the Yellow Brick Road and whose fighting off the flying monkeys. The STP 400 saw Brad Keselowski’s path to victory cleared by teammate, Kurt Busch running out of gas as Dale Earnhardt Jr. fought possibly running out of gas as his former Nationwide driver conserved enough to maintain his lead to win team Penske’s first victory of the year as Junior was 2nd best again. It’s halfway to “The Chase” and time to look at where things stand for the season so far.

The big winners for the 2011 season are the Roush Fords of Carl Edwards currently leading the points standings and Matt Kenseth with two wins. Kevin Harvick is continuing his championship contending form from last year with the most wins so far with three wins. Kyle Busch remains a strong contender with two wins and top five in points. Perhaps the most popular success of the year is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s performance, only able to achieve bridesmaid status in three races, his performance has been strong and consistent in 2011 currently standing in 4th place in points.

The disappointments for this year have to include Denny Hamlin, 11th in points and winless having provided Jimmie Johnson his toughest competition for the title last year. That Jeff Gordon is not in the top 10 in points hanging on with one win is not the kind of performance expected from the four time champion. While Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman are currently in the top ten in points, their hold is tenuous having endured many mishaps and disappointments so far. Either team would benefit tremendously with a win or two.

Having been one of NASCAR’s consistent performers, Jeff Burton’s season mired in 24th place with no top tens has to be seen as a huge disappointment. Similarly based on his strong performance down the stretch last year and expected growth in his third year at the Sprint Cup level, Joey Logano’s 25th spot in points is far below expectations having one top five and two top tens.

Jaime McMurray who is perhaps the driver responsible for NASCAR devising the wild card scheme for 2011 with his two huge victories leading to “The Chase” winning the Daytona 500 and Brickyard then picking up an additional win later is buried in 27th spot with two top tens.

Mark Martin in 14th outside the Chase field, has only one top five and four top tens. More would have been expected of him so far.

Kasey Kahne’s in 18th in points with two top fives and five top tens is perhaps the half empty/half full scenario. Leaving Richard Petty Motorsports at the end of his contract but having a year in waiting before assuming the 4th ride in the Hendricks stable is racing in lame duck status with Red Bull racing keeping his trusted crew chief, Kenny Francis. That he is in the top 20, a win, a fete his team is capable of achieving could put him in the chase if no other team exceeds his performance. Without significant improvement or a win, he’s looking like an odd man out.

Halfway to “The Chase” here’s how the field would be seeded.

1- Kevin Harvick (3 wins)
2- Kyle Busch (2 wins)
3- Matt Kenseth (2 wins)
4- Carl Edwards (1 win)
5- Jimmie Johnson (1 win)
6- Dale Earnhardt Jr. (pts standing)
7- Kurt Busch (pts standing)
8- Tony Stewart (pts standing)
9- Clint Bowyer (pts standing)
10- Ryan Newman (pts standing)

11- Jeff Gordon (1 win, top 20, 13th)
12- Denny Hamlin (11th in points)

On the bubble, points out of 10th place.

Any of these drivers either need to exceed Ryan Newman’s points standing or have the 2nd most wins of drivers outside the top ten to be seeded. Greg Biffle would need to gain more than four points in the next race to exceed Ryan Newman or win to take the second wild card spot based on winning. If Jeff Gordon wins one more race, he would have to have a driver win three races and another driver win two races and be ahead of him to bump him out of “The Chase.” Drivers in positions 6th to 10th, top 10 drivers without wins, any of them could be bumped if the fall short of the top 10 in points if both wild card positions are claimed by wins.

12 – Greg Biffle (-4)
14 – Mark Martin (-24)
15 – Juan Pablo Montoya (-24)
16 – A.J. Allmendinger (-29)
17 – David Ragan (-37)
18 – Kasey Kahne (-42)
19 – Marcos Ambrose (-43)
20 – Paul Menard (-50)

Have one victory but not in top 20 showing points behind 20th position. Jeff Gordon is in the wild card by virtue or one win while any of the above drivers can take the second slot with a win or Brad Keselowski or Regan Smith would have to make up their points deficits to get into the top 20.

21 – Brad Keselowski (-21)
29 – Regan Smith (-49)

The 2011 season cannot be completely evaluated without noting that the sport would be well-served if some teams would simply pack up and leave. The “start and park” scam which has now seemingly become an accepted part of Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series racing cheapens the sport and proves conclusively that NASCAR has hidden agendas beyond fielding the most capable drivers competing in their sport tolerating teams that have no intention participating in the sport.

The following drivers and/or teams are fired. Get lost, go collect unemployment, get a real job, stop stinking up the garage.

Joe Nemechek, nobody accepts his good guy BS any longer. He’s not involved for anything more than freeloading. Michael McDowell, okay he’s part of NASCAR history for his dramatic explosion in qualifying validating the safety features of the COT, but showing up just to get a paycheck for a greedy, uncommitted owner is inexcusable. Robby Gordon, the whole sport thinks you’re a bastard for your many misdeeds through your history in the sport but disgracing the legacy of car #7, the late champ, Alan Kulwicki’s team, is beyond shameful. Kulwicki won a championship with a low budget hardworking operation. To see a burned out selfish pig sucking earnings from the sport joining the freeloaders’ brigade only further enhances Robby Gordon’s reputation as one of the great bastards of NASCAR. Other drivers involved in the scam are J.J. Yeley, David Stremme, Mike Bliss, Dennis Setzer, Scott Riggs, and Todd Bodine. If running for under financed teams with no intent to do anything but pull in an average of $60-$80k each race is seen as a way to move into real competition is a delusion. Running twenty or so laps avoiding all else on the field proves nothing of a driver’s talent only his ego and greed. Competitive owners are far more interested in who the up and coming drivers are in Nationwide, Camping Series Trucks, the regional series, and ARCA than those who’ve had full-time rides and failed.

Whether maintaining the guarantee that the top 35 in owner’s points should be guaranteed a starting position may or may not be worthy of further scrutiny, but under no circumstances should teams be allowed to qualify, run a few laps, and split. If the field needs to be reduced to maybe as few as 37 starting cars, so be it. Fans deserve to see the best of the best compete in Sprint Cup while Nationwide and the Truck series develop the stars of tomorrow or field drivers content to win not just show up at that level. The overwhelming growth of “Start and Park” is destroying the Nationwide series to little more than an exhibition sport where Cup stars can collect some extra money. It’s fallen off along way since the days when fellows like Dale Earnhardt Jr. fought off Matt Kenseth to win two championships – really win them in real competition. OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS HAS BEEN SQUANDERED BY “START AND PARK” TEAMS IN 2011. That amount could be put to much better use in so many different ways by a sport struggling to regain its momentum of several years ago. This shameful scandal is a horrible detraction from the superb efforts of those who are fighting for the checkered flag every weekend. The more Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds serve as apologists for the fraud from which their fellow broadcaster, Phil Parsons, color commentator for the Camping World Truck Series benefits from tremendously, the more ridiculous the whole notion becomes.

What would Bill France Jr. have done? It’s hard to image such a charade would be allowed to divert NASCAR funds to scam artists.

The tour moves on to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for the first of two races in two months in the bucolic splendor racing less than two hours from the heart of the Big Apple and Philadelphia. TNT picks up television coverage for the next six races as those who don’t have cable or satellite will only see three more races on over-the-air broadcasts. While after Loudon starting with the Brickyard 400, all remaining races will be produced by ESPN including the three ABC dates, this is not the ESPN of the growth years of NASCAR. The Bob Jenkins, Ned Jarrett, Benny Parsons, and Dr. Jerry Punch team and its producers provided sharp, friendly presentation where ESPN’s certainly invested much in technology and gimmicks but their enthusiasm for the sport itself is not what it used to be. Here’s hoping ESPN will learn from the past and once again serve as a great champion of the sport.

At halfway to the chase, the top of the sport is in real good shape with hot competition and new winners arriving as some old familiar drivers give all they’ve got to return to victory lane; however, the foundation of the sport is not healthy. NASCAR must work affirmatively to improve its product, discard the fluff, and focus on commitment to winning at all levels. To the extent that NASCAR and its media partners recognize the challenge and respond effectively, 2011 could be one hot season as the heat of summer approaches.

One thing’s becoming clear, the third generation of Brian France and Mike Helton isn’t as shrewd and gifted to run the sport the way Bill France Jr. did. It’s taken a few years for this reality to become clear. At what point will they have difficulties renewing broadcast partners, and when will track owners like Bruton Smith and owners like Rick Hendrick, Jack Roush, and Joe Gibbs tolerate the share of mediocrity that’s become institutionalized into the sport at their expense?

Talk about the race or Sprint Cup so far this season at

Sarah Palin: Stupidity on Display in Massachusetts

It will be fascinating to see who Sarah Palin, the Diva of Dullards, will blame for her latest faux paux. For a person who harps on how the public doesn't know the US Constitution or appreciate American history, her bluster and bullshit attempting to tell the tale of Paul Revere is yet another example of how proudly stupid the woman is and why no one should take her seriously.

Oh, she's going to complain this was an ambush. If there were on Fox News, they'd have politely editted out the segment, afterall every body makes mistakes, right?

The truth is, Sarah Palin's involvement in politics is a mistake and this is just one small example of why.