Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anti-Christian Fascism -- What Else Can It Be?

The surest sign of Fascism is when the government prohibits the free expression of religious speech. Each year around graduation time, there are stories about rulings that prohibit invocations or prayers as part of a graduation celebration, most of which are purely ridiculous but now a new ruling from Texas clearly destroys the first amendment in response to a disgusting grievance mindset which deserves little or no accommodation.

Naturally, Barry Lynn supports the decision, when it comes to faux-religion, Lynn is in a class of his own sounding in practice much more like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Bill Maher than a man of God.

Here’s one of this year’s outrages:

To defend the suppression of religious speech on constitutional grounds is ABSURD for the ruling is specifically forbidding the free speech and free expression of religion for the student speaker. To suggest allowing the discussion of religion in a graduation address violates the establishment clause is equally absurd since there is no legislative or executive branches of government attempting to mandate any particular religion on the population at large.

How thin skinned and emotionally fragile can this supposedly offended agnostic be that being exposed to a little bit of someone’s articulation of Christianity would cause “irreparable harm.” That notion is absolutely absurd. If one were subjected to some crass enforcement of Islamic Sharia, that would be understandable, but are we not capable of ignoring that which we don’t want to hear?

It’s not unreasonable to suggest that schools as mandated by the courts are more tolerant of pornography than they are any intelligent discussion of religion. It was clearly not the founders’ intent to silence the public expression of religion. It’s more reasonable to believe that they would encourage the open exchange of conflicting ideas creating a lively marketplace of ideas which is only possible if all are free to speak their believes as they think and express them.

Talk about being offensive, how should those of us who believe in a “creator” deal with a person like Barry Lynn who so emphatically attempts to brow beat us into accepting his radical ideology as if we’re some kind of mindless trolls for thinking anything else but his perverse secular humanism. For Lynn to slap around any kind of public expression of faith is an ideological and theological stance based on his warped assumptions imbued with way too much litigious nonsense.

If schools were to mandate daily prayer, teach classes designed to indoctrinate students into a particular theological point of view, or openly condemn religious choices of students and their families THAT would be unacceptable. Does it not appear that public school liberal curriculum is not forcing clearly secular humanist values on students and at lest implicitly promoting indifference if not true agnosticism or atheism on today’s students?

While the religious right has taken some unacceptable stances on attempting to mandate religious teaching in science classes on the origins of the universe and the theory of evolution and such cannot be tolerated, the left is going full speed ahead to destroy any possibility of accepting traditional Christianity in any context in the school house. That is just plain wrong.

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