Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whatever Happened to Night Sticks and Mase?

Observe this. How low will unions go supporting their self-serving causes?  How hateful it is that public employees loaded with perks that most private sector employees can't even dream of act as if they are not only entitled to pay and benefits they do not deserve but can act above the law, damage property, disturb the peace, and interfere with wonderful beneficial activities like special Olympics to show their contempt for the person the people of their state elected governor.

Their bully tactics don't win them support it shows them to be the greedy assholes they truly are.

The proper way to deal with them would be to remove them forcefully if necessary and if that meant whacking some jerks with night sticks and spray a little pepper spray in their kissers is more than justified.

People deserve to hear speakers in public forums. Freedom of speech means speakers have the right to be heard and audiences have the right to hear without harassment and intimidation by a bunch of union THUGS. Organized activities like Special Olympics deserve to hold their events without the lowest scum who are only interested in their interests at the expense of society at large. It is the state's duty to protect such activities and keep them from being disrupted.

If anyone wonders why public education has become such a horrible joke one need look no further than who represents teachers as a bargaining union and the actions of the politicians they're able to muscle in to office. Real meaningful reform dies at every turn where these numbskull thugs get involved. Wisconsin is fighting the good fight to improve their substandard schools and the unions are fighting them at every turn.

That these goons would disrupt Special Olympics is likewise reflective of how little their teachers truly care about their students even using them as pawns to their political advantage attempting to indoctrinate them into their mindless campaign contrary to the will of the greater community.

Fire them if they're not doing their jobs. Arrest them if they're breaking the law. Use night sticks and pepper spray if they don't comply with orders to obe the peace.


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