Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glenn Beck is GONE!!!

The world is a better place because the scary little man, Glenn Beck has completed his last broadcast as radio stations increasingly drop him from their programming. Take your paranoid pills and follow the twisted little leader who will certainly have some choice words about his exit. He's careful not to bad mouth Fox, but he's at it again stirring up the spooky forces of evil and that it's just a matter of time before the whole thing blows up.

Broadcasting hit a new kind of low,though certainly his show is no worse than some of the sickly fare on MTV or something like Jesse Ventura's sick conspiracy theories.

What a sick specticle the Glenn Beck show WAS. A fellow who in almost every way, shape, and form is a BORN LOSER, a pathetic journeyman radio flop, and washed up drunk, who sobbered up and realized exploiting peoples' fears and prejudices might be his ticket to success. Every night at six, we were treated with this little pompous ignorant ass lecturing us on how the whole world's heading down the crapper led by radical leaders like van Jones, financed by "Spooky Dude," George Soror whose evil boogie men are in the process.  He implored his viewers should study history and the Constitution while misrepresenting both, twisting little things out of context to support his warped prophecies of doom.

Yes, Glennn, we did pick on you. It was our patriotic duty to stomp on a little shit like you. Now Fox News has to attempt to redefine itself to make your crap a distant memory. We do not wish you well. Please, just shut up and get lost.


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