Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner Must Go NOW!!!

Rude, perverted, boorish, overbearing, dishonest...HUMANITY AT ITS WORST.

Can we just be honest, Anthony Weiner is simply a totally disgusting human being. This writer is sick of the classic liberal non-sense saying that his presence in Congress should be up to the voters and “we don’t know if any laws have been broken.”

If that’s the standard we’re willing to expect, is it any wonder our country is so screwed up and our leaders so contemptuous?

For his entire tenure in Congress, Weiner has made an art out of extreme boorishness and excessive rudeness casually taunting and insulting his colleagues interrupting them contrary to established House protocol. He has demonstrated pure incivility toward reporters scolding them for their attitudes and toying with them avoiding answering their questions.

Now we know he’s used electronic media to share pictures of his penis and other such things to various females he has contacted through social networking. Additionally, the attempt to which he attempted to deny responsibility for his conduct with typical Weiner rudeness underscores the kind of sick scoundrel he is even attempting to have an ABC reporter arrested for attempting to get an interview at his office.

People of such dishonor do not belong in what should be our nation’s most respected institutions and that we might sneer sarcastically at characterizing them as esteemed is thanks to loathsome wretches like Weiner whose conduct is simply unacceptable.

How many believe such conduct would not result in dismissal from jobs in the private sector?

If Anthony Weiner had any honor he’d resign immediately; however, no one should hold his or her breath. This man is a bastard and a total asshole in the highest degrees of possible insult and derision. Human beings don’t come much worse than this man. Find redeeming qualities that would make him anything less than a thoroughly disgusting, totally rotten human being.

No matter how this plays out, Weiner will be treated with more respect and decency than how he treated his adversaries in the past and will probably do in the future. He’s an egotistical pig who finds himself the center of the universe. However, that universe has gotten much smaller this past week and that’s a good thing.

Anthony Weiner will deserve all the insults about a real Weiner showing off his Weiner and lying about it claiming his communication devices were hacked but then creating nothing but insane excuses in response.

It’s time for Weiner to go. Right now, not later, no excuses, out the door, SCRAM!!!


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